Easy pruning of tall trees

How to trim trees in the garden? What tool to choose?

If the main tools in the garden are a shovel and a hoe, these are garden shrub trimmers, push-button trimmers and high-rise trimmers. Modern models from Gardena are so convenient that they allow you to turn a tedious and tedious work into a pleasant activity.

How to trim trees in the garden? What tools to choose?

For quality pruning, it is important not to save on the tool. Meanwhile, many gardeners still have only one simple pruning shear in their arsenal – for all occasions. And a lot of problems are associated with this: it cuts thin branches, does not cut the density, and if you need to cut the crown at the top of the tree, you have to work with the arrow. To avoid these difficulties, it is necessary to have several models of cutting tools for certain tasks.


Used for cutting branches up to 25 mm in diameter. Thicker wood can be trimmed with them, but fresh and undisturbed. Their purpose is to cut thin branches. The secateurs should be light and lie comfortably in the hand so that you exert as little effort as possible while working. The blades of high-quality secateurs hold well and therefore cut simply and cleanly without injuring the plants. However, they are only suitable for cutting thin branches and low trees and shrubs. For tall trees, it is better to choose pliers or high trimmers.


For removing branches with a thickness of 20 mm. The maximum thickness of a limb that can be cut with such a tool is 50 mm. In contrast to secateurs, they have extended handles that work according to the lever principle – this allows them to cut thick branches with minimal effort.

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With their long handles, you can reach tall branches and go deep into the thicket of shrubs that are hard to reach with a pruner.

When choosing a lopper, look first at the durability of the handles. Plastic and cheap aluminum will break immediately. The cutting part should also be made of durable metal.

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They differ from bars in that they have very long, often telescopic handles. The force to the cutting part is transmitted by ropes, cables, cables, or other more complex devices.

The tool is ideal for cropping and hygienic pruning of tall trees and hedges. Makes gardeners’ work much easier – they don’t have to carry diving loaders around in the garden. In addition, it is not so easy for the elderly to climb the ladder, and with the height the work is greatly simplified.

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Popular models of garden curl knots and heights

Schokorez slimcut.

This lopper is ideal for trimming dense thickets of shrubs and young branches. The ultra-light and ergonomic Slimcut lopper features a telescoping aluminum handle and a dual-wheel drive wheel for increased cutting performance. The integrated gang provides a balance between effort and degree of cutting performance.

Just one movement and the drive can be switched from 1:12 power mode for trimming thick branches to 1:6 power mode for fast trimming.

Highway Starcut 410plus

The new Starcut 410PLUS telescopic hole punch is the expert for tall trees. Equipped with an aluminum telescopic handle that can be continuously adjusted from 230 to 410 cm, the Starcut 410plus has become even more flexible in use and allows cuts up to 6.5 m above the floor. The 12-fold weave ensures reliable cutting of branches up to 32 mm in diameter.

The new adjustable branch hook provides added comfort for tree maintenance. It makes it possible to remove cut branches neatly and easily from the tree crown. The Starcut 410 Plus has an internal belt-driven transmission – the controls are hidden inside the opening so they don’t get stuck on branches. The ultra-light and slim cutting head provides a comfortable and targeted cut even close to the trunk. Cutting angle can be adjusted during operation without having to put the tool on the floor. Precision-sharpened blades with special non-stick coating ensure a clean cut without additional effort and are very easy to clean. The sliding rod improves tool stability, and the optional T-handle allows you to hold the hex cutter with one hand when your other hand is free.

BL (Combination System Nozzle)

The BL (combi system nozzle) with its 5-speed drive is ideal for cutting fresh twigs on tall trees. Combined with the telescopic handle of the Gardena Combis System, branches can easily be cut without a ladder. The back-up provides safety.

The secateurs can handle branches up to 35 mm in diameter. The non-stick-coated blades with special geometry guarantee a clean and precise cut. The Garden Shears can be hung from branches, which creates less effort when pruning.

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The tensile-strength cord has a length of 4.7 m.

Telescopic Handle Top 210 – 390 cm

The Telescopic Handle Top 210-390 cm is the ideal tool for working at heights up to 5 m. Thanks to the practical sliding and torsion function the telescopic shaft can be easily extended in 26 cm steps from 210 to 390 cm. This feature makes it easy to adjust the tool to the working conditions and body size of the user.

The durable aluminum handle is very lightweight, which is crucial when you hold the tool in your hands. The handle is covered with plastic for user comfort. The locking screw for attaching the rod to the Gardena Combi-System-Hochen buttons is equipped with a fall protection.

All Gardena Gardena Garden, Ast and Astscheren buttons are made in Germany, 25 year warranty!

Best High Button 2022

The high button is an essential tool for owners of high planting areas. Without the best button cutter it is very difficult to maintain the crown of a tree, especially if it is several meters high.

The device is designed for crowning bushes, trees and sanitary pruning of branches. It is reliable, safe and easy to use. It has a low weight of only 3.8 kg, which makes the work of the worker even easier. Garden shears are protected against overload and short circuit.” width=”960″ height=”540″ />

In today’s market of tools there are several types of high-pole cutters: mechanical, the simplest and cheapest devices, battery-powered, gasoline-powered and electric. How to choose the type and model of the tool? Which pole pruner will be the best in 2021?

Pole pruners come in mechanical, cordless, gasoline and electric. Below, we’ll look at models that fall into all of these types.

To get help in choosing the best model, the editorial staff of Komsomolskaya Pravda turned to the experts of the online hypermarket VSEINSTUMENY.RU, Maxim Sokolov.

Expert’s choice

Ryobi One+ Opp1820

This is a cordless tool: it is convenient because you do not have to bother with an extension cord or fuel mixture. It works quietly, the boom is designed for 2.5 m. The maximum cutting diameter is 200 mm, that is, it is also suitable for thick branches. However, the battery is not included (all Ryobi One+ tools have standard batteries). Or you can order the battery of the right capacity separately. For example, a cheap 1.5Ah battery will make up to 25 cuts, and an expensive 5Ah battery – up to 100 cuts.

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Main characteristics:

The device is designed for tall trees. It can be used for cutting large branches up to 32 mm in diameter. The disc going high stays clean, which is achieved thanks to the special coating against buildup, which it is equipped with.

The design makes it possible to hold the branch in the optimal position for processing. The Pole Pruner is equipped with a telescopic handle with which you can work with branches up to 6.5 m high (taking into account the height of the handle). This is a rugged unit that will last a long time.

Main characteristics:

This unit is an updated version of this model. In addition to changes in design, innovations have been made in the design, thanks to the increased life of the cables. In addition, the device is equipped with a special hook for gripping and holding a branch.

Fiskars PowerGear Upx86 is easy to use, its design is simplified so that the cutting head can be replaced by a person, even without the necessary technical knowledge. All this makes working with the Altit shrub shear as convenient as possible.

Main characteristics:

Universal garden height for trimming branches of trees and shrubs. The device is easy to use – everyone will cope with the principle of action. It is enough to refer to the instructions.

With a high rose, you can work from the floor with branches at a fairly high height – up to 4 meters. The knife head rotates at an angle of up to 230°, so the operator can remove unwanted branches even in dense thickets.

Blades of Fiscars 115400 are sharpened – it allows to confiscate branches. The device is unpretentious in maintenance, lightly cleaned of dirt, and the blades are hidden.

Main characteristics:

A very handy device with a high-quality saw blade and a cordless Hardy motor. This Pole Pruner is designed for pruning branches and shaping the crowns of trees and shrubs without the use of a ladder. For this purpose, the Pole Pruner is equipped with an extendable boom, the length of which can vary from 1.8 to 2.6 meters, which allows you to increase the working height up to 4 meters.

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The device is equipped with a special mechanism for tilting the head of the blade – this creates additional convenience when working. No need to connect the device to the socket makes it mobile and allows you to work at a significant distance from power sources.

Main characteristics:

The device is designed for landscaping “high” garden: pruning branches and shaping tree crowns at a height of up to 4 meters. This is ensured by the convenient design of the construction.

The device is equipped with a saw with the possibility of its replacement. Powerful battery assumes that the operator can create about 100 sections before a new battery charge.

The hig-gate button has a comfortable rubberized handle, thanks to which the device is conveniently fixed and eliminates the possibility of injury.

Main characteristics:

This device will be a good helper in the garden. The Greenworks G24PS20 has been designed to cut branches from the floor at heights up to 4 meters without the need for additional equipment – ladders or other devices that can be used to climb higher.

The device operates autonomously – on battery power, so the operator is not “tied” to the power source, and can safely work in the most inaccessible places for 30-40 minutes.

Main characteristics:

The Champion PP126 is one of the most popular models in its class. The device has a high performance, which is provided by its design features: a powerful engine, high-quality saws. All this also makes it attractive in terms of cordless models.

The model is equipped with an extended package: the user receives not only the device itself, the bar and chain, but also a repair kit, a shoulder strap and safety glasses. In addition, the device is very easy to take care of: only a small amount of soap is required for cleaning.

Main characteristics:

Garden helper working with trees and shrubs. Lightweight – 7.4 kg, equipped with a quick start system – you can start working immediately after turning on the device. Allows to work from the ground at a height of more than 5 meters. It has a special ergonomic handle, which makes the work more comfortable.

Echo PPT-235es 25 cm is equipped with special filters that clean the exhaust during work, which does not pollute the environment.

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Main characteristics:

This is a complete gardening machine that can be used at any time of the year. The device is designed for pruning branches and shaping the crowns of trees and shrubs.

As for the design features, the Makita EX2650LH is a gasoline mower that looks like the top of a regular lawnmower with a folding Holm. On one side is the engine, on the other – connections for attachments, installation and attachment of which is simple and does not require additional tools.

Main characteristics:

This unit is an electric, corded model for trimming branches and crown forms. Designed to work from the ground to a height of up to 4 meters. For safe operation, the device is equipped with a special device that prevents accidental activation.

The model is equipped with a practical three-step boom, which can be used to set the height at which the desired branch can be received from the operator. The unit has a manual chain tensioning mechanism, which is practical if the chain gets a little loose during operation, as well as an automatic lubrication and oil system for the chain.

Main characteristics:

The Hammer VR700C is a light and quiet machine for trimming branches and tree and shrub crown shapes at high heights. The device weighs only 3.8 kg and is comfortable to use. The telescopic handle allows you to quickly change the working height, which creates additional benefits for the operator. For easy control, the boom is equipped with a special rubberized grip that provides a better grip and eliminates the possibility of injury.

The angle of the nozzle can be adjusted – so you can work on the “most awkward” areas of a tree or bush.

Main characteristics:

The device is designed for crowning bushes, trees and sanitary pruning of branches. It is reliable, safe and easy to use. It has a small weight – only 3.8 kg, which further facilitates the work of the worker. Garden shears are protected against overload and short circuit.

Garden shears are equipped with a telescopic pole that allows you to reach distant branches. And you don’t have to interrupt to change the length of the handle. The device is equipped with a special system with which you can easily remove and install the chains and rods – no additional tools are required.

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