Dongfeng mini targets. Overview of model range, features

Characteristics and model range of Dongfeng mini tractors

Dongfeng mini-tractor is well-known to Russian farmers. The machine is manufactured by the company Dongfeng of the same name, which is included in the top 500 manufacturers of agricultural machinery, taking a worthy 145th place in it.

About the manufacturer

Dongfeng equipment is produced in China. Each year, about 80 000 cars leave the factory, which uses not only Chinese, but also European components. For example, CABS installed on one of the tractor modifications are of Polish origin and are made at the Naglak plant, and front mounts are provided by Zuidberg. Besides, a part of production facilities of the company is located in Poland that makes it possible to fully meet European farmers’ needs for high-quality and durable equipment.

Dongfeng mini-trailers are perfectly adapted to any weather conditions, due to which they are exported to all countries of the world dealing with agriculture. All products manufactured by our company are strictly examined and conform to the latest ISO 9001/2000 standards.

design and function

Dongfeng mini-tractor is a modern wheeled machine equipped with a diesel combustion engine, rugged chassis, and reliable power steering. The engine is equipped with a water cooling system, which allows using the vehicle in hot regions. For work in continental climate conditions, as well as in areas of northern and temperate latitudes, there are models equipped with a heated cab with air conditioning installed. Such vehicles have water-cooled engines and can operate for a year using antifreeze.

Dongfeng Mini Driver is quite a versatile mechanism and can perform more than 15 agricultural operations. The machine is indispensable when cultivating and tilling the soil, planting different crops and harvesting. With its help, virgin and cleared lands are cultivated, weeds are removed, hay is mowed and various loads are transported. In addition, with the help of snow and fallen leaves, fertilizers and ditches, as well as with the installation of appropriate equipment, the mini-drive can pump water and other liquids.

advantages and disadvantages

The positive feedback from farmers, positive expert opinions and high consumer demand for Dong Feng tractors are due to a number of their undeniable advantages.

  • All tractors are very easy to operate and do not require expensive maintenance.
  • The machines are characterized by low fuel consumption, which saves the budget.
  • Thanks to their compact size, the machines do not require a large garage and take up little space in the yard. In addition, the small size makes the unit very maneuverable and allows you to work in tight spaces.
  • Vehicles have a modern stylish design and are painted in bright beautiful colors.
  • A large selection of attachments allows you to perform a variety of agricultural work.
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  • Thanks to strict control at all stages of production and the use of high-quality components, the equipment is very reliable and durable.
  • The complete absence of electronic components makes the tractor very simple and understandable, which does not require expensive repairs in case of breakdowns. All units are mechanically designed and controlled.
  • Wide availability and low cost of spare parts significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and repair of units.
  • A one-year warranty applies to all models of mini-tractors, with which you can repair the units for free. However, to be fair, it should be noted that warranty cases are extremely rare, and the devices work perfectly for more than a year.
  • Unlike full-size tractors, mini-tractors do not put a lot of pressure on the floor and do not cause destruction. This contributes to the preservation of the topsoil and has a positive effect on productivity.

  • The machines are very stable and have high traction thanks to their low center of gravity and deep tire profile.
  • The large selection of models makes it easy to choose and allows you to buy a model of any power and at any price.
  • With all-wheel drive, power steering, differential locks and rear wheel lane change, the machine is highly cross-country capable of operating in heavy mudflows and muddy conditions.
  • Spacious cab with shock absorbers, a wide seat, well-thought-out arrangement of the control levers and a modern dashboard make the tractor convenient and understandable to operate.

The disadvantages of Dongfeng mini-tractors are less powerful engine compared with full-size tractors, the lack of a roof on some models and poor electric wiring.

Overview of models

To date, Dongfeng manufactures 9 models of mini tractors, which are designed for use in medium-sized agricultural enterprises and private companies.

  • The Dongfeng DF-200 is the most compact and economical model and was designed for use in gardens and cottages. Rear-wheel drive proved to be the most popular type of device in its class when working in limited space. Despite its small size, the tractor is compatible with all types of attachments and is equipped to perform any technical task. The machine is equipped with a three-cylinder 20 hp engine. S., a toothed clutch with which it is possible to lock the differential and a mechanical steering. The power steering is not included in the basic equipment of the model and must be purchased separately.
  • Dongfeng DF-204 mini-tractor is also designed to work on garden plots. The model has all-wheel drive, a four-speed gearbox with three forward and reverse gears and is equipped with a three-cylinder engine.

  • The model Dongfeng 240 is very maneuverable with a turning radius of 2.4 m. The device is equipped with a 24-horsepower four-cylinder diesel engine. s, is water-cooled and very economical. Consumption of diesel fuel is 270 g/kWh. Maximum speed of the vehicle is 25 km/h, weight is 1256 kg.
  • The DongFeng 244 all-wheel-drive mini-tractor is the most common model. The machine has a differential lock function, is very reliable and has a long service life. In terms of performance characteristics, the model is not inferior to well-known Japanese and Korean counterparts, but it is considerably cheaper. Operating units of the machine are located in an accessible location and are fully repairable. Spare parts for this model are widely available and inexpensive.
  • Rear-wheel drive model DongFeng DF-300 is designed for earthmoving and equipped with a three-cylinder engine rated at 30 hp, disc brakes and power steering. The machine is compatible with all types of attachments; the differential is locked with a clutch.
  • DongFeng DF-304 4WD tractor is equipped with a cab with a rearview mirror and a 30 hp engine. С. The transmission has 4 forward and reverse gears, the double disc clutch is easy to adjust and well maintained.
  • DongFeng DF-350 has a modest size, can be assembled with any optional equipment, equipped with a 35 hp engine. C. engine and disc brakes.
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Due to the 4×4 wheel configuration and high ground clearance, the unit easily overcomes high obstacles and has good cross-country ability.

  • The Dong Feng 354D can work on hard stony ground, is not prone to scuffing at the front end, has all-wheel drive and a locking rear differential. The engine has 3 cylinders and 35 hp. С.
  • Dong Feng DF-404 model is equipped with a 40 hp water-cooled engine with direct injection. The turning radius of the device is 3.2 m, the warranty period – 2 years.


The basic equipment is often not enough for versatile use of the device, so many farmers buy a complete set of additional equipment. All Dong Feng models have a PTO, which allows them to work with rotating implements, such as headers, mowers and a rotating front snowplow. In addition to the above implements, the tractors can work with a potato harvester, moldboard, mounted plow, replanting machine, disc harrow, fertilizer spreader, grain seeder, mounted sprayer, rake, and twig shredder.

As a result, mini-aggregates can compete on an equal footing with large machines, and sometimes even surpass them.

The following video gives a detailed overview of DongFeng DF 244 mini-tractor.

An overview of DongFeng mini-tractor lineup. Features, attachments, instructions


On the Russian market of gardening and gardening equipment today, a large number of Chinese devices for various purposes are represented. A special place among them belongs to DongFeng machines. They are one of the leaders in terms of sales on Asian market.

The DongFeng concern is actively cooperating with Nissan in the development of engines and vehicle designs. This confirms the fact that the Chinese manufacturer does not rest on its laurels, and is constantly expanding its range of mini-tractors.


The following models of DongFeng mini-tractors are mostly demanded in the Russian market:

Dongfeng 240.

This mini-tractor is equipped with a 24 hp four-cylinder engine with four cylinders. Maximum torque of Dongfeng 240 mini-tractor can reach 82 Nm, which is enough for driving heavy trails and towing a trailer weighing 2 tons.

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Dongfeng 240

Designers pay special attention to quality wiring of Dongfeng 240 Min i-Actractor, as it is a serious drawback of many Chinese machines.

The transmission installed on Dongfeng 240 mini-tractor has the formula (4+1) × 2. The highest forward speed is 25 km/h.

Weight of the machine is 1256 kg.

Dongfeng DF-304 with a cabin

This mini-tractor can be a full-fledged replacement for larger machines on medium-sized plots. Potential owners should not be afraid of its small size, the main thing is inside.

Dongfeng DF-304 minister with a cab

The Dong Feng DF-304 mini tractor can easily handle a large number of garden work with attachments: rotary mower, milling machines, plows, huts, fertilizers, etc. And thanks to the cabin, you can operate the machine all year round.

  • The Minitor Dong DF-304 has a mechanical transmission with an increased service life.
  • The diesel engine of this machine has a capacity of 24 hp. The cooling type is liquid.
  • To improve consistency on the Dong Minitor DF-304 DF-304 has a 4 × 4 drive.

Dong feng 354d.

This model of Dong Feng has a 35 hp engine, with which you can expand the operating skills of the Mini tractor.

Dong Feng 354d Mini Gunner

The characteristic technical features of this machine can be described as follows:

  1. Installed power steering wheel;
  2. If you are working with dense stony soil, you can install an additional weight of up to 120kg to prevent the front end of Dongfeng 354D mini tractor from running down.
  3. This machine has wheel drive with the possibility of locking the rear differential.
  4. Attachments can be connected both at the front (to work as a front loader and with a blade) and at the rear (when working with brushwood, rotary mower, plow, etc.).
  5. Rear-view mirrors are installed for full control over the street.
  6. Optionally, the Dongfeng 354D mini excavator can be equipped with a cab.

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Dong feng df 404

Dong Fen 404 is equipped with a 4 0-horsepower 40 HP diesel engine. It is liquid-cooled, with direct fuel injection. Because of this, Dongfeng 404 mini-tractor can perform work for long periods without stopping in rural, municipal or structural industries.

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Mini-goal Dong Feng DF 404

Dongfeng 404 DHL mini-tractor can easily handle loads up to 3,000 kg on large size plots, which are connected to a variety of attachments, including such heavy equipment as a rotary mower.

Dongfeng 404 DHL Mini Tractor

In order to give balance to the Ming and-Dongfeng 40 4-DHL during operation, additional ballast weights are installed on the site, which are part of the factory equipment. To improve the cohesion on the viscous floor, weights are installed on the rear axle to increase the surface responsibility.



This attachment has been designed for topsoil mixing and soil fertility improvement. All Dong Feng mini-tractors are equipped with a perforated shaft that can be used to set the cutting speed.


It is used to crush the clods that remain after milling the floor.

Milling slices

Milling slicer

This slicer is an upgraded tailor. It not only rolls the floor, but also breaks it up into pieces of equal size. This effect is achieved by sharpened wave cutting blades.


For convenient tillage of crops by sowing, it is necessary to plant them evenly. A rake is used to mark these ridges.

1-20 plow 1L-225k plow

All Dong Feng mini-tractors are powerful machines that can operate several plows simultaneously. This greatly increases the surface area when plowing.


All Dong Feng mini-tractors are capable of carrying heavy loads with the help of support legs.

1PTTS-2 broadcast

The most convenient are dump trucks with folding side walls, which make loading and unloading much easier.

Sickle mower

Sickle mowers are used to maintain neighborhoods and hayfields in rural areas. You can mow grass at a rate of 2 to 4 hectares per hour. Sickle mowers are capable of harvesting large plants and medium sized shrubs.

rotor harness


For the grass to dry after mowing, it has to be dried. Rotary mowers are used for this purpose.

Rechen (Zetter) Sun Gvr-4 Rechen 9GL-1.8


Rake is used to collect the grass after mowing. They are connected at the back and allow the collection of hay on a surface 1 m wide in one go.

Potato rakes and potato planters

This attachment is used to automate the planting and harvesting of potatoes.

Two-row potato harvester KS-2A financing potato harvester “DMTZ-1T” spade-trowel


This attachment is mainly used by residents of rural areas to free the area around the house from snow.

Leaf blower

Shovels are used for clearing snow from pavement and roadside areas. They allow you to significantly increase the speed of snow removal. It can reach up to 15 km/h.

User Manual

Getting Started

During the first 8 hours of operation all Dongfeng mini-tractors should increase. During this time the maximum load on the engine should not exceed half of the maximum capacity. This takes place for the complete wear and tear of the unit’s parts.

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It is necessary to know the rules not only for the first foundation, but also for the further use of the equipment. If it is necessary to preserve the mini-tractor, the instruction manual recommends the following measures:

  1. Place the mini-tractor in a dry, closed place;
  2. Drain fuel and oil;
  3. Disconnect the poles from the spark plugs and remove the battery;
  4. Leave the tires pressurized;
  5. Remove dirt and dust to avoid corrosion on the body of the machine.


To extend the service life of Dong Feng mini-tractors, maintenance should be performed according to the requirements of the instruction manual.

The engine oil should be changed after 250 hours of operation. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a lubricant with 10W-40 classification.

Engine oil 10W-40 Transmission oil TAP-15V Transmission oil TAD-17i

TAP-15V or TAD-17i should be used for the transmission. The oil should last 500 hours in this assembly.

fuel requirements

Clean and fresh diesel fuel should be used for trouble-free operation of all Dongfeng Mini units.

The main malfunctions and their elimination

If the attachment is not actuated by the hydraulic pump:
  1. Insufficient amount of oil (just separate it);
  2. The hydraulic pump is in the off position;
  3. Safety valve is clogged (need to be cleaned).
When significant vibration comes from Dong Feng Min i-Vector:
  1. Poor quality diesel fuel and lubricants;
  2. Looseness of the bolt;
  3. Incorrect attachment of the attachment;
  4. malfunctions in carburetor settings;
  5. Worn drive belts;
  6. Burned-out spark plug contacts.

Video evaluation of operation

Here is a video review of Dong Feng rotary mower operation:

The following video review shows plowing mines and tractor Dong Feng:

Wade for mines and tractors Dong Feng is not a problem, clearly seen in the following video review:

Owner Reviews

In the forums you can find the following reviews of Dongfeng mini-tractors:

Stanislav on Dong Feng 244:

The technique is not bad, economical and works with almost any problem. A rotary mower works well in bearded hay, and now I’ve bought a rake and a baler.

Of the minuses, it’s worth noting the lack of pullback.

Valery on Dong Feng 304:

Chinese machinery with high quality. The engine power is enough to drive on heavy soils thanks to the lightweight design with metal drums and the hood.

I use the tractor for making firewood for the winter and field work.

Pros: Good general purpose mini-drive with low fuel consumption and high cab.

Cons: Metal and plastic parts fly off on hard impact.

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