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Selective weed herbicides

Selective herbicides – this is a special means, with the help of which you can cope with weeds. These drugs greatly facilitate the nutrition of agricultural plants. Today we will talk about the features of these compositions, their varieties.

What is it and how does it work?

Selections of herbicides are special preparations of high consistency, which affect certain types of weeds. As a rule, these products are used on the sprouting of cultivated plants.

Herbicides reliably protect plants from weeds. Such preparations necessarily include special growth stimulants, antidote and special preparations.

When used, these products destroy not only the leaves of harmful weeds, but also their roots, so they do not grow again after treatment. When these formulations are sprayed, amino acids are synthesized that cause the weeds to die.

At the same time, the weeds gradually die. At first it stops developing, then its stems and raw leaves gradually turn yellow. Later the plants simply wither away, including the root system. Complete death occurs after about 2-3 weeks.

Popular remedies

Now let’s consider what are the most popular selective herbicides.

“Etalon”. With the help of this universal drug you can effectively fight weeds on the plot. It selectively affects harmful weeds and their root system. “Grondor” is sold in the form of capsules, which must be diluted in water before use. This drug after spraying penetrates the roots of weeds and blocks their growth points. The vegetation is completely destroyed in about 3 weeks after treatment. The substance also contains phosphorus, sodium chloride, carbon and ethane acids.

  • “Bioard. This product is a concentrated solution, which must be diluted in water before use. “Bioard” is ideal for areas with flowers and fruit trees. The remedy is ideal for strawberries, raspberries. In addition, this preparation helps to cope with weeds. Its composition includes ethanoic acid, nitrogen, sodium chloride, magnesium, carbonic acid.
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“Lazurite.” This herbicide is ideal for vegetable plots, including tomatoes and potatoes. This effective drug is sold as a loose powder that dissolves quickly and easily. “Lazurite” is not recommended for young plantings. This product belongs to the budget options.

  • “Eraser Top”. Such herbicide is a professional selective means. It allows you to protect wheat from annual weeds. This type of substance consists of two active components and an antidote. Before using “Eraser-top” should be diluted with water, a solution of 20% should be obtained.

“Excellence. This spot campaign herbicide can control both annual and perennial weeds. It is available as an emulsion concentrate. Excellent” quickly and easily copes with dandelion, it should also be used against couch grass. The electric component in the composition is Hizalofop-P-ethyl. It instantly penetrates the weeds and then accumulates in their root system. In about 10 days after treatment, harmful weeds are completely dead. “Excellent” must be diluted in water before application.

  • “Roll-on.” This combined herbicide allows you to cope with double weeds on lawns. Its composition includes two active components at once. With the help of “Rulon” it is possible to destroy more than 100 species of weeds. Such a drug helps to completely destroy weeds within two weeks. The substance blocks the synthesis of enzymes in weeds. The drug should be used in very small doses.

“Lontrel. Such a selective herbicide contains the active component clopyralid. With the help of this drug, it is possible to effectively fight even with chamomile, even with dandelion. The substance should be used only in warm weather. Often it is this drug that treats beds with beets, sovereign onions.

  • “Titus”. Such a selective herbicide is created on the basis of rimsusifuron. The drug is ideal for the protection of tomatoes, potatoes and corn before the vegetation of dicotyledonous weeds. Titus causes death of harmful weeds in about 15-20 days after treatment. The preparation breaks down quickly in the soil.
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How to use?

The concept and methods of treatment depend on the specific type of herbicide. As for timing, all preparations are usually divided into two large groups: post-emergent and preemergent. Post-emergent substances are applied from the appearance of the first sprouts and up to a height of 5 to 10 centimeters. The latter are used before sowing the seeds and sowing and for some time after sowing.

Remember that the soil and root formulations are best moistened. Don’t forget that weeds need warm and sunny weather after treating beds.

Preventive treatments are often done with herbicides. Most often such treatments are carried out in early spring. It should be noted that weeds are very susceptible to such means at the beginning of the growing season.

As a rule, treatment with herbicides is carried out by spraying. In addition, the preparation should be diluted in water immediately before use. Some compounds can simply be applied to the floor surface, and sometimes they are also embedded in the floor.

Safety precautions

If you plan to use herbicides in your garden, you should remember some important safety precautions. Treatment with such substances can be carried out only in windless weather. Before starting work, you must wear protective clothing: headgear covering the neck, goggles, respirator, long-sleeved gown, boots, pants and gloves. All outfits must be completely replaced after treatment is complete.

Selective Plant Herbicides.

Weeds are a hardship for gardeners. They displace cultivated plantings from their beds, taking away their resources and vitality. If you do not fight these parasites, the harvest will be very scarce, it will not be enough to prepare cucumbers even for the winter. But it’s not all so bad – there are herbicides against weeds, which act only on harmful vegetation, not affecting useful plants!

Herbicide Lintor, VDG (1.8 g)

Herbicide Lintor, VDG (1.8 g)

Highly effective herbicide of choice for dicotyledonous weeds in lawns. Pack of 1.8 grams.

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Herbicide Lintor, VDG (1 kg)

Herbicide Lintor, VDG (1 kg)

Highly effective herbicide of choice for dicotyledonous weeds in the lawn. 1 kg. canister.

Herbicide – Deimos for Lawn, VRP (500 ml)

Herbicide - Deimos for turf, GRK (500 ml)

Effective herbicide of choice against vicious weeds in the lawn.

Herbicide – Deimos for Lawn, GRK (40 ml)

Herbicide - Deimos for Lawn, GRK (40 ml)

Effective herbicide of choice against noxious weeds in the lawn.

Lontrel 300-D, BP (500 ml)

Lontrelle 300-D, VR (500 ml)

A unique product for controlling annual and perennial weeds in lawns and strawberry plantations.

Lontrel 300-D, BP (90 ml).

Lontrel 300-D, VR (90 ml)

Herbicide of choice for controlling weeds in lawns and strawberry plantations.

Lontrel-300-D, BP (1 L)

Lontrel-300-D, VR (1 l)

Herbicide of choice against weeds in lawns and strawberry plantings.

Lontrel-300 D, BP (9 ml).

Lontrel-300-D, VP (9 ml)

A unique product for controlling annual and perennial weeds in lawns and strawberry plantations.

Herbicide Deimos, VPK (90 ml)

Herbicide Deimos, VP (90 ml)

Systemic herbicide for cleaning areas, paths and areas along fences from noxious weeds.

Female herbicide Deimos (900 ml)

Herbicide Deimos, VPK (900 ml)

Systemic herbicide for cleaning areas, paths and areas along fences from noxious weeds.

Herbicide Chopper, VRG (2.5 g)

In this case you can pay for your order after receiving the goods – full guarantee!” />

Effect of choice for killing dicotyledonous weeds in lawns. 2.5 gram packet.

How it works

Most herbicide suppliers have universal action, that is, everything that “mows” everything – weeds, lawn grass, vegetables, herbs, etc., but there is a special category of universal drugs, which do not harm any crops, but also do not leave a single chance. They come in the form of:

  • aerosol preparations (the most common);
  • basal means;
  • floor versions.

The principle of action in all is the same.

In contact with the weed plant, certain amino acids are synthesized, which are safe for the same vegetable, but play the role of “antistimulants” of growth, that is, about the weed stops developing. Already in two or three days after treatment the harmful plants begin to dry up, but complete death comes in 2-3 weeks, this is a very short period!

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It is important to remember that preparations to protect against universal weeds are pre-industrial and post-industrial. The first ones treat the soil before planting the lawn seeds. The latter are used after the emergence of seedlings. When exactly – depends on the type of cultivated plant on which the weeds were growing, as well as on the specific type of universal herbicide. However, in both cases it is necessary to observe safety precautions – it is recommended to work with gloves and a mask.

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