Daewoo electric chainsaws: Description, features and instructions for use

Daewoo electric saws. Preparation. Safety precautions when working with a Sägen electric chainsaw

Daewoo electric chainsaws: tools from a legendary brand

The first mention of South Korea’s Daewoo industry dates back to 1967. At that time the company was engaged in the production of cars, which were sold not only in Asia but also in many countries of Europe and America. In 2000, the company’s management decided to develop a new segment of the market of gardening equipment and power tools. Billions of dollars were invested in the project, and it gave its results – Daewoo tools quickly gained popularity worldwide. It should be noted an unusually wide range of DeU equipment. In addition to gasoline and electric saws, the company produces drills, rotary hammers, welding machines, woodworking machines and more.

At the moment, the company’s production facilities are located in China. Daewoo electric saws are also made in Chinese factories. However, they meet the highest modern standards of quality and safety. An important factor affecting the quality of Daewoo electric saws is that many of the components and parts (including electric motors) are made in the company’s plant in South Korea.

An important factor that affects the popularity of machinery DAEWOO is that the company’s management is not inclined to overprice its products. Today you can buy Daewoo electric saws at a price of 45 to 150 U.S. dollars.

Characteristics of Daewoo electric saw:
  • High-quality factory assembly;
  • Large selection of models of different purposes and cost;
  • Long overhaul and high maintenance;
  • Long warranty and extensive network of service centers.

Swim series from Daewoo Electric Saws

Today, the manufacturer lists about a dozen electric chainsaw models from the DeU Master and Daewoo await series. The tools differ in their technical and performance characteristics and have different purposes. You can get acquainted with the most popular and popular tools in our review.

Dau Master line

Daewoo Dacs 1700e.

Domestic electric saw, which has a universal purpose. With this tool you can perform longitudinal and transverse sawing of boards and poles, tree crowns, also this saw will come in handy for construction and repair work. Dawoo DACS 1700E is equipped with a powerful 1700 W motor, 350 mm bars and chainsaw with 52 cuts (26 cuts). The proprietary electric motor is transversely mounted, which helps transfer 100% of the driving force to the saw chain.

The saw’s ergonomic body is made of special, impact-resistant plastic, is well balanced and has excellent ergonomics. Another distinctive feature of the model is the low weight – about 3.4 kg unloaded.

Today, the manufacturer offers the Dawoo DACS 1700e electric saw at a price of $50.

Daewoo Dacs 1800e

Budget general-purpose saws are especially popular with builders and can also be used for landscaping, bronzing garden trees, crosscutting and longitudinal sawing of boards and wood beams. The model is powered by an 1,800-watt electric motor and with a saw chain that includes a 14-inch bar and a 52-link chain.

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The electric saw has a well-designed body made of frost-resistant plastic, and the ergonomic handles provide reliable operation with both hands. Operator safety is guaranteed with a double insulated motor, metal gears and a spring brake for the saw chain’s emergency stand.

The Daewoo DACS 1800E is lightweight (3.4 kg) and is available on the manufacturer’s website for $70.

Daewoo DACS 2500E.

This electric chainsaw has a more powerful motor (2500 watts) and more serious devices compared to previous models. The model is equipped with a DAU guide bar, 400 millimeter and 57 links saw chain. Such features allow you to use the tool for cutting and sawing firewood, repair and construction of various premises and other household works.

The model is equipped with all modern systems that ensure the comfort and safety of the operator. Thanks to the metal wheel, firewood, wood and blocking is achieved from an arbitrary start. In addition, the electric saw is equipped with an inertia emergency stop brake in the chain and an automatic lubrication system for the saw head. The high performance of the unit is combined with its low weight of only 5.2 kg when equipped.

Buy DAEWOO DACS 2500E electric saw for $100.

Daewoo DACS 2600E

Another model from the master series. The saw has a budget status and universal purpose. According to reviews, it is ideal for repair and construction work, tending to the garden and hedges and cutting firewood for the bathroom and fireplace. The unit is powered by a proprietary 2.6 kW cross-motor. The latter factor contributes to 100% torque transfer and increases the productivity of the tool. The model is equipped with a 57-member saw chain and a 40-centimeter guide bar. Such devices allow sawing protocols with a diameter of 450 millimeters or more.

The saw is equipped with an odorless chain tensioner and its body is made of high plastic. For safety, the motor is double-insulated and has a lock button to prevent accidental starting.

The DAEWOO DACS 2600 weighs 5.2 pounds when outfitted, and the model costs $105 on the manufacturer’s website.

Dau expert series

Daewoo DACS 2700E

Universal electric saw, which belongs to the domestic class of tools. The model can be used in intensive mode at cross and longitudinal sawing wood, construction and repair of various buildings and other household works. The device is powered by a South Korean-made engine rated at 2,700 watts, which is equipped with a bar of 450 millimeters and 62 links. There are 31 of them cutting.

For safety, the electric saw is equipped with an inertia brake, the motor has double insulation and a lock button to prevent accidental start. The ergonomic body of the device is made of high-strength plastic, the saw has an excellent balance and a convenient location of the controls.

The Daewoo DACS 2700E electric chainsaw is available for $135 on the manufacturer’s Web site.

Basic safety guidelines

  • When buying the electric saw, check that it is complete and free of any visible damage or malfunctions. Ask your dealer for a test run of the engine.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully and strictly follow the requirements and recommendations it contains;
  • Make sure the automatic lubrication system is tight, do not operate the saw if there are oil stains on the body, check the oil reservoir;
  • Keep the chain in good condition and with proper tension;
  • Use only serviceable outlets, extension cords, and power cords. Do not repair damaged insulation with duct tape.
  • Do not operate the Daewoo electric chainsaw outdoors in the rain or snow;
  • When operating the electric chainsaw, make sure there are no bystanders or animals in the work area. Securely fasten the part to be cut or the log to be sawed;
  • Always wear personal protective equipment: mask or goggles, gloves, hard-soled shoes;
  • Always engage the instantaneous chain stop spring brake when you are finished sawing.
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Pros and cons of the Daewoo electric saw


  • Large selection of tools of different strengths;
  • High-quality electric motor made in South Korea;
  • Ergonomic body made of high-strength, impact-resistant plastic;
  • Locking system of electric motor from accidental start-up;
  • High-quality Daewoo saw set;
  • metal gears.

According to reviews, the drawbacks of Daewoo models are as follows:

  • Insufficient quality plastic was used in the assembly of some Daewoo models;
  • There are complaints about the length and quality of the mains cable.

Video review of electric saw Daewoo

Chainsaw Daewoo DACS 2700E: presentation of the tool:



Daewoo DACS 1700E: chainsaw in the test:



What people write about on forums: reviews of owners

Ilya Larionov, 47, Tambov region:

I live in the countryside, there is no gas – I have to heat with wood. In the woods I carry a chainsaw, but at home I want to save some money. Immediately chose a powerful tool, because I often have to saw logs with a thickness of 70 centimeters or more. Model Daewoo DACS 2600E liked the appearance, good reviews and price. The first impression is: the saw is well assembled, the quality of plastic is at a high level, the tensioner without tools does not fail – the chain is securely fixed. I can easily cut and saw into small wedges an old acacia tree near the house, the chain is of high quality, the saw fits well in my hand, my back does not get tired.

Semyon Vatrushkin, 44, Nizhny Novgorod:

I am engaged in construction and repair of wooden structures. For a long time I wanted to buy an electric saw, so that it would be strong enough, not complicated and not too noisy. Went shopping, looked at the reviews and chose the model Daewoo Dacs 1800E. The reviews on Daewoo were good. The engine had enough power, it did not weigh much, and cut pretty fast. Of course, I did not do without the posts. After six months, there were noises in the plastic. It seems that all the screws and nuts are dressed, but rattling can still be heard. About the same time the power cable broke and had to be replaced. Although it should have happened sooner. First of all, it is short, and secondly, it is made of low-quality material.

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Advantages: price, appearance, quality motor, quiet, lightweight;

Disadvantages: the plastic rattles on the body, poor quality power cord.

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An overview of the Daewoo chainsaw range. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

On today’s market, the Korean electric saws Daewoo are very popular, which, according to reviews, are worthy competitors even to the flagships of this market. The Daewoo company produces household saws, which are characterized by high performance and, accordingly, performance, a pleasant cost, low weight and dimensions. Thanks to all this, electric chainsaws are purchased by owners of country houses, cottages, gardens and small farms.

Chainsaw Daewoo DACS 2700E

Daewoo was founded in Korea in 1982. Currently, the company has developed in many areas, producing electronics, cars, ships, is engaged in retail, construction and investment.

To date, Daewoo has many offices around the world, some of them produce only garden and cleaning equipment. Your target audience is owners of their own homes, gardens, farms, etc.

Basic equipment and manufacturer

When you buy a Daewoo electric saw, you get a range of accessories in the form of:

  • A guide bar and saw chain;
  • A bar harness for storage and transportation;
  • Wrench/screwdriver for maintenance, assembly and do-it-yourself repair of electric saws;
  • Measuring cup for mixing fuel;
  • Documents for the tool (instruction manual, warranty).

Since the Korean company has branches, representative offices and production facilities around the world, chainsaws are installed in many countries. However, the main production, of course, is concentrated in Germany, in South Korea.

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Nevertheless, in our market you can often see chainsaws installed in China. Do not consider it a fake. When buying, be sure to check the presence of the necessary documents in the KIT, which indicate the quality and authenticity of the saw. In reviews, too, owners of electric saws often emphasize the quality and reliability of assembly in China.

Swim series from Daewoo Electric Saws

The Daewoo range includes two electric chainsaws, both belong to the household tools.Between them they differ in technical characteristics and parameters, size, weight and cost.

Daewoo DACS 2500E chainsaw

Daewoo 2500 electric chainsaw has a proprietary 2.5 kW motor, manufactured in the company’s factories. It’s great for cutting small trees, beams and trimming large branches. Reviews of the Daewoo 2500E electric saw say that its low weight and compact size make it easy to handle and maneuver.

DAEWOO DACS 2500E chainsaw

The body of the saw is made of special ABS plastic, which is known for its impact and wear resistance properties. Thanks to the SDS drive system, the chain tension can now be adjusted without tools.

More information about the tool can be found in the owner’s manual.

perfomance 2500W
motor type electric
motor manufacturer daewoo
rotation speed 2500 rpm
stem length 40 cm
chain manufacturer daewoo
chain pitch 0.375″
chain link thickness 1.27 mm
number of links 57 pieces
Number of cutting links 29 pcs
Chain oil tank capacity 0.23L
Base unit weight 4,5 kg

Daewoo DACS 2700E chainsaw

The basis of this electric saw is the previous model with some changes and improvements. The engine power has been increased to 2.7 kW, which compensates for the rather weak torque due to the longitudinal position of the engine.

Chainsaw Daewoo DACS 2700E

Like the previous model, the Daewoo 2700E has built-in automatic chain lubrication during operation and soft start systems. And thanks to the small window, it is much easier to check the presence and level of oil in the tool. Numerous reviews of this Daewoo model show that it is more popular than its predecessor.

bar length: 45 cm
chain pitch: 0.325 inch
oil pump type: automotive
Type of service: from mains
Engine power: 2700 kW
chain speed: 14 m/s
oil tank volume: 0.25L

Daewoo Electric Saw Operation and Maintenance Manual

Daewoo electric saws from Korea are in the domestic class. This means that they are not suitable for long-term operation. The manufacturer itself recommends the following principle when working with the tool: schedule 15 minutes for work and 10 minutes for a break. This will protect the motor from overheating and extend the life of the electric saw.

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To keep the Daewoo electric saw working properly and for a long time, for lubrication you should use only high-quality oil designed for electric saws, which can be used at any time of the year.

In order not to provoke failure of the oil tank and pump, neither the reviews nor the manufacturer recommend the use of renewed or used oil.

Daewoo gives its customers a warranty on the trouble-free operation of each of its electric saws. Even in their reviews, owners often note the quality of materials, parts, components and the mechanism itself. Breakdowns when using electric saws are very rare and 90% are due to improper use of the tool.

To avoid such cases, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions for use before using the device.

Video reviews of Daewoo electric saws

Reviews of owners of electric saws and Daewoo

Many owners of chainsaws Daewoo leave positive comments and reviews about the work of electric chainsaws and the company itself. It is very difficult to find negative reviews, because everyone is very happy with Daewoo products.

Speaking about the advantages and benefits of electric saws, reviews most often mention their low weight and convenient dimensions, which make it quick and convenient to work. High power and productivity, low noise and vibration levels, automatic lubrication system and much more make Daewoo electric saws the favorites of customers.

Eugene Kozyryatsky, 29, Kotonop

“I bought a Daewoo 2500E saw and decided to leave my generous positive review. Assembled everything as quickly as possible, the only thing is that immediately installed not the native chain that came with the kit, but Calm. I decided to test it on an old acacia tree. As a result, I got very excited and literally sawed 4 wooden cubes in 3 hours of work. I worked intermittently to keep the saw from overheating. The trunks were 30-0 cm in diameter, and some, in general, went to about 70. So, from the pluses, I can highlight the assembly, although it was made in China, ease of maintenance, smooth and smooth operation of the engine, high power.

Mikhail, 34, Zaporozhye

“I am a long-time chainsaw user and recently discovered Daewoo. I read a lot of reviews and started using a circular saw and a screwdriver. So I chose the Daewoo 2700E and am happy to write a review. What I liked about this particular model was the ease of assembly and chain tensioning. In total it took no more than five minutes. The engine runs great, I’ve cut different trees: apple trees, beech, walnut, acacia, you name it. The oil consumption is very moderate, the chain bars are great. But after some time I changed to a Calm chain and did not saw anything at all, but a godsend!

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