Description of the Patriot PT chainsaw 2512. Use and maintenance instructions. Owner reviews

Description of the Patriot PT chainsaw 2512. Use and maintenance instructions. Owner reviews

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The Patriot PT 2512 chainsaw is a device with low performance for woodworking in the household. The saw has a wel l-balanced focus and can also be used in height. The tool is suitable for cutting firewood, construction work with wood, repairs in the household, such as: B. the construction of wooden fences. A chainsaw can also be used for thinning bushes and trimming branches.

Patriot PT 2512 chainsaw

The Patriot 2512 chainsaw engine is a petrol-in-cylinder two-stroke engine. Engine power 1000 W. The continuous duration of the chainsaw is 30-40 minutes. The Patriot chainsaw has the following properties:

  • balanced focus;
  • Vibration damping system;
  • Shield to avoid damage;
  • Simple start of the engine;
  • Automatic chain lubrication;
  • Protection against overheating and corrosion;
  • Light weight and maneuverability.
Technical properties of the Patriot 2512 chainsaw:
  • Tire length 30 cm;
  • Chain division 3/8 inches;
  • Circulation of the engine 25 cm3;
  • Oil tank – 200 ml;
  • Fuel tank – 300 ml;
  • Weight – 2.9 kg.

The manufacturer grants a 12 month guarantee on the tool.

Basic equipment, equipment, assembly

Basic equipment of the Patriot 2512 chainsaw:

  • framework;
  • Lever;
  • Tires, chain, chain wheel;
  • Silencer;
  • Chainsaw manual, guarantee card.

Assembly and production of the Patriot 2512 chainsaw: China.

Use and maintenance instructions

Rules for the operation of the Patriot PT 2512 chainsaw:

  • It is recommended to only operate a chainsaw in suitable equipment – face mask, gloves, special clothing;
  • It is not recommended to switch on the chainsaw in the rain.
  • Keep the device away from children and sources of fire;
  • Hold the chainsaw when cutting with both hands to avoid setbacks and injuries.
  • Use the shoulder strap for easier handling.

Patriot PT 2512 chainsaw

Maintenance of the chainsaw Patriot PT 2512:

  • Before starting work – adjust the carburetor after the factory, drive in, set;
  • Regular – visual control, cleaning;
  • Once a month – cleaning of the air filter, cleaning / replacing the spark plug;
  • once every six months – carburetor setting;
  • if necessary – chain voltage, oil filter change, chain change.
Autumn grape processing

The main disorders of the Patriot PT 2512 and their elimination

  1. Bad tire quality. Reason: worn out, must be replaced. Remedy: sharpen the chain or replace old chain with new ones.
  2. Switch off after switching on. Reason: clogged filter, soot on the candle. Remedy: Clean the filter and clean the spark plug or replace the spark plug.
  3. The engine overheated. Reason: oil deficiency. Remedy: keep an eye on the oil level.

Video consultation of the work

This is how the Patriot PT 2512 chainsaw works

Cutting a tree with a Patriot 5212 saw

Review of Patriot PT 2512

Owner reviews

Oleg, Astrachan:

“The patriot saw is Chinese, so you don’t have to wait for sky-high performance, but it works quite well for the budget. The outer design is taken over by the Japanese Zenoa. To avoid problems with the system, I would recommend starting with a closed flap before the flash appears. As soon as the flash appears, you can open it, step on the gas and work. It also works well in high idling.

Disadvantages: weak housing, not very good plastic.

Plus points: Patriot cuts well, works without any problems.

Remember that the minimum share of oils for such saws is 1:25 or 1:30, since 1:50 does not work for a Husqvarna, otherwise it will quickly break.

Overview of the Patriot PT chainsaw 2512. Maintenance, advantages and disadvantages of the model. Main disorders and elimination

The Patriot PT 2512 chainsaw is a universal household tool with a petrol engine, the power of which is 1000 watts. SAW Patriot PT 2512 refers to household chainsaws with low performance that are used in the household, harvest firewood and carry out simple sawing of wooden objects, boards and beams. Most often used for the care of fruit trees, for example for cutting dry branches or for thinning the crown.

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The Patriot chainsaw engine is an air-cooled two-stroke petrol engine. Its performance is 1.3 hp. The saw is ideal for those who cannot work with massive, heavy tools. However, new copies of residual chargers from some online shops are still being sold from production.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Patriot PT chainsaw 2512

  • The chainsaw is light, has a small size;
  • Ideal for working at home;
  • Has low costs;
  • Comfortable and agile.
  • discontinued;
  • The chain must be stretched after each use.

Basic equipment

Montageland: China.

Basic equipment chainsaw Patriot PT 2512:

  • Tires;
  • Chain;
  • Part of the structure with the engine and fuel tank;
  • Instructions, guarantee, cardboard packaging.

Optionally, it can be equipped with work gloves (at the choice of the supplier).

Technical characteristics

The most important technical parameters of the petrol chainsaw Patriot PT 2512:

  • There is an automatic chain lubrication function;
  • Tires 30 cm;
  • Displacement 23 ccm;
  • Oil tank – 200 ml;
  • Fuel tank – 200 ml;
  • Chain in 3/8 “division;
  • Chain with 44 limbs;
  • Tire groove 1.3 mm;
  • Chainsaw weight 2.9 kg;
  • Guarantee time – 12 months.

Use and maintenance instructions

The owner of the Patriot PT 2512 chainsaw must comply with the following rules for the operation and maintenance of the tool:

  • After assembling the chainsaw, read the operating instructions and the safety regulations for working with the chainsaw carefully;
  • Use only branded oils with high viscosity and a fuel mixture in a ratio of 1:30 or 1:40;
  • Monitor the degree of the chain tension and tighten it in time to avoid overheating the tire and sawing in poor quality.
  • Work with a chainsaw only on open areas, on the street, outdoors;
  • The prepared fuel mixture can be stored for up to 4 weeks, after which it is recommended to produce a fresh mixture.
  • It is recommended to work with the patriot chain saw in fabric gloves that suppress the vibration of the tool, as well as in closed clothing and a plastic mask that protects the saw owner’s eyes from sawdust.
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Main disorders and their elimination

Malfunctions of the Patriot PT 2512 chainsaw:

  1. The saws stand still during operation. Reason: A carburetor adjustment is required; Poor gasoline, a small amount of oil in the mixture, the fuel filter is closed, or the fuel pump is faulty.
  2. There are intense vibrations, unusual noise. Reason: You need to adjust the carburetor. Perhaps the chain is swept or weakened and needs to stretch and stand up.
  3. The saw picks it up in the saw material with great difficulty, it makes a saw. Reason: weakening, closing the chain.

Video consultation of the work

How the Patriot PT 2512 saws the chainsaw

Reviews of the owners

Semyon, Zhytomyr:

“To be honest, a saw like that worked for me for five years. After five years of operation, I had to part with the tool, since the fasteners gradually began to get out of the oil pump on shots during sawing, I decided to replace it with a new and working tool.

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