Echo chain saws. Operation and maintenance manuals, major malfunctions and solutions

Echo chain saws. Operation and maintenance manuals, major malfunctions and solutions

The company Echo was created just after the Second World War in 1947. At that time it was called Kyoritsu Noki Company Limited and began producing agricultural equipment, especially insect sprayers.

During its more than seventy-year history, the company has mastered the production of many types of garden equipment, but the most popular in the former Soviet Union are gasoline and electric saws.

Its current name Echo wears since 1978. In 2009, the company merged with Shindaiwa to create Yamabiko Corporation, a world leader in the market of agricultural and garden tools.

The company’s production facilities are located in China. The famous Echo electric saws are manufactured there, with components sourced from the U.S., Japan and Western Europe. All Echo products meet international standards and have international quality certificates. Designers and engineers improve their products every year and offer new, more advanced models.

Quality products for the right price – that’s the principle of the pricing policy of Echo. In the model range of chainsaws we find both amateur and semi-professional tools. The company has taken care of warranty and retrospective maintenance of electric saws and other devices. The company has service centers in almost every region of Russia and Ukraine.

Model range of chainsaws Echo

Production of electric saws is not a priority for the company, so we find only four electric saws in the model range. It’s worth noting that only two of them are currently in production, two models are obsolete and their production is established.

  • Echo C S-1800 is an electric saw equipped with a 2.4 kW motor. And the 35 cm bar belongs to the semi-professional class of tools. Currently, in addition to production.
  • Echo C S-2100 – has a more powerful bar (40 cm) and a reliable, unpretentious engine. At present this model is not produced.
  • Echo CS-2400 – a new model with a powerful engine and high performance. It is sold in Russia at a price of 11,200 rubles. In Ukraine, this model costs about $220.
  • ECHO C S-20000 – electric mower belongs to the domestic class. Equipped with a 2.0 kW motor. And the bus 35 cm. This model costs the Russian buyer in 9,900 rubles. Ukrainian consumers will have to pay about $180.

Power Saw CS-20000 Power Saw CS-1800 Power Saw CS-2400

Maintenance and use of Echo chainsaws

  • After purchasing your chainsaw, we strongly recommend that you read the service manual and operating instructions. Please note that these tools are an increased source of danger, improper use of which can result in serious injury.
  • Particular attention should be paid to checking the insulation of electrical lines and the motor.

Important: Do not use tools with damaged insulation and do not repair the damage with insulation tape.

  • Check that all components are securely fastened, separate and tighten screws and nuts. Where necessary.
  • Assemble the saw headset – install the guide bar and the chain;
  • Adjust the chain tension: it should move along the bar without excessive noise;
  • Fill the automatic lubrication system with oil.
How to take care of a terrace?

Extending chain mechanics

Important: Use only high-quality oils. The manufacturer recommends using Jaso FD Oil with a donor.

  • Turn off the immediate circuit stop inertia brake and start the electric motor.
  • Wear personal protective equipment when working with the electric chainsaw echo sounder. Be sure to wear a safety mask or goggles.
  • Make sure the chain is properly sharp; this will increase the life and performance of the power saw.
  • Use the necessary extension cords designed for outdoor work.
  • Do not work in snow or rain. Doing so may destroy the tool and cause injury to the operator.
  • Always engage the inertia brake when you have finished work to avoid injury.

Frequent electric saw faults and troubleshooting


Cause of fault


Shorted motor winding.

Replace the cable and restart the button.

Contact a service center.

Replace the brushes yourself or contact a specialist.

Oil pump has failed.

Have the oil pump repaired or replaced.

Main advantages and disadvantages of the Echo Electric electric chainsaw

The products of this Japanese manufacturer are of high quality and decent performance. However, there are also disadvantages of Echo chainsaws.


  • Ergonomic body;
  • Modern design;
  • Reliable engine;
  • High environmental friendliness;
  • Effective shock absorbers;
  • Acceptable noise level;
  • Double insulation of the engine;
  • Availability of a wide network of service centers;


  • Limited choice of models;
  • Clutch failures;
  • High cost of original spare parts;

Electric saws Echo: technical properties, description and operating instructions

Performance and technical specifications from the Echo chainsaw are available on the manufacturer’s website:

Electric chainsaw Echo video test

Owners reviews

Sergey Dmitrov:

I have the Echo for a year and a half. Did not read the reviews – a neighbor recommended it, and the salesman in the store. For storage and transportation immediately bought a small bag for electric saws Echo – very convenient. The saw has ergonomic handles, lightweight, in terms of durability for my needs. Low power consumption. Decent replacement for the gasoline saw.

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Eugene Oil:

Chainsaw Echo did not use, compare with nothing, so I will describe new impressions. Echo saws great, good thrust on the metal. The brake stops the chain instantly. Wasted a lot of oil. After I started to use Jaso FD oil, consumption decreased at once. Didn’t like the native chain – blunt quickly, often had to be sharpened.

Advantages: Echo has a reasonable price and light weight, effective brake, high stop on metal, there is a small handy saw bag.

Disadvantages: Don’t like the native chain, the lubrication system requires a lot of oil.

Echo chain saws. Setting up, preparing for use. Owners reviews

Today echo products are sold in more than 100 countries. The manufacturer’s equipment is known for its reliability, quality and affordable prices. However, few people know that the history of the company began in 1947, when a small company Kyoritsu Noki Company Limited appeared in Japan, focused on the production of reach trucks and water pumps for farmers. The situation with the product range changed in the early 1960s, when it was decided to begin producing many types of agricultural devices, including echo chains and electric saws.

The company got its current name in 1978. It is also worth noting that in 2009, Echo United merged with another manufacturer of agricultural and garden equipment, Shindaiwa – Echo United. As a result of the merger, corporation Yamabiko was created, whose production facilities are available not only in Japan but also in other countries, particularly in China.

The transfer of production to China had no effect on the quality of the products, but the prices were optimized. Echo Electric surfactants are produced under the supervision of Japanese specialists and comply with the company’s internal standards for quality and safety. The fact that many components are made in the Japanese factories of the Group plays an important role. However, the company’s lineup includes tools that are produced locally in Japan and Germany. In order to find out where this or that PM Echo Electric is assembled, we recommend to read the accompanying documents and study marking of individual assemblies and parts.

The high quality of Echo products is combined with its adequate cost. Today, Echo can be purchased at a price starting from 10 800 rubles.

Characteristics of the Echo electric saw:
  • High quality build and components;
  • Long-term overhaul and high maintenance;
  • Information support from the manufacturer;
  • Availability of a wide network of service centers for warranty and post-warranty service.
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Swimming series of electric saws Echo

The company can’t boast a large selection of electric chainsaws, with four models available today.

Echo CS-2,000.

This model belongs to the budget class of electric saws, although in some respects the characteristics are not inferior to semi-professional tools. The device is powered by a powerful electric motor for 2,000 watts, which is enough capacity to saw up to 40 centimeters in diameter. The saw is equipped with a 14-inch guide bar and a 52-piece saw chain.

The Echo CS-20000 electric SAU has a transverse motor arrangement and an effective vibration system. To save time and effort, a non-permanent tensioner helps you replace or adjust the chain. The tool is widely used in the home, and thanks to the absence of harmful exhaust fumes and low noise level, it can be used in enclosed spaces.

The model is manufactured in factories in China and Germany. The recommended price on the manufacturer’s website is 10,800 rubles.

Echo CS-2400

This semi-professional saw can be used for all kinds of construction, repair and household works, including cutting and sawing firewood. Electric saw is equipped with a powerful 2.4 kW motor, which has a transverse arrangement. The model is equipped with a 16-inch guide bar and a 57 limb saw chain.

Thanks to the excellent compensation of the body and the shock-absorbing handles, a good protection against vibrations is guaranteed, which does not save time when replacing or adapting the chain. Note the low weight of the tool (4 kg) and the relatively low noise level (up to 102 dB).

The Echo CS-2400 model is sold on the manufacturer’s website for 12 300 rubles.

Echo CS-1800.

The model belongs to the semi-professional class of tools. It can be used to fell trees, perform construction and repair work (including indoors) and to cut wood lengthways and crosswise. The device is driven by a powerful motor (2,400 W), has a non-inertial circuit voltage system and is equipped with an inertia brake.

The Echo CS-1800 electric saw is currently discontinued. You can purchase this tool on the market for devices of earlier use.

Echo CS-2100.

This model is currently out of production, although it is still available on the early-use device market and at some domestic online stores. The electric saw is equipped with a 2.4 kW motor, has a 14-inch bar and is in the semi-professional tool class. Model ECHO CS-2100 can be used for cutting and sawing firewood, construction and repair work, gardening and brushwood.

Pruning grapes in the middle belt

Unpacking and preparing for work electric saw Echo

  • When buying the tool, pay attention to its appearance. If requested by your dealer, perform a test run of the electric motor;
  • Before assembling the electric saw, read the instruction manual carefully and familiarize yourself with the technical and operational features of the model.

The Echo electric chainsaw is delivered assembled. The new owner only has to assemble the saw headset and adjust the saw chain with the help of the non-permanent tensioner.

When building the chain on the guide bar, make sure that the cutting edges of the saw’s teeth are pointing when the drive sprocket rotates. When the chain is properly tensioned, it rotates easily on the guide bar without generating extraneous noise, and none of the limbs should collect under its own weight.

Important: Keep in mind that the metal joints of the Echo Electric chain saw tend to expand when heated. It is recommended that you check the tension after the first 10-15 minutes of operation.

  • Refill the automatic lubrication system of the Echo Electric saw;
  • Check the tool case for oil leaks. If found, you will find the cause of the leak and restore the system’s tightness.

Important: For the lubrication of the saw, we recommend the use of special chain oils, which provide reliable protection for the parts and components of the tool. The manufacturer recommends Echo Premium B&C, Husqvarna chain oil, oleo-Mac polar lubricant, Stihl Forestplus as lubricants.

  • Make sure that the insulation of the motor, the mains socket cord and the extension cord can be replaced.
  • Engage the mechanical chain brake and start the engine.
  • Observe safety rules when working with Echo electric saws and remember to provide personal protective equipment: gloves, goggles, sturdy shoes.

Typical malfunctions of Echo electric scooters and possible solutions

Symptoms of malfunction Probable cause Probable solution
Electric motor does not start when the start button is pushed No voltage in the mains

Socket, cable or extension cord is damaged

Bad feeding device

Worn carbon brushes

Find another power source

Replace cord or outlet

Repair or replace engine starting system

The clutch is out of order

Repair clutch, replace clutch and drive pinion if necessary;

Short circuit in Echo electric saw armature winding

Contact a workshop or an experienced electrician

Oil line is broken or clogged

Repair or replace unit

Repair and clean the oil lines

The main advantages and disadvantages of an Echo electric saw


  • Reliable electric motor;
  • Improved system of vibration damping;
  • No harmful emissions to the atmosphere;
  • Easy maintenance and operation;
  • Balanced housing with ergonomic handles;
  • Dual motor insulation;
  • High quality power cord.


  • Insufficient selection of Echo saw models;
  • High cost of original spare parts.

Video overview of the Echo saw

Echo CS-2400 electric saw – presentation of the tool:



What they say on forums

Anatoly Barsukov, 41, Siberian Federal District:

I found the Echo CS-1800 electric saw in my father’s garage after his death. He bought it a long time ago, but he rarely used it. The engine started right away. I decided not to take risks, disassembled the tool and was satisfied – all parts are made of quality materials, no wear is observed anywhere. For my own peace of mind I decided to change the brushes and that was the whole repair. I don’t use it often now, but when I do, it’s pretty intense. Everything works great and the remedy is practically cost-free.

Andrey Pugovkin, 57 years old, Tambov region:

Bought an electric saw Echo CS-2400 to mow the garden and take care of the surrounding area, but then it turned out that with the help of this tool you can solve more important tasks. These are repair and construction work, as well as cutting and sawing firewood. There is nothing to find fault with in terms of workmanship and quality of parts: German is German. The saw also complies with the declared performance characteristics. The only drawback is the chain. Esno manufacturer significantly spared on the quality of metal.

Pluses: reliable engine, qualitative assembling, good body balance, small weight, reasonable price;

Cons: poor quality of metal on the saw chain, no other drawbacks revealed.

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