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EFCO 137-41.

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Reviews of EFCO 137-41

Advantages: very light and easy to work with.

Disadvantages: I have not noticed any disadvantages.

Comment: I have been sawing since 2005. In 11 years cleaned only after work and changed 5 chains. Been listening since last week July 23, 2016, but hoping to adjust.

Advantages: 6 years of use, normal ground! Getting out to the countryside to get firewood for the baths and more.

Weaknesses: A bad owner can be a disadvantage.

Comment: 6 years of exploitation, I think the ring has already changed the seal on the campaign.

Cons: Always easy to start, plenty of power, comfortable, uncomplicated, reliable. I bought it four years ago and it has not had any major problems.

Weaknesses: Brake band rubs off on the drive sprocket over time, it’s been three years.

Comments: Great saw, only one problem in all time – I once forgot to let the gasoline out for the winter, and it turned out to be of poor quality – the saw refused to start in the spring. I had to take everything apart and flush the carburetor, there was slime inside that had reached the ducts. Fortunately, the diaphragm was not damaged. Another little problem – after three years the brake band wore off and just fell apart. I did not replace it and worked without it. I never regretted the purchase.

Advantages: 1. Always easy to start in cold weather (including hot weather) when warmed up for 1 minute to 30 degrees. In case of cold – also easy for 5-6 pulls. 2. Oil is perfect, economically does not drip. 3. Hump adaptation. Stroke lost a little after literally three years and 15 cubes of birch (didn’t wash anything at all). 4. Lightweight and easy to use.

How to choose firewood?

Disadvantages: The manual does not describe the adjustment of idle speed, RPM and speed (I use Makita’s description).

The advantages: the low price, the great characteristics.

Comments: I’ve used similar oleomac for about 5 years and was very satisfied, now I bought this EFKU and never once regretted. There is no equal in terms of value for money. Price as of May 2017 – 1000r

Advantages: 1 year of use. Took it for the country house, happy with it. And no need for more durability and less. Exactly.

Disadvantages: it starts to take a long time. But I combine this with poor adaptation of my copy.

Comment: It all started when I bought a fuel part from this company. And I liked it so much for its functionality and workmanship that I found a saw from the same company. I haven’t seen a single charred record! All the little charring would be to your saw all over the place. I had to partially disassemble it and bathe it in a bucket of gasoline. Disassembled it easily. The screws are soft (you can take it out on purpose). I recommend to buy.

Cons: Always starts easily, plenty of power, comfortable, no binding, reliable. Bought it 4 years ago, no major breakdowns in that time.

Weaknesses: Brake band rubs off on the drive sprocket over time, it’s been three years.

Comments: Great saw, only one problem in all time – I once forgot to let the gasoline out for the winter, and it turned out to be of poor quality – the saw refused to start in the spring. I had to take everything apart and flush the carburetor, there was slime inside that had reached the ducts. Fortunately, the diaphragm was not damaged. Another little problem – after three years the brake band wore off and just fell apart. I did not replace it and worked without it. I never regretted the purchase.

Minitor Rusich T244. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Advantages: simple, convenient, fast for its power, easy startup, in general I am satisfied with the work.

Disadvantages: unpleasant chain tensioner. Did not do anything wrong.

Advantages: The autonomy Sufficient oil consumption for chain lubrication The full tank is enough for about 1.5 – 2 hours of active work saw. The chain can still be used.

Disadvantages: After 5 years, the oil pump for grease refused to work – replacement cost a round sum, which is required for a quality mixture for power – the slightest failure to comply with the stock leads to problems with starting the chain unpleasant tension. System under 5 years of use from vibrations regularly began to lose carburetor creation

Comment: I have since purchased annually. I stocked the wood for the bath for 5 years to get rid of surprises to get rid of repairs. Repairs purchased the electric version from another manufacturer.

EFCO chainsaw: review

In the choice of chainsaws Italian products are represented by models of the brand Oleo-Mack and EFCO. Both branded developments will be made according to the well-known high quality of home appliances, produced by the concerns of the EMAC group.

As standard, EFCO chain saws are inferior to analogous products of leading European manufacturers Stihl and Husqvarna in quality of materials, perfect assembly and service life. The official website of the manufacturer offers a wide range of branded chainsaws for various purposes.

EFCO chainsaw

Operational properties

Household and semi-professional chainsaws EFCO are characterized by:

  • Resistance to all types of operating stresses;
  • Ergonomic body and handle configuration;
  • Good balance and convenient location of the main controls.

Spare parts of the brand, represented in sufficient assortment, are unified with the repair line of other designs, which allows to minimize the time to find the necessary part and put the defective tool into operation. The EFCO saw is characterized by high repairability, which allows the owner to eliminate rejects or make minor repairs himself.

Gertner Gardenia and Landscape Architecture Fair - 2013

The manual, which contains a lot of useful information, helps to accelerate the acquisition of skills in introducing, maintaining and troubleshooting the tool on your own.

Carburetor adjustment

A separate section is devoted to the peculiarities of adjusting the fuel system. The problem is that EFCO chainsaw manufacturers perform it without taking into account changes in external factors.

Fine tuning of the fuel system is carried out on stationary equipment for stationary service, but with the appropriate skills at home it is possible to bring the saw to a working condition.

The combustion quality of the fuel emulsion entering the combustion chamber is adjusted by the screws located in the carburetor housing. The work is carried out after the air intake filter has been thoroughly cleaned and the engine has been warmed up to working temperature.

Overview of the performance characteristics of popular models

EFCO 136/41.

EFCO 136/41

Opens a simple assessment in order and reliable in everyday work EFCO series EFCO 136/41. The domestic class model is equipped with a 35.2 cc, two-row carburetor engine with up to 2.1 hp.

The considerable torque reserve of the Power Drive allows you to take advantage of the productive 40-cm saw.

The versatile model is very much suited to success for a variety of sawing applications, including cutting firewood for the fireplace or stove, garden maintenance, and installing wooden structures.

The list of operational advantages of the tool includes:

  • affordable price;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • automatic system for saw head cooling and lubrication;
  • highly effective mechanism of emergency chain brake.

EFCO 137/41

EFCO 137/41

Household class chainsaw differs from the previous model in power of 2.2 hp. The performance of the carburetor drive, reinforced by the crank design, has increased the reliability of the underlying electronic ignition.

The tool weighs 4.1 kg and is equipped with a 410 mm guide bar, whose length, in terms of reliability, varies with the automatic lubrication of the oil pump and the cooling of the saw unit. Autonomy of operation is provided by a supply of fuel mixture and chain oil in 320 and 220 ml. tanks.

chainsaw forward. Overview of changes, features, reviews

The saw can work for a long time in high-speed modes, regardless of external temperature factors.

EFCO 140S/41.

EFCO 140S/41

The performance capabilities of the EFCO 140 Series chain saw are enhanced by the carbureted drive with a 39 cm3 cylinder and 2.4 hp output. Depending on the nature of the work to be done, the tool can work on 33 to 41 cm long bars.

Compact sets of saws allow you to use the working advantages of the tool in small spaces and hard-to-reach areas of construction sites.

Despite its domestic status, the EFCO 140S/41 saw is equipped with an inertia change emergency brake and a variable-power oil pump for the lubrication system.

EFCO 141S/41

EFCO 141S/41

Each new development in the EFCO range is more advanced than the last. Significant changes have been made to the 141s/41 chain saw range. In particular, up to 2.5 hp. The power unit has been increased and the crank mechanism components are made of forged steel.

For stable engine traction during the overhaul period, the cylinder piston is equipped with an additional compression ring. Considering its capabilities, this chainsaw has every reason to claim the status of a semi-professional chainsaw.

EFCO MT 350S/35

EFCO MT 350S/35

This model places the emphasis on increased reliability of loaded parts and working comfort. The relatively short 35 cm bar is powered by an economical and reliable 2 hp engine.

The design features of this home-grade chainsaw:

  • Eliminates cold start problems by enriching the mixture with a booster pump;
  • Access to air cleaner cover and fuel mixture and chain oil tanks;
  • Engine life is extended by applying a wear-resistant nickel-chromium coating to the mirror.
  • Air intake and muffler design is significantly changed, vibration level is as close as possible to the comfort level.



The review of household chainsaw MT440 series by EFCO completes the review. The semi-professional tool is especially in demand among owners of private and farm households.

How to care for ornamental grasses?

The saw is equipped with a 45 cc, 2.9 hp two-stroke power unit.

The advantages of the tool include:

  • The ability to visually monitor consumable fuel levels;
  • Significant power reserve and torque for daily work;
  • ability to fell and cut various types of wood up to 450 mm in diameter;
  • Increased efficiency of the air cooling system;
  • Easy access to the setting points of the accessories;
  • Reduced maintenance.

advantages and disadvantages

The recognition by domestic users of modern technical and working characteristics of EFKO brand chain saws is evidenced by favorable reviews of users from all regions of the country.

Almost the entire model range can compete on an equal footing with identical models of European brands of Asian assembly.

The owners of this brand of chainsaws note in particular the quality of materials and technologies used for their processing, the operational reliability of components under adverse conditions of heavy loads.

A small list of disadvantages includes claims

  • to the quality of work of the few service centers;
  • The duration of the delivery time of the ordered parts;
  • Lack of complete information on the disassembly of individual nodes, while restoring the performance of the saw at the level of overhaul.

Owners reviews

The EFCO 137/41 chainsaw has been in good working order for 4 years. After that, the piston, drive sprocket, carburetor and some small parts in the running gear of the saw were replaced in the service. Engine traction and chain running smoothness were restored to almost the original level. A major drawback of the lubrication system is increased oil consumption. Nikolay Fedorovich

I wanted to take an Italian chainsaw from Oleo Mack for Business Works, but I found a cheaper analog from the same producer, EFCO brand, on the Internet. With the difference in cost, I bought a brand-name tire, a new chain, and a supply of oil for the engine and chain. Garik

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