Defeat the gasoline hedge trimmer or electric trimmer

Which trimmer is better gasoline or electric

In the past, a hand washcloth was used to take care of the garden or dacha. You could shred the grass, mow the lawn or do other work. However, the tool is not too convenient, it requires the application of serious effort, which quickly makes your hands tired. The manual net is unproductive, uncomfortable, and difficult to work with. It has been replaced by a more productive device for mowing the grass – a trimmer or motor net. There are a large number of models on the market. Depending on the type of performance, all tools are divided into two large categories – gasoline and electric.

Benzocos are equipped with internal combustion engines, which run on fuel, and electric motors. Structurally, they have many similarities. Each trimmer consists of an engine, a geared shaft, a working mechanism (coil), on which the cutting element (line or knife) is installed. What tool to choose for your farm? Gasoline or electric? Which one is better? Let’s try to find out!

Advantages and disadvantages of gasoline trimmers

Let’s start with the gasoline trimmer. Tools of this type work on the basis of the internal combustion engine. Mowers are equipped with 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. Two-stroke are more common, as they are cheaper and less fastidious in service.

Tools are bought for the care of spacious areas, for the garden, utility companies. Benzor cutters have a number of advantages for which they are very popular with buyers. Benzor cutter advantages:

  • The high performance of the electric unit provides the tool with excellent performance.
  • Mobility – the device is not connected to anything, you can not remove it from the settlements, too.
  • The design of gasoline cutters is more reliable;
  • Breit functionality – the trimmer is ready with tasks of any level of complexity, not only mows the grass, but also shoots, bushes;
  • Long continuous operation time professional models can work up to 8 hours.

There are also disadvantages, and there are quite a lot of them. First, it is the weight. Petrol ones are heavier than electric ones with the same performance, so your hands get tired faster during work. A manual starter is responsible for starting the engine in gasoline-powered trimmers. If it is cold outside, you may have problems with starting. Some manufacturers equip their models with an easy start system, which makes working with the tool much easier.

Benzotrimmers are required for maintenance. During operation, a carpet accumulates on the plug, making it difficult to start and operate the tool. In addition, it is necessary to constantly service the gearbox, check the degree of lubrication, clean the carburetor. If you do not adhere to the rules of operation and do not maintain the trimmer, it will not take long.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric trimmers

Electric trimmers are ideal for the home and household plot, small personal property. There are tools on sale with different power ratings. The cost of an electric motor trimmer is very affordable. Let’s consider the most important advantages and disadvantages of the technique.

  • Weight and size. Electric trimmers are lightweight and compact. Compared to gasoline units, they are much smaller. This gives the tools excellent maneuverability, the ability to penetrate into hard-to-reach places.
  • Easy maintenance. You only need to change the grease in the gearbox or replace the motor brushes a few times a year.
  • Lower operating costs. Electricity costs are lower compared to gasoline.
  • Costs are affordable. Prices for electric trimmers start at 1,500 rubles. A good, powerful tool can be bought for 5000 rubles.

It is worth emphasizing the low reliability of the tool. Electric trimmers are sensitive to critical loads and temperature fluctuations. Such units are not suitable for the care of plots of more than 15 acres, as they do not have a high performance. And another significant disadvantage is the adherence to the socket. The use of extension cords is required. There are of course cordless models, but you can work for an average of 30-60 minutes, they are expensive.

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Comparison according to the main characteristics

To independently determine which trimmer is better, electric or gasoline, you should analyze the most important technical properties and compare the most important parameters.

Autonomous operation

The gasoline trimmer is fully autonomous. It can work in various conditions, away from settlements, on plots and plantations for mowing hay. You just need to take enough oil and petrol and go to work where you want.

The electric tools are powered by the mains. Models have a short cable, so a reliable extension cord must be used. The wire will snag bushes, trees and other obstacles that interfere with the normal operation of the tool in the process. Do not operate the electric trimmer when it is raining. Moisture in the body can lead to a complex breakdown, as well as to injury.

Now a few words about the trimmer with batteries. Yes, you have your own charges, you can work autonomously for a while. Batteries will drain quickly. Even the most productive devices can’t run continuously for more than 90 minutes. Batteries take a long time to charge. To increase the comfort of the trimmer, you can stock up on a replacement battery. Keep in mind that not all models have removable batteries. Check this nuance before buying.

Power of an electric tool

The performance of power tools is measured in PS with electrical power in watts. This figure is directly proportional to price and weight. The power output of power tools ranges from 0.45 to 1.5 watts. Cordless models are equipped with a trimmer with low performance. Therefore, you should not expect high performance from them.

As for gasoline units, their power is a size higher. Units are available with engines from 0.7 to 5.4 hp. Such trimmers are more productive, they effectively cope with various shoots, including thick shoots, bushes, tall grass with thick stems and dead wood. The more powerful the tool, the heavier and more expensive it is. If you are not going to work with thickets for a long time, there is no point in overpaying for extra power.


An indicator of the tool’s efficiency is the number of turns the cutting element (line or blade) makes around its axis. The faster this element rotates, the sooner you can finish working with the mower on the construction site. According to this parameter, electric trimmers win, as their speed reaches 13,000 revolutions per minute, and petrol trimmers with the same power – from 11 to 12,000.

Ergonomics and mobility

The simplicity of the tool depends on the weight and size. Electric trimmers weigh less. They are more compact compared to gasoline units, as there are no tanks for working fluids. While the ice trimmer weighs about 9 kg, the electric trimmer weighs half as much.

When buying a tool, pay attention to the location of the engine. Not only comfort, but also the safety of work depends on it. Models with the top location can be used for mowing wet grass, and tools with the bottom are more ergonomic and productive, but they can only work with dry vegetation.

Tools with adjustable uprights are considered very convenient. Thus, the operator can adjust the height of the trimmer to his height. To evenly distribute the load, the design includes a belt device, which can be made in the form of a shoulder strap or backpack. The latter option is preferable, as in this case the load is evenly distributed on the shoulders and the operator’s body, the hands are free and are only responsible for the right direction.

Why choose cordless gardening equipment?

Noise in the working process

Electric motors are much quieter than internal ones. Let’s look at an example of two tools with the same output (600 watts). The noise level during operation of the gasoline trimmer is 103 dB, while the electric one is 89 dB. If you’re using units with a combustion engine for grass mowing, wear headphones to make your trimmer more comfortable.

Care and Storage

Benzos are more demanding. They must be cleaned regularly and oiled. The unit must also be operated before being sent to the garage for the winter:

  • Drain the remaining fuel-oil mixture;
  • Work out the remaining fuel so that the carburetor remains empty and clean.
  • Have the air filter checked;
  • Clean the spark plug and any other parts that are accumulated.

Store tools only in a dry, heated area. This applies to both electric and gasoline powered tools. Cold, moisture and frost can damage important components that are responsible for the power of the unit.

After the winter, be sure to have the tool diagnosed. Check the electric trimmer for damage in the mains cable, start it up and leave the unit idling.

Popular models and prices for you

The cost of the tool is among the most important selection criteria. The price range is in a fairly wide range. There are models of domestic and imported brands on the market. Trust the products of reliable manufacturers, regardless of which trimmer you buy, gasoline or electric.

Electric or gasoline: Which trimmer is better to choose and in what cases?

photo 1

Owners of large household plots sooner or later think about the purchase of a machine for cutting the grass.

If the standard lawnmower for some reason does not fit, you should choose a more compact and mobile device in the form of a trimmer.

And here the question arises – what trimmer is better, electric (electric mower Cosra) or gasoline (brushcutter, gasoline mower)?

To find the answer to this question, we will analyze:

  • The main parameters of the trimmer;
  • Peculiarities of maintenance of devices of different types;
  • The rules of trimmer use;
  • Suitability of trimmers for various jobs.

Basic parameter

photo 2

Here are the main parameters of such devices:

  • Type of engine;
  • Energy;
  • Weight;
  • Location of the motor;
  • Complete set of equipment.

Engine type

There are 3 types of engines:

  • Gasoline;
  • Electric mains;
  • Electric batteries.

Gasoline engines are characterized by maximum performance and full autonomy, so the trimmer with them can be used to work in any area, including those not connected to the network.

The disadvantages of engines of this type are:

  • loud sound, and in two-stroke engines this effect is more pronounced;
  • More complicated maintenance, including preparation for start-up;
  • This effect is noticeably stronger;
  • High fire hazard, as it requires a flammable liquid;
  • Heavy weight.

Electric mains motors are much quieter than gasoline engines and are also the cheapest. However, performance is limited by the capacity of the house network and the condition of the cable. The higher the capacity, the shorter the allowable cable length.

In addition, the cable often gets tangled underfoot and interferes with normal operation, and in particularly unfortunate cases can be wound around the blade or head of the trimmer.

Batteries of electricity are comparable to the electric network, but such a trimmer will weigh much more because of the power source that is in it. In addition, battery life is limited by the capacity of the power supply, which requires a connection to the mains to charge the battery. The trimmer of this type is more expensive than a mains-powered trimmer, but cheaper than a gasoline-powered one.

Autumn orchard spraying


This parameter is important if, in addition to mowing the grass near the house, you plan to use the trimmer for other works, i.e:

  • Mowing weeds and other large or dense weeds;
  • Mowing young shrubs and trees;
  • Vest i-Trimmen;
  • Tree pruning.

A minimum power requirement of 1.1 kW, which corresponds to 1.5 L., is required for pulling weeds. С. For other jobs, the lower output limit is 1.5-2 kW, which corresponds to 2-2.7 hp. С.


photo 3

This parameter is most important when the main user of the trimmer is a teenager or a woman, since the heavier it is, the harder it is to work with it.

In addition, the use of a gasoline trimmer means that the device is first placed on the floor, then installed and only then lifted and attached to the suspension.

If the brushcutter is not equipped with a suspension system, but a simple shoulder strap, it has to be lifted so high that it becomes more difficult to throw the strap over the shoulder, and the heavier the device, the more difficult it is to do this.

Engine placement

In all gasoline cutters, the engine is mounted on top, that is, on the opposite end (in relation to the cutting tool) of the drive shaft, this is due to the weight of the engine.

In such devices the engine is directly behind the operator, this means that the drive shaft plays the role of a lever, and the heavy turning unit on the short arm is compensated by the light cutting tool on the long arm.

Electric trimmers come in top- and bottom-mounted designs, and the lever rule applies here as well, but because of the low weight of the motor, a small arm near the handle is sufficient for normal operation.

However, the lower position of the motor has one significant disadvantage – such a device is not suitable for working with the saw blade and weed control.

After all, because of the large lever arm, the disk greatly increases the load on the operator’s hands, and the weight of the device is not enough to absorb the shocks and vibrations that arise during such work.

In addition, lower-engine trimmers often do not have a shoulder strap or suspension system, so the arm is formed by a movable handle, which means that the entire load falls on the operator’s hands, not the shoulders. Purchasing a suspension system eliminates this problem.

standard equipment

Often the same trimmer is sold in different complete sets, and the name is slightly changed, so immediately you need to assess the compliance of the complete set with the work for which you buy this device.

However, bottom-mounted power tools never come with a saw blade, as they are not designed to work with one. If a cutting tool is not available, but the tool is suitable for machining, it must be purchased at a separate cost.

Features of maintenance and operation

photo 4

Electric trimmers are much easier to service, as you only need to check the state of the contacts and lubricate the gearbox (only for units with a top-mounted engine).

The same applies to cordless trimmers.

However, gasoline units are much more difficult to service, since the air filters and carburetors need to be cleaned from time to time, and the valves and spark plug gaps need to be adjusted.

Kamaz-43253: description of the truck, technical and operational properties

Two-stroke brushcutters need to be topped up with a mixture of gasoline and oil before each use, and four-stroke engines require oil changes once a year.

However, before you start working with an electric trimmer, you must prepare and unwind the extension cord by pulling it around the area so that it does not interfere with movement, and after you have finished working – wind it up and put away the extension cord.

To start the gasoline trimmer, you must:

  • pour fuel or fuel mixture;
  • pump up the fuel;
  • switch the air damper to start mode;
  • Start the engine with the hand starter.
  • Set the air damper in the working position.

Which trimmer is better in different situations?

To determine which device is better, you need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of device in different situations, i.e:

  • mowing cultivated grass near the house;
  • mowing a large area near the house;
  • Mowing young growth of trees or shrubs;
  • mowing overgrown weeds and other dense weeds;
  • pruning trees;
  • cutting down trees;
  • comfort level;
  • suitable for women, the elderly, and teenagers.

Mowing cultivated grass near the house

Mowing small areas planted with cultivated grass does not require high engine power, but the noise level is important, since such work often has to be done early in the morning or late in the evening when the rest of the house is resting.

In such conditions, the electric mower with a bottom-mounted engine is the most effective, as its main disadvantages (low power and dependence on a power outlet) do not affect the efficiency of grass cutting.

At the same time, it has many advantages over its gasoline counterpart, namely:

  • it works almost silently;
  • does not smoke;
  • Does not require gasoline or grease for the gears;
  • very inexpensive;
  • Much lighter, so it is also suitable for women, teenagers or the elderly.

Mowing a large area near the house

photo 5

By a large area (one hundred square meters – 100 m 2) we mean an area of several mornings.

In such conditions, the performance of the trimmer comes to the fore, because the higher this parameter is, the less the load on it, and therefore the lower the probability of overload.

Increased performance is always associated with an increase in current, which leads to a greater voltage drop in the section between the socket and the motor, because the cable has a low, but ohmic resistance.

A cable without stranding, i.e. made of solid wires and with plugs/sockets, has a resistance of about 2 ohms over a length of 100 m, i.e. with a trimmer power of 2.2 kW the voltage drop above is almost 50 V.

Under such conditions, the voltage at the trimmer is only 170-180 V, i.e. there is no question of effective mowing. Thus, the efficiency of electric devices is influenced by the distance to the place of residence and the power of the engine.

In the case of a chain saw, the loud noise and unpleasant smell of exhaust gases are compensated by the long distance from the house, so of all the disadvantages can be noted only:

  • high price;
  • the need to use gasoline;
  • more complicated maintenance.

All this says one thing – the farther from the house and the larger the plot, the more advantages the lawnmower has.

Pruning young growth of trees or shrubs

The minimum capacity for such work is 2 kW. Using devices with a less powerful motor can lead to overheating and damage to the motor, which is the most expensive part of the entire device.

In addition, the saw blade can only be installed on an electric planer with a rear-mounted motor and a front-mounted gearbox.

Therefore, the main parameter that determines the choice of type of device is the distance from the socket. The farther away, the less efficient the electric filament due to the voltage drop on the cable.

Bauber - loader Komatsu WB93R 5EO - description and features

Cutting back thickets of weeds and dense, tight weeds

The minimum power for this job is 1.5 kW, and any type of device with a rear-mounted motor and a straight or curved shaft is suitable, since a two- or three-cutting blade is usually used as the cutting tool.

With this power and a cable length of 100 m, the voltage drop is 10-20 V, which means you can even use the electric grid. Therefore, when selecting the type of device, the distance from the nearest socket to the place of mowing should be taken into account. If it exceeds 150 m, it is better to give preference to a lawn mower.

Treetop .

photo 6

The minimum motor power for this process is 1.3 kW, so you can use both types of trimmers near the house.

The farther away from the outlet, the more advantages benzinger devices have, since they are not tied to the outlet.

However, most lawnmowers equipped with conventional carburetors are poorly suited for tree felling.

After all, the fuel system normally works only in the standard position, and for tree trimming you have to turn the trimmer by 90 degrees.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose such models of lawnmowers, the description of which states that they are suitable for trimming branches and are equipped with a special carburetor.

Cutting down trees

The minimum power to drill trees is 2 kW, so near the house (5-50 m) you can use both types of devices with a rear engine, as an electric mower with a front engine is not suitable for working with a hard disc.

Thus, there are the same limitations as in other jobs that require high motor power. In addition, only devices with a straight drive shaft, which is a forged rod rather than a rope, are suitable for tree drilling.

comfort level

In terms of comfort, electric devices are much better because they are:

  • noticeably lighter;
  • They are less noisy;
  • create less vibration;
  • They are easier to maintain.

Bottom-mounted electric models are even more comfortable than top-mounted units.

How suitable for women, the elderly and young people?

Gasoline models require a higher level of physical strength and dexterity to use safely, since the unit must be started on the ground. After that, it has to be put into operating mode and connected to the outboard system or put in a belt.

In addition, the use of power tillers involves filling them with gasoline or a mixture of fuel and oil, which is associated with unpleasant odors and marks on clothing. Therefore, women often choose an electric mower for aesthetic reasons.

For older or younger people, electric trimmers are also preferable, but in terms of fire safety. However, electric mowers are a source of increased risk of electric shock, and there is a risk of damaging the cord when mowing the grass carelessly.

Therefore, cordless devices are the safest, as they do not require connection to the in-house network, which means that all the risks associated with the risk of electric shock disappear.

video on the topic

In the video you can see a comparison of trimmers with two types of engines – electric and gasoline:

Conclusion .

Despite the fact that electric and gasoline trimmers are suitable for the same operations, it is possible to determine which one to choose only after taking into account many factors and checks.

Therefore, for some jobs, electric trimmers are more suitable, and other actions are preferable to perform with brushcuts.

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