Electric chainsaw “Makita” UC4030A: description, characteristics and rules of use

Makita UC 4030 electric chainsaw. Specifications and operating instructions

Electric chainsaw Makita UC 4030 – a popular model of electric tools. It refers to semi-professional models of electric saws and has enough power for long-term work. Like other representatives of the line, the saw can be used indoors, as it does not emit harmful exhaust gases during operation.

The Makita UC 4030 electric chainsaw

Purpose of the Makita UC 40303030 electric chainsaw: ideal for cutting logs up to 40 cm in diameter, household saws, longitudinal and cross cuts in wooden materials, pruning of branches, construction work associated with logging, pruning, construction sawing. Firewood. The motor is powered from the network with a standard voltage of 220 V.

Reviews on the advantages of the Makita UC 4030 Makita electric saw:

  • Can work under heavy and prolonged loads;
  • Suitable for work in enclosed spaces;
  • Features a low noise level;
  • Equipped with an easy start function and protection against overvoltage, overcharging;
  • Circuit with automatic lubrication;
  • High accuracy saw;
  • Ergonomic handles;
  • The chain can be tensioned without the use of complicated tools.

Reviews about the disadvantages of the electric model Makita UC 4030303030:

  • quite tangible weight (the saw weighs more than 5 kg together with the sawing part);
  • high price;
  • Not cheap post-warranty service.

Basic configuration, equipment and assembly

The basic package of the Makita 4030 chainsaw includes the following components:

  • The body part of the electric saw;
  • Tires;
  • Chains;
  • Owner’s manual;
  • Warranty card;
  • Tool for electric saw assembly.

Country of manufacturer: USA, Japan, Germany.

The Makita UC 4030 electric chainsaw

Brand Country: Japan.

Copies of the original Makita electric and gasoline saws are made in China. The original is two to three times more expensive than the copy, and differs by the country of manufacture.

Technical characteristics

Technical features of the Makita UC 4030 electric saw:

  • automatic supply of lubricant to the chain;
  • There is a brake for shifting;
  • Power 2000 watts;
  • bar length 40 cm;
  • chain pitch 0.375;
  • Weight of the tool is 5,2 kg;
  • Speed of a saw chain – 13 m/sec;
  • Additional options: lock button, anti-vibration handles.
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care and maintenance

Care and maintenance instructions for the Sae Makita UC 4030 chain:

  • Connect the electric saw only to a stable voltage source.
  • Wear protective equipment and clothing;
  • Do not operate the product in rain or heavy snow;
  • Store the electric saw in a dry place;
  • Do not kink the electric cable and store it neatly coiled, without folds or excess;
  • Check the oil level in the oil tank and the oil flow to the chain when operating the Makita electric saw.

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

The most common malfunctions of the Makita UC 4030 chainsaw:

  1. After some time of heavy use, the chain may become dull and the quality of the cut decreases. Remedy: The chain should be sharpened or replaced with a new one.
  2. The electric saw does not start. The reason may be a damaged cable or a lack of voltage in the mains. Remedy: Replace the cable, use a stable voltage source.
  3. Saw blade overheating due to insufficient oil. You can eliminate the problem by constantly monitoring the oil level in the oil tank.

Video overview

Makita 4030 uc electric saw workflow

How can the Makita 4030 electric saw cut?

owners’ reviews

Denis, 56 years old, Kiev region:

“For the price that the manufacturer asks for this model, I think it is a great electric saw. I do not know and have not met any better analogues yet. The power is 2 kW, which in itself speaks in favor of this tool.

Of the pluses that particularly won me over after I started using it: the absence of strong noise when working, while chainsaws make a wild noise, and the impact on the owner’s hearing is noticeably more harmful.

Makita UC4030A5M electric chainsaw

Electric chain saw Makita UC4030A  5m

The feature of this model is a powerful motor (2000W) with a longitudinal setting. This contributes to optimal balancing of the tool and provides special comfort when working. The Makita UC 4030 A electric chainsaw is equipped with an additional brake to stop the chain when the power is cut off. The chain is tensioned without the use of additional tools. Automatic lubrication is provided.

CS-350 Echo. Specifications. Preparing the chainsaw for work, first start-up and running-in - in
Technical characteristics
weight (kg 5.7 power, W 2000
chain pitch, inch 3/8 bar length, mm 400
bar groove width, mm 1.3 chain speed, m/min 800
number of links 56 power supply voltage, V 220
cable length, m 5.0 Overall dimensions, mm 492x220x201
Automatic chain lubrication Yes Electric motor brake Yes
  • chainsaw
  • tires
  • Chain
  • bar guard
  • Manual
  • packaging
Parameters of the package
  • Gross weight, kg: 6.62
  • Unit of measure: piece
  • Length, mm: 560
  • Width, mm: 210
  • Height, mm: 235
Produced by
  • Japan – country of origin
  • Romania – country of origin*.
  • Information about the manufacturer Makita is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and gasoline tools. It started its way in Japan in 1915 and today supplies its products to 160 countries of the world. In its activities Makita combines centuries-old traditions and modern technology. The tools are very reliable and affordable. The company has 8 plants, including in Europe. The products have been supplied to Russia since 1935. There are service centers throughout the country.

Makita 25cm 1.3mm chain (168407-7)

Makita 25cm chain 3  8

Makita 25cm 3/8″ chain 1.3mm 40 links 10″ (531492640)

Japanese Makita quality

For almost a century, the Japanese company Makita has proven itself in the global market. Electric tools, generators and garden equipment of this manufacturer are popular among professionals and amateurs who prefer reliability, high efficiency and maximum comfort in work.

Developed by the influx of Chinese goods of dubious quality in the 1990s, many are still cautiously curious about the country of manufacture of this or that Makita power tool model and, upon hearing the word “China”, go home in the hope of finding something similar with the label “made in…” somewhere else. And in vain. The fact is that Makita factories are now scattered around the world in Japan, Germany, Romania, Austria, the United Kingdom, America, Brazil and China. Production is distributed in such a way that certain models are produced only at certain plants. China now has established production of cordless drills, screwdrivers, angle grinders, other grinders, certain models of reciprocating saws, rotary hammers, etc.

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For example, it makes no sense to look for a Makita HR2450 rotary hammer in Germany or the UK. This tool comes off the assembly line only from one of two Chinese factories, as evidenced by the letter “Y” or “K” at the end of the serial number on the nameplate of the tool itself (packaging and some accessories may be from different manufacturers).

Disclosure of this information demonstrates once again Makita’s transparent economic policy and its responsibility for quality. All new technologies are developed in Japan, the motherland of the brand, improved at the plant in Okazaki, and only after that they are introduced into production under the watchful eye of qualified specialists from other companies, including Chinese ones.

Quality standards are the same for all Makita products, regardless of where the manufacturer is located. All factories are certified to ISO 9000:2000 for customer satisfaction.

The quality of Chinese Makita, if it is not a cheap knockoff, is on par with that of Japanese, English or, for example, German. And in order to rule out fakes, it is enough to use the services of an official Makita dealer. For example, the services of MakitaPro.

model specifications
  • Longitudinally mounted powerful electric motor;
  • New ergonomic housing design;
  • Well-balanced, easy-to-use saw;
  • Transparent window to monitor oil level in the tank;
  • Automatic chain lubrication;
  • Electric brake stops chain in case of power failure;
  • Inertia brake;
  • Rubberized side and rear handles;
  • Changing and tensioning the chain without the use of auxiliary tools;
  • Metal tool spike nose;
  • Accidental start lock;
  • Cable length for connecting to mains supply – 5 m.

The Makita UC4030A electric chainsaw is the perfect solution for garden maintenance, wood architecture or firewood storage. This professional tool features high performance, reliability and durability, as well as being very easy to use. The saw is equipped with a powerful motor (2000 watts) and a reliable bevel gear that provides a high cutting speed (800 m/min). The longitudinal layout of the motor makes the tool compact and perfectly balanced. The comfortable rubberized handles provide maximum control of the saw during operation.

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The Makita UC 4030 A electric chainsaw is controlled by convenient and clear buttons and levers. Thanks to its design features, this model is easy to wait on. The use of sealed ball bearings and a special gear lubrication system ensures longer saw life without specialized maintenance.

The saw has an automatic chain lubrication system (built-in oil tank capacity of 0.14 l), which extends the life of the saw head and the tool as a whole. The lubrication level can be checked visually through a large inspection window.

Installation of the saw (bar and chain) is easy due to the “accessibility” of the drive sprocket. Chain tensioning is carried out without the use of an auxiliary tool.

To improve the safety of the UC4030A chain saw, the developers of this model have introduced an inertia chain brake that protects the user from accidental injury due to “kickback”. This system provides a split-second stop – before the “thrown” tool can even “catch up” and cause injury. To protect the mains against overload and prevent premature wear of the mechanism, the Makita UC4030A electric chainsaw has an electronic starting current limiting system.

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