Devices, repair and maintenance of mole engine breeders

Moto cultivator mole. Technical service. Possible malfunctions, repair. Preparation of the cultivator for storage

Probably not a single brand of garden technology in the history of the existence of such a modernization and improvement as a MOL motorcycle. And everything is largely due to the unique design of the chassis. Due to the possibility of reinstalling the engine and the owners of the units, the developers created a large number of variations of mole varieties.

Change in the motor cultivation.

Motolicter Device Mrot MK-9-01

Possible malfunctions, repair

During the entire simplicity of the design, the motor mole builders react extremely sensitively for the pollution of individual nodes, parts, mechanisms and other components of the device. Many problems during operation occur through the premature exchange of consumables that neglect the basic rules for the care of technology. The ironic slogan “Tanks of Dirt are not afraid in this case”.

Consider the most common problems and breakdowns that arise in the main nodes of the cultivator.


The first rehearsals of mole varieties had many symptoms from the side of the engines, which were shown by unreliability, a small motorcycl e-line tour. The owners of the technology in their own danger and risk revive the farmers. New engines were often installed on the units, which in return for their own relatives from a different garden technology: Forza, Patriot, Sadko, Lifan.

Thanks to the factory design, the cultivists with Honda GX 120, Honda GC 135, Greenfield, Geoteck, Subaru Robin Ey-15d, Hammerman, Innomotor, Briggs & Stratton from Famous Japaner, Americans, Wengers, Italian dealers.

Greenfield GF 170 Fe (GX210) Motor Honda GC 135 Motor Petrol Honda GX 120

Thanks to modern engines, innovative developments, from the once close functional grinding, the mole has transformed into a universal agricultural whale that can carry out any agricultural processing, the cultivation of agricultural cultures and the transport of goods, the spaces of the territory.

If the mole has an old two lifting engine on your motor cultivator, you urgently change it into a new model and you can expand the functionality of the device. The most budgetary and rather reliable option is life, the “Americans” and the “Japanese” become more expensive, but later attention is much less necessary for themselves.

If the engine doesn’t start:
  • an empty fuel tank or a fuel of poor quality;
  • Difficulties with ignition;
  • The consequences of the decompression in the form of a deformation of the exhaust gas valve, a breakdown of the elements of the piston group – it is necessary to disassemble the engine and replace the parts of the parts.

The mole does not start!



Mo t-Mrot engine ignition system

In the following cases, the ignition may not be completely absent or not:
  • If Magneto has failed, it will be changed because the device is not repaired.
  • In the absence of a spark, a burne d-out elementary candle should be changed to a new one.
  • The smoked candle must be cleaned thoroughly and washed with petrol.
  • If there is a spark, but the technology does not begin, pay attention to the condition of the candle – if it is wet or wet, this means that the insulation has been disturbed. To remove the defect, it is sufficient to change the tip. Freezing the candle is most often caused by poor fuel quality.
  • Due to the excessive wetness of the candle and the fuel flow, the spark is also missing, the engine should be pumped with a hand starter, causing the cylinder.
  • An increased gap between the electrodes is required to set the optimal gap.
  • A contaminated air filter is the most common reason for the lack of a spark. It is therefore necessary to systematically check and change its condition in good time.
  • Violation of the integrity of the fuel line – the hoses should be changed.
  • Violation of the insulation of the electrical system.
  • Check the position of the flywheel plates – maybe shake magnetic circuits.
Signs: September 21-30
Replace the magneto in the mole cult:

Remove the starter, unscrew the mother up to 13 and hold the impeller

We attach the filmmaker to remove magnets

We remove magnets, we see magneto

The difference is practically not noticeable, but in the USSR in the old line for the button contained in the new NR.

The difference is practically not noticeable, but in the USSR in the old line for the button contained in the new NR.

Put it back, solder the button

The work of a mole on cultivating with a renovated ignition


The coordination of the processes when starting the engine and the further operation depends on the correct setting of the carburetor. The main function of the carburetor is to create a gas air mixture that drives the heart of the cultivator – the engine after the ignition. It is therefore extremely important to adapt it according to the recommendations of the manufacturers. The adjustment is required by the carburetor at the end of the first working season.


The adjustment is to install the coordinated fuel supply and the required number of revolutions. By screwing the number of revolutions and the quality of the fuel, the necessary adjustment of the carburetor in idle mode are made. In addition, it is important to keep the carburetor clean.

Another reason why the mole engine does not begin, especially after long downtimes, the condensate can occur in the carburetor due to changes in temperature. In this case you have to completely disassemble and clean the carburetor. Due to fuel in poor quality, the carburetor cannot work effectively either.

Devices, repair and maintenance of mole engine breeders

The Mrot motorcultivator appeared in the early 1980s and immediately obtained popularity with rural residents and owners of huts. This is not surprising, since with the help of this agricultural technology mechanized soil processing was possible and plants, leaving and harvesting.

Motochanter Mrot MK-9-01

In more than 30 years after its existence, the “mole” was changed more than once. Such parts such as the engine, gearbox, handles, mills and other devices (including a hinge) have been perfected. After we have passed the difficult improvement, we have no longer received the initial motor cultivator, which has some restrictions in the work, but a multifunctional motorized device with which the following field work can be done without much difficulty:

  • Plowing soil;
  • Cutting beds;
  • Potato planting;
  • Plant bill;
  • Weeds from weeds;
  • mechanized potato cleaning;
  • Mowing;
  • Irrigation;
  • Transport of mass and pieces freight;
  • Snow cleaning.
Saw Energy PC-40: Technical description, rules of operation

In order to carry out all of the work listed, it is necessary to purchase the corresponding tools. In an article about attaching devices for the mole motorcycle, you can find more detail on our website.

Goosefoot Weeder Okunchik T plow mounted mower pumping unit mills potato harvester KRT-1

No matter how powerful your device is, no matter how you care for it, sometimes it still needs repairs – the engine does not start, the engine gets hot or some other malfunction … To know how to repair an engine cultivator, you must understand his device.


Let’s get acquainted with the typical scheme of this mole cultivator

The diagram of the device of the Mrot Mrot MK-1-01-T

Having familiarized yourself with the device of the device, you can safely proceed to the repair and maintenance of motor cultivators.

Frequent glitches

Which elements of the machine might require the operator’s special attention?

Engine Magneto MB-1K carburetor K60V reducer air filter

Let’s list them:

  • Engine;
  • magneto, ignition system;
  • carburetor;
  • reducer;
  • air filter etc.

And now let’s take a closer look at all the glitches that can affect the performance of the device, no matter what model it belongs to.

Does not start

So what to do if the “mole” does not start, what could be the reasons for this? Joke or no ignition at all in the following cases:

  • no spark This may mean that the spark plug has burned out. In this case, you will have to unscrew it and simply replace it with a new working one.
  • The spark plug is smoky. A good cleaning will bring it back to life (remove carbon deposits, clean contact), after which the candle must be thoroughly washed in gasoline.
  • If the cultivator does not start, but there is a spark, then most likely this is due to the lack of insulation. Again we look at the candle, in this case it is wet or slightly damp. You cannot change the entire candle, you only need to replace the tip.
  • Poor quality fuel can cause the cultivator to not ignite. Because of this, the spark will get wet, after which the tip will have to be changed.
  • Fuel dripping from the spark plug is another reason why the car won’t start. To fix the situation, it is necessary to drain the cylinder by pumping the engine with a manual starter.
  • The cause of the lack of ignition can also be problems with the fuel supply hoses. To restore the operation of the cultivator, it is necessary to either tighten the hoses well, or in case of breakage, replace them with new ones.
  • Poor insulation of the electrical system (high voltage and low voltage cables) can also cause the unit not to start.
  • Pay attention to the air filter. If it is dirty, ignition problems are guaranteed. It must either be cleaned or replaced. Most often they resort to the second option, fortunately this spare is available both in price and in the store.
  • The failure of the magneto itself. This part is not subject to repair, it is immediately replaced with a new one. How do I check the mole cultivator magneto to make sure it’s not working properly? Yes, it’s very simple – if all the reasons why there may be no spark are eliminated, then the cause of the malfunction lies in the magneto. Many crafters will remake a working magneto, increasing its resources.
Motoblock Yeniseei. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews
The magneto ignition circuit for the Krot motor cultivator could look like this

Magnetic scheme for mole motorcycle

  • If the flywheel plates are wedged in the magnetic circuits, ignition cannot occur.
  • An incorrectly set distance between the electrodes will prevent a spark from slipping through.
Video review of the modernization of the ignition of the mole cultivator

As you can see, adjusting the ignition is not that difficult.


The main reasons why the mole engine does not start are:

  • lack of fuel (or its poor quality);
  • ignition problems discussed above;
  • The occurrence of decompression and consequently wear of the piston, deformation of the exhaust gas valve.

In the first case, it is sufficient to water the required amount of fuel (a mixture of gasoline with M-8 V oil), and all problems are solved. In the event of a compression violation, you have to completely disassemble the engine and replace damaged parts, and this can be a piston, a sealing ring.

The deformation of the final valve becomes another reason for the compression injury, which leads to the loss of the power of the Mrot motor cultivator and then the problems of the start.

In order to restore the engine output, it is necessary to complete its complete disassembly. Evaluate the condition of the piston if necessary replace it. Change the piston rings, the exhaust gas valve. We examine the motor head, especially the gas distribution mechanism, in the presence of a car we clean it. Replace them in the event of damage to the structural elements with good.

Select an engine

In the Union, only two posture engines of domestic production were used, which were not distinguished by special power. Today you will find a “mole” with an imported engine with four more often. However, if your arsenal has the first cultivation model, it is not difficult to modernize your “mole” by replacing the engine.

And then a new question arises: which engine is better to install on the device? It is easy to answer – the models that are installed in more new machines are suitable.

Motoblocks Centaurus MB 2091d Lux. Review, characteristics, reviews

Hammermann CF 168 F65 Motor Geotec Motor Honda GX160 Briggs & Stratton 550 Motor Lifan 168 F-2

It is best to replace the household engine with imported:

  • Hammer man
  • Geotec
  • Subaru
  • Honda
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Lifan

Each of them will not only give the motorcycle a new life, but also significantly increase the power and resource of the device.

An excellent solution would be the installation of the Lifan engine on the Mrot engine. Such a motor offers the car a long service life, since the lifers in addition to reliability and economy also take off the lifts from no n-pressiness and will definitely not require any additional attention.

Video check of the motor replacement by Lifan 168 F-2 for mole motor cultivator


What is a carburetor and what is required for its adaptation? A carburetor is a small device that produces a gas air mixture. This mixture with the piston and spark plugs is compressed and inflamed as far as possible, the engine is started and continued.

The adjustment of the carburetor is necessarily carried out after the first working season.

The setting of the carburetor is one of the mandatory moments that are included in the “Maintenance” section. Thanks to the timely inspection and repair, the operating time of the cultivator increases. In addition, inspection and adaptation is also required if the engine has brewed very much for no apparent reason.

Before we start with the commission, we have to familiarize ourselves with the device of the carburetor of the cultivator “Mole”:

To debug the fuel supply and the guarantee of the required speed of the revolutions, it is necessary to turn two screws: the number of revolutions (in Fig.) And fuel quality (Fig.). With the help of these two screws, we debug the fuel supply of the carburetor of the MOL Motor cultivator at idle. It is necessary to act very carefully, first you should check the ignition state.

Important! Carefully clean the carburetor where you need – clean, wash where you need – change the details. Then the mole engine lasts very long.

The owners of the unit are often interested in how to use a mole varieties after winter. The reason for the lack of ignition is the condensation of a carburetor that was accumulated during the downtime during the temperature change. The complete disassembly of the device by further cleaning helps to solve this problem. All types of additives that are available in poor fuel and dust that are leaked through the filter do not contribute to the operation of the device.

Reducer for Mro t-Motochanter


The main task of the gearbox is to transfer the rotation torque from the engine to the shaft. Traffic transmission takes place with a KEDG E-rephilized gear. You can familiarize yourself with the device and the repair of the MROT engine cultivator transmission by watching the video.

Video check of the Motochanter Mrot device operator

Turning back

The first modifications of the “mole” are not equipped with the function of the back (rear speed), which slightly influenced their operating features and their work with hinge devices such as a car, a snowman, a mower, etc. to change the “mole”, The manufacturer, published new modifications of this, which already increased the mobility of the cultivator with the function of reverse.

Motoblocks Agura. Review of the list, properties
Video check of the reversal function on the mole motorcycle

Drive belt

The drive belt transmits the rotary moment from the engine to the transmission. The cause of the collapse of the mole motorcycle is often the break in the drive belt. This is due to the increase in the belt during operation due to the strong loads of the work organs of the cultivator (solid floors, stupid mills). The cutter leans and adheres to the belt with a knife, which causes it to decay.

The drive belts for the cult “mole” can have different modifications. However, their sizes are strictly defined:

Technical service

What does maintenance mean? These are a number of measures that offer good operation and proper storage of devices. The following work is understood as the maintenance of the “mole” cultivator:

  • To wash;
  • Cleaning;
  • Lubrication;
  • Control;
  • refuel;
  • Control;
  • Fastening elements;
  • Adaptation of all blocks and systems

Such work must be done as often as possible, especially if you have to work under adverse conditions.

Before you start the cultivation engine, you must check the presence of fuel, oil, etc. It is necessary to fill the mixture to a certain level if necessary. It is necessary to replace fuel and oil. Autol oil (M-8V) is used for breeders, which has proven to be in the Union.

Oil 8-inch oil 10W-30 SAE 30 oil

If it is difficult to get it, you can use the analogues:

  • 10W-30 (do not use at temperatures above +27 degrees);
  • SAE 30 (do not use at temperatures below +4 degrees).

The setting of work includes the debugging of coupling, reverse gear, carburetor, sparks, etc.

The cleaning work includes the cleaning of the filter, work surfaces, housing and all clogged parts on the surface of the MOL Motor cultivator. In the event of malfunctions or with preventive purposes (less often), the inner parts of the machine must be cleaned.

Make sure before the part of the maintenance ability before putting part in your previous place.

The installation or replacement of an approach should take place if the engine is completely switched off. In preparation for lon g-term storage, the motor cultivator needs preservation. To do this, prepare the engine in a certain way (see instructions), clean (rinse) and dry all outer parts of the “mole”, wipe it off with a rag and dry well. Then you have to smear all the available places of the cultivator with consistent fat. Now the device is ready for a long break.

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