Electric chainsaw “Makita” UC3541A: description, characteristics and rules of use

Makita chainsaws (Makita)

Chainsaws and circular saws from the well-known brand Makita are among the most popular tools among fans of high-quality and durable household appliances. Among the many advantages of the models of the Japanese brand is their reliability, high quality factory assembly, ease of maintenance and impressive performance. Thanks to these advantages Makita saws can be actively used not only in everyday life, but also during repair and construction works.

The structure of a Makita chain saw

Every Makita chain saw is equipped with a durable, reliable and environmentally friendly proprietary engine. Regardless of the modification of the tool, its engine will withstand prolonged loads without the risk of overheating. Stabilizers are provided in the motor circuit to protect against short circuits, and a separate protective cover is provided to prevent moisture and sawdust from entering the power unit.

Makita chainsaw

The Makita electric saw is equipped with a durable drive reducer for the interaction between the motor and the cutting head. It transmits power to an idler gear located at the front of the bar.

Every Makita electric chainsaw is equipped with a rugged, impact-resistant housing that protects the tool’s internal components from accidental shocks. There are handles on the body, making the garden tool more comfortable to use.

Makita chainsaws – a list of popular models

Makita garden saws are designed to solve the most common tasks at the construction site. They effectively cope with clearing and occasional felling of fruit trees, pruning of bushes, as well as cross-cutting logs. The models of the Japanese brand easily tolerate short-term overheating and long-term work at the maximum permissible load.

Makita UC 4020 A chainsaw – features and benefits

Makita UC 4020 A power saw

This popular household model differs from analogues with improved ergonomics and a new modern design that greatly simplifies the use of the tool. Thanks to the main controls on the back handle, the saw can be operated with one hand, which is especially important when working in hard-to-reach places.

The Makita UC 4020 A chainsaw is equipped with a durable engine that is stable in various operating conditions. A separate button, connected to the power source by an insulated electric wire, is responsible for its start in the standard garden tool.

Parameters of the Makita UC 4020 A electric saw:

  • power – 1.8 kW;
  • guide length – 40 cm;
  • chain pitch – 3/8″;
  • cutting unit rotation speed – 13 m/sec.

The basic equipment of the model includes robust forged guides and chain, which are lubricated under the constant control of a high-precision oil pump.

Makita UC 3020 A electric chainsaw – features and equipment

This popular garden tool is designed for pruning shrubs, removing old dry and rotten branches and felling small fruit trees. Modest size and relatively low weight allow you to use the model at height and near a lot of ornamental plants.

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Makita UC 3020 A power saw

The design and production of this version of the Makita brand is based on the wishes of experienced gardeners. Thanks to this, the Japanese company has received a motor with increased current, a reinforced drive star and a durable starting mechanism.

Makita UC 3020 a parameters:

  • power – 1.8 kW;
  • Length of the guide – 30 cm;
  • chain pitch – 3/8″;
  • cutting unit rotation speed – 13 m/sec.

The model comes standard with a reliable inertia brake that triggers instantly if the chain hits a nail or other abnormal situations.

Makita UC 3520 electric saw – benefits and purpose

The manufacturer of this model is Germany, which already speaks of high quality and reliability of the tool. The electric saw is equipped with a rugged power unit equipped with an advanced crankshaft and multi-stage protection against overheating, short circuits and seepage of dust and moisture.

Makita UC 3520 A chainsaw

The UC 3520 electric saw is equipped with an automatic lubrication system with high-precision circuitry. It contains a pump that runs only when the operator pulls the throttle lever. The pump does not idle while the engine is running, which saves lubrication.

Makita UC 3520 a parameters:

  • power – 1.8 kW;
  • Length of the guide – 35 cm;
  • chain pitch – 3/8″;
  • cutting unit rotation speed – 13 m/sec.

The manufacturer has equipped this model with durable rubberized handles that allow you to firmly hold the tool and fully control the woodworking process.

Makita 4030 A electric planer – features and equipment

Unlike other garden classes, this model from the Japanese brand is equipped with built-in power stabilizers, which do not allow the power unit to overload in case of a sudden increase in load. Thanks to this design feature of the electric saw, the Makita UC 4030 A can be actively used for wood fuel, uneven pruning of trees and removal of large branches.

A Makita 4030 A chainsaw

The manufacturer has equipped the garden tool with a high-precision oil pump, which regulates the supply of lubricant to the bars and electric chain. All-metal parts are used to manufacture the pump, which can withstand intensive work at high temperatures.

Makita UC 4030 a parameters:

  • power – 2 kW;
  • guide length – 40 cm;
  • chain pitch – 3/8″;
  • cutting unit rotation speed – 13 m/sec.

The model is equipped with a plastic drive wheel, which is connected directly to the engine crankshaft. This allows the cutting attachment to respond quickly when the operator presses the gas pedal lever.

Makita UC 3541 A electric chainsaws – parameters and advantages

The list of advantages of this hobby garden tool includes an ergonomic impact-resistant body, a modified safety system and an upgraded all-metal bar.

A Makita UC 3541 A electric chainsaw

The Japanese brand has equipped the model with a light mechanism. Turning the engine on and off is done by pressing a button. The pressure on the power unit at the moment of its launch is reduced by 20%, which allows to prolong its work.

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Parameters Makita UC 3541 a:

  • power – 1.8 kW;
  • Length of the guide – 35 cm;
  • chain pitch – 3/8″;
  • Cutting element speed – 14,5 m/s.

The tool includes an improved mechanical chain brake and an accidental start motor.

Makita UC 4041 A electric chainsaw – benefits and equipment

This Makita model is designed for occasional use for cutting small amounts of firewood, trimming dry and decaying branches, and clearing the area of wild woody shrubs.

A Makita UC 4041 a chainsaw

The Makita UC 4041 A electric saw is equipped with a durable oil pump, keyless access to the side tensioner and built-in power controls. The model’s engine is equipped with a 2-stage overvoltage and overheat protection system.

Parameters of the Makita UC 4041 A electric saw:

  • power – 1.8 kW;
  • guide length – 40 cm;
  • chain pitch – 3/8″;
  • Cutting element speed – 14,5 m/s.

The model’s proprietary package includes instructions, a set of hand wrenches for maintenance, and a steel bar and chain.

Makita UC 3041 A electric chainsaw – features and purpose

The main differences of this model from other analogs on the market are the reduced weight, small size and the presence of an effective electric brake built-in motor. The tool is additionally equipped with an improved system of locking the random start of the engine.

A Makita UC 3041 a electric chainsaw

For more comfortable work on the construction site, the manufacturer has equipped this electric saw with ergonomic side and rear handles. All the necessary controls are located at the rear of the body. This makes it easy to operate the model in tight spaces.

Parameters of the Makita UC 3041 A electric saw:

  • power – 1.8 kW;
  • Length of the guide – 30 cm;
  • chain pitch – 3/8″;
  • Cutting element speed – 14,5 m/s.

The garden tool is equipped with a side plastic screw that allows you to adjust the position of the chain without using a hand-held tool.

Makita electric circular saws – the best representatives of the model range

Electric circular saws of the Japanese brand are popular with both beginners and experienced users. They are designed for use in the home, repair and construction. Makita brand devices combine cost-effectiveness, increased productivity and high quality of cutting in all types of wood.

The Makita 5704 R handheld circular saw – factory equipped

The design advantages of this model include the light weight of the unit, which is held in place by ball bearings. This increases the service life by 20%.

A Makita 5704 R handheld circular saw

This circular saw is equipped with an advanced noise and vibration suppression system for more comfort during operation. It reduces vibration and noise from the built-in electric motor and helps straighten the cutting line in wood.

Parameters of the Makita 5704 R circular saw:

  • power – 1.2 kW;
  • blade fitting/working diameter – 3/19 cm;
  • Depth of cut at an angle of 45⁰ / 90⁰ – 4.6 / 6.6 cm.
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The model is equipped with a riving knife that prevents kickback in case of emergency.

Makita HS 7601 K Circular Saw – possible applications

This household device is characterized by its low weight and modest size, which guarantees high maneuverability of the electric saw for the possibility of working in tight spaces.

The model is equipped with an ergonomic handle for increased ease of use. The built-in electric motor of the tool is equipped with a flat body, which allows to change the cutting blade quickly.

A Makita HS 7601 K hand held circular saw

The saw is equipped with a chip blowing system and a removable factory-made attachment for connection to a vacuum cleaner. This ensures the fastest possible cleaning of the working surface.

Makita HS 7601 K Parameters of the circular saw SAW:

  • power – 1.2 kW;
  • blade fitting/working diameter – 3/19 cm;
  • Depth of cut at an angle of 45⁰ / 90⁰ – 4.6 / 6.6 cm.

The model has a special button for adapting the depth of woodworking. For more convenient transportation of the tool, the manufacturer has provided a branded case.

Makita 5477 NB circular saw – basic parameters

This model features a good factory compensation and reliable protection from damage. It is equipped with an aluminum gearbox and a more adjustable, dock-resistant housing that prevents sawdust and moisture from penetrating the structure.

A Makita 5477 NB circular saw

The saw unit is provided by a hypo – edible transmission, which is responsible for the continuous interaction between the power source and the cutting cuts. This guarantees stable motor power and no “errors” in the input of the saw’s revolutions.

Makita 5477 NB circular saw Parameters:

  • power – 1.8 kW;
  • Diameter of a disk boarding/working – 3/18,5 cm;
  • Cutting depth at 45⁰/90⁰ angle – 4.4/6 cm.

A spindle lock button is responsible for the safe replacement of a worn hard drive in the model design. An end screwdriver is used to replace the sawing organ.

Makita 5604 R circular saw – design advantages

This household tool is emphasized by its simplicity and unpretentiousness. For comfortable long-term work, the model contains an enlarged ergonomic handle with a tight rubberized coating.

A Makita 5604 R manual circular saw

The 5604 R jigsaw is equipped with a proprietary work wave detent, with which you can quickly and safely change the working nozzle. To clean the wood surface, a vacuum cleaner with a hose diameter of 3.7 cm can be connected to the saw.

Makita 5604 R: Parameter of the circular saw:

  • Power – 0.95 kW;
  • Diameter of the blade seat/work diameter is 2/16.5 cm;
  • Cutting depth at 45⁰/90⁰ angle – 3.5/5.4 cm.

The height adjustment of the saw in this garden tool is done by a separate button on the body.

Makita HS 7601 circular saw – technical specifications

This branded model comes with a flat, ergonomic body of the built-in electric motor, with which you can quickly change the saw blade. An enlarged ergonomic handle is included in the model unit for comfortable woodworking.

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A Makita HS 7601 hand held circular saw

The Filmtlatnänge has easy access to frequently replaced replacement parts to allow quick replacement of defective parts. This allows the user to repair the tool directly in the field.

Makita HS 7601 Circular Saw Blade Parameters:

  • power – 1.2 kW;
  • blade fitting/working diameter – 3/19 cm;
  • Depth of cut at an angle of 45⁰ / 90⁰ – 4.6 / 6.6 cm.

For adapting the depth of cut with your own hands in the model is responsible for the button in the standard case.

What type of oil is used for a Makita electric saw?

What oil to choose for a Makita power saw?

Whatever type of power saw you use in your home, cordless or corded, the saws need constant lubrication. Without oil, the sawdust of the tool, including the drive and drive sprockets and gears, rubs off 2-3 times faster than normal.

To prevent this from happening, you need to use a quality technical fluid. For Makita brand electric jigsaws, oils from the same Japanese manufacturer are best. In its development and production, this brand complies with all environmental safety standards and brings additive lubricant, which is necessary for the good work of the garden tool.

How to reduce oil consumption in a Makita electric saw?

Here's how to reduce oil consumption for your Makita power saw

Makita brand lubricants are not budget-friendly, so many users try to reduce the amount of fluid consumed by the tool without harming its working mechanisms.

Since it is not possible to adjust the oil pump performance in Makita electric saws, there are two ways to do it. The first is to partially plug the oil gallery. To do this, a small plug is placed in its base to prevent all the liquid from spilling out of the pump.

The second method is to use a viscous liquid. It is important to remember that this type of oil will not be able to fully protect moving parts from overheating and increased friction.

In order not to disrupt the work of the engine and other nodes of the Makita electric saw, it is better not to experiment, and give the pump an opportunity to work in its normal mode.

Electric chainsaw Makita UC 3541 A. Specifications and description

The Makita UC 3541 A electric chainsaw is a universal model for semi-professional cottage applications.

Makita UC 3541 a chainsaw

The power of the Makita UC 3541 A electric saw is 1800 watts. This model is in high demand due to its relatively low price and excellent technical parameters. Feedback from owners confirm that the tool is versatile, can withstand powerful loads and prolonged work without shutting down.

The main advantages of the Makita UC 3541 electric chainsaw include:

  • Comfortable, ergonomic design of the tool body;
  • balanced center of gravity;
  • automatic chain oil supply;
  • chain brake;
  • availability of an emergency brake in case of loss of control of the saw, automatic power cut-off in this situation;
  • Rear handle and side holder have a rubberized layer for more comfortable operation while holding the electric saw in your hands.
  • You can manually tension and change the chain without complicated tools.
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According to users, the drawbacks of the Makita UC 3541 Ein Kraftwerk are:

  • high price;
  • You can often come across a fake (copy) made in China;
  • expensive consumables and repairs.

Basic equipment, equipment and assembly

The basic configuration of the Makita UC 3541 A electric saw includes:

  • protective cover;
  • the body with the motor;
  • power cord;
  • Instruction manual;
  • chain, bar;
  • cardboard box.

Makita UC 3541 a chainsaw

The package contents are subject to change at the manufacturer’s discretion. The original Makita UC 3541 A electric saw is made in countries such as Japan, Germany and the United States. Copies are usually made in China and cost two or more times less than the original. The birthplace of “Makita” brand is Japan.

Technical Specifications

The most important technical parameters of the Makita UC 3541 A rotary hammer:

  • Motor power 1800 watts;
  • Line speed 870 m/min;
  • bar length 35 cm;
  • 52 link chain;
  • chain pitch 3/8;
  • Cutting length – 325 mm;
  • Bar groove – 1.1 mm;
  • Oil tank holds 200 ml of oil;
  • The noise when working – 102 dB;
  • Vibration – 1,5 m/s;
  • Dimensions of the Makita 3541 electric seeder in MM: 455x245x200;
  • Weight of the device – 4,7 kg.

Operating and maintenance instructions

Operating instructions, maintenance of electric chain saws:

  • Keep an eye on the oil level for chain lubrication. A dry chain dulls quickly and overheats during operation.
  • Use your electric chainsaw only for cutting wood;
  • Protect the cable from damage during use;
  • Do not operate the saw during heavy rain or snowfall outside;
  • Do not use your power saw indoors.

The most important saw malfunctions and troubleshooting

The owner of a Makita UC 3541 A saw may encounter the following problems:

  1. Oil escapes when the saw cools down after it is switched off. It is impossible to eliminate, this defect is not a malfunction, but a technical feature that the manufacturer warns about in the manual. It does not exist in all models.
  2. Strong heating of the bar. The cause is intensive work without breaks. It is eliminated by timely breaks in the work of the Makita electric saw.

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Owners reviews

Artyom, 34, Chernivtsi:

“Reliable saw, one of the best from Makita. Powerful and resistant, works for me almost all year round, at first it was engaged intensively, after six months I changed the chain. Then I started to use only expensive and good oil, the wear is noticeably reduced. I recommend this model to everyone!

Oleg, 45 years old, Sumy region:

“The saw is of excellent quality. I bought it in a hardware store in Kiev. Works for over three years, everything is great, not repaired.”

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