Description of the Patriot RS-808 SABRE SAW. Motor parameter, purpose. Instructions for instructions and maintenance

Patriot RS 808 user manual

We thank you for the purchase of the Patriot brand.

ATTENTION! This instruction contains the necessary information about the work and maintenance of the Patriot electrical tool. Read the instructions carefully before starting before starting. Do not allow people not to get to know this manual for work. This instruction is part of the product and must be transferred to the buyer when buying.

The information contained in the operating instructions is valid at the time of publication. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design that does not worsen the properties of the tool without prior notice.

Retail trading tools and products are carried out in shops, departments and sections of shops, pavilions and kiosks that ensure the safety of the products that eliminate water.

When selling a sale, a person sells the goods controls in the presence of the buyer, the appearance of the goods, their completeness and performance. If possible, a note is approached in a guarantee voucher, a warranty check is made. Offers information about organizations that carry out the installation, connection and addresses of service centers.

Scope and purpose / technical properties / appearance of the electric tool

Scope and purpose

The saber saw is laid out for longitudinal cuts, cross quaint, in an angle and figure saws made of wood, plywood, chipboard, plastics, metal and foam concrete (when installing a corresponding canvas).

1. Sawn and window boxes, wall panels (made of drywall, foam concrete), blankets, reinforcements, etc.;

2. Cutting blanks made of different materials (wood, plywood, metal, plastic) in the form of a jet, leaves, pipes, etc.;

3. Cutting and sawing in unpleasant areas (with surfaces, in use, holes);

4. Cutting materials, cutting of structures and cutting drilling and holes for the installation of various products.

850 watts,~220 V, 50 Hz

Frequency of saws, movements / min / amplitude of the saw, mm hubs

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Number of provisions for speed adjustment

Sprinking depth (wood/aluminum/steel), mm

Fast exchange of saws without a key

RUBBed handle ExtraPIP / fros t-resistant cable

Slowing speed control / lighting of the work area

The appearance of the electric tool (Fig. 1).

5. The rod frequency controller;

Handling button;

ATTENTION! The appearance and device of the tool can distinguish from those presented in the instructions.

safety instructions

safety instructions

1. Before the start of the work, check the product, the cable and electric tool for the lack of visible mechanical damage, mobile parts for the functionality. Do not use the product with damaged elements (switches, rod, shaft, body, etc.) – this can lead to injuries or other damage.

2. Do not work with poor lighting conditions and overcrowded workplace. Disorder and inadequate lighting can lead to injuries and accidents.

3. Attach the workpiece correctly.

4. Before sawing a wooden plant, make sure that no metal objects are included.

5. In order to avoid accidents each time before switching on the product into the network, make sure that the Switch key (7) and the lock button (6) are located in the off position.

6. The canvas heats up strongly during sawing. Do not touch it immediately after sawing and until it cools down.

7. Always switch off the power cable from the network after the end of the work before replacing the canvas, maintenance, etc., etc.

8. Protect the cable from the effects of heat and oil from contact with sharp and cutting objects. Do not move the product with the cable, don’t bend it. Do not remove the fork from the outlet for the cable. With a visible mechanical damage to the electrical cable, it should only be replaced in the service center.

9. Do not touch the parts of the electric tool (under the skins, covers) – this can lead to serious injuries to the operator.

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10. Use only sharp, no n-damaged canvases. Do not use a shift tool with visible mechanical damage. Do not use replacement tools and accessories that do not meet the technical properties of this product. Do not exceed the specified working conditions (the thickness of the saw blinds) for the replacement tool.

11. If you refer to unwanted conditions (dust, vibration, elevated noise), use personal protective equipment and limit the total time (for shift) with the product.

12. Carefully observe when working with the tool. If you don’t concentrate at work, don’t use the tool. It is forbidden to operate the tool in the event of tiredness, discomfort or illness as well as people in a state of drug or alcohol poisoning.

13. The unused tool should be stored in a pure form in a reliable, safe, dry, closed room in an inaccessible place for children and no n-authorized people!

14. The electric tool should only be waited/repaired in the authorized Patriot Sercian Center. The repair of electrical devices should only be carried out by qualified specialists using original spare parts.

Description of the Patriot RS-808 SABRE SAW. Motor parameter, purpose. Instructions for instructions and maintenance

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Sable SAW Patriot RS-808-is a saw from the professional series that was equipped for sawing different wood. The purpose of the Sabre saw is narrower – This tool is also referred to as electronics in everyday life and implemented the same functions as the usual hack saw, but in faster mode.

Patriot RS-808

Sable Saw Patriot RS-808 can be used for:
  • Trim vesti in the garden;
  • Dilute the bush;
  • Implementation of small carpentry manipulations (plywood, wood, chipboard, etc.);
  • Cut aluminum pipes, steel tubes and so on.
The convenience of such saws is obvious:
  • You can replace the saw screen with thin or wide.
  • The bend of the canvas is approved up to 70 degrees;
  • There is access to such wooden areas or pipes that a normal saw will not reach.
  • A good assistant for repairs, construction work in carpentry.
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Technical characteristics

  • Motor performance 850 W;
  • The frequency of the movements is 2800 per minute;
  • There is a smooth setting of the speed;
  • six speed positions;
  • A quick replacement of the tire without a key is possible;
  • Amplitude of the course of 28 mm;
  • The depth of drawing of wood 105 mm, aluminum – 5 mm, steel – 6 mm;
  • It is equipped with a rubberized network cable that is resistant to frost.
  • The overall dimensions in MM are 512 x 185 x 93;
  • The weight of the saber saw – 2.7 kg.

The Patriot manufacturer has one type of Saber Saw-The Patriot Patriot Model RS-808. There are no other changes in this technology category.

basic equipment

Basic Gear and Equipment of the Sable Saw Patriot RS-808:

  • saw blade;
  • emphasis;
  • lining;
  • trade rotation button;
  • rod frequency controller;
  • switch lock;
  • switch button;
  • network cable;
  • a set of carbon brushes;
  • Instructions for the owner, guarantee voucher;
  • Packing is a carton.

The assembly and production of the Patriot Saber (depending on the party and the location of the production ability): China, USA or Russia.

instructions for instruction and maintenance

Operation of the Patriot RS-808 Saber Saw:
  • Before using them in active mode, the saber can be turned on and let it work at minimum speed for about 20 seconds.
  • It must only see a well fixed part;
  • Make sure that the network cable is not damaged and is reliably fixed in the outlet, and that the required voltage is present in the network.
  • Do not touch the saw s-canvas immediately after the end of work – it heats up hard;
  • Disconnect the saw from the network after use;
  • Keep the tool in a place out of the reach of children;
  • While the product is under warranty, repair and maintenance is performed at the Patriot Service Center.
  • Use gloves, glasses and respirators during operation (especially when cutting metal products).
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Maintenance Patriot RS-808:
  • Ventilation holes need to be cleaned from dust every time after operation.
  • Replace the saw s-canvas as wear (corrosion, deformation).

The main malfunctions and their elimination

The main malfunctions of the Patriot RS-808:

  1. The saw does not turn on. Reason: there is no voltage in the network, wear of carbon brushes. Elimination: replace the brushes and check the voltage in the network and the integrity of the cable.
  2. Stop instrument during operation. Reason: biting, canvases, wear of brushes. Elimination: turn off the saw from the network, disconnect and free the canvas, do not try to replace the brushes.
  3. Overheating of the saw. Reason: winding burn, lack of lubrication, excessive load. Elimination: regularly use lubricants and change the mode of operation of work.

Video assessment of work

Overview of the Patriot RS-808 Saber Saw

Reviews of the owners

Alexander, Kazan:

“Not the most popular tool, but I have one too. I bought, as they say. But seriously, sometimes it helps. With their help, he drank grooves under the UGs in the frame. For our realities, unfortunately, the tool will not be the most used. This is more likely for the United States and therefore at home through a framework. It makes sense to buy if you work with small details, wood and plastic. There are no complaints about the work, but most of the year the saw is idle. I have only read good reviews about them. “

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