ECO CSP-234 chainsaw: description, characteristics and rules of use

Eco CSP-234 3.1 hp.

Photo of the ECO CSP-234 3.1 PS gasoline chainsawPhoto 2 - Gasoline saw ECO CS P-234 3.1 PSPhoto 3 - ECO CS P-234 3.1 PS Gasoline SawPhoto 4 - ECO CS P-234 3.1 PS Gasoline sawPhoto 5 - ECO CS P-234 3.1 PS Gasoline saw

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Photo 2 - Gasoline saw ECO CS P-234 3.1 PS

Photo 3 - ECO CS P-234 3.1 PS Gasoline Saw

Photo 4 - ECO CS P-234 3.1 PS Gasoline saw

Photo 5 - ECO CS P-234 3.1 PS Gasoline saw

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Manufacturer Eco
engine type gasoline
output 3,1 l s.
Chain pitch 0.325 inch
bar length 45 cm

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Specifications ECO CSP-234 3.1 L.S.

General properties

Full product, manufacturer, equipment, specifications and functions can be found in the technical documentation.

product description

4 reviews about SAW ECO CSP-234 3.1 hp Lawn Mower

Experience: less than a month

The advantages: the good build quality: all connections are tightened, no uneven edges of the plastic parts, the plastic itself is better than the usual Chinese saws, I liked the mower, the carburetor is well tuned (at least for me) is well tuned (at least for me) is well tuned. . Power is sufficient for domestic use.

The disadvantages include too long bar (which can not be very good in the case of a brushcutter), the weight of the saw can be great for those who are not used to working with this kind of tool.

Comment saw from Shtil and a partner, so there is something to compare it with. The saw was periodically brought to my father for surgery. I plan to replace the drive sprocket chain and guide bar. These are. Change the chain pitch to 3/8 (costs 0.325) – This increases the shift speed and reduces the load on the motor. The short hoop is also the key to longer pistons.

Experience: a few months

No drawbacks.

Came to mowing with it, never failed once. The model is easy to use, my son of 15 years old figured it out the first time. I can’t think of any negative aspects. It is easy and convenient to refill.

Experience: a few months

Pros – convenient, cheap, though quite powerful.

Scythes and trimmers or how to create the perfect lawn

Cons – picky about gasoline

Comment in use a little over a year. During this time, finished the house bath. Never failed. The chain and the full file was changed almost immediately. Otherwise – an excellent tool.

Experience: less than a month

Advantages screw h l made up to 4 turns after the first day of work.

The disadvantages are the chain upgrade. The kerf in the log leads.

Commentary beast what you need an all-rounder.

Number of reviews: 4

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ECO CSP-234 3.1 LS gasoline chainsaw: whether to buy, description, photos, features, customer reviews, instructions and accessories, device assembly, review.

ECO CSP-234 chainsaw. Technical specifications and rules of operation

If you are looking for a reliable and quality tool with high performance and power, the ECO CSP-234 chainsaw is your best choice. The gasoline-powered 2.3 kW two-stroke engine and the 18″ saw chain guarantee fast and high-quality work.

CSP-234 ECO chainsaw

Thanks to excellent technical indicators, this model of eco-saw is equalized in reviews to the semi-professional class. Its small size and handy weight make it easy to control the chainsaw during work. Ideal balance, a good vibration suppression system make the operator’s work process even more comfortable.

Base equipment of the chainsaw Eco TsSP-234

Buying a chainsaw of this brand, you will receive it in a disassembled form and in the following configuration:

  • 18-inch tires;
  • saw chain;
  • A plastic cover in the bar for safe transportation and convenient storage;
  • Candle wrench for maintenance of the saw;
  • Measuring pail, which makes it very convenient to mix fuel for refueling.
  • Screwdrivers for chainsaw assembly and maintenance;
  • Technical documentation, warranty for use, warranty card.
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The Italian company Eco is quite young and was founded only in 2007. It manufactured and assembled goods on its own. However, in 2009, part of the production was transferred to China, which significantly reduced the price of chain saws.

Despite this, you can find information in the reviews of owners that the Italian production was not there, and so far in our market you can see chain saws Eco, assembled in Italy.

Technical characteristics

professional class professional
engine type gasoline
output 3,13 hp
output 2300 watt
engine displacement 45cc
Neutral 3000 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.55L
oil pump adjusted
Oil Tank Volume 0.26L
Chain tension Under the bar
Length of bar (in centimetres) 45 cm
Tire length (in inches) eighteen”
Pitch .325″
Tire groove width 1.5 mm
Number of links 72
net weight 6.44 kg

Particulars of use and safety

For the correct and long-life use of chain saws without injury or damage to the operator it is necessary to learn the peculiarities of use and to observe the care, maintenance and safety requirements and recommendations.

The ECO CSP-234 in operation

When working with a chainsaw, you must wear special protective clothing such as ear muffs, gloves and masks, clothing that is not restrictive of movement and closed shoes. Keep away from open flames or sparks, as a chainsaw near such places may cause a fire.

Do not use the ECO CSP-234 chainsaw in a closed or poorly ventilated area. The tool is based on a gasoline engine, the operation of which emits exhaust fumes harmful to the operator. It is recommended that you move your chainsaw to the outdoors.

ECO CSP-234 Operation and Maintenance Manual

As mentioned before, it is important to devote a lot of time to studying the lesson in detail. Thanks to this step, you will prolong the life of the tool, protect yourself from accidents and be able to guarantee quality and fast work. In their reviews, users often point out that it is difficult to find a manual in Russian on the internet. The manual gives the user complete information about the tool.

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The choice of chainsaw fuel and oil, as determined by owners in ratings, plays an important role in the performance of the tool. Pure gasoline should not be used, as its tone will seriously damage the chainsaw’s internal mechanics. Mix 92 octane gasoline with special oil for two-stroke engines at a ratio of 1:25 or 1:40, depending on your choice of oil.

Check the presence and amount of oil each time you fill the fuel tank. It is recommended that you add oil at each refueling. The chainsaw has an automatic chain lubrication system, so the presence of lubrication is important.

Ratings and instructions recommend the use of special oils for the lubrication of saw chains or conventional motor oils for motor vehicles for this purpose.

Talking about constant and the same breakdowns will not work, because both the technical base of the chainsaw and the ratings indicate that the tool works exceptionally. Sometimes, of course, the ECO CSP-234, like any technique, also fails. But with the help of the manual, you can easily deal with the breakdowns yourself. If you can’t, you can go to a service center.

advantages and disadvantages

In the reviews on the forums you can find a lot of positive information about this chainsaw. It is called universal, optimal and most convenient for felling trees and deadwood, as well as for sawing large limbs and logs. You can see the benefits of the saw in the test reports:

  • The Easystart spontaneous system;
  • Excellent noise and vibration damping;
  • High-quality nylon air filter;
  • Comfortable handle with which you can work with the chainsaw for long periods of time;
  • Automatic control of chain tension and chain oil supply.

It is much harder to find disadvantages with the ECO CSP-234 chainsaw, even in the reviews of owners. Sometimes they note that the weight and length of the boom do not allow you to easily manage the saw when cutting beams or trees.

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Video review

Owner reviews

On the Internet, you can find many reviews of real buyers and owners who praise the proper and quality work of the chainsaw. Many are very pleased with the quality of materials, high performance and, consequently, the performance. There are almost no negative reviews. Owners point out the large weight and size of the saw, which makes it somewhat difficult to use the technique.

Alexander, 34 years old, Zaporozhye

“I use the saw only for minor household chores: I prepare firewood, saw dry trees in the garden. In general, the work is very satisfied, the saw is reliable and useful. You can see that it is very well assembled, qualitatively. Good plastic, solid parts and parts under the body. I treat my chainsaw very gently and haven’t had any issues with it yet. Definitely recommend! “

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