Diseases and pests – model reviews, descriptions, owner reviews

Diseases and pests – model reviews, descriptions, owner reviews


Among the many folk methods of exterminating cockroaches, the most effective is boric acid. This powder.



Spider mite on strawberries and other berries: How to fight them


Spider mite on tomatoes


Spider mite on roses. Prevention and control methods


Spider mite: How to treat greenhouse?


Spider mite: How to deal with indoor plants


Cucumber mite network: prevention, control methods


Spider mite. Signs of appearance and methods of control


Spider mite The spider mite is often found on both garden crops and houseplants. The small and n.

Journey to internal plants: How to fight


Travel mites: Signs of emergence and control methods


Squirrelflies on indoor plants


Belkolka in the greenhouse: How to get rid of it?


Squirrel bug in the garden. Causes of appearance and methods of control


Folk remedies from the Colorado potato beetle


Potato beetle. Methods to combat the Colorado potato beetle


Phytophthora on berries, strawberries and other berries


Phytophthora on cucumbers and peppers. Methods of control. Disease resistant varieties


Phytophthora of cucumbers and paprika The development of grass rot on cucumbers and peppers is gradual, and at first it is even difficult to recognize.

Phytophthora on tomatoes: causes and prevention


Phytophthora on potatoes. Signs of the disease and treatment methods


Phytophthora (late blight) of plants and its control



Dew on trees and grains: apple, peach, wheat


Peronosporosis: Symptoms of appearance on onions, zucchini and tomatoes


Mold on roses and other flowers


Mildew on strawberries, currants, gooseberries, rose petals and other berries


Cucumber powdery mildew: Causes and treatment


Many gardeners are familiar with true mold, which is found on most berry, vegetable and fruit plants. The most.

Cucumber powdery mildew. Causes and methods of control


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Diseases and pests of vegetable crops (Treivas L.)

Book: Diseases and Pests of Vegetable Plants (Travas L.)

This advisory atlas will help you make a proper diagnosis using photographs and descriptions of symptoms, diseases and damage in vegetable crops. For each crop, the signs of diseases are fully described, their causative agents are given, as well as pests and damage caused by them, prevention and control measures, permissible means of protection, methods and optimum time of their application are recommended. The author of the book is Lyubov Yurievna Treivas, an experienced specialist and a researcher of the Plant Protection Department of the Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The publication is of interest to phytopathologists, plant protection specialists, farmers and amateur gardeners. Based on the recommendations of the author, you will be able to minimize crop losses.

Video reviews (3)

The most important pests of the garden and vegetable garden. Know the enemy by sight!

The main harm to the garden. Know your enemy by sight!

Diagnosis and control of vegetable diseases | 1 lecture at the Öko-Dacher Academy

Diagnostics of Diseases of Vegetable Plants and Methods of Control | The Academy of Ecodoctor

Gardening books

Gardening books

The whole truth about potato fertilizers and poisons. Potato diseases and pests. lecture

The whole truth about potato fertilizers and poisons. Potato diseases and pests. lecture.

BRAND NEW! General cleaning helps everyone! All pests and diseases are killed!

BRAND NEW! General cleaning will help everyone! All pests and diseases will die!

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Diseases and pests of vegetable crops (Treivas L.)

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