Description of the chainsaw patriot PT 3816. Instruction and maintenance instructions. Reviews of the owners

Description of the chainsaw patriot PT 3816. Instruction and maintenance instructions. Reviews of the owners

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The Patriot Ptriot PT (Patriot PT) 3816 is a popular chainsaw model for domestic use. The saw is ideal for use in a summer house, in the garden and for sawing trunks with medium and small diameter, harvesting wood and firewood for winter.

Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw

Patriot PT 3816’s chainsaw is equipped with a petro l-two petting engine, a single cylinder, a capacity of 1,500 watts (2 hp). The volume of the engine cylinder is 38 cubic meters, the volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 310 ml, the volume of the tank for lubricating the tire and the chain 210 ml.

The main advantages of this model patriot are as follows:
  • Ant i-vibration system;
  • balanced focus;
  • Fast access to the spark plug, air filter;
  • Automatic lubrication of the chain;
  • Practical and convenient for domestic use due to low weight.

Technical features of the chainsaw patriot PT 3816

  • The function of the automatic lubrication of the chain;
  • Tire length 40 cm;
  • Chain step 3/8 “;
  • The number of members in the chain is 57;
  • Chainsaw weight – 4.9 kg;
  • Guarantee period – 12 months (official guarantee from Patriot).

Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw

Basic equipment, equipment

The basic configuration Patriot RT 3816 contains:

  • Chainsaw housing;
  • Silencer;
  • Tires, chain, front star;
  • User instructions, guarantee;
  • Control lever, starter;
  • Chain tensioner;
  • Chain brake;
  • Repair ring.

Some shops also align the chainsaw with the following components:

  • a container for the production of the fuel mixture;
  • Screwdriver;
  • universal key;
  • Protective cover;
  • Safety goggles;
  • The shoulder strap for work with a chainsaw at height.

Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw instructions and maintenance instructions

The operating instructions of the chainsaw patriot PT 3816 contains important information about the attitude and principles of work for the owner. It is advisable to save the manufacturer’s manufacturer’s manufacturer throughout the entire period of running, ie about 5 working hours. After driving in, you may be able to adjust the carburetor independently. The description of the setting of the chainsaw patriot is also given in the instructions.

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Basic rules for the safe operation of the Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw saw:
  • The petrol station of the petrol station should be removed from fire, gas and sparks.
  • Petrol and oil must be mixed in part of 1:25 according to the guide to the instrument.
  • When working with a chainsaw, use protection – mask, headphones, glasses, feasts;
  • Use a protective cover for a tire when transporting a chainsaw.
  • If you never work longer than time, don’t let the engine overheat.

The first start of the Chainsaw Patriot 3816

Maintenance Patriot PT 3816:
  • Inspect the device regularly after work;
  • Follow the condition of the chain, eliminate the irregularities in the chain in good time or carry out your exchange.
  • Lubrication oil should be constantly present in the crankcase;
  • They adapt the carburetor once a year.
  • The chain is pulled as needed, clean the filters and replace the candle.

The main misalignments of the Patriot PT 3816 and their elimination

The main malfunctions of the Patriot rt 3816 chainsaw:

  1. The saw does not start or stops. Cause: clogged filters, poor fuel quality. Remedy: clean filter, check spark plug, quality fuel.
  2. Poor cutting quality, “tight” tire tread. Cause and remedy: The chain is damaged, the chain needs to be replaced or the notches need to be filed.

Video review of work

Overview of the Patriot rt 3816 chainsaw

Tips from the owner of the Patriot rt 3816 chainsaw

owner reviews

Aidar, Kaliningrad:

“I have had a Patriot saw like this since 2012. Probably sawed a total of 120 cubes with it. Around the fifth year of operation, the starter broke and had to be replaced. BUT this is nothing compared to chain replacement. I have changed many chains, I suppose at the beginning of the operation when there was no experience and nobody was there to tell me if I was doing something wrong. I like the Patriot chainsaw. I bought it for 4 thousand rubles, it’s good, worth the money and I’ve long since paid for it.

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Overview of the Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw. Engine parameters, purpose, advantages and disadvantages of the model

The Patriot rt 3816 chainsaw is a domestic chainsaw model equipped with a 1500 watt petrol engine. The Patriot pt 3816 chainsaw engine is an air-cooled two-stroke engine with a volume of 38 cc. Distinctive features of this model: the presence of a chain brake and an anti-vibration system. The purpose of this model is household, the main scope of its application is cutting branches, thinning the crown of trees, harvesting firewood, sawing logs with a diameter of up to 40 cm.

Babaker Patriot RT 3816

Pros and cons of the Patriot pt 3816 chainsaw

Advantages of the Patriot pt 3816 chainsaw model:

  • suitable chain saw for household use, light daily work in the garden;
  • balanced design, easy operation;
  • a 40 cm long pole, suitable for cutting even large logs;
  • the ability to use a chainsaw independently of energy sources (you can take the tool with you to the forest to prepare firewood);
  • low cost considering the developed capacity;
  • Reliability, low failure rate.

Disadvantages of the Patriot pt 3816:

  • the presence of gasoline fumes, the chainsaw should not be operated indoors without ventilation;
  • loud noises during operation.

basic equipment

Patriot rt 3816 chainsaw assembly country: China.

Basic equipment of the tool:

  • Manual;
  • warranty card;
  • Chain;
  • Tires;
  • Key to collect the saw.

The full set of the product in online stores can be replenished at the discretion of the seller. The basic equipment can be changed by the manufacturer.

Technical characteristics

Description of the technical characteristics of the Patriot rt 3816 chainsaw:

  • power 1500 W / 2 HP;
  • tire 40 cm;
  • chain in 3/8″ pitch;
  • Chainsaw weight is 5.85 kg;
  • oil tank – 210 ml;
  • Gasoline tank – 310 ml;
  • Saw type – chain, portable;
  • Purpose – household.

Use and maintenance manual

Rules for the operation and maintenance of the Patriot pt 3816 chainsaw according to the manufacturer’s instructions:

  • Read the instruction manual before setting up and assembling the instrument.
  • fill the saw with a mixture of gasoline and oil in a ratio of 1:50;
  • Periodically clean the chainsaw from chips, monitor the condition of the chain, tire, oil and lubricant supply to the chain.
  • Safe use of the Patriot pt 3816 is done with cloth gloves and a face shield.
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Main malfunctions and their elimination

Opinions of the owners to the Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw are mainly commendable, but there are malfunctions that they can counter during the operation of the chainsaw patriot RT 3816.

  1. The saw begins to “drink” a lot of gasoline. Reason: Check the fuel tank and neck for cracks, damage, make sure that the gasoline on which the chainsaw works is of high quality and that the fuel mixture is produced in the correct ratio.
  2. Foreign sounds (noise) during operation, reduction in performance. Reason: A carburetor adjustment is required. Note: It is not recommended to set the carburetor independently while the saw is under guarantee.

Carburetor adjustment

In the event, when the guarantee has ended, it is possible to adapt the carburetor in the chainsaw itself, as this is necessary:

  • Take a saw, turn the adjusting screw from high and low revolutions on the stop. Screw it back and half;
  • Warm the saw for 5-10 minutes. Estress a single movement with a screw.
  • With the correct settings, the chain does not move along the tire when idling.

Video evaluation of the work patriot PT 3816

owner reviews

Vladimir, Boyar:

“I was very satisfied with the PYO patriot, I, as mentioned, took blind, I didn’t read reviews and was not particularly interested. I bought a patriot especially for a summer residence and my purchase, I think was highlighted as successful. He sang everything without problems, wood. I bought a tank for the fuel mix, the assembly and the gloves in an online shop together with the Patriot PT 3816 saw.

Advantages: The chainsaws can be started slightly, it works without errors. There has been more than a year in operation since the purchase.

Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw check. Motor parameters, purpose, advantages and disadvantages of the model

In general, I liked the PAT 3816 chainsaw. The operation is simple and quickly found out the instructions. Even in winter it starts perfectly. I use it for small work on the household: sawnwood, cutting knots, smaller repairs in the courtyard, repair the fence, scales. After a year and a half of the company there were problems with the piston, I had to change. Despite the collapse, the saw now works as before. Advantages: The Patriot is inexpensive, affordable, affordable, both in summer and winter work. Disadvantages: In my opinion, a fairly reliable attachment of the start mechanism is only on the plastic cover. It would be good if the bracket were metal. I was drawn with sel f-strength screws so that it doesn’t drop

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