Druzhba chainsaws: video reviews of popular models, characteristics, reviews

Druzhba. review of the model range

The legendary chainsaw Fabulous was developed in the mid-1950s. Perm machine-building plant. Their various modifications are still in demand, both from amateurs and professionals. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, it is necessary to note the high performance of the tool.

Druzhba Basil at work

Consumers also note the unpretentiousness of the saw, the simplicity and versatility of its design. The latter circumstance contributes to the presence of a large number of upgrades, improvements and self-made, made on the basis of this tool. Under the brand Druzhba at different times produced several models of chainsaws.

Review of Druzhba chainsaw models

Let’s consider in detail the line of the Perm machine-building plant:

  1. druzhba 2
  2. druzhba 4
  3. druzhba 4 electron.
  4. Druzhba 5e chainsaw.

Let’s consider these models in more detail.

Technical characteristics of the Druzhba chainsaw

parameters and properties “Druzhba-2” “Druzhba-4m Electron” “Druzhba-5e”
Device performance 2,2kW 2,94 kW 3,7kW
RPM 3200 rpm 5200 rpm 6200 rpm
Automatic chain lubrication No Currently Currently
Electronic ignition No Currently Currently
Lubricant reservoir volume 240 ml 240 ml 240 ml
tire length 45 cm 45 cm 45 cm
Device weight 12.5 kg 12.5 kg 11.7 kg
Dimensions 46x50x86,5 cm 46x50x86,5 cm 46x46x88 cm

druzhba 2

Immediately after its appearance in 1955, the 2-head chain saw became very popular among forestry workers and amateur gardeners. The tool at the time had a number of significant advantages, chief among which were high performance, ease of operation and repair. The two-cylinder two-stroke engine gave about 3 hp (2.2 kW), and the rotation speed reached 3,200 rpm.

Important: You have to be very careful when working with this model, it does not have many modern operator protection systems.

From the point of view of the modern consumer, these indicators are not particularly impressive. In addition, chainsaws had other disadvantages. Manufacturers in those days were not too concerned about consumer safety of their tools. The saw had no instant stop system and no engine stop button. It could be drowned manually by cutting off the fuel supply.

friendship 2

The first models did not have an automatic chain lubrication system, which reduced efficiency and led to rapid wear of the cutting edge. The Friendship was not admired, and weighed about 13 kilograms when equipped.

druzhba 4

This model is also long outdated, but continues to enjoy some popularity. Compared to its predecessor, the Friendship 4 had a number of serious improvements.

Initially, the creators of the tool exhibited the presence of chain lubrication, the engine power increased to 4 hp (2.94 kW) with a working volume of 95 cm3. The engine cylinder and pistons are made of high-current aluminum alloy, which increased their service life. Total rpm is 5000-5400 rpm.

Thanks to these innovations, the power of the Druzhba chainsaw was significantly increased. The new model could handle up to 75 square meters. m of wood.

druzhba 4

The new saw has got a system of forced engine cooling. The spark of the spark plug is carried out with the help of a magneto and a special wire. Petrol flows from the tank by gravity – it is only necessary to open the fuel valve. According to the instruction manual for the chainsaw druzhba 4, the engine requires a fuel mixture in the oil / gasoline ratio of 1:15. The manufacturer also took care of the comfort of workers – the saw has a new, improved muffler.

Important: Do not use gasoline with an octane number of 93 or higher. It leads to engine failure.

Druzhba chainsaw structure

Friendship 4 electron

The novelty was distinguished by the presence of electronic ignition. Its power is 3 kW. Fuel consumption – 720 g/kWh; The distance between the electrodes of the spark plug is within 0.6 – 0.7 mm.

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friendship electron


The last model of the brand was called “Druzhba-5e”. It differed by more engine power (up to 5 hp). At the same time, the tool lost 800 grams of weight. In turn, operators noted a lower level of noise emitted.

druzhba 5e

In the mid-1990’s the popularity of the tool of this model area fell severely due to the deterioration of the assembly and the use of low quality materials.

New Sawmill.

For fueling use special oil for two-stroke engines and gasoline AI-92 grade. Prepare a fuel mixture at a ratio of oil/gasoline 1: 15. Setting up the chainsaw should be done in two stages according to the instruction manual of the friendship. During the first stage of idling, at least four tanks of fuel should be used. After that you can start working without overloading the tool.

Important: The factory coefficient between the throttle and the carburetor cap places a stopper. Only remove it at the end of work.

In the second step, the saw should run in economy mode for 25 hours. Only then can you remove the stopper and continue full operation.

Breaking and lubricating the chain

The performance and life of the saw depends largely on proper chain tensioning and lubrication.

  1. Put the chain on the bar.
  2. Install the toothed bar.
  3. Turn the fastening screws and then loosen them.
  4. The chain should drop 7-10 mm in this position.
  5. Click the fixing screws into place.

The Friendship 4 has an automatic chain lubrication system. Pour oil into the reservoir, check the oil spray evenly at idle speed.

It is also important to be able to replace the sprocket. This process consists of the following steps:

  1. Remove the chainsaw headset by unscrewing the nuts of the tire cover. Remove the tire and the chain.
  2. Dismantle the air filter.
  3. Unscrew the spark plug with a universal wrench and replace it with a piston stop.
  4. Disassemble the clutch with a clutch puller, which is installed in the universal key.
  5. Replace the sprockets.
  6. Reassemble in reverse order.

Adjusting the carburetor

Often the company starts and stops, does not start or consumes too much gasoline. One of the causes of increased fuel consumption and rough engine operation is an improperly adjusted carburetor. Adjustment does not require special skills and can be done at home.

Before disassembling the carburetor, make sure the spark plugs are not filled with fuel mixture – this often happens in units of this kind. Then you should pay attention to the gasoline valve and bend it a little inside. Such an enterprise reduces the amount of fuel supplied.

If the engine still does not run smoothly, adjust the carburetor:

  1. Turn the fuel screw as far as it will go.
  2. Turn it back out three full turns.
  3. Turn the screw all the way in.
  4. Turn the screw in two full turns.
  5. Check that the seal is tight.


Daily maintenance is performed before and after work: check the performance of the Druzhba chainsaw, clean it of dirt. Scheduled inspections are carried out in case of errors during work, minor malfunctions to adapt the carburetor of the chainsaw, sharpen the chain, etc.

Basic knots of a chainsaw druzhba

After the end of active work it is necessary to put the device in order. Clean it of dirt, dry the working parts so that no corrosion has formed, cover and provide a dry place.

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Justifying Friendship with Kettenage

  1. Thoroughly clean the exterior surfaces of the housing from the factory grease. Pay special attention to the starter motor.
  2. Remove the spark plugs, rinse them in gasoline, wipe with a clean rag, dry and insert.
  3. Wipe the ignition wire with a clean rag.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drink of friendship

  1. Simple design.
  2. Durable metal housing.
  3. Practical layout of all major components.
  4. Successful design of the frame, which ensures the safety of the user and compensates for the vibration of the surfactant.
  5. Chain sliding only at high speed.
  6. The unpretentious motor.
  7. Long service life if operated correctly: 15-30 years.
  8. Mechanical brake to stop the chain in case of breakage or impact.
  9. Ability to use gasoline with low octone content.
  1. Removable starter: it is often lost, resulting in loss of operating time.
  2. Have to moderate the saw at every break (Druzhba 2 model).
  3. Heavy weight, not everyone will be able to work with such a tool.
  4. Lack of original spare parts, the model, has long been discontinued.
  5. Absence of automatic chain lubrication system.
  6. Absence of a swivel reducer (in Druzhba 2).
  7. Insufficient tightness of the fuel tank, as a result of moisture getting into the container.

The most widespread malfunctions

  1. The engine does not start, check for spark on the spark plug electrodes. If necessary, make sure that the wire insulation is not damaged on the spark plug.
  2. Uneven engine operation, chainsaw druzhba starts and stalls. Make sure the fuel tank is tight, engine irregularities are often caused by moisture and condensation in the fuel mixture.
  3. Rapid engine overheating carburetor tuning
  4. Transmission overheating is most often caused by lack of lubrication. Correct the malfunction.
  5. The saw firing on the exhaust raised the noise during operation when checking the maintenance of the muffler. Its construction is quite simple, repair is possible at home.
  6. The cause of the lack of spark can be both the ignition module and the violation of the gap between it and the magnetic circuit in the flywheel. The length of the gap is 0.2 mm. Up to 0.5 mm. This value is set by means of a special spacer located between the flywheel boss and the ignition module. If the module fails, it is replaced. In addition, the spark plug can be replaced.

Homemade homemade

We have already mentioned that thanks to the versatile and reliable design, chainsaws of this brand are widely used in the manufacture of various household devices. Sometimes you have to wonder and see what you can make friends with an old chainsaw. Let’s look at the most common ones:

Moped from a Druzhba chainsaw. Find an old bicycle, assemble the frame and install a motor there. With a mountain bike, you need gears and gears.

Motorboat. You will need an engine and a gearbox with a ratio of 2: 1. Don’t forget to complete the construction with blades of 21 centimeters in diameter. Note the efficiency of your boat motor from a chainsaw. At a speed of 20 km/h for one hour you will spend no more than a liter of fuel.

snowmobile. The most common snowmobile from the Druzhba chainsaw. Various modifications of this small vehicle faithfully serve its owners.

Important: when making and upgrading various tools and vehicles, special attention should be paid to safety. We do not advise you to mess with the manufacture of bolsters – this product is the most dangerous. Failure to comply with safety rules can lead to serious consequences.

In addition to those listed, you can often find motocultivators, brush cutters and lawnmowers, designed on the basis of the saw “Druzhba”. Such a solution significantly reduces the price of the product.

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Pay attention to the engine with a motor from the Druzhba chainsaw – it will make life easier for everyone who is engaged in the processing of land, and the cargo will be transported over short distances. All drawings for making boat motors, mopeds and snowmobiles can be found on the Internet.

Video review from Saw Druzhba

Some examples of maintenance and operation of various chainsaw modifications are easy to present below.

user ratings

And here’s what you can read on special forums, whose visitors are still actively discussing the positive and negative qualities of the Druzhba chainsaw.

“Chambers of Friendship: They knew how it used to be

I found this device in my garage. The year of manufacture was 1978. At first I wanted to throw it away, but then I wondered if it would start/not start. I cleaned it, changed the spark plug, got it looking good and after a few minutes of effort I made my own. Been running flawlessly ever since. Yes, the rings have to be changed every year, but it’s worth it. In fact – even before they knew how to do it. But not another not-so-optimistic test of friendship on firmica. “

“Friendship Chainsaw: Good, but Tough

The chainsaw has been around for a long time. As a child I saw my father cutting down huge trees and making firewood. We lived in the country then, warming ourselves by the stove in winter. Sometimes the saw worked perfectly, and sometimes my father spent hours on it: either “looking for”, or adjusting the carburetor, or the spark. And it made a lot of noise. But when I tried to work it myself as a student, after only a few minutes I noticed that it was not for me. The heaviness and vibration of the saw immediately made my hands and back hurt. “

Review of the Druzhba brand chainsaw

Druzhba Basil at work

The first Druzhba chainsaw model was designed in 1953 and put into production in 1955. They were produced at machine factories in the cities of Biysk and Perm. All models of these chainsaws have a two-stroke single-cylinder engine with air cooling and a carburetor. Thanks to the practical design and high performance, the Druzhba is still in demand, and the saws of the first models are still functional. The main purpose of the Druzhba chainsaw is felling wood and sawing logs.

Before operating the chainsaw, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow all safety rules.

Chainsaw models

The general design of the saw has not changed significantly over time, only individual parts have been finalized. The number at the end of the model name indicates the power, for example, B. Druzhba 2 – 2 hp. On the first chainsaws produced, the handles were attached to the fan cover, later they were attached to the clamp that connects the gearbox and engine. The 4A model, produced before the ’80s, already used a contact igniter and a KMP-100 carburetor. Automatic chain lubrication was also introduced for the first time. This was later discontinued and replaced by the 4A Electron model with electronic ignition.

Friendship model 4a

In the ’90s, the old carburetor was replaced with a new KMP-100U. The chainsaw became called “Druzhba-4M” and was distinguished by updated chains. On the basis of the “Druzhba” chainsaw, the “Ural” saw was developed with more powerful characteristics. The last model released with a similar design is the “Druzhba 5E”.

Additional marking in the form of the letter E or the word “Electron” means that the chainsaw uses an electronic ignition system.



Družba-2 chain saw

This model has become one of the most popular of the entire Original Series. The Druzhba-2 chainsaw is powered by a two-stroke single-cylinder engine with an output of about 2.2 kW at a speed of 3200 rpm. Compared to the previous version, it already works better. The frame and handle are designed so that the user cannot get burnt by the hot engine. The body is made of high quality alloy, which is not afraid of temperature extremes. Unlike the first model, this one already has a mechanical chain brake for safe use. It will stop the chain in case of rebound or breakage. The saw is designed for both domestic and professional felling applications. Weight 12.5 kg.

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Druzhba 4 chainsaw 4

The Druzhba-4 chainsaw uses the same engine as the previous model, but with more power – 4 hp or 2.94 kW. The engine and the block are assembled with a flange connection secured with a clamp. If necessary (repair, replacement), the engine can be easily removed under all conditions. Two modifications, designated 4A and 4E, were made on the basis of the Druzhba 4 saw. The first added an automatic lubrication system for the saw chain, and the second used an electronic ignition. Shortcomings of the previous models were also taken into account, for example, the crankshaft bearing was reinforced. All versions were produced with an emergency braking system.

The Druzhba 4M-Electron chainsaw uses a similar engine of 2.94 kW and a rotational speed of 5200 rpm. The cylinder is made of aluminum alloy and treated with chrome on the inside to increase wear resistance. Unlike previous versions, this chainsaw is equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows you to swivel the saw unit 60-90° for more comfortable operation. The weight is evenly distributed across the body for maximum comfort. There is a vibration damping device between the handlebar with handles, uprights and gas tank.

Druzhba 4m Electron

To reduce the noise level the saw is equipped with a silencer, the noise level is 106 dB. The Druzhba 4M-Electron chainsaw is equipped with a KMP-100U or KMP-100-AR carburetor. There are systems of automatic chain brake and lubrication. Weight of the saw is 12.5 kg.


Druzhba-5e chainsaw

The last released version of this series of chainsaws. It is equipped with a two-stroke single-cylinder engine rated at 5 hp or 3.7 kW. As a result, its performance is significantly higher than that of previous models. RPM is 6200 rpm. At the same time, the noise level is slightly lower than that of the Druzhba-4M Electron and is 105 dB. The weight of the 5E chainsaw is 800 g less – 11.7 kg.

Table of technical characteristics of the Druzhba chain saws:

Druzhba-2 Druzhba-4M Electron Druzhba-5e.
engine type Single-cylinder, two-stroke, gasoline engine
Power, kW 2,2 2.94 3,7
RPM, rpm 3200 5200 6200
bar length, cm 45
start type Manual
Automatic chain lubrication + +
fuel tank capacity, l 1,5
Lubrication tank capacity, ml 240
Electronic ignition + +
Weight without consumables, kg 12.5 12.5 11.7
Dimensions, cm (WxHxD) 46x50x86.5 46x46x88
revolving pinion + +
chain pitch, inch 0.404
engine lubrication Gasoline mixed with oil

advantages and disadvantages

The positive qualities of the Druzhba brand chain saws are:

  • high performance and the ability to work for long periods without a break for 50 minutes;
  • simple design;
  • availability of high handles, thanks to which it is possible to saw standing up, also provide safer use and reduce vibration;
  • easy access to all components;
  • the chain is driven at high engine speed, when idling it is at a standstill;
  • low-octane fuel can be used;
  • emergency brake on most models;
  • If the saw chain jams, it will not stop;
  • Precise and smooth cut;
  • Service life with observance of operating rules and proper care can be from 15 to 30 years.
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The main disadvantage is the heavy weight. Since the starter is removable, it is also often lost, and there is no stop button.

Do not use leaded gasoline as fuel and do not run the saw indoors.

Repair Tips

Main components of chainsaw

Due to its simple design, the repair of the Druzhba chainsaw can be done with your own hands. For example, saws of this brand often have problems with ignition, especially if the contact is installed. It is extremely sensitive to various oils and gasoline. Therefore, it is better to buy an electronic ignition instead. In addition, spare parts for the contact Druzhba chainsaw are expensive and irreplaceable.

If the plugs are heavily primed, it is worth paying attention to the carburetor. In this case, the gasoline valve should be slightly bent inward, which will reduce the amount of fuel supplied, and the plugs will no longer get wet.

The carburetor is also easy to adjust:

  1. The fuel screw is tightened all the way in and unscrewed 3 turns.
  2. The air screw is closed completely and unscrewed 2 turns.

All seals must be tight so that there is no successful penetration into the system from the outside.

domestic worker

Compared with other chainsaw models, the Druzhba is less expensive due to the small number of features, but has excellent quality and a long service life, which the imported models cannot boast of.

Main malfunctions of chainsaws druzhba – video

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You can also ask a question on this page, then we will prepare a detailed answer (5-7 days), which will be here!

Friendship with contact inflammation is a reliable saw, the construction of the tongue role only cracks and it bursts-it sets itself, then starts badly. Throw out the insulator, glue the vest after winding tape on it, instead of the insulator, wrap silver cloth, so as not to damage the output of the ignition coil. The spark after such a repair is excellent 5-10mm. It will kill the horse. As an insulator you can use an oxygen hose to the diameter, the inside of the armor station sandpaper to the diameter with a sensible package in the case is finalized. Carburetor if adjusted as soon as it works reliably. I used a rubber ring inside the carburetor, pre-cut it and inserted it tightly into the diameter into the carburetor. I think the chain lube consists of a rack with a hose with a weak spring valve and a ball or plastic valve plate. On the tank cave, the exhaust pressure is supplied by a tube. The higher the engine RPM, the more oil is supplied to the chain.

Hi all, who can answer, the gasoline used now and in what proportion, and now you can’t find 72 and 76. Advice on what to do saw a friend, but he himself does not know.

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