Description of the Patriot PT 5220 Imperial Chainsaw. Instructions for instructions and maintenance. Reviews of the owners

Patriot 5220

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Advantages: An excellent model has been working free and at least something for 20 days.

Disadvantages: Oil for the tire eats a lot, even though we have replaced it through the Rosia M8 and much cheaper.

Advantages: powerful, drain fast, cool equipment, pric e-anism.

Comment: I took the area to reproduce the territory, I liked it very much, the long tire allows you to see the trees thicker without taking the sawing. And the fact that you write is difficult – so the weight cannot be felt – the tire and the chain work, there is no need to add efforts – this is nothing to do, the saw itself does everything why you relax. It starts easily, not blurred with petrol. I think the density is not appropriate for the saw, the model is very well thought out.

Advantages: powerful, reliable, irresistible in operation. It comes quickly.

Disadvantages: With a larger petrol volume, petrol does not produce.

Comment: Dub fell in a band of almost 70 cm. He cut everything that was necessary for the household. It even had to cut the wooden track sleepers. In general, there is no limit for this saw. The main thing is to make the chain sharp. The cut quickly and without problems.

Advantages: simple and reliable.

Disadvantages: paper air filter. Just clean a compressor.

Comment: Work in the forest, 4-6 tanks petrol every day, a 38 cm tire, a chain of 64 limbs installed.

Advantages: Now, Patriot 5220 Imperial, with a metal side cover, the saw has become more balanced, the gas lever has become more massive and convenient, pleased to descend.

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Disadvantages: There were doubts because I recorded a completely new device for which there were no reviews, although the previous version of the saw has proven to be very good.

Comment: We are awarded for this money, SAW, this is the power of a large length of the tire, the quality of the execution and reliability.

Advantages: a really powerful saw.

Comment: I bought it in the online shop two and a half years ago. Since then she has been working constantly in winter and summer – Brevna, including along, boards and humps, including packs, kernels, etc. The saw has seen it herself, it just has to be kept so that it does not go. Its considerable weight (almost 7 kg with a full dressing) is a big plus. After stopping in a month later to move it in a month, I stopped noticing the “additional” kilograms. Cutting branches and branches from the trunks – no effort has to be attached in a movement. I bought chains at the same time because they are dull when they contact the sand pretty quickly. The engine begins in the second or third jerk in winter, works without complaints because it does not save oil. It is simply in maintenance, every dirt can easily clean while you do it in time and don’t wait until I have entered

It gets dirty with mud, then nothing comes in – the main thing is to respect the tool that you work and not be lazy to serve it. I drank five five, during the entire working time there was never the desire to buy something easier or just something else.

Advantages: great saw and even more at this price. Easy to clean. It works like a watch. Hot starts from the fly with weight. Comfortable handles. It sucks everything.

Disadvantages: When cold, start a little attempt. A great consumption of chain oil, at least it seemed to me. It is necessary to get a discount on the fact that this is my first saw.

Comment: My first chainsaw, I decided on reviews for a long time. The main criterion was the length of the tire of at least 40 cm and the price within 5,000. I am very satisfied with the saw, everything saw, from small joints to wooden trunks with a diameter of half a meter. I first accepted myself to harvest wooden trunks for inserts for a fence in the village. In the next forest he browned the oak trees. The saw was finished with a bang. Then he saw a willow and apple trees in the garden. The only thing he started to see a little shoot was too lazy to pass with an ax, almost flush with the floor and she started clogging with land and sawdust. At the same time, we have to pay tribute, it is easy to clean it, the oil is stable. While I decided, I read reviews and for the most part people write that the “local” chain is stupid. Everything is fine with this saw, the chain is sharpened and works for a long time without sharpening. A floor liter tank ends in about three with a penny of one hour of work, and the chain of the start “sets” when I drank 5-6 tanks in a few days. The chain is easy to place. The instruction is detailed. The assembly is produced qualitatively, the entire external plastic next to each other is close together, nothing is nowhere. As a result, the purchase is very pleased. So far I have only used on vacation. If there are changes in the course of the company, climb and write, but at the moment I’m satisfied with everything.

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Disadvantages: Like the starter itself, the starter cover is made of plastic, which is not reliable.

Comment: It is not badly seen that the tire cover is not made qualitative.

Advantages: powerful. Even with a significant sowing chain, both dry and “fresh” trees saw without problems.

Disadvantages: heavy. For small work, trees and branches in the garden, it is better to choose the option easier. It starts a little hard with the cold. I think the decompressor would be appropriate as on the stem.

Comment: This is my fourth bought saw. Benzinkonsum is great. In front of her he thought that there was only Shtil and Khuskvarna, but this saw forced to look at her with respect. Despite the subjective defects, I recommend a cup saw. I liked it very much.

Advantages: power, tire length. It eats a tree perfectly for the entire length of the tire. I have an inflammatory filter from a plastic network. The kit was serrated, although it is not specified in the configuration of the saw or in the description in the locations.

Disadvantages: As far as I am concerned, a little difficult. Loud – it is difficult to speak to someone while working. If you fill out on the right side – adjust it; They fill themselves on the left – it saws perfectly in a horizontal level, but it is not so comfortable and they cannot crawl low.

Advantages: powerful, work pleasure.

Comment: I bought it in the fall, cleared an abandoned site, sawed trees and sawed them into small firewood. The animal is a saw. The set includes a saw, a separate tire with a chain, a separate fuel tank, keys, screwdrivers, glasses, gloves. Assembling the saw took a few minutes, nothing complicated. A saw with depreciation, it is not difficult to work, do not look at the weight, because when you work it goes along the tree, you do not get tired. I recommend yes satisfied.

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Cons: weak chain cover studs and a plastic starter cover, but they say they already make metal

Comment: It has been working for the fifth year, I have changed 2 chains during this time, the tavern is worth it, an excellent saw, I recommend

Plus points: hell machine, breaks everything, good vibration dampener, hands don’t tremble after work. The handles are comfortable, good build quality. Nylon mesh air filter does not require replacement and special care, washed and neat. The weight of the saw does not interfere, the bar will be heavier)))

Cons: the native chain is utter nonsense, it stretches like an elastic from panties, it has already been pulled up three times, although it did not bring much. Immediately bought a chain in reserve.

Comment: The overall impression of the saw is very positive, it is pleasant to work with. It doesn’t start the first time, it flooded the spark plug a couple of times, I don’t know if it’s because of that or not dumping gas for storage (I usually use the saw on weekends). A little chain oil seeped through the filler plug, now it’s gone by itself. Gasoline consumption on the third tank has become much less, it can roll. I hope that in the future the saw will delight with its buzz.

Detailed specifications

General properties



Further information

Description of the Patriot PT 5220 Imperial Chainsaw. Instructions for instructions and maintenance. Reviews of the owners

Description of the Patriot PT 5220 Imperial chainsaw. Use and maintenance manual. owner reviews

Recommendation: 100%



The Patriot 5220 Imperial chainsaw is a semi-professional device with a power of 2500 W (4 HP). The chainsaw is designed for medium and intensive loads, it is used for sawing logs with a diameter of up to 50 cm, trimming large branches, trimming bushes, and construction work with wood. This model is easy to start, but it belongs to heavy saws, the weight of which exceeds 6 kg.

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The Patriot 5220 chainsaw engine is an air-cooled two-stroke petrol engine, like other units in the range. The displacement of the engine is 52 cubic meters. see oil tank capacity 260 ml, gas tank capacity 550 ml.
  • Description of the technical characteristics of the Patriot PT 5220 chainsaw:
  • tire length 50 cm;
  • noise level 114 dB;
  • weight 7.55 kg;
  • quick start function;
  • number of chain links 76;
  • spark plug type L7T;

Chainsaw dimensions 430x270x300 mm.

basic equipment

Country of manufacture and assembly of the Patriot pt 5220 Imperial chainsaw: China.

  • Basic equipment and possible additional equipment of the Patriot saw:
  • case with starter;
  • Silencer;
  • saw bar, front sprocket, chain;
  • air filter;
  • front and rear handles;
  • Mechanism for fixing the tire to the body;
  • chain tensioner;
  • Canisters for mixing oil and petrol;
  • tire cover;
  • protective gloves;
  • Glasses;
  • Screwdriver;

universal key.

Use and maintenance manual

The owner of the chainsaw is obliged to control the condition of the tool: a lack of lubricant leads to rapid tire wear and engine overheating. For refueling it is recommended to use semi-synthetic oil for two stroke engines of the Patriot or another brand with similar characteristics. Gasoline: AI-92. The ratio of oil and fuel: 1:25.

It is forbidden to pour a mixture of gasoline and oil into the gas tank for chain lubrication !!

  • Rules for safe operation of the Patriot 5220 chainsaw:
  • You can not smoke near the dressing and the operation of the device.
  • The owner is obliged to use protective equipment when working with a chainsaw.
  • Operation of the device is allowed with full serviceability and the presence of lubricants.

It is forbidden to throw a chainsaw on the ground during work.

  • Maintenance Patriot PT 5220 Imperial:
  • Inspection, external cleaning and lubrication of the chain are carried out regularly.
  • An inspection of the spark plug, cleaning of the air filter are carried out monthly.
  • The carburetor adjustment is done at the factory and made again by the owner after the run.
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The fuel filter is cleaned as needed, the chain tension is also checked.

The main malfunctions and their elimination

  1. The main malfunctions of the Patriot PT 5220 Imperial Chainsaw:
  2. Bad sawing, the tire moves with difficulty. Reason: The chain has worn out, the replacement is required. Elimination: The chain can be sharpened or replaced when the time comes.
  3. The chainsaws stand up immediately after switching on. Reason: an air filter has become clogged, there is soot on a candle, or a candle is unsuitable. Removal: Clean the filter and remove the soil from the candle or its replacement.

The chainsaw motor is overheated. Reason: lack of oil. Elimination: Oil level monitoring.

Video overview of the patriot PT 5220 Imperial Chainsaw.

Overview of the Patriot RT 5220 Imperial chainsaw

Test launch of the chain saw Patriot RT 5220 Imperial from the owner

Cut the logs of the Patriot RT 5220 chainsaw

Reviews of the owners

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