Don 680m forage harvester – description and characteristics

The Don-680m forage harvester

The Don 680m forage harvester is a modern agricultural machine, designed for harvesting various crops. This model is the best option for small and medium-sized farms. It can also be used on big farms with a herd of more than 500 heads of cattle for daily feeding of animals.

The Don 680m harvester has a rich history. The series was developed by the Russian company Rostselmash, whose products occupy up to 17% of the world agricultural market. The brand’s products are supplied to 48 countries, including Canada and America. The debut Don 680 was produced in 1986. At that time, under the decree of the Soviet government additional funds were allocated for the development of the agricultural sector. The first modifications of the Don 680m showed excellent results, and the series began to improve and expand. Gradually, the model became one of the most common harvesters in the country. In January 2006 the series underwent a global modernization. The innovative versions of the DON 680m forage harvester come off the assembly line. Compared with their foreign counterparts, the domestic machines were inferior in comfort, but were much cheaper. In terms of quality, the combine confidently competed with other representatives of this class. It was distinguished by easy access to the nodes and main elements, a small number of adjustments. The combine was guaranteed for 2 years (1200 uterus).


Model DON 680M had the following technical improvements:

  • The turbocharged diesel engine allowed for every-minute cutting until 20112.
  • The feed was fed by a direct-flow system;
  • The mill worked 24 nights, which improved the quality of the work.

The harvester was able to harvest up to 30,000 kg of forage in a season from 680 m. The technique was used for harvesting green mass, hay, silage, and various crops. During harvesting, a special mechanism copied the uneven parts of the field, ensuring the highest quality of cut processing. During work, the technique mowed succulent forage, grass or grain crops. The Don 680 m was particularly effective in harvesting corn, whose grain was in a state of wax maturity. After cutting, the products were chopped and loaded into a special container for transportation and storage on the combine.

At the present time, the model DON 68 0-M is the most effective and affordable agricultural machine.

Technical characteristics

Overall dimensions (in working condition):

  • length with rotary head – 8210 mm;
  • Width with rotary head – 4110 mm;
  • height – 5200 mm.

Don 680 m weight in loaded condition without adapter – 9400 kg.

Process indicators:

  • grass harvesting at 75% moisture content (at a yield of 20000 c/ha) – 54000 kg/h;
  • corn harvesting for silage with moisture content of 80% (for yield of 45 000 kg/ha) – 108 000 kg/h
  • cutting dried grass with rolls at 55% moisture content (for grass weight of 6 kg/m) – 50,000 kg/h;
  • mowing for silage in wax mat condition (at a yield of 30000 kg/ha) – 43000 kg/h;
  • Cutterbar length 3,5-20 mm.

Properties of the main knots:

  • Grass bob width – 5000 mm;
  • Width of cables – 4000, 4500 mm;
  • Width of swath – 2200, 3000 mm;
  • Width of loading chamber – 680 mm;
  • Diameter of the grinding drum – 750 mm;
  • Grinding drum width – 646 mm;
  • Grinding drum speed – 838 rpm.

Movement speed in transport mode is 10-20 km/h. Harvesting and harvesting takes place at speeds up to 9 km/h.

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Combine DON 680M is equipped with a V-shaped 4-stroke diesel engine model YAMZ 238 DK-1 (manufacturer – Yaroslavl Motor System). The engine has mechanical speed, integrated heat exchanger, direct fuel injection, turbocharging and liquid cooling. The unit is based on an eight-cylinder design and is equipped with a mom mechanism, which transmits the rotation to the hitches attached to the combine harvester. When the load is increased, the engine can produce additional power.

The advantages of the engine YAMZ 238 DK-1 include reliability, low cost and indispensability. The device is able to work on low-quality fuel without reducing efficiency. After receiving the silage, the technique consumes 0.43 liters of fuel (average fuel consumption is 49 l/hour). The fuel tank capacity is 540 liters, which means that you can work more without additional refueling than a shift (about 10-11 hours).

Properties of the engine YAMZ 238 DK-1:

  • Working volume – 14.86 liters;
  • Rated power – 290 hp;
  • Maximum torque – 1128 Nm;
  • Speed – 2000 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 8.

Structure and service functions

Don 680 m in stock version comes with a rotary corn mixer-toner, a grass picker, a picking chamber and products. The series is built according to the rustselmash combination standard.

The main nodes of Don 680m:

  • Shredding drum. This element is equipped with cutting elements, which are installed with V-shaped. Its design is made in such a way that the knives are in constant contact with special plates. For this reason, the shredding of the plant product is guaranteed. The standard configuration also includes a premier that can chop about 96% of the grains to ensure compliance with current standards. Such an approach makes it possible to maintain forage with a high nutrient content.
  • Silco Conductor. The element is included in the basic configuration and rotates 180 degrees. The unique design of silage reducers allows unloading on the device with low pages with minimal losses.
  • Aard that provides efficient cleaning;
  • Composer;
  • Unloading gas pedal for dense loading of haylage or silage into transport;
  • Extender. The element is included with the stockpile and helps prevent product loss in windy conditions.

The Don 680m is equipped with a large, all-metal cab with superior comfort. The central location and panoramic airflow ensure maximum visibility. Light tinting eliminates glare on the glass. The steering column and driver’s seat are adjusted to suit the operator’s anatomy. Control elements are controlled by a special joystick in the operator’s right hand. A computer controls the operation of the main mechanisms and displays the information on an LCD screen. Powerful metal coating, which protects objects from falling, covers the cabin. The cab is designed with a good sound barrier. Heating and air conditioning provide comfortable working conditions. The basic equipment also includes an audio system and a refrigerator.

Adapters used for Don 680m harvester:

  • Rotor type MH 400R, designed for corn, sunflower and rapeseed harvesting. The main element is the unsupported cutterbar with a width of 4000 mm.
  • Kemper 445 Harvest for harvesting sorghum, corn, sunflower and rapeseed. The main difference of these cutterbars is the width of the hood of 4500 mm. The adapter also has an equipment transport kit;
  • GH 500A (GH 500R) Segmented pea harvester for thin crops with a cover width of 5000 mm. Adapter for the direct method of cleaning grain kernels from the relief PF 300. The platform is used to collect the crop product followed by rolling.
  • Colleague drum clearance for Up 300D with narrowing of the mass flow. Used for picking up and shaping the mane into grass swaths.
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The advantages of the 680m combine:

  1. high productivity due to the use of a powerful engine, direct wiring and modern assemblies;
  2. ability to work in difficult conditions;
  3. high-quality harvesting of plants and forage;
  4. Efficiency in service and operation;
  5. durability and reliability;
  6. simple design and easy repair;
  7. Ease of operation and comfort.

All units require regular maintenance. Don 680m is very difficult to compare and facilitate. Combined maintenance is performed every month. Additional work is performed in the middle and at the end of the season. Maintenance operations are as simple as possible and do not require special equipment and tools. Preparation time for a change of work is 10-15 minutes. Thanks to the grouping of service areas, no time is wasted on bypassing the machine. Two-way access to the engine simplifies configuration. The clear design of the DON 680M allows even a novice harvester operator to quickly find a problem and eliminate it. An additional advantage of the combine is its association with other Rostselmash products.

Don-680: technical characteristics

Technical features of Don-680

The Don-680 harvester is a modern and competitive model of forage agricultural machinery, one of the best offers on the market in terms of price-quality ratio. This model traces its history back to the second half of the 80-ies of the 20 century.

At the present time the factory Rostselmash produces an improved version of combine Don-680m. This harvester is intended for harvesting and preparation of fodder, mainly in small and medium-sized farms, with a herd of cattle up to 500 heads. And also in large livestock farms, which use such agricultural sections for the daily feeding of livestock.

The DON-680M harvester’s skill lies in harvesting and procuring about 30,000 tons of silage and green forage per season. And in just one hour of harvesting, the combine can process a total of 108 tons of forage mass (if it is corn with moisture content up to 80 percent and yields 45 tons per hectare).

Grasses with moisture content of about 75 percent with a capacity of about 50-54 tons per hour with an approximate yield of 20 tons per hectare.

The DON-680 harvester was adapted to all types of harvesting conditions during design tests, which were conducted in five different agro-climatic zones (including risky farming areas).

Don-680: General properties and features of operation

It is necessary to pay attention to the following

  • The forage is fed by the straight-flow scheme with a gentle passage. The silage or haylage moves along the harvester’s cutterbar with a constant increase of linear speed from the feeder to the zoeyren. Each subsequent acceleration is almost twice as fast as the previous one. Thanks to this function, the stability of the entire technological process is guaranteed when working with one of the agricultural feed mills.
  • The hake web has a V-shaped 24-neck cheese arrangement. With the turbocharged diesel engine of the combine in 2012 it is possible to perform cutting feed movements in one minute.
  • Four trunk cutting modes (3.5; 8; 20 mm) are used, and the possibility to change these parameters is the direct control of the combine from the cab without changing blades or other “extra gestures”.
  • Even in the standard equipment is now required (in the past pastry harvester they were also, or not at all) such as: Myscorn rotary constructor; Metal detector; Feed unloading gas pedal; 2 third-party suppliers of contra-cutting bar with hardening zones; Baur t-in device for mechanical midnight sharpening.
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If the metal object safety sensors are activated, the power supply to the grinding unit is immediately interrupted. Foreign object hazardous for mechanisms is extracted by reverse reverse motion.


Don-680m during operation.

Equipping the combine’s unloading device with an accelerator pedal allows grinding the fodder at high speed. As a result, when loading a body or a trailer, the silage mass is compressed to achieve the maximum magazine.

The receiving and discharging chamber of the DON 680 combine is 680 mm wide and equipped with five feeding rollers.

The chopping drum has a diameter of 750 mm; a width of 646 mm and provides 838 revolutions per minute. At least one of the knives on the drum is permanently used with the shear plate to ensure a continuous process of forming fine forage. The shear bar consists of 2 working zones which are fitted with an enlarged chrome vanadium alloy. This increases its service life by a factor of three and a half.

Removable rotary grain milking, which is equipped with Don-680, plays a big role in formation of the most nutritious corn grain. It guarantees the presence of ninety percent of corn grains of wax ripeness.

Interchangeable adapter of “Don-680” combine harvester

The list of basic adapters, designed for harvesting of different crops for combine harvester DON 680, is as follows: permits for harvesting of coarse-stemmed plants-two types; freezing of grass and fetching of swath.

Permits for coarse-stemmed crops

Combine harvesters for large-stalked plants (corn, sunflower, sorghum) are equipped with massive cutting units and differ in working width: there is an intention of 4 meters (for 6 rows of corn) and an intention of 4.5 meters working width. Three distance rollers and partial rounds allow “Don-680” rotary cutterbars to work equally stably on profitable as well as on profitable fields.

Rough stacking

“Don-680m” with a combine harvester for coarse harvesting.


The mower has a working width of five meters and is designed for mowing all thin-stemmed species. It is frontal, hinged and balanced. The grass chopper is used for mowing thin-stemmed understory up to one and a half meters high.

The adapter consists of a body, four-leaf calculator, cutting unit, snail, shoes, compensating mechanism and gears.


As standard, the cutting unit is equipped with a cut height compensator for uneven fields and a safety clutch for top loading.

Graskopf dimensions:

  • Length – 2.54 m;
  • Width – 5,275 m;
  • Height – 1,28 m.

Weight of the construction with individual package of spare parts – 1,7 t.

The windrower

The windrower is designed for harvesting the hay position. It picks up wet or dry grass that has already been picked up and deposited. The pickup has a drum design, with a narrowing forage flow. The pickup width of Don-680 is three meters. Pickup capacity of “Don-680” is 17 kg per second.

The platform and the recording mechanism are connected by hinges. The pickup consists of a frame, a pickup and a clamping device, support wheels, a shield, a coupling, left and right side walls.

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The recording device consists of a wave with holders attached to it, on which the spring tines are screwed. The rollers are mounted in a treadmill, which is attached to the side wall.

Prefabricated Valkov platform

Both the pick-up and the hooks are equipped with a longitudinal cross-sectional ground contour following system. Overall dimensions of the pick-up platform are: length-2.12 m; width-3.525 m; height-1.28 m. Weight of the structure with individual package of spare parts – 1,7 t.

The design includes measures to prevent loss of forage when working in windy weather. The buyer is equipped with compression springs. The extension of the silage cover makes it possible to unload in the wind without any noticeable loss of feed mass in low-loader bodies or trailers.

Optional silage application system /

In order to process the silage mass with preservatives as early as possible and to distribute them evenly in the volume, there is an optional modern preservative ordering system for installation on DON-680M harvesters.

This device allows the introduction of bacterial concentrates in the form of a mist, which is created by a pneumatic nozzle without additional water. Five liters of the device is enough for 10 hours of uninterrupted work.

Engine and transmission of combine harvester “Don-680”

The combine harvesters “Don-680” is equipped with the diesel engine “YAMZ-238DK-1” with an output of 290 hp or 213 kW. This is an eight-cylinder V-shaped power unit made by Yaroslavl Motor Plant. Turbocharging option is present in this engine, the heat exchanger is built-in. This allows to develop additional power in conditions of increased loads.

The engine is located in the combine according to the modern layout – behind the cab, transversely. The transverse arrangement contributes to the most effective transmission of torque to the working elements of the combine. It also provides the easiest and most convenient access to all service units and components of the engine. Dimensions of this engine are 1.84×1.045×1.07 m and weight 1.3 t.

Torque is derived from the toe of the crankshaft. Power is removed directly from the engine, which greatly simplifies the overall design and contributes to economical fuel consumption.

According to the data distributed by Rostselmash, the diesel fuel consumption of Don-680m engine is 430 per ton of silage. And the full volume of the fuel tank (540 liters) is enough for 11 hours of full operation. According to the manufacturer’s data the specific fuel consumption of Don-680m is the lowest among the similar class machines and is within 0,43 kg per ton of corn silage.

Transmission is hydrostatic. If desired, it is possible to order all-wheel drive version of combine Don-680M. In this case the combine’s steerable wheels are additionally equipped with hydraulic models.

Technical characteristics of “Don-680” in figures

  • Overall dimensions (without adapter): length – 8,6 m; width – 3,88 m; height – 3,94 m.
  • Weight of “Don-680” without the adapter is 9,4 tons.
  • Harvesting speed – 9 km/h. Transit speed – 20 km/h.
  • Ground clearance – 340 mm.
  • Number of skimmer rotor revolutions – 3848 per minute.
  • Diameter of feeder rotor – 510 mm.
  • Rotary speed of the rotor – 1678 rpm.
  • Angle of silo rotation – 180 degrees.

Don-680 cab

The cabin of Don-680 is located on the modern progressive layout in the center of the body. The Don-680m is equipped with modern ergonomic pressed heads cabin of Comfort Keb series, as well as with Rostselmash harvesters. They are hermetically sealed with very good noise-, dust- and vibration isolation. All modern ideas of ergonomics, inspection and comfortable work of the machine operator can be fully expressed in them.

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The standard cab has a steering wheel, air conditioning, heating, tinted windows, audio equipment and a refrigerator for drinks. Steering column and operator’s seat are equipped and easily adapted to anatomic peculiarities of a person of any height and build. The driver’s seat is signed, there is an additional reclining seat with a soft cushion on the seat.

The main controls of the combination are concentrated on the special panel to the right of the operator. Buttons on this panel are conveniently located, supplemented with clear pictograms and contrasting drawings.

The panel PP-D80-01-Info with systems of automatic control of all the main sections of the technological process is also located to the right of the operator’s stool.

The operative key combination is carried out on an ergonomically aligned e-Jaist control panel, which is located on a special lever. The lever combines the controls for all functions of the combine requiring quick reactions: raising and lowering the codpiece, changing the feeder, turning the silo, operating the silage canopy. The work seat provides an ideal view of all areas important for direct operation.

Powerful ten-pair halogen lighting is used at the top of the cab.

Combining reviews of Don-680 owners

The owners of this brand of forage harvesters describe them as extremely easy to operate and as a reliable machine. All basic operation and maintenance processes of the “Don-680” do not require any special knowledge, any special tools and devices. It will be enough to spend no more than ten minutes to prepare the combine for the next working layer.

As one of the main advantages of combine DON 680, its ability to work properly and productively even in the most difficult conditions than its skill. Especially when corn with browned or thick, intertwined stalks with brittle and crumbling swaths on uneven fields in a strong wind – all this is not an obstacle for the DON-680.

Defects do not always determine the decent quality of assembly and spare parts. Regular failure of individual parts (belts, sprockets, etc.) requires regular costs for their accounting and replacement. In general, however, we can conclude that “Don-680” is cheaper than imported “classmates” by an order of magnitude.

Don-680 harvester price

The new Don-680M harvester is offered by rustselmash dealers at a price of 3,400,000 rubles (with a number of adapters). Approximate prices for used combine harvesters Don-680 and Don-680M are as follows: 2008-2009 A-A production years 1-1.5 million; In the early 2000s to 600-800 thousand rubles.

Don-680 at the beginning of the 2000s.

One of the most important conditions for the successful harvesting of quality forage is the relevance of the work. Observance of conditions of harvesting and laying of silage and hay is a guarantee of preservation of all nutritive value of forage mass and, accordingly, considerable increase in efficiency of animals. A highly productive mower will mainly cope with such an important economic task. For example, Don-680 and Don-680m.

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