Diesel Motoblock HRT GT 100 RDKE. Features of the model, operating video, reviews

Checking the Prorab GT-100 RDKE engine blocks. Technical features, features of application and operation

The Prorab GT-100 RDKE diesel engine is a heavy professional unit with a capacity of 10 hp with a weight of 230 kg. The multifunctional model is designed for the processing of large country diagrams with an area of ​​2 hectares, the performance of economic work and the transport of goods.

Work effectively in virgin countries. The line has a model with identical properties and Prorab GT-100 RDK engine block, which is equipped with a manual starter.

Motoblock Prorab GT-100 RDKE

Technical characteristics

Motoblock type: petrol
Engine: Prorab
Engine power: 10 PS
Motor type: Fou r-Stroke
Engine volume: 573 cm3
Oil tank volume: 3.6 L
The number of speeds back: 2
The volume of the fuel tank: 6 л
The number of speeds forward: 6
Rnovation (vice versa): There is
Number of cylinders: 1
Processing width: 90 cm
Electric start: There is
Farah: There is
Coupling: mechanically
Cooling: Air
Cycle diameter: 6×12 ″
Fuel: diesel
Further information: Directinjection, chain milling rides
Heavy motoblock: There is
The weight: 250 kg
Country of Manufacture: China
Warranty: 1 year (or 12 months) from our company!

Read GT-100 RDKE Motobloce device.

A simple, wel l-covered design of the walk behavior offers simple operation, minimal maintenance, affordable repair.

  • Thanks to the electric steamer, the wal k-in engineer can be easily started, which can also work at negative temperatures.
  • With an extended gear at 6 speeds to the front and 2 years ago, you can select a rational operating speed depending on the type of connected fastening devices.
  • A lon g-lasting gear is installed on the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • The presence of the water cooling of the engine enables the machine to work in hot weather.
  • Ergonomic control handles are regulated, all necessary control levers are carried out conveniently on them.
  • Increased fuel tank with a capacity of 6 liters. It makes it possible to take a walk without being able to refuel for a long time.
  • Excellent maneuverability is offered thanks to large pneumatic bikes with a high profile.
  • For working in the dark, Prorab is equipped with a powerful headlight.
Snow removal - effectively and safely

Features of the application of the GT-100 RDKE SRABEN model

The assembly devices of agricultural and economic profile are rationally connected to the Prorab GT-100 RDKE engine block: Cigns, mills, mower of different modifications, harme, plows, snowballs, four growing seeders, adapter and metal. In the aggregation with the mini water, the hiking tractor is successfully drawn up with the transport of goods with a weight of up to 500 kg.

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Snowman Dump an adapter for an engine block car

Service of the GT-100 RDKE SROMENT model

The Germinat 100 RDKE consumes diesel fuel, the SAE 10W30 brand oil. The manufacturer strongly recommends checking the oil level in the engine systematically – to monitor before each start and 5 mothers and the quality of the oil. The operation of the Walk behavior tractor in the clouding or darkening of the oil is not permitted to occur of external particles and contaminants. In this case, the oil should be replaced immediately to avoid engine injuries.

SAE 10W30 Litol-24 machine oil

In the future, the exchange of motor oil will be carried out after 25 hours of operation in the transmission. The oil is changed after 100 operating hours. Universal lubricants such as solidol, lidol are used as lubricants.

Play the Prorab technology

The machine is carried out for the use and grinding of the components and mechanisms of walking behavior. First, the operation of the device is idle for 30 minutes and the device is operated with different attachments in the savings mode at 50% of the maximum power. After running, the oil is replaced by fresh.

Video check of the model GT-100 RDKE

Work from Cutter-Prorab GT-100 Motblock

Minitor from the Prorab GT-100 Motorizedoblock

Reviews of the owners

Anatoly Ilyich:

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“PRORAB 100 acquired to help work on a farm. A large supply of hay, grass is required. There is also a plot of potatoes of 80 acres. I make it all with the unit alone, I am not dependent on someone. The car likes unpretentious, starts well, works in the dark. The assembly is quite normal. From the hinge I use a Rotary mower, a sawer, a potato cutter, sometimes a snow shovel for snow. I have not revealed any defects. “

Diesel Motoblock HRT GT 100 RDKE. Features of the model, operating video, reviews

The PRORAB GT 100 RDKE Motoblock is a representative of a number of powerful diesel models, which are characterized by increased power and should cultivate the diagrams of up to 2 hectares.

The engine with 10 horses can make all field work much easier.

When using milling facilities, the extension will run quickly and effectively even in virgin countries.

The presence of an electric steamer makes it easier to start the engine in the Prorab motor block. In the model of the germination 100, water cooling is provided, which enables the use of a tractor for walks even in very hot weather and does not fear that it will be overheated.

The presence of a 6-liter fuel tank enables you to work on a motor cultivator for a long time without driving. The gearbox with 2 rear speeds and 6 fronts enables the owner not only to work out a separate section, but also to carry out the cargo transport of up to 500 kg. In short distances.

Wide pneumatic bikes with a convex profile offer a good run, even outside the street. In the event that the GT 100 RDKE begins to link in a soft floor, you can use soil rooms that are bought separately.

The series contains another similar in the technical characteristics model Prorab GT 100 RDK, which is also equipped with a manual starter.

Technical characteristics

engine Diesel, single cylinder, 4-stroke with water cooling
perfomance 10 PS/7350 watts
The work volume of the cylinder, the cube. cm 573 cm³
The volume of the fuel tank 6 л
Working width 90 cm
Depth of work 25 cm
The number of mills 6
Number of programs 6 forward/2 before
draft Rnovation blocks the different setting of the handle in hig h-altitude headlights
The weight 230 kg
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Functions of the application

So that the hand-led foreman tractor works for a long time without breakdown, it is necessary to listen to the recommendations of specialists and use oil that is suitable for this special model.

The manufacturers recommend using Motoröl SAE 10W30 or equivalent. Control before each start and after 5 hours of operation.

When operating on a singl e-axle tractor with a low or completely missing oil level, the risk of motor disorders increases.

In the following cases, an immediate oil change is required:

  • If something becomes white or cloudy, this is a sign of the presence of moisture in the oil.
  • The oil darkens when it overheats.
  • Presence of foreign bodies.

The following steps must be taken before each use:

  • Wipe the surface of the hand-led tractor foreman and make sure that there are no oil and fuel leaks.
  • Make sure that the fastening elements and screw connections are safe.
  • Check the oil and fuel stand, refill when the level is insufficient.

Before the use of the singl e-axle truck Prorab GT 100 RDKE, this must be retracted. This means that the device has to walk at least 30 minutes. In the meantime, you have to check the function of the switching mechanism.

You can also start operating to exceed 50 percent of the device load. Leave the waste oil after driving in and fill in new things.

The maintenance plan is specified in the user manual.

The oil must be changed every 25 hours of operation of the device. In the transmission, the exchange takes place after 100 hours.

In addition, the levers of the handled tractor must be lubricated with lithol or fat once a month.

After the end of the working season, the Foreman GT 100 han d-held tractor must be mothballed, namely: cleaned by dirt, wiped dry, oil and fuel drained, wear out wear parts to prevent corrosion, covered with protective material and relaxed, wel l-ventilated place.

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In order to expand the area of ​​application of the mugber, you can operate it together with attachments:

  • snow plow
  • Havoc
  • Sickle mower
  • Hiller
  • plow
  • Solar fou r-row
  • harrow
  • follower

Circular mower Heumher, fou r-row seeded wagons drawn

Hiller snow shape Egge double plow

Video review

Below is a video view that clearly shows how simple and uncomplicated the cultivation is carried out with a han d-led tractor

The following video shows how a han d-led tractor can be transformed into a min i-tractor using attachments

Reviews of the owners

Many owners of the han d-led tractor foreman GT 100 RDKE complain in the forums about inferior materials, but notice the significant efficiency of the device during cultivation and other agricultural work.

Victor: “I bought a han d-led tractor 5 years ago and I can’t say that he made me very happy. The quality of the materials leaves something to be desired, so that it had to be constantly repaired year after year. After the first season, the fuel filter housing loosened. The fuel tank has already been torn twice. And many other smaller breakdowns. But in favor of this han d-led tractor I would like to say that he is a real work animal. The design is well thought out down to the smallest detail, a shame that the materials used are of poor quality. ”

If you are the owner of the model presented, we invite you to leave your feedback on his advantages and disadvantages as an introduction to other readers.

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