Daewoo lawn mowers and tillers. Model reviews, videos and reviews

Daewoo lawn mowers and tillers. Model reviews, videos and reviews

Daewoo is the Korean giant in the production of cars and engines.

Not so long ago they began to expand their range of products and their range of garden equipment for various purposes.

A characteristic feature of all German products is the low price and high specifications. This tradition has been preserved in the trimmers and lawn mowers.

To date, the installation of this equipment consists of a variety of models, which differ in their properties, their size and scope. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.


Daewoo trimmer is an indispensable tool for the care of personal territory.

With its help, you can make a patch of grass in places inaccessible to lawnmowers, especially near trees, near the fence or walls.

De U-Gasokos also proves itself perfectly in shaping flowerbeds and lawn edges. It is particularly effective for cutting around borders.

You can cut vegetation without damaging the surface.

There are two types of Daewoo power tillers – petrol and electric.

Gasoline .

They are also called gasoline mowers. They work on a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline and oil in the ratio of 32: 1. Daewoo gasoline-powered motos include the following models:

  • DABC 270;
  • DABC 320; ;
  • DABC 520; ;
  • DABC 4Pro.

The differences of these models are in the power of the installed engine, equipment and the possible way of cutting the grass: a fishing line, a knife or a saw-tail.

When choosing a trimmer De U-petrol, it is also necessary to pay attention to the width of the grass grasp.

Electric .

Recently, many people on our planet are concerned about the amount of exhaust gases emitted into the atmosphere.

Therefore, they are looking for alternative fuels. Right now, the best option to replace gasoline is electricity.

Daewoo supports these companies and offers its customers electric options.

They have several advantages: they are cheaper, lighter and more economical.

Daewoo’s line of electric vehicles includes:

  • Datr 450e;
  • Datr 1200e;
  • Datr 1400e;
  • DATR 1700E.


Lawn mowers are ideal when you need to keep a large area clean (parks, street lawns, golf courses, gardens, etc.).

Most models are self-powered (the drive goes straight to the wheels) and you only need to point them in the right direction.

Depending on the drive, all lawn mowers are divided into two types: electric and gasoline.

The first of them perfectly prove themselves on farms and cottages.

They have great power and can handle the most densely overgrown areas.

While electric models are more compact and have less noise.

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to give answers to several questions:

  • How high is the area where the machine will be operated? Will it be possible to run an electric cable?
  • How often will the lawn be cleaned?
  • What kind of surface will the mower be used on?
  • Do you want a self-propelled or simple model?

By answering all these questions, you will be able to perfectly choose the right machine from a variety of lawn mowers.

Gasoline-powered machines belong to:

    ; ;
  • DLM5500SV;
  • DLM6000SV; .

The range of electric lawn mowers consists of the following machines:

Best Models

The Daewoo range of lawn mowers is very large, and there is a demand for each of them. These are high-quality appliances that are available to everyone.

The most popular trimmer models are the 4-stroke models DABC 4ST and DAST 4STPRO. These models appeared relatively recently and are gradually gaining demand.

Compared to two-stroke engines, they have more power, service life and reliability.

Among Daewoo self-directed lawnmowers there is no best model, each of them is good in its own way. And you need to choose based on the required characteristics.

There are 90% positive reviews on forums about the experience of Daewoo lawnmowers, regardless of the brand.

User manual

Before starting to work with the Daewoo lawnmower, every owner should read the instruction manual, which helps to understand the principle of starting, working and expectations of the model.


Daewoo trimmers are distinguished not only by their reliability, but also by their ease of maintenance.

To work it is necessary to prepare a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. When selecting the mixture, you should be guided by the instructions of the oil manufacturer.

The average fuel mixture consumption is approximately 1 liter per work session.

Daewoo lawn mowers have separate oil and gasoline supplies. Gasoline consumption in lawn mowers depends on the engine capacity and is about 2 liters per hour.

For Daewoo devices, you should use fuel with high Ai-92 or Ai-95 content.

Do not use gasoline with deposits or mechanical contaminants.

When servicing electric models, the drive feature must be considered.

The cable must always be attached to the special hook. During operation, it must be behind the unit so that it cannot be run over.

At the end of work, wipe the unit with a damp (but not wet) cloth to remove grass residue, dust and dirt.

In the same way, keep an eye on the battery charge. The average battery life is sufficient for 3-4 hours of operation.

A full charge usually takes about an hour.


If you are the first owner of a lawnmower, it is necessary to make the first start-up correctly, as this is the key to the long life of the device.

The machine must be set up clearly according to the operating instructions.

After that, oil and fuel must be added and the first 2 tanks must be sparingly taught. This is done to ensure that the engine parts are lubricated and enter their grooves.

After entering the lawnmower, the remaining oil must be changed, as there is a high probability of external contamination.

More serious disturbances and repairs

If irregularities occur in the operation of the garden unit, you should refer to the instruction manual for the specific model, which describes how to fix the most common irregularities.

The following causes may cause the engine not to start:

  • Poor fuel quality (need to drain and refill with new fuel);
  • Dirty fuel filter (clean and replace if necessary);
  • The electrode on the spark plug is dirty or wet (clean and dry);
  • Incorrect gap in the spark plugs (it should be set, it should be 0,6-0,7 mm);
  • Loose spark plug cap (connect it).

But these reasons can serve for unstable operation of the engine:

  • Carbon deposits on spark plugs and improper gap (solutions described above);
  • Dirty carburetor or air filter (clean);
  • Carbon buildup on the exhaust system (clean);
  • Large amount of oil in the fuel mixture (it should not exceed a ratio of 40:1).

Video review

Below is a video review of the Daewoo 265, 430, 520 manufacturer:

And here’s a video review of the DABC520:

And here’s a video review of how Daewoo’s electric mower works:

Owner reviews

Below are reviews of Daewoo garden tools from thematic forums:

Denis: “I use the Daewoo DLM 4100 lawnmower for more than six months and can not be happy. For such a low price I got a great product. It is made of high-quality components, easy to use and operate, and easy to start. Not only does it mow well, but it also collects everything neatly. Pros: Clean and neat assembly, power, can mow grass up to 30 cm Cons: None “

Oleg about Daewoo 1200s: “I have a lawn of 5 acres. I bought this mower to keep it clean. The wire doesn’t bother me. A few days before work, I turn off the lawn watering. Before that, I had a gasoline mower. The electric one is much more maneuverable and quieter. I often bump into rocks and they fly off the deck, the plastic is strong – it withstands. Advantages: maneuverability, simplicity, low weight, low noise. Cons: If you remove the grass catcher box wrongly, you can spill all the contents. This point is somehow not thought over.

Daewoo brand: lawn mowers and lawn mowers

South Korean equipment is characterized by decent quality, high technology and compliance with modern realities. In a large line of garden equipment Daewoo Power lawn mowers and brush cutters are productive machines with a wide range of features – from the smallest units for gentle lawn mowing to powerful performance models for professional mowing.

An old brand with new features.

The largest South Korean brand Daewoo on the market is quite famous – in its history there were so many ups and downs that would be enough for more than one company. However the tops were not conquered and in the end the well-known automaker had to leave the big stage ingloriously.

The small company National Motor became the ancestor of the famous brand in 1937. A quarter of a century later, under the name Saenara Motor, the company successfully operated under a government program, becoming the first automaker in South Korea, and for a time worked closely with Toyota.

By the end of the 20th century, the influence of the Daewoo Group, which at the time was the second largest financial and industrial agglomeration in South Korea, was spreading to almost all industries. At a time when the financial crisis of the late 1990s was mercilessly devouring many companies, Daewoo was building capacity as if nothing had happened. Completely original Magnus, Lanos, Leganza, Matiz, Nubira models were developed.

It seemed that nothing foretold any problems, but in 1998 the company had to file for bankruptcy. In 2002, concern came under the control of General Motors. Daewoo brand compromised itself, it was decided to change the brand name to Chevrolet.

Since 2010, the Daewoo Power company develops and produces power equipment and power tools, which have won recognition from consumers. The products are positioned as a professional class, designed for long-term use.

Currently, Daewoo Power products are known in Egypt, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Poland, Vietnam and Romania. In some other countries, the company presents its own brands: garden and power equipment, engines, power tools, construction equipment, automotive products.

Benzocosa and trimmer

The Daewoo Motokos range consists of petrol and electric models. Compact size, low weight and high ergonomics of the tools allow them to effectively mow grass, small shoots, dry grass, on surfaces with uneven terrain, where standard German lawnmower cannot work effectively.

Daewoo electric trimmers and brushcutters

In the subgroup of electric units, there are different versions with capacities from 0.45 kW to 1.65 kW. The trimmers are equipped with comfortable handles. Optimal design compensation – a special system of vibration and noise damping allows the operator to work with the tool for a long time without fatigue. Cutting blades of the power tiller DAU are made of high-quality steel and do not require frequent sharpening.

Comparative analysis of the models is presented in the table.

As it is seen from the table, the younger sensitive model DEU Motoko with power of 0,45 KW cuts the soft grass only on fishing. Powerful electric mowers also use a three-leaf blade than a cutting tool. You can mow small shoots, bushes, tough grasses and on uneven terrain.

Daewoo gasoline-powered tillers

In the subgroup of gasoline engines, the performance of units ranging from 1.2 to 3.5 hp varies. They are used as a cutter, fishing line, knife, saw blade. The nozzles (40 teeth) have tungsten carbide tips, with which you can effectively mow bushes and thin trees. Machines are equipped with ergonomic handles, mow wet grass. The trimmer’s cutting head is protected by durable plastic.

Technical features of the most popular Daewoo Power models we give in the table.

DABC and 4st motorcycles are equipped with four-stroke engines, the operation of which does not require the creation of a fuel mixture. The other versions of the DAWOO motorcycles are fitted with two-stroke engines.

Small range daewoo lawnmower

DeU gasoline and electric lawnmowers are easy to operate and unpretentious to maintain. Thanks to their high power blades and deck adjustment capabilities, you can effectively care for your lawn. If you summarize the numerous evaluations of users, there is a unanimous opinion about the high efficiency of Daewoo Power lawn mowers, original design of the machines.

In addition, each of the models differs in characteristic features. The DLM 5100SR model is notable for its maneuverability and ease of control. DAWOO Power DLM 4600SP lawnmower features a non-removable body, side discharge function, quick start and the ability to work on wet grass. The DAWOO Power DLM 5100SV lawn mower features exceptional quality, easy maintenance and a large grass catcher box.

Gasoline lawnmower

Gasoline rotary lawnmowers are equipped with four-stroke engines with 4 to 6.5 horsepower as standard. The range includes self-propelled and non-self-propelled machines designed to mow lawns on areas from 15 to 20 acres. Characterized by the following features:

  • Sufficient motor power allows you to effectively treat large areas. During the work does not require great physical effort on the part of the operator.
  • Depending on the power of the model, Daewoo Lawn Mäher writes a strip width of 43-50 cm per pass.
  • A reliable hand starter ensures easy starting.
  • The presence of 6-8 steps of the central adjustment of the cutting height allows you to set the necessary parameters of the grass from 25 to 75 mm. In this parameter, the Daewoo is the same for all models of gasoline mowers.
  • Thanks to a special system, the impact of vibrations on the operator’s body is minimized during operation.
  • Thanks to the equipped engines, the technique works productively without overheating due to the air cooling system.
  • The spacious grass catcher box with fill indicator made of durable synthetic fabric and plastic allows the operator to work for a long time without stopping.
  • The high-quality air filter reliably protects the engine from dust and dirt.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic design of the handle with rubber pads and swivel function, it is easy and comfortable to control the DeU mower.
  • Big solid tires with treads facilitate the movement of the machine and provide excellent maneuverability on sites even with difficult terrain.
  • Safety to work and others is guaranteed at the touch of a button on the handle – the engine stops instantly.
  • DeU lawnmower noise level is reduced due to a special petrol engine device.

Let’s consider the technical features of some Daewoo Benzingas lawn mower models in the table.

The differences between petrol mowers are obvious from the marking of models: S – sel f-processure, SP – self – with a manual starter, SV – sel f-processure with an electric starter and the ability to regulate the speed.

Electric mower Daewoo

Electric lawn mowers are not self-propelled models. These machines are designed to mow and collect soft lawn grass into the grass catcher box. There are no mulching or matching functions. A subgroup of compact, very maneuverable machines with an electric motor are distinguished by a number of significant advantages:

  • Daewoo electric lawnmowers operate on a conventional 220 V, 50 Hz network.
  • Thanks to the reliable electric motor, a high level of safety of the technique is guaranteed.
  • Despite the fact that the Daewoo Electric lawnmower operation possibilities are limited by the mains cable length, the use of an extension cord allows you to significantly extend the radius of the grass mowing.
  • The recording width during the span is 32-42 cm.
  • The cutting height can be set centrally in five positions ranging from 25 to 65 mm. This parameter is the same for all Daewoo electric lawn mowers.
  • The body of the machines is made of impact-resistant plastic, which ensures a longer service life.
  • Due to the varied range of 1.1-2.0 kW electric motors, the user can choose the necessary model and work large areas.
  • The large plastic grass catcher box ensures stable operation without interruptions.
  • Due to the low weight of the electric lawnmower in the range of 9-11 kg, folding handles are very convenient for operation and transportation.

Let’s present the most important technical properties of Daewoo electric lawn mowers in a comparative table.

As can be seen from the table, all the machines have similar parameters, which differ mainly in productivity, mowing width, basket volume, recommended lawn for processing.

Recommendations for operation and maintenance

Each mower and lawnmower comes with an operation manual, which explains in detail with the help of clear diagrams and drawings, how to correctly assemble the new device, install the drive and motor switch cable, install the motor starter and grass collector. Recommendations for safe work are given.

  • Gasoline AI-92 is used as fuel.
  • We recommend original SAE30 grade engine oil in warm weather from 5-35°C through zero, or all-weather SAE10W-30 in conditions from t-15°C to +5°C. Check the oil level every 5 hours or every day: top up in time and don’t overfill.
  • Change oil every season or every 50 hours.
  • Clean the cooling system every 100 hours or every season, change transmission oil, change or clean the spark plug, and change the fuel filter.
  • Before operating a new Daewoo lawn mower, the owner can set the control handle to a comfortable height.
  • The blade does not need to be sharpened often, as it has a special cutting edge angle.
  • Care should be taken when maneuvering the Daewoo mower on hilly terrain.
  • It is recommended that you mow at maximum engine speed.
  • The cutting attachment should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

It is especially important to make sure that the blade continues to rotate for about 3 seconds by inertia after the engine has stopped. Therefore, any manipulation of the engine and the cutting tool should only be carried out after all rotating components have been cleaned.

Major disturbances

Modern machinery is as perfect as prone to failure due to improper operation, an elementary violation of the manufacturer’s technical requirements during maintenance and operation. Therefore, the manufacturer is absolutely obliged to follow the instructions. Failures and violations can be avoided much easier and cheaper than corrected. Many seemingly insignificant nuances must be taken into account.

  • Daewoo mowers and lawnmowers have very high requirements for the quality and brand of fuel and engine oil, violation of the manufacturer’s recommendations unambiguously leads to malfunctions and costly repairs.
  • The use of all-weather engine oil at high ambient temperatures inevitably leads to significant additional consumption, which requires systematic level control. The use of SAE30 oil at low temperatures, in turn, leads to engine failure due to poor lubrication.
  • Only original spare parts and components may be installed if the equipment is repaired.
  • With the exception of some models, the German grass mower must not be used during rain and high humidity.
  • Do not use the mulching function for tall grass, the engine may be damaged. When mowing tall grass, it is better to use the lateral external function.
  • Timely cleaning of the AU lawnmower air filter protects against reduced engine performance.

Daewoo gasoline lawn mower operation and maintenance manual here: download.

Video review

daewoo DLM 5500sp lawn mower

Gasoline mower Daewoo

Electric lawn mower Daewoo DLM 1200E

Review of the gasoline mower from Daewoo

We recommend reading the reviews of the owners


“Daewoo 5500 self-propelled lawnmower in my work for 2 years. I am satisfied with the technique, it is very productive. In the beginning there was a bit of trouble, I had a problem with the bowkendeckel, the blades got bent. Had to change it. Been working hard ever since. “


“While it’s still just the beginning of spring, I decided to say a few words about the Daewoo DLM 1500E lawn mower. I bought it last year to replace the old Bosch. In comparison, this model has a wider mowing width, wider discharge opening and the grass is not clogged. Worked all summer with knife, in fall I sharpened it and it works as good as new.

Advantages: The mower itself is light, maneuverable, durable plastic body. Mowing height is very accurate and also agrees. In general, one pluses.

From the disadvantages I would like to note that on the handles instead of screws it would be possible to construct some fasteners, so that they can be removed faster.

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