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Pros: strong enough, tires 45 cm, price?, metal seems nothing.

Cons: The plastic case of the starter made of dry brittle plastic, shattered to dust in the first hours of operation, shattered after releasing from a hit with the starter handle. I bought another starter for 500 ruble s-15% of the cost of the saw, how much do you think. The plastic piece with the teeth broke again in the starter, the nylon cord broke out of engagement. I made one of two starters and this one broke. I do not recommend.

Comment: The plastic housing of the starter, made of dry, brittle plastic, shattered to dust in the first hours of operation, shattered after being released by a blow from the starter handle. I bought another starter for 500 ruble s-15% of the cost of the saw, how much do you think. The plastic piece with the teeth broke again in the starter, the nylon cord broke out of engagement. Made one out of two appetizers

Pros: Power. engine reliability

Disadvantages: oil pump drive and pump itself

Comment: Purchased October 17, 2007. Worked hard and hard. half a year later he replaced the starter (there was some kind of spring, put an ordinary one – more understandable when starting). Compression at start shows that the engine is in excellent condition. The weak point is the oil pump drive (plastic gear), which fails if the pump itself jams. A spare gear is included in the spares kit, but unless you figure out the reason the installed gear failed, there’s no point. Drive splines are deleted immediately after starting. Would I buy this manufacturer again? probably not. Spare parts and service in Moscow are expensive.

Advantages: Starts immediately, runs smoothly. Doesn’t stick. Bought on sale, happy with the purchase.

Disadvantages: Gasoline consumption is high, but performance is not low

Disadvantages: huge fuel and oil consumption, non-working protection mechanisms, constant weakening of the chain

Comment: In general, they asked me to drink this miracle from my mother-in-law. In general, I bought a Husqvarna for a summer residence, and my father-in-law had this miracle in the garage. In short, it’s like changing from a regular car to a broken VAZ. Like and rides, better than on foot, but.

Minitor Rusich T240. Review, features, equipment

First, the chain tension is constantly decreasing. Campaign, the screws don’t hold at all, well tightened, especially after 3 times. Secondly, I spent 1.5 liters of fuel. My own would suffice for this volume of 0.5. Where does such gluttony come from – I do not understand. It didn’t seem to smell like gasoline, meaning it wasn’t leaking, but it was eating. Finally, there is no protection against kickback. Only she is put and blocks the circuit if necessary, it is clear that it will not work. Perhaps, of course, such a copy was caught. I did the work

The mother-in lute is satisfied, but I do not recommend this unit for anyone.

Comment: The starting mechanism broke on the day of purchase, the cable swept up.

Pros: It starts well, soft

Comment: I bought a saw to clear the site on the banks of the forest in the forest. In use I have a saw that has used Husqvarna 51 for 12 years and was very satisfied. But I decided to buy an inexpensive PTRIOT PT 4518 saw, so to speak, for comparison and did not regret it. From January to March, two saws cleared a 30-acre property, a forest on the property of deciduous, birch, aspen, linden. Birch trees up to 75 cm in diameter. The Patriot worked for all 5+, but the old lady Husqvarna 51 was moody at times. It is difficult to judge by the volume of the sawn forest, I can say that 20 liters of gasoline were spent over the entire period of work. I’m very happy with the saw, now I’m thinking of ordering with a tire of 20. “I recommended to all my friends. I see no reason to buy an expensive saw and overpay for the brand.

Pros: inexpensive, good with any weather.

Cons: The quality of the materials, oil to lubricate the chain leaks.

Comment: Suitable for amateur use, having seen the firewood, I take it to nature. The logs saw easily at half power. I liked the mechanism of pulling the saw.

Advantages: work without discomfort, convenient, affordable price.

Comment: I can’t get enough, still excited

Advantages: price, assembly quality, equipment

Comment: the equipment and the quality of quality pleased, there is enough power, it starts perfectly)))

Comment: I bought it on the 10th and started half a round. The entire design is a rubbish!! The chain immediately swept (left) brake on the plastic starter itself, it crashed almost immediately. Kit in the worst sense of the word Now I bought brands China more expensive by 1 t .R. Less powerful but it works.

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Pros: Good equipment. Started with no problems. The 4518 model itself is not new, I chose based on reviews and experience. I took it for 5,200 – I’m taking a great discount!

Cons: I recommend replacing the chain, but so far it will serve as well. The tire is not Oregon as in the description of the product.

Comment: A present for a brother in the village. I appreciated it as worthy for home use. It uses the third month.

Pros: Good build quality for a semi-professional saw.

High strength, does not stick in wood.

The set of cutting gloves and glasses.

Good tire metal.

The oil constitution hole does not clog.

Cons: A file not suitable for sharpening a full chain (although they may not have been placed).

There are no headphones in the kit.

Comment: Bought in 2012 for unrefined wood saws. About 10-12 cubic meters of birch, no complaints. The quality of the plastic that everyone is complaining about is not much inferior to other inexpensive models. The safety brake works well and starts excellently. After running (a few hours of work is not in full power), it is necessary to adjust the supply of fuel and oil, otherwise the overspending will be very large. Try to adjust the oil supply so that it ends at the same time as the fuel (the more oil the oil – the less the supply). The high speed maximum is slightly lower than the “whistle” songer. Low Revolutions – The lower the better, the lower the consumption.

Pros: Good saw, light, recently purchased. You will not lose light color in the grass.

It starts easy, a set of tools, Rem. Forced to use a container for mixing oil and gasoline with risks, strains in a lung at half power

Disadvantages: never started. As a precaution, I changed spark plugs. Don’t start with XXKA!

Comment: Order no. 1706-100101-04641 from June 25, 2017 not recommended

Advantages: powerful, reliable, easy to start, good price-performance ratio. To harvest firewood, that’s it. I can definitely recommend it.

Disadvantages: great experience, no disadvantages found

Plus points: quick saws. The chain is sharp. Good equipment. Easy to start.

Disadvantages: cheap plastic. The chain eats a lot of oil.

Motoblock champion VC1193. Review of the model, its characteristics, reviews for work and video

Comment: I bought it to replace a similar one, with the old the brake blown and thus the body. In the village it was driven in idle for 50 minutes, then into the battle. I have a bunch of fruit trees, lazy pens, pears, apple trees, birch trees in the garden. Then many birch trees sawed after ice rain. In my opinion, the native of the chainsger sawed a lot and saw on. You put the saw on a tree trunk and then just hold on, you don’t have to press at all. It was a shame to give 20,000 for Husqvarna, and the Patriot took it for 5. I am very satisfied with the price-performance ratio (after 5 times use). I wonder what will happen to her after 5 years, so I will definitely add a review. The box contains beautiful gloves, glasses, a wrench, a screwdriver, a canister for the mixture, a file. If you handle it carefully, the saw will serve (I hope). About the defects: the oil supply controller is turned over, the oil still flows out very quickly (but does not drip). The choke does not keep open, sometimes it closes when starting. The plastic and the network switch look flimsy.

Advantages: comfortable handle, chain brake, powerful.

Disadvantages: heavy, insatiable in oil and petrol, including bad chain.

Comment: I bought it in addition to the Interskol electrical saw, which is 10 years old and works, and you don’t get far with the wire! I immediately advise you to buy a chain from a Husqvarna chainsaw (it costs about 1000 rubles), the native chain has stretched and became dull in a few weeks. The saw itself is very voracious with oil and gasoline, only be careful when petrol leaves something, it is also very difficult – you quickly get tired! You always touch the switch to switch on during the sawing process. It starts very cleverly, I did not understand it immediately. First of all, you have to pull out the choke and switch on the tipping switch, pull the handle with a slight movement and let the saw “jump”, then throw off the choke and restart without resting, again, But easily pull out.

Advantages: It starts in any weather, regardless of whether it is +30 o r-20 cold I have taken a cheap for 4300 rubles.

Disadvantages: The quality of the materials, the oil for lubricating the chain is leaking, but for me this is not critical, I still fill in mining.

Comment: A normal saw for this money, she saw the seventh year, honestly, I didn’t expect such reliability, some friends were shocked, one had a calm flight, the other had a macit during this time (I use It for more than 6 years), of course, not professionally at a wooden slap just because I strike firewood every year. I have oven heating in the house, but what building materials, trees on the premises, and of course I take fishing, grilling, tents and all of this with.

Detailed specifications

General properties



Further information

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Fuel tank contents 0.55 l Oil tank contents 0.26 l scope of delivery tire (Oregon chain wheel with 4 rivets), chain (oregon), file for chain sharpening, metal comb, mixed container, rem. Starter kit weight 6.5 kg

Overview of the Patriot PT 4518 chainsaw. Motor parameter, purpose, advantages and disadvantages of the model

Patriot Imperial PT-4518 is a popular model of a chain petrol saw with an average performance resource. It refers to the chainsaws of domestic purposes, but can be classified according to sem i-professional models. The power of the chainsaw engine is 2100 watts so that you can use this tool to build wood structures trees crown.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the chainsaw patriot
  • Increased electricity resource compared to other household chainsaws of the Patriot lin e-up;
  • The presence of an automatic backup brake – minimizes the emergency situations when the chain slides during the saw.
  • By automatic oil supply of the chain, this function saves the owner time to recharge your fuel and lubricant.
  • The increased volume of the fuel tank enables you to use the saw longer without switching off.
  • affordable price;
  • A 45 cm long tire makes it possible to use a chainsaw for the processing of large protocols.
  • In this model of the chainsaws, the length of the tire and the housing is perfectly balanced. It is useful to keep the tool on the handles.
  • Some owners in the ratings of this model determine the fragility of the plastic of the chainsaw body;

The imperial PT-4518 Patriot cannot work long on gasoline or oil of low quality. The tool engine reacts to inferior fuel.

Basic equipment

  • The settings of the chainsaw patriot Imperial PT-4518:
  • SAW part (chain, tires);
  • Corp part (with engine, gas tank and oil tank);
  • Handbook on the instrument;
  • Guarantee document;
  • universal key to assembling a chainsaw;

Packaging box.

Brand Country “Patriot”: USA. Model meeting country: China.

Technical characteristics

  • Description of the technical parameters, options and properties of the chainsaw patriot Imperial PT-4518:
  • The volume of the cylinder of the chainsaw engine is 45 cubic meters;
  • The chain step is 0.325 inches;
  • The chain has a connection thickness of 1.5 mm;
  • The number of chain members is 72;
  • Fuel tank – 550 ml;
  • Oil tank – 260 ml;
  • The tire has a length of 45 cm;
  • The weight of the chainsaw patriot imperial PT-4518 is 6.5 kg;
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The duration of the guarantee service is 12 months.

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Instructions for instructions and maintenance

  • According to the instructions for the owner, the chainsaw of the Patriot Imperial PT-4518 must be used as follows:
  • Before assembling the chainsaw, read the description of the components of the structure, collect the chainsaw according to the manual and ensure that all parts of the saw are securely connected.
  • Before the start, pour a mixture of oil and petrol into a ratio of 1:30 in a fuel tank;
  • Use gasoline and oil only of high quality and the first freshness, do not refuel the chainsaw with cheap materials, as this leads to the quick wear of the engine.

After each use, pull the chain with the side tensioner.

The main disorders and their elimination

  1. Possible malfunctions that the owner of the Kettensaw Patriot Imperial PT-4518 can meet:
  2. The chainsaw started to “drink” a lot of gas, but the oil is not consumed economically. Reason and elimination: Check the tank for oil leaks, set the carburetor in all operating modes, use hig h-quality lubricant, check the condition of the fuel filter if necessary and replace it.

The saw started to see worse. Reason and elimination: a chain has become boring or persistent; Perform the chain, the sharpening of the limbs or the replacement of the chain.

Video consultation of the work

Owner reviews

Oleg, Jagotyn:

“The Patriot chainsaw is good, compared to reviews of other“ imperials ”and personal experience, I really like them. Satisfied with the quality of work and performance. My subjective opinion is that a chainsaw should not have a power below 2000 W, then the labor productivity increases, and everything goes much faster.

I have been using my patriot chainsaw for over two years. The guarantee period has expired, but so far there have been no failures.

Advantages: I bought at a ridiculous price, I don’t even remember how much I paid, but I sure remember it wasn’t enough. I exchanged the chain once during my work, now I am still working on the old one, once sharpened it. I mainly use it in the garden and in the forest when I get firewood.

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