Dongfeng df-244 mini vector – description and characteristics

Mini vector Dongfeng 244

Dongfen g-Chinese problem is one of the leading companies in the world for the production and sale of small-sized special equipment. The company’s products are easy to maintain and have a high level of reliability and durability. A striking representative of it is the Dong Feng 244 mini truck. This device is a versatile small-sized machine aimed at effective execution of tasks on the farm and in the communal sphere. The device is made according to ISO 9001/2000 quality standards and meets environmental safety requirements.

scheduled appointments

The DF-244 unit is designed to perform the following types of work:

  • plowing and cultivation of soil;
  • Cultivation of the fields with different crops;
  • Fertilizing the soil;
  • harvesting;
  • transportation of cargo;
  • clearing roads from garbage and dirt;
  • Cleaning of territories from snow.

The Minitor Dong Feng 244 without cabin


Dong Feng 244 tractor specifications are as follows:

  • operating weight – 1.2 tons;
  • Speed – 25,0 km / h;
  • Number of gears – 6 in front 2 in front 2;
  • fuel tank capacity – 10 liters;
  • ground clearance – 0,33 m;
  • Dimensions: length – 3,18 m, width – 1,35 m, height – 1,46 m.

engine characteristics

The machine is equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 385 W, which has a power of 24 hp. Starting is done with the help of an electric starter. The power unit has a liquid cooling system with forced circulation, which allows to effectively maintain the required temperature regime during the entire period of operation. The engine has the following parameters:

Working volume – 1.53 liters; Cylinder diameter – 85 mm; Shaft speed is 2400 rpm; Maximum torque – 82 nm; Fuel consumption – 275 g/kWh.

Minitor Dong Feng 244 with cab

Cab features

The end-user can come in a variety of configurations. For areas with harsh weather and climatic conditions, the machine is equipped with a closed cab. It reliably protects the driver from rain and wind, and also retains heat well in winter. The panoramic glazing of the cab provides the operator not only a good all-round view, but also a high level of safety when driving and performing production tasks. The workplace is equipped with a comfortable seat and ergonomic controls. Electronic instruments, conveniently located on the dashboard, monitor the operation of all systems and components.

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The device

Dong Feng 244 is a multipurpose vehicle with 14-wheel undercarriage. The minidrive is equipped with a modern hydraulic system, which allows interacting with various types of technological devices. It runs on a powerful gear pump, which receives the torque from the running engine. Multifunctional suspension and universal PTO allows you to combine the tractor with a variety of technical devices produced by both domestic and foreign companies. Thanks to a special arc behind the driver’s workplace, it is possible to quickly mount a roof or install a removable cab.

advantages and disadvantages

Dongfeng DF 244 mini-tractor has the following advantages:

  • good quality workmanship;
  • sturdy durability;
  • a wide range of uses;
  • a large number of attachments;
  • availability of certificates of conformity;
  • reliable guarantee;
  • attractive price;
  • stylish appearance.

The disadvantages of this unit can be attributed to the rapid failure of bearings, tubes and rubber seals.


In their reviews, Dongfeng users share their impressions about the quality of the unit. Here are some opinions about this unit:

  • I bought a DF 244 over a year ago, the machine has gone full mileage and has never once let me down. There hasn’t been a single major failure or breakdown. The tractor has good performance with fairly modest fuel consumption. The disadvantages include too little weight, which does not allow a good interaction with the ground. Therefore, it was necessary to complete the design and attach additional weights.
  • The machine is powerful and productive. It can be confidently used not only for agricultural work, but also for transporting heavy trailers and semi-trailers. The tractor is good in snow and areas heavily covered with snow. Its disadvantages are overheating of oil at high loads and rapid failure of the hydraulic system components.

Minitor Dong Feng 244 with articulated devices

What it can be equipped with

The high-performance engine used in the tractor allows the following types of attachments to be installed on the machine:

  • Plow;
  • harrow;
  • cultivator;
  • Mower;
  • Cutters of different diameter and working width;
  • seeder;
  • potato digger;
  • fork;
  • rake;
  • disposal;
  • front loader;
  • snow removal;
  • Trailers of different capacities.
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Cost of new and used

The cost of a new DF 244 is affordable for most Russian farmers and small business owners. It is in the range of 290-320 thousand rubles. The device with a rented cab and additional attachment equipment costs 350-380 thousand rubles. On the secondary market of special equipment you can find various offers, the amount of which ranges from 60 to 90 thousand rubles.


The machines similar to Dongfeng 244 are Scout GS-T24 and Jinma JM 240. Their design elements are almost identical, and the technical characteristics are represented by the following values:

model engine power, l. mass, tons speed, km/h working width, m
Scout GS-T24 24.0 0.80 28.0 1,4
Jinma JM 240 24.0 0.94 26.4 1,8

Due to its design features, technical characteristics and low price Dongfeng 244 tractor managed to take a leading position in its class of special equipment.

The machine is a multipurpose agricultural machine, ideal for efficient work on agricultural farms and private farms.

Dongfeng 244 Minitor – Chinese all-rounder in a budget version

A large part of the imported line of tractors is represented by Dongfeng, the Chinese company that today is the Asian market leader in agricultural and transport machinery.

Mutually beneficial collaboration of designers with Nissan specialists had a positive impact on efficiency, quality and durability of the company’s tractor lineup.

Minitor Dongfeng 244

Photo: Minitor Dongfeng 244

Features of the tractor lineup

Mini-cars from Dongfeng list are notable for their affordable price and modern performance characteristics, which contributes to a steady growth in consumer demand.

The complete production cycle including stamping, casting and assembly work is realized through your own skills with which you can control the quality of tractors and agricultural sections at all stages of production.

Design and Performance Advantages

Dongfeng DF 244 mini tractor combines versatile features, reasonable price range, wide range of functionality, efficiency and durability of the main systems and units.

  • The vehicle differs from the similar models by its optimal fuel and oil consumption, possibility of independent maintenance and repair, combination of spare parts with branded prototypes.
  • The proposed range of parts and units allows to restore in a short time the operating parameters of the machine that were used up by almost 95%.
  • The possibilities of Dongfeng 244 mini-tractor are significantly broadened due to its compatibility with complete and rotary units of different purposes, a variety of track adjustments and high carrying capacity of universal orders of onboard hydraulics.
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Practice of using this machine has shown its suitability for maintenance of the area up to 10 hectares. The tractor works effectively with joint profile units and can be successfully used for transportation of goods during the seasonal road on dirt roads.

In regions with difficult climatic conditions, tractors are supplied with a closed cab, which provides the driver with effective protection from wind and rain, as well as a full all-round view of the front and rear balloon.

The workplace is equipped with a successful arrangement of the steering column and other controls, as well as easy assimilation of information from the electronic dashboard.


DF 244 with a dry weight of 1256 kg and the length of the wheelbase of 1574 mm, the overall dimensions in its category is quite compact. Height, length and width of the version without a cab are in the range 1.36 / 2.66 / 1.15 m.

Agricultural clearance height is 33 cm, and the standard chassis track is 0.95 or 1.32 m.

model Dongfeng 244
engine type Vertical 3-cylinder, 4-stroke liquid-cooled, direct-injection diesel engine
Tractor power, kW (hp) 17.6/24
Start type Electric start
Engine formula 4×4
Fuel consumption Nenner, g/kWh: 275
Transmission (4+1) X2
Fuel tank capacity, L 25
Tire size 9.5-24/6.00-12
Bicycle size (rear/front), mm 1030-1210/952
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 2661 x 1158 x 1365
Weight (kg 1256
Production country China


The machine is equipped with a clock and simple three-cylinder 24 hp diesel engine brand KM385W with an hourly consumption of diesel fuel 275 g / hp. Such power units are successfully operated on popular mini-universes JM-240, Jinma JM-244 and their prototypes.

Powerful characteristics of the half-liter engine is enough to perform large amounts of labor-intensive agricultural work and activation of the attached workers through the power selection mechanism.

Temperature stability is ensured by a liquid cooling system, cold start – by a powerful electric starter powered by a large battery. Russified version DF 244 is additionally equipped with a pre-start heater.

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Workplace in DF-244

The working place in DF-244


The mechanical power transmission includes a gearbox. 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears provide a choice of speeds from 1.12 to 25 km/h.

The undercarriage is designed as 4×4 all-wheel drive with the possibility of locking the closed two-satellite differential. Off-road ability of the tractor is additionally provided by high ground clearance and chevron boards on wide tires.

To control the attachments the onboard hydraulic system with gear pump and hydraulic switchover of distributor spool is used. Versatile suspension allows the machine to be hitched to implements of domestic and foreign make.

Video: full overview of the 244 model.

Advantages and disadvantages of DongFeng Model 244

A brief list of advantages includes:

  • all-wheel drive;
  • Combination of excellent traction characteristics and low ground pressure;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • two functional couplings;
  • availability of two-speed power steering and power steering;
  • modern design of the driver’s workplace.

Judging by the reviews of owners, design and operational shortcomings of this model are typical for the whole range of small cars of Chinese production.

First of all, it is the moderate quality of assembly, the lack of complete information on how to eliminate errors and malfunctions on your own. In some batches cheap and short-lived bearings are installed. The quality of the rubber seals leaves much to be desired.

Video: DF 244 in action

prices and offers

The average cost of a new DF-224 mini wagon is 140-150 thousand grivnas ($5100-$5500). Modifications with power steering, safety bars and ballast weights cost more. A model with a cab costs 180,000 to 200,000 hryvnia ($6,600 to $7,500).

On the used tractor market, there are offers whose value is determined by residual service life, availability of standard equipment and appearance. You can buy a used DF model 224 in working condition for 50-60 thousand ($1800-$2200).

The cost of cars with relatively low mileage ranges from 100-120 thousand UAH ($3700-4400). A bonus to such purchase can be a plow, cultivator or other medium-sized attachments.

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where to buy

the company location price phone
MINI TRAK Kiev region, Glevaka, Okruzhnaya str. 55E 145 965 GRN. 096-322-67-77


The closest competitors of Dongfeng are Chinese compact tractors Scout GS-T24 and Jinma JM 240, identical in characteristics and purpose. The design of these machines uses modern technical developments, but the basic concepts of the schemes have not changed significantly over the last decade.

owners’ reviews

I bought a relatively cheap Dongfeng and did not even hope that the machine would work without serious failures in the first year. Despite the small capacity, the engine traction is excellent, all gears engage perfectly, the gearbox is quiet, so I consider the purchase a success. The essential disadvantage is the small weight of the car itself and its front part. For reliable responsibility of the front wheels with the floor, I had to suspend the load from the old T-25. Rear axle has to be hooked only for plowing and hauling a heavy trailer on snow or damp floor roads. Alexander

The basis for the creation of a separate tractor fleet was the purchase of a Chinese small tractor. The 24-horsepower Dongfeng can confidently cope with the cultivation of 11.5 hectares of land, which the tractor pulls by half-tracks. The machine is quite powerful and reliable, but as expected, the weak point was the hydraulic system. In two years I have replaced two hydraulic pumps and all hoses. The oil gets very hot when the machine is working intensively. Garik Mikhailovich.

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