Daewoo DLM 45sp performance gasoline lawn mower. Model review, videos, performance reports

Daewoo Power Products DLM 45SP

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Technical Specifications Daewoo Power Products DLM 45SP

General properties
Type Self-propelled lawn mower, rear-wheel drive
Mowing width 45 cm
Grass box soft, capacity 50 l
Cutting height 25-75 mm
Cutting height adjustment Yes, central, number of levels – 5
Number of speeds 1.00
Grass into cart, backwards
Installation option mulching nozzle
engine Gasoline, four-stroke
performance 4.50 PS
displacement 142 cm3
Engine brake Yes
Engine Speed 3600
Fuel tank 1 liter
Oil volume 0.4 l
Manufacturer Daewoo
Handle height adjustable folding handle
Cover material steel
Body material steel
Number of bikes four-wheeled
Front wheel diameter 16.5 cm
Rear wheel diameter 19 cm
Wheel material plastic
Weight 28 kg

Reviews about Daewoo Power Products DLM 45SP

Comment: At the end of the day, you need a lawn mower for your lawn. We always did it with a trimmer and only mowed the grass after it, and after the lawn mower, the lawn remains, grass on grass, exactly like that. It’s a totally different look. When you mow tall grass, the grass box gets clogged for a while, so you have to shake out the grass box more often. When buying, lubricate the rubbing points of the cables with the holders immediately with a small amount of lithol, such as B. on the left side of the handle. All in all a successful mower, I like it. For 6-8 acres it’s the best. Goes fast, mows evenly and at the same time sucks up and absorbs various leaves and branches.

Commentary: I bought it 2 weeks ago for 15,300 rubles. The price is very low for these properties, but as it turned out, the mulch it does not have, because. no nozzle. Without the nozzle clogs with grass and flies. The engine seemed weak, Briggs 140 ccm is stronger in my experience. If it gets into a hole, I have to push it, the drive is there, but the wheels don’t turn, apparently the clutch slips. With other mowers, the mower always spins, but this one doesn’t get rolled by obstacles. After purchase, the engine would not start because it turned out that the engine stop lever was not pressed, I had to put a cable. I will say this: If you can not pay another 10,000 and get a European model of famous brands with a reliable engine, you can take it. I had a combination stiga, it was stolen. It is definitely the best choice.

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Disadvantages: All wounds can most likely be blamed on the price. The first time I started it with 3 or 4 times. In addition, with regular operation, everything is not compliant. Will be longer, will have to pull again. But on the whole, I like everything. No remarks to its price.

The comment: A decent budget mower. It is easy to operate due to the voluntary drive. The only thing is that it is necessary to get used to loosen the clutch when turning to make the turn easier. Very high grass is difficult to mow. It’s better to mow in two steps on a high deck and already on the traditional 5 cm. It’s a good mower. I recommend it.

Comment: After 3 years of using a gasoline net, I bought a lawn mower! It is heaven and earth! The grass comes up and is mowed evenly, all collected immediately in the grass box. Daewoo the lawn mower we bought it for, happy with it. Bought on the cheap, works well.

Advantages: Price, build quality, mows great, not budget looking, works well, mows, starts easily, nimble rippers on any lawn. Some benefits after the first use.

Disadvantages: The only thing is not throwing grass. Monday’s ash fills up very quickly. As a result, took it off and started mowing this way. But I don’t consider that a disadvantage for the expense.

Comment: I am very happy that I bought this mower. The poster with the ringing sound when it goes over the lawn. It is well assembled and yanked from all places, very compact. The price on this product is very low for such amazing quality. Looking forward to the weekend to do some coaching again. All in all, I’m happy as an elephant. I recommend it!

Disadvantages: it’s a little heavy on a hot engine. Might be the cable setting. Adjustable. Last time it started with interruptions. Wonder how the next one will be. Difficult. But the others at least are heavier. It doesn’t go uphill, I push, but not every 27 pounds, but it helps. I plan to put spikes on the wheels – screw in self-tapping screws. I think the hill will run better, but not for sure.

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Comments: Had electric models before. What I liked about this gasoline model – no need to carry any wire, bigger jets and faster operation, large grass catcher, self-propelled track. So far I am very satisfied. Didn’t like the fact that it is noisy and heavy compared to the electric models, but it should be a gasoline engine.

Disadvantages: Skidding when driving uphill. The first time it started, it only started 5-6 Turns. After that, everything is fine. The engine always starts with 1-2.

Comment: it is a good lawn mower. For the price it has more advantages. I would like to share an important observation. The new mower had some oil in the crankcase. There was a desire to start the engine, nothing new came up. Good thing I decided to lose it all. Turns out it wasn’t oil, but a preservative to keep parts from rusting. If I had started with it, the engine would have been dead in an hour. But as it is, I drained it off, filled it with fresh mineral oil and started it up. Everything runs great.

Disadvantages: There is wheel sliding on the ground at will. There is a slide with a filled bag of grass.

Comment: No negative comments or complaints about the operation of the mower. So far everyone is happy with it. The big bag for the cut grass, then it is not necessary to collect it with a rake, it is very practical. It cuts the grass evenly and collects everything in its pocket, even in wet grass. From the peculiarities I would like to highlight the specific preparation for the first start. Before pouring oil, I noticed that there was already oil in the crankcase and even the dipstick level was normal. Called the service, they told me it was test oil that needed to be drained. Overall happy with the mower. Mows well, perfectly. We are happy with it.

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Disadvantages: Not enough side discharge and mulch, but it doesn’t affect the rating because they knew ahead of time what we were taking.

Comments: Overall, very happy with the purchase. For a well-maintained area, it’s a great buy. For a 6 acre plot the capacity is sufficient. In an overgrown area it is a little worse. Because of the lack of side discharge, have to constantly empty the container, which is not very practical, because. clogged in just a minute. Without a container at first it was difficult, because. small twigs and thick stems do not weakly hit on the legs. But overall, they got used to it.

Daewoo DLM 45sp performance gasoline lawn mower. Model review, videos, performance reports

Recommendations: 50%



The Daewoo DLM 45SP gasoline lawn mower is designed for mowing coarse vegetation and keeping a medium-sized area in order.

The DLM 45SP is a self-propelled model. It has rear-wheel drive, which greatly improves traction and therefore control of the unit.

This model is equipped with a universal height adjuster that allows you to set one of five mowing positions from 25 to 75 cm.

Daewoo DLM 45SP lawnmower can only work in grass box mode.

basic configuration

This model comes with the following equipment:

Lawnmower, grass collector, instruction manual and warranty card.

Technical specifications

performance 1,3 hp.
engine manufacturer Daewoo
engine model V-Series 140 4-D
engine displacement 142 cc
fuel tank capacity 1 л
Grass catcher box volume 50L
mowing width 450 mm
cutting height 25-75 mm (5 positions)
cutting height adjustment central
Speed control
wheel diameter 165/190 mm (front/rear)
movement type self-propelled
Body material steel
Weight 28 kg


This machine is equipped with a fuel primer to ensure easy and smooth starting.

There is a special indicator for easy control of the grass catcher box level without disconnecting and removing the cover.

The rugged steel housing fully protects the Daewoo DLM 45SP lawnmower from mechanical damage.

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Before each use, make sure that there is sufficient fuel and that it is available.

Do not start operation if there is visible damage or if parts are in an unnatural position.

Operators should use extreme caution when working on slopes so as not to lose control of the machine.

Personal protective equipment must be worn when operating the Daewoo DLM 45SP rotary mower: gloves, suit, boots, headphones and goggles.


To extend the life of your gasoline lawnmower, you should perform maintenance according to the owner’s manual.

Change oil and air filters every 50 hours and visually check the condition of the spark plug.

Before each start-up, check the fuel supply and adjust the fuel system.

The mower runs on a 1:40 mixture of gasoline and two-stroke oil.

Owner’s Manual

New owners are strongly advised to read the owner’s manual before operating the mower in order to understand how to start, stop and maintain it.

Электронный вариант этого документа приведен здесь—>

advantages and disadvantages

This is a professional-grade rotary mower designed for regular use on medium-sized lots.

Judging by the reviews, the advantages of this model can include the following:

  • low price;
  • A voluminous grass catcher box;
  • Lightness;
  • High quality excavators.

However, negative reviews include:

  • Small fuel tank capacity;
  • Unreliability of plastic wheels;
  • No mulching or side discharge mode.

Video review

The following video review demonstrates the work of the model Daewoo DLM 45SP:

Owner Reviews

Here are the reviews of owners of lawn mower Daewoo DLM 45SP on special forums:

Pavel: “I have been using this lawnmower for over a month. And fully satisfied with my investment. Quickly assembled, poured the fluid and worked for 3 hours. The device is cool. Not good for tall grass, but if you mow 2-3 times a week, you can’t find a better one for the money. “

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