Daewoo DLM 5100 Benzingasmäher – Owner review and feedback

Review of gasoline mower Daewoo DLM 5100. Technical specifications, video reviews, reviews

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DLM 5100 DAU lawnmowers are versatile units, with which you can clean areas of up to 7000 m2 of grass.

These models are equipped with a practical dashboard with organizer for small items. The handle length can be adjusted to the desired height of the operator.

This is one of the most popular series of self-propelled lawnmowers.

Daewoo DLM 5100SP

This machine is equipped with a 6 hp engine.

The Daewoo DLM 5100SP is excellent for plots up to 5,000 m2.

Daewoo DLM 5100SV

This model has a more powerful engine of 6.5 hp. The working area for the Daewoo DLM 5100SV is also increased to 7,000 m2 accordingly.

Daewoo DLM 5100SR

This mower is a maneuverable version of the first model.

The Daewoo DLM 5100SR has one wheel instead of two. That allows you to cut weeds near walls and trees.

The height of the step on the lawnmower is set separately on each wheel.

Technical Data

Name DLM 5100SP DLM 5100SV DLM 5100SR
performance 6 PS 6.5 hp. 6 PS
Engine manufacturer Daewoo Daewoo Daewoo
Engine model V-series 165 V-series 175 V-series 165, 4-T
Engine displacement 165 cm3 175 cm3 165 cm3
Fuel capacity 1.2 l 1.2 l 1.2 l
Grass catcher bag capacity 70 l 70 l 70 l
Cutting width 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm
Cutting height 25-75 mm (7 positions) 25-75 mm (7 positions) 25-75 mm (7 positions)
Cutting height adjustment Central Manual Manual
Continuity adjustment Variable speed drive
Wheel diameter 203/280 mm (front/rear) 203/280 mm (front/rear) 203/280 mm (front/rear)
Mulch + + +
Shifting type self-closing self-closing self-closing
Construction material steel steel steel
Weight 35 kg 36.7 kg 36.1 kg

Basic configuration

The 5100 series petrol lawnmowers come complete with: lawnmower, grass tank, grass catcher box, spark plug key, owner’s manual and warranty card.


With the folding handle, you can compactly fold the petrol lawnmower for transport and storage.

Wide tires provide not only excellent handling, but also minimal damage to the lawn.

With a 70-litre grass catcher box, you can operate the device for longer without stopping to clean it.


These lawn mowers have the same maintenance as other Dawoo brand devices. Refer to the instruction manual for the basic rules for servicing the units.

The oil and air filters should be replaced every 50 hours, and the condition of the spark plugs should be visually checked. Before starting, fuel must be checked and the fuel system must be adjusted.

Strips work with a 1:40 mixture of gasoline and two matches.

Owner’s Manual

Before starting, new owners should be sure to study the owner’s manual to understand the operation, starting, stopping, and maintenance of the unit.

Электронный вариант этого документа приведен здесь—>

advantages and disadvantages

About Daewoo appliances there are mostly positive reviews. This also applies to the gasoline rights of the 5100 series.

They are easy to operate, maneuverable, self-propelled, have gears, can perform work in three modes and do not consume a lot of fuel and lubricants. And all this at one of the lowest prices on the market of such equipment.

The disadvantages of these machines are virtually nonexistent.

Owner reviews

Here are some tests on the use of Daewoo DLM 5100 lawn mowers in business:

Maxim: “I have a plot of 26 acres and to keep it clean, I purchased this model of lawn mower. It is the perfect technique. It is a pleasure to work on it. If the layers are correct, it is possible to adjust the speed, the grass catcher box is capacious. If you connect the adjustment, you can easily clean the entire deck. “

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Daewoo Power Products DLM 5100SR

Daewoo Power Products DLM 5100SR

We’ve collected 22 positive and negative customer and expert reviews on the Daewoo Power Products DLM 5100SR Lawn Mower. The average customer review score was 4.23. In their reviews, users have described all the disadvantages and advantages of the DAEWOO Power Products DLM 5100SR lawn mower. If you have experience using the Daewoo Power Products DLM 5100SR lawn mower, add a rating and share it with other customers!

Daewoo Power Products DLM 5100SR power supply

Easy to operate, large grass catcher box capacity, has a mulching attachment, swivel wheel on the front.

Unusual bicycle design

I was persuaded to buy this particular model by the consultant in the store. The argument for me was the ease of control. Thanks to the wheel in front, the network turns easily, which seemed to me very important when maneuvering on the site. In real work it was more. It’s a great model. I think it will be soon.

Very well assembled. Powerful engine. Has mulching and side discharge. Can adjust the height of the grass section.

Haven’t tested it yet, but I think there is a 3 year warranty on this one.

Planted lawn grass last summer. Called in a professional several times when mowing. Now, after purchase, will be ready for one. The mower is quite compact and has found its place in the closet. Now I’m looking forward to summer, sunshine and grass. I love the smell of grass.

The price is high, the quality is excellent. Administration is top notch. Don’t understand ratings and reviews. Look at the possible ways and try doing business live. If a lawn with flower beds and trees, this model definitely wins.

The front wheel is mounted separately from the rear wheel. You have to change the height regularly. It is not very convenient. As for the rest, I don’t have any complaints. I was also afraid it would go sideways when turning, but no. Rides smoothly, the rear wheels are wide.

Braid is excellent. It consists of other authors that the manufacturer has messed with the characteristics. Somewhere it is written that the mowing width is 50 cm. In fact, 46 cm is the position of the wheelbase. And this is your indisputable advantage. I recommend to read less, see in person, drive and decide! There is no alternative for the smoothed lawns.

Convenient operation. The original design.

At first it was unaccustomed to something after all-wheel drive.

Reliable and unpretentious in maintenance. My first mowing was made with pretty high grass (25-30 cm), coped with it perfectly. The 3-wheel layout is practical for terrain with lots of trees and other obstacles. Thanks to the freely rotating wheel, I turn and turn this mower with one hand. On the old mower, I had to work with my body. Especially with a full grass box. I’m satisfied with my purchase. The model is of course specific, but that makes it quite handy.

Venderadius is zero, plastic and paint quality is good, engine runs and starts without problems, there is side discharge and mulch.

Because of the front wheel, the dimensions are larger than a regular lawn mower. Started to take up more space in the garage.

Lawn mower is great! Works like a baby stroller, with almost zero Venderadius and a comfortable ride all over the property. More suitable for lawns with trees and shrubs. Perfectly mows and collects grass. Height is adjustable with a lever. The quality of assembly and work is very high, higher than that of cheap analogues. I have practically no remarks to the mower, the only feature I would like is the cup holder on the cladding.

Election Fall.

Price. Good engine (not sure if 6 hp, but enough traction). Has a side release. Front wheel is super steerable.

Deck width is 51 cm, blade 46 cm. I don’t know exactly how wide it mows, but I definitely don’t need more for a 16 acre plot.

From real experience I can say that the quality of the mower is in no way inferior to more well-known counterparts. The production culture and the quality of parts are at a very high level. You can operate it with one hand. The rear wheels rotate on their own and the front wheel rotates slightly. I really liked the mower. As soon as I get a new experience, I’ll write more about it.

Powerful. Beautiful design. High quality components and parts.

The model of the lawnmower is neatly made. The handle is adjustable in height, a roomy basket for collecting grass, there is a mulch and side discharge. I was not expecting anything special. In fact, I was surprised by the very high quality of plastic, metal and small parts. The grass is collected with almost no gaps. The model is good. Definitely worth the money.

Really powerful mower with good traction super design and interesting cycling solution unpretentious engine, I just change the oil and wash the filter large basket to collect the grass and especially when full the side stick and fork to mulch the grass

BUT . The mower is really great.

I bought it after reading the reviews on the internet, no complaints. It has enough electricity for a plot of 15 acres. Mows fresh grass super, yesterday tried to throw the page on higher, everything works great. I mow mostly for picking without grass, I mulch while mowing. Grass turns into mulch and is almost invisible on the lawn. I like the control panel. There is a glove compartment and room for a water bottle. The cutting height, the engine power, the maneuverability are all at a good level. I used to have a German mower, which is as good as it is, but it costs a lot of money.

It is powerful and maneuverable. Very easy to drive.

Front wheel continues to protrude than with 4 wheels. This is the price for ease of use.

When I bought this model, I focused on the mowing width and the ability to adjust the mowing height. This mower comes in handy, especially near flowerbeds and around trees. It is designed for fairly large areas, from 6 acres. On the smaller ones, it is difficult to mow because of the large size. I am very happy with the purchase. After years of agony with electricity, this model solved all my problems.

The price and the quality

I did not notice it.

Well, this is the best lawn mower for its price, I was very interested in its characteristics: it is rear-wheel drive, 4-stroke gasoline engine, 165 cc, 6 hp, it is quite heavy 36 kg. I was happy with everything!

Maneuverable swivel wheel mows and collects grass and leaves well.

No remarks on the operation. It took a long time to deliver.

As usual, I came to the store for a regular 4-wheel mower. Drove this spaceship around the store and immediately realized that this modification is much, much more maneuverable and comfortable. You can use your hand on the spot. It is convenient to go around trees and flowerbeds. At the same time, the mower has a good grip and a roomy grass catcher box. The price is reasonable, we bought it with a small discount. It is very compact, does not take much space when storing, the handle can be folded.

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Zero turning radius, wheel drive, side discharge.

Mesh grass catcher box material. Engine could be more powerful.

The exceptional feature of the lawnmower is the front wheel, which can rotate 360 degrees. At first I didn’t understand why they made the wheel. And I tried it in the store and found that it greatly increases the maneuverability, the mower turns on the spot very easily.The kit includes a grass catcher box, quite roomy. BUT! I didn’t like the material because the grass gets into the mesh when you fill it up, and you have to wash the grass box every time to keep it from rotting. I’m all for a plastic grass catcher box, otherwise it’s a great mower.

Comfortable, lightweight (now my wife mows more than I do), winds up well.

I had to heat the blade with a gas lamp and straighten it so that the cutting edge was flush with the bottom of the body, otherwise there was a lot of uncut grass left (production post), the blade was too high – an inch from the bottom of the body, the mower was pressing the grass with its body and blade, I did not hold (lift) everything and still constantly clogged (every 3 minutes), even with side discharge and in dry weather, now after my modifications everything works properly. Also no fixed stand – the actual grass slope is 44cm and it says 50cm. So how will it mow 50cm if the blade is 46cm! 50 cm is the outer size of the body.

Overall – the mower is okay. You can mow – when finished.

Very good design, good workmanship, price, I don’t understand some of the reviews. The mower is really very successful.

The blade is not very sharp and needs sharpening.

What we liked: + Really big mowing width, the process of mowing became much faster + Mowing well and most importantly, neatly collects all mowed grass in minutes and throws the grass away + There is a mulching function, side discharge and nipple for washing the deck Cons, lawn mower, more than met expectations.

Just a killer design: “Formula 1”, no less! Great handling thanks to the three-wheel system. Easy to start.

After rain, it doesn’t drive on wet grass, because the wheels are plastic and just slip.

This is the second device from Daewoo. The first one, the generator, works great. When I bought it, I focused on my neighbor’s lawnmower. He has the same model, but with four wheels. The choice fell in favor of this machine behind the front wheel. My plot is on a slight slope, in places where there is not quite time – there is a hill and a pit. The configuration of the lawn is difficult, there are a lot of trees in the garden, you have to maneuver a lot. Effort at work is minimal: just enough to pull, the machine will do the rest. If the wheels are not slippery, the machine does not care about the terrain. Driving and mowing is simply efficient. But if the grass is wet after the rain, you can only mow a flat lawn, they slip on the wheels: the tires are quite slippery plastic. The solution is simple: don’t mow in the rain. Height adjustment on the four-wheeled machine is easier, everything is done with a lever. Only the rear wheels are set on one lever, but the adjustment of the front wheel does not require much effort and additional tools. The wheel is suspended with a kind of clutch and repositioned to the desired height. The process is simple and fast enough, and does not cause any problems. The tank works for more than two hours, the trimmer has more gasoline in the same area. Starts without problems, hot and cold at once. Grass tank of 70 liters, measured, all reliably. The design is fantastic, the quality of workmanship is excellent. Assembles out of the box in fifteen minutes with a wrench. The crankcase is empty, don’t forget to fill up with oil. Container for filtering, I use a funnel for the filter. Don’t put it on its side (although the manual allows you to put it on the right side) when there is a gas tank: it leaks through the carburetor. Oh, and don’t forget to extend the warranty to three years. The car is cool, powerful, relatively inexpensive. I recommend it with a clear conscience.

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The scooter has rear wheel drive, swivel, the design is not like everyone else’s.

The front wheel height needs to be set manually separately from the rear wheel.

Very maneuverable lawnmower. Due to the wheel travel, it doesn’t need to be pressed completely, so the turning radius doesn’t really get in the way while mowing. Great for mowing where there are beds and beds and trees, very handy. I was satisfied with the quality of parts, this stitching on the fabric of the collector, the quality of the stickers and the paint of the body. Anyway, the mower is worth its money + a really interesting and useful solution on the front wheel.

I liked the reviews on this mower.

The mower usually didn’t start until the day it was delivered. The next day it took about 30 minutes to start the mower. After two times the mower would not start at all. Sent to Dexter Service Center under warranty. Repair under warranty, as is often the case, turned out to be a charge. The mower was returned from the service center unrepaired. Service center staff was very disappointing. I can’t imagine what to do with this device anymore.

All negative points, mentioned in previous reviews, are from the declared manufacturer.

Power, maneuverability, ergonomics

Good compared to all other available methods of maintaining location (from manicure scissors to gasoline trimmer :)- Cosmos! Uastock is large, but no “soccer fields”. Didn’t expect just about everything to be handled, not excluding the little things on the fence, in the brush, etc. “Around the bush” isn’t afraid, nor is it afraid of bumps. I’m glad I have such a device.

Design, front “king” wheel

Exaggerated real features. Mowing width instead of the claimed 50 cm. Only 40 cm. Despite the fact that the blade is 46 cm. The grass catcher bag says 70 liters, but in reality it’s 50 liters.

If it was sold with the real features at a reasonable price, it could compete with the others. The photo compares the 75 liter grass catcher box of the old one and this mower supposedly 70 liters. I will return it, for my lawn it is too small, I have to mow for 8 hours.

It is convenient, maneuverable and compact.

To change the height of cut, you need to manually reposition the front wheel

This Daewoo mower is 100% suitable for my needs. I consider it as a model for women. It’s very easy to use: with it, I can easily mow a lawn that has a flower bed and an alpine hill. They fall apart easily that you do not have to cut, and there is a special turntable in front of the path. It goes forward, only you hold the clamp that starts the movement. When assembled and working, it takes up a lot of space in the garage. There is an outlet for a flask of water, but haven’t used it yet. I recommend it for women and the elderly.

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1. The stuff (long) is the front wheel protrudes forward a lot. 2. Difficult to start. If you start the engine with the starter handle (apparently, only the right hand, at the same time), it should be extended at least 150 cm. It seems to me that a woman can not do this (no scales from her hands). And by the way, after starting, do not forget that this extended cable should be carefully (gradually) returned to the engine – so as not to go away. 3. The engine is bad. In my opinion, this “commercial” engine doesn’t make the claimed 6 hp. It looks more like a 4 hp, as it “smothers” tall (like 40 cm) and thick turf grass and stalls. 4. Vulnerability (its own) is at a low level. Tries to get stuck everywhere. With a mowing height of 45 mm (along the front wheel and along the dome) a pit or bump of 5 cm deep and 10 cm in diameter is enough for the mitch to get in. And pushing them with your hands is difficult because the mower is three-wheeled and bulky. It starts twisting, sliding and resisting on the spot. 5. Adjusting the height is horrible. I mean, the dome goes up and then down easily and comfortably, but changing the height of the front wheel. Get the washer on the bolt between the clip and the wheel – an interesting impression, it should be borne in mind that it is impossible to put the Mitant on the left side, because the handle mower quite strongly protrudes to the left (about 5 cm) Plastic lever to fix the central wheel position, which apparently can damage the track. And to hold (to lift the front) mower through the handle is difficult, because the length of the handle about 150 cm, and the dome of another 50 cm.

6. 70 liters fill 55 liters, as it turns out that the main part of its volume “increases”, so to speak, from the place of mulching grass (its flight from under the dome) to mulch the main volume of the grass collector (the angle is about 15 degrees).

1 place2. Quality of assembly3. gear

1. In addition to central adjustment of the rear wheels, the front wheel requires manual height adjustment. 2. The lawnmower is complicated. I regret that there is a camber on the rear wheels.

With an in-depth analysis of the offerings and actual work through the frantic mower, I can confidently say that this is the cheapest of the tallest and nicest models. It’s helpful that there’s a side discharge. You can mow the grass behind the plot without picking it up, which makes mowing much faster. It collects grass, leaves and even rocks in the grass box. The grass is mowed very evenly and even high wet grass rises. Such an effect cannot be achieved by mowing only grass. With this mower, the grass is blown up and cut evenly, thanks to its sucking power. I think this model is very well proven in the DEU. I recommend it.

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