DT-75 tractor – description and characteristics

DT-75 bulldozer

For several decades, the DT 75 has been the most popular tracked bulldozer in the domestic market (traction class 3). The model is widely used in various fields, and some consumers still use older versions. Production of the bulldozer in an upgraded form continues. The technique, which received many new elements (engine, cab, transmission), has retained its main advantages: reliability, accessibility and simplicity of design.

Production of the DT 75 was carried out by the Volgograd Tractor Plant. The designers repeatedly finalized the model and improved various performance characteristics, which allowed the bulldozer to maintain its popularity, despite the abundance of competitors.

DT 75 is characterized by a wide range of applications. The machine is actively used on repair and construction sites, in industry and agriculture. The bulldozer efficiently works on slopes with a small steepness (up to 20 degrees). Excellent cross-country ability allows using the technique at off-road and on the soils with high humidity and in bogs. Additional attachments increase the possibilities and functionality of the model.

The DT 75 is suitable for the following operations:

  • uprooting small trees and stumps;
  • ploughing, loosening and moving soil over short distances;
  • transport of bulk material;
  • Hydraulic and land reclamation operations;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • Cleaning of highways and roads from snowdrifts, mud and soil.

Technical characteristics

Planier caterpillar DT-75

All units and mechanisms of the bulldozer are firmly mounted on a welded frame consisting of longitudinal beams. Transmission and rear axle are in one unit.

There is a special ventilation system in the cab to create an optimal temperature regime. The presence of such a system provides a supply of purified and humidified air. Recording takes place automatically when the cab windows and doors are closed.

In winter, the driver can be heated with a special additional heater. The design features of the cab contribute to the fact that work on such a bulldozer can be carried out in any weather.

Despite the fact that today’s special equipment market is filled with various proposals, the DT75 crawler bulldozer continues to enjoy great popularity. Such a trend is due to the good technical characteristics and high operating potential of the presented product.

Dimensions, mm 4400×1850-2240×2710
spacing, mm 326-380
weight (kg) 7400
tank capacity, l 360
КП forward e-10, backward e-5
motion Caterpillar
engine power, l/s 95
Number of cylinders, pcs. 4
Torque, Nm 15
Speed of movement, km/h 12
Consumption, l / h 15
cost, rubles 800000
analogues YTO C1002, tractor BT-90 and others.


The DT 75 is equipped with several options for power plant. The most common variants are:

1. СМД-14 – basic variant of the engine (installed on the first modifications). Four-stroke engine without a supercharger, liquid-cooled, vortex chamber carburetor, working on diesel fuel. Engine power – 75 hp.


2. SMD-18H, installed in later modifications (the most common variant). The 4-stroke diesel engine had liquid cooling (coolant or antifreeze, which circulated through the radiator), turbocharging and direct fuel injection.

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Properties of the SMD-18n:
  • Working volume – 6.33 liters;
  • Rated power – 70 (95) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 1800 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 4;
  • Cylinder diameter – 120 mm;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 224 (165) liters/kWh (l / hp per hour).

3. A-41-A 4-stroke diesel unit with direct injection, liquid cooling system and vertical cylinder arrangement. The peculiarity of the engine is a 2-valve gas distribution mechanism and cast-iron liners with a special surface treatment.


Properties of the engine A-41:
  • Working volume – 7.43 liters;
  • Rated power – 90 hp;
  • Rated speed – 1750 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 4;
  • Cylinder diameter – 130 mm;
  • Compression Ratio – 16.

4. RM-12 is a less common diesel engine.

The latest versions of DT 75 were also equipped with SISU (Finland) engines with an output of 98 hp.

For work in northern regions, a pre-production number was provided. All bulldozer engines were fuel efficient and extremely rugged.

The fuel tank capacity was 360 liters.

Fuel consumption of the DT-75 bulldozer

The average fuel consumption per hour of work is 15 liters with the 95 hp engine. For other DT-75 bulldozer configurations, consumption can vary significantly. Diesel is operated in a tank of up to 300 liters.


DT-75 transfer truck

The transmission is multilevel and operates at 10 different speeds. This makes it easy to drive the bulldozer in different conditions. The transmission is of high quality and combines with the engine to totally reduce the fuel consumption.


DT-75 chassis

The chassis is characterized by high flexibility. It is unified with the DT-54 model. Various additional springs are inserted into the suspension of the devices, which reduce the difftantation of the machine.


General dimensions of DT-75

  • Length – 4400 mm;
  • Width – 1850 mm;
  • Height – 2710 mm;
  • Outdoor freedom – 326-380 mm;
  • Track base – 1622 mm;
  • Fahrrite – 1330 mm;
  • Track width (base version) – 390 mm.

How much does it weigh?

The total weight of the bulldozer is 7,400 kg. The equipment can reach speeds of up to 12 km/h and move loads weighing up to 3000 kg.

The model can be used with various blades with a maximum weight of 900 kg. Blade speed is 150 mm / s, the maximum increase is 6000 mm.

Design and functions

The numerous mechanisms and elements of the DT 75 are fixed to a welded frame, consisting of 2 longitudinal applications, with a rectangular cross-section. In addition, they are connected by transversal joints for greater reliability. The transmission and rear axle are in the rear, which makes the bulldozer more stable.

The undercarriage of the machine is characterized by increased elasticity. This element is unified with the DT 54 bulldozer. At the same time, the suspension is supplemented with springs, which reduce the technological differential. Each crawler has 42 connections with the possibility of quick replacement. The special meshing system should be differentiated with the characteristics of the track, which is equipped with multiple floor surfaces and covers the entire length of the element.

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The DT 75’s transmission is based on a 15-speed manual transmission (10 forward and 5 reverse speeds). This abundance of modes allows you to choose the optimal drive for certain conditions and reduce the load on the elements of the machine. The transmission uses a dry 2-disc clutch, which is responsible for the efficiency of cost transfer.

Band brakes provide quality braking even when driving fast.

A wide range of attachments is available for the DT 75. The devices are controlled by a hydraulic system with 2 working cylinders. The dozer blade angle reaches 270 degrees, which means it can form embankments or clear snow from the road. The machine retreats 100 mm per pass. The model is equipped with the following attachments:

  • Rotary blade;
  • Aromatic blades;
  • Universal blade for different types of work.

The power take-off wave in a closed cast-iron housing is used to work with additional equipment. The element is made in the form of a 1-speed gearbox with spur gears. Speed of rotation is 9 revolutions/second.

The bulldozer can be equipped with a rotary or non-rotary blade. The installation of such additional devices contributes to the fact that the overall performance of the bulldozer tends to increase.

At first, the DT 75 was equipped with a sealed cab, which was borrowed from the car GAZ 51. Later there were cabs with increased height and a control lever, which was directed towards the driver. The unit had several upgrades, the latest version has greater sound insulation and heating or air conditioning as an option. The cab seats 2 people and was equipped with special adjustment knobs with comfortable seating. The controls were ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. There were several seats in the cab as it accommodated 2 people of dense build. No decorative elements were implemented in the exterior trim, and many parts were eliminated from the design (rearview mirror, turn signals). Of the lighting appearance, there were only 2 round headlights above the hood and 2 lights that were mounted above the glass in the rear. The windshield was cleaned with a caretaker on the upper window frame. In terms of comfort, the bulldozer was seriously inferior to its Western rival, but offered good working conditions.

The DT 75 was well maintained. There are currently no problems with spare parts for the bulldozer, and repair costs are minimal. The main difficulty for the owner of the equipment is the delivery to the site. In the countryside, this problem is quickly solved, for the city you have to order a special vehicle with a low frame, so as not to damage the asphalt.

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The driver’s cabin

DT-75 cabins

Manufacturers have taken care of the implementation of high sound insulation of the driver’s cab. In many respects they managed to achieve this due to the maximum narrowness of the joints. As a result, an optimal temperature regime is created in the cabin at any time of the year. If desired, this element can be equipped with a heating system or air conditioning. Instruments and steering mechanisms in the cabin are located in accordance with all requirements of ergonomics. It should be noted that there are no additional elements that could interfere with the normal process of control.

Unassembled equipment

Dt-75 Attachments

Depending on the type of work to be performed, the DT75 bulldozer tractor is installed. Various manufacturers offer quite a large selection of optional attachments. Some of them are used for agricultural purposes or for snowmaking.


  1. There are 4 configurations of the DT-75 crawler excavator:
  • C1 – Remote cylinders, hydraulic system components and a rear hydraulic elevator may be present in stock.
  • C2 – May be equipped with hydraulic system tank and distributor.
  • C3 – supplied without additional equipment as C1.
  • C4 – similar configuration as C1, but without the long-range cylinder.
  1. In order to rent special equipment to transport the unit to work, the lessor must provide information about the weight of the DT-75 bulldozer. It used to be popular to use platforms, but now these are automotive units that cost much less.

The DT 75 family includes many updated versions and modifications. The best-known bulldozer variations are:

  1. DT 75B – the swamp modification, which differs from the basic version with the ability to adjust the position of the leader shafts and wider chains. Thanks to the modifications the bulldozer can be used on marshy and viscous soils with maximum efficiency.
  2. DT 75K version with improved stability and the ability to work at an incline of up to 20 degrees. The bulldozer is equipped with an upgraded transmission and improved fuel system.
  3. DT 75H-version with SMD-18H engine;
  4. DT 75D-modification with A-41 engine;
  5. DT 75RM – the version with PM-1220 engine.

The bulldozer modifications are not less popular than the base version. The demand for this model is caused by the following features:

  • Simple design, allowing for on-site repairs;
  • Long service life and high maintainability;
  • Powerful power units. With their help, the bulldozer is able to solve the most complex tasks;
  • Improved tracked chassis with improved cross-country ability;
  • a variety of attachments;
  • Easy operation (the levers are close to the operator);
  • Low cost of the equipment and spare parts.

Working principle


If the leveling along the layer of the cut floor is required, the blade is lifted evenly during the movement.

If desired, the operator of the DT-75 bulldozer can calculate the time of the bulldozer’s work cycle, which consists of the following elements:

  1. Working stroke with deepening and lifting of the ground, i.e., a certain amount of earth is collected and taken to the place of unloading.
  2. Stopping the stroke to change corridors.
  3. Idle stroke to return to starting position for digging.
  4. Stopping to move forward.
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The floor cut by the main zone is collected in front of the blade on the upper level of the implement where the tilt mechanism rises to the level of the floor surface and the content is simply moved to the unloading point.

High maneuverability makes it possible to start the cycle from a new location every time.

Weight of the dt 75 tractor

Weight of DT-75


The most mass heavy tractor of Soviet mechanical engineering is considered a device with the index dt 75 Volgograd tractor plant. The weight of this machine allows the use of modifications of such a tracked tractor in various areas of the national economy.

Weight of the DT-75 model

Weight of the crawler tractor of Volgograd production depends on the modification of the machine. During its existence, DT-75 was produced in several variants:

  1. The actual DT-75 with a rounded cab.
  2. DT-75M upgraded production track of traction class 30 for agricultural, street and failure recovery.
  3. 75b – swamp buggy with 80 hp engine.
  4. DT-75K with pollution system for mining.
  5. DT-75C with bulldozer function.
  6. DT-75D with rotary blade.

Tractor DT-75

Within the series there were also sub-series, which differed not only in devices and functions, but also in weight.

Estimated mass of the DT-75 tractor with the technical characteristics of the basic model is 5.75 tons. For the 75 m modification this parameter is already 6550 kg, and the weight of some versions reaches 7.2 tons. The tracked machine under the index 75 ml weighs 6530 kg. Weight of series 75D with A-41 diesel engine is 6295 kg, of which the engine itself takes 960 kg. Version 75N, which went into production in 1984, has a mass of 6330-6900 kg, depending on the modification. Weight of Caterpillar DT-75S bulldozer depends on the release series:

  • C1 – 6050 kg;
  • C2 – 5,600 kg;
  • C3 – 5550 kg;
  • C4 – 6,000 kg.

Overall dimensions of the tracked machine:

  • Length with articulated system – 348 cm;
  • Width – 189 cm;
  • Height – 265 cm;
  • Street freedom – 37.6 cm;
  • Longitudinal base – 161.2 cm;
  • Track – 133 cm;
  • Track width – 39 cm.

Diagram of DT-75 tractor

Technical features of the DT-75 tractor

The crawler tractor is used in many areas of the national economy. It is indispensable on construction sites, when working in mining, in the fields in the off-season. The tractor is able to remove snow when mounting the attachments. However, the main purpose of the additional equipment is the removal of soil and loading and unloading production processes.

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Regardless of the modification, the units and mechanisms of the tracked machine are mounted on a welded steel frame, which consists of longitudinal colors. The rear axle is responsible for braking the tractor when moving forward or backward. Two planetary steering mechanisms and a belt brake system are used for this purpose.

The clutch, torque increase mechanism, driveline and control points are mounted in a single cast housing. The hydraulic system includes a power wave. The shelter itself is universal for all modifications and is made according to the agricultural principle.

Tractor chassis of DT-75

Feeding point

In the basic configuration, the DT-75 is equipped with a water-cooled four-stroke CMD 14 engine rated at 75 hp. The weight of the electric unit is 720 kg. The engine works with electric steam through a gasoline starting device. Additionally a 180 W generator G-214 A1 and oil pump NSH-46U are installed.

When installing the engine options are possible:

  1. SMD-14NG with 80 hp.
  2. SMD-66 with V-shaped pistons. It is equipped with a turbocharger. The maximum power is 170 hp.
  3. A-41 with 90 hp and liquid cooling system.
  4. A-41CI-02 engine with power of 94 hp is installed on the new models of DT-75 crawler tractor.

DT-75 engine

The frequency of crankshaft rotation is 1750 rpm. The main fuel is diesel. The starting mechanism requires a mix of A-72 or A-76 gasoline and engine oil. The volume of the fuel tank is 315 liters.

The gearbox in this technique consists of seven-speed mechanics. Speed of the basic model is 11 km/h when moving forward and 4.5 km/h when moving backward. A driver has been added to the gearbox. The clutch on the crawler tractor is two-disc.


The weight of the DT-75 tractor is influenced by the machine’s exterior design. The cab is made of a solid sheet. Its shape depends on the modification of the chain machines:

  • D T-75 – rounded;
  • D T-75M and 75B – rounded with a convex roof;
  • D T-75K – expanded with a side fuel tank;
  • D T-75B, 75m, 75mv, 75n – rounded, sloped backward;
  • D T-75ML and 75T – enlarged angular shape.

Cab The weight of the DT-75 tractor is influenced by the exterior design of the machine. The cabin is made of a solid sheet. Its shape depends on the modification of the chain machines:” width=”750″ height=”500″ />

The cab is fully enclosed and equipped with a fan and air cleaner.

Unassembled equipment

The weight of the DT-75 crawler tractor allows the machine to be equipped with almost all types of attachments. Of the most commonly installed units are used:

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