Daewoo DLM 1600E electric lawnmower review. Description, video, reviews

Electric lawnmower Daewoo: model review, comparison and test

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After the bankruptcy of automotive giant Daewoo, one of its businesses, Daewoo Power Products, was transformed into a separate company, which produces a large number of garden devices, including electric lawnmowers.

Now Daewoo Power Products produces inexpensive, but fairly high-quality and reliable lawn mowers with the most commonly used features, and tries to make them as comfortable to use as possible.

Despite the fact that the company is registered in South Korea, all lawn mower production has been transferred to China – this allowed them to reduce the cost and make them more competitive.

Why should you choose a Daewoo electric lawn mower?

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The reason for choosing these devices is a combination of the following factors:

  • low price;
  • good reliability;
  • high quality;
  • low weight;
  • good functionality.

The cost of these mowers is much lower than that of European products, while they are in no way inferior in processing quality and reliability.

Sometimes, those, who used powerful petrol mowers and got used to the fact that they can handle any grass without problems, talk about the unreliability of Daewo electric mowers, point out that the plastic housing is very fragile, and the engine and gearbox are fast .

However, the plastic housing and gearbox are also in the expensive European models, but this does not cause dissatisfaction, because their owners understand that they are designed to mow neat lawns and that they have to mow overgrown grass with a trimmer.

All lawn mowers are equipped with Daewoo Power Products collector (synchronized) motors, so lawn mowers often last more than 10 years without repair.

All Daewoo lawn mowers are lightweight, but that doesn’t affect their performance or reduce reliability. Their low weight also makes them well suited for women or the elderly who, due to age or constitution, do not have much physical/muscular strength.

Although all units are not self-propelled, they are easy to steer because they are lightweight and have large wheels that roll over grass and relatively flat ground without any problems. Slide bearings, i.e., plastic sockets, allow the bikes to rotate slightly, which also affects the ease of mowing and the amount of physical energy the operator needs to mow the area.

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All machines work in rear pick-up mode with the possibility to install a grass catcher box, the latter is equipped with a full display.

Modes of bleeding and mulching are not provided, as they are not in demand very often, and their implementation complicates the design of the device and increases its cost, that is, Daewoo electric mower does not have the main advantage.

In addition, all devices have the ability to change the height of mowing with a single lever, but in the cheapest model, this parameter is changed by shifting the wheels.

All mowers are equipped with improved aerodynamic blades, so they can be used not only to cut the grass, but also as a garden vacuum to pick up fresh leaves that have fallen from trees.

Most models are equipped with plastic grass baskets, but some of the more powerful models have combined (fabric) baskets, the top part of which is made of plastic and the bottom one of a breathable material.

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Popular models

Despite the fact that all electric grinders Daewoo is a must-have, some models for various reasons are removed from production and replaced by devices that better meet the expectations of potential buyers.

At the same time, discontinued models are often successful because their features meet the expectations of different groups of prospective buyers.

Therefore, to determine the list of the most popular models, we used the comments that were posted on:

  • Yandex Market;
  • Pages of models in various online stores;
  • Rating pages.


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This model is the smallest and weakest, so it is designed for mowing small, well-maintained surfaces with soft grass.

Because of its small size and weight, it is also suitable for very weak people who have difficulty pushing larger devices on the property.

However, due to its too low output, the engine often falls into a critical mode when mowing the lawn, as it is enough to accelerate the machine too quickly over a construction site, especially if there is tough, dense grass growing on it.

In addition, the mower does not have a normal cutting height setting. In order to change this setting, you have to reposition the wheels so that only those who rarely do so have to change the cutting height.

The engine sprocket control lever, which is also the operator’s accompanying control, is very conveniently located so that the mower can be operated with one hand, either right or left, paired with its light weight this makes mowing the grass very easy.

Handle height adjustment is only possible on a small area due to the offset of the handle on the handle and the handle.

Here are the advantages of the unit:

  • The small size provides maximum maneuverability and allows you to mow grass even in narrow or difficult areas;
  • The low weight makes the mower well suited for those who, for various reasons, cannot move heavier machines around the construction site.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • The cumbersome way to change the cutting height – to reposition the wheels, you must either bend over or lift the mower and reposition the wheel axles by holding it in your hands;
  • Motor power is insufficient to safely mow well-maintained areas;
  • Incorrect handle height setting;
  • The unit has been discontinued, so you can’t find it in all stores.


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The DLM 1200E has many positive reviews online. It replaced the DLM 1100E and differs from it:

  • increased engine power;
  • a larger grass catcher box;
  • less weight.

Otherwise, they are completely identical devices.

The advantages of the mower are:

  • small size;
  • low weight;
  • reliable engine with higher productivity;
  • enlarged collection basket;
  • Convenient engine sprocket lever.

Here are its drawbacks:

  • Cumbersome mowing height setting (wheel conversion);
  • Small handle height adjustment area;
  • Cumbersome handle height adjustment (changing depth of plunge into body and fixing with self-tapping screw).
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This mower has a fairly high ratio of engine power to mowing width (recording), which means it handles any well-kept grass well, but is not suitable for mowing low, wild grass.

Adjusting the cutting height is much more convenient (with a lever) than on previous models, so it takes much less time to change this setting.

In addition, the mower has a modified handle shape, so that it can be held both horizontally and vertically. The operator presence monitor can be located in different places on the handle, making it easy to adapt the mower to each person’s size and build.

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These are the advantages of the lawnmower:

  • Optimal ratio of engine power to cutting width for lawn mowing;
  • Large handle height adjustment area;
  • comfortable handle shape;
  • Convenient operator presence control that can be moved to different areas of the handle for improved comfort when mowing grass;
  • Convenient cutting height adjustment.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • Motor power isn’t enough to mow low wild or relatively tall lawn grass;
  • The unit has been installed, so it’s hard to find in stores.


After owners of the previous model complained in comments about insufficient performance, engineers at Daewoo Power Products developed a new unit based on it with a more powerful and reliable motor.

It also turned out that the new mower is a little lighter than the original machine, so the previous model was installed. Otherwise, both mowers are absolutely identical, so the DLM 1600E lawnmower can be seen as a modification of its predecessor.

Here are its advantages:

  • A comfortable handle with an extended height adjustment range and an adjustable motor switch (operator presence control);
  • A powerful motor that handles low game or relatively high lawn grass well;
  • Changing the mowing height with a lever.

The disadvantage of the lawnmower is the lack of wheel drive, but this applies to all Daewoo electric lawnmowers.


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This mower belongs to the medium power mowers, as its working width is 38 cm, so it is suitable for mowing lawns of 100-500 m 2.

For such a mowing width, the device is equipped with a very powerful motor, thanks to which it can easily handle any lawn and low wild grass.

The power reserve allows the engine to handle short-term overloading of the motor without consequences if the construction site is driven too fast or the density/height of the vegetation is too high.

The ergonomically shaped rubberized handle slows signs of operator fatigue by allowing the operator to position his hands either vertically or horizontally, and to operate alternately with his right or left hand.

The operator presence controller is equipped with a bracket that allows the motor to be switched on and off in either hand position, which is much more convenient than using a lever.

The height of the handle can be changed in two ways:

  • Change the tilt angle;
  • New positioning of the upper part relative to the lower part.

These ways of adjustment greatly increase the range of grip height changes, and the quick-release fasteners make the process much easier because you don’t have to twist and unscrew them like nuts. All you have to do is snap or unclip the mechanisms. The cutting height is changed with a single lever.

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Here are the advantages of the model:

  • Due to the high engine power, the mower can handle relatively tall (10-20 cm) lawns well, and also tolerates short-term overloads due to moving too fast across the plot or too dense/thick vegetation without any consequences;
  • The comfortable handle and the motor shift bracket make the work of the operator much easier;
  • Large handle height adjustment range allows you to adjust to people of all heights.

This mower has no major flaws.


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This lawn mower can be categorized as a heavy lawn mower, as the mowing width is 42 cm, so the machine can be used to mow lawns with an area of 200-700 m2.

The engine power is enough to accurately and relatively high (10-20 cm) mow lawn grass or wild herbs 10-15 cm high.

The overall configuration and settings are completely similar to the DLM 1800E, except for the volume of the grass catcher box and the weight of the machine.

Here are its advantages:

  • A powerful engine that can handle relatively high lawns and low wild grass;
  • A handy handle with height adjustment, and a bracket for easy engine starting;
  • central cutting height adjustment.

The main drawback to this lawn mower is that it’s no longer in production, so it’s hard to find in stores.


This mower is the most powerful and productive, as its working width is 43 cm and the engine power is 2.2 kW. It is noticeably heavier than the previous model, but all other parameters are completely identical.

This device is well suited for owners of well-maintained lawns with an area of 200-700 m2, and if you use the device carefully, you can also mow larger areas, the main thing is that the length and cut of the extension cord is enough.

Here are its advantages:

  • The motor power is enough to mow grass on lawns or regularly groomed flat surfaces.
  • The ergonomically shaped handle and the engine start support reduce strain on the operator’s hands, which reduces fatigue;
  • The unique cutting height adjustment lever allows the operator to adjust the height of cut comfortably.

Compared to other Daewoo electric lawnmowers, the DLM 2200E has no disadvantages, and the number of positive reviews is quite high. However, compared to the trimmer or gasoline counterparts, the disadvantages are as follows:

  • Not suitable for mowing thick or tall grass;
  • no drive on the wheels.

Comparison of the main characteristics

We have summarized all the main characteristics of electric lawnmowers Daewoo in a table that will help you to compare them with each other or with similar devices from other brands:

model Power motor kW cutting height cm weight (kg cutting height adjustment basket type Volume of baskets l Price ths. rub.
DLM1100E. 1,1 32 7 Repositioning of wheel axles plastic 30 6
DLM1200E 1,2 32 6,5 Change of impeller plastic 32 6,5
DLM1500E 1,5 34 10.5 Lever plastic 40 9
DLM1600E. 1,6 34 9 Lever plastic 40 11
DLM1800E 1,8 38 13.5 Lever plastic and cloth 45 12
DLM2000E 2,0 42 13 Lever plastic 50 12
DLM2200E. 2,2 43 15 Lever plastic and cloth 50 13
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We have created links to positive and negative reviews that have been published on various resources. These reviews will help you not only assess the technical features of the devices, but also the possibility of using them more objectively under certain conditions.

Useful Videos

The following videos provide an overview of some Daewoo power mower models, particularly the DLM 1600E and DLM 1800E, with descriptions of features and owner reviews.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E

Before you buy the Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E at the lowest price, study the specifications, video reviews, pros and cons of the model, and customer reviews.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E video reviews

Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600e Properties

General properties *
Special width 34 cm
Type mower
Grass box rigid, capacity 40 l
Mowing height 25-65 mm
Grass output back into the grass catcher box
Mowing height adjustment There is a central number of levels – 5
Mulch no
Engine *
engine electric
power consumption 1600 watt
Battery operation no
performance 1600 watt
Draft *
Number of bikes Four-wheeled
Deck material plastic
Construction material plastic
Handle Height adjustable
Dimensions *
Weight 10.58 kg

* For exact specifications, please contact your retailer.

Motor with a belt to drive the blade. In one of the stores tried different ways to move the lawns. With direct blade drive, no belt, good, just unbearable. This mower weighs about 10 kg, and 15 kg with direct drive. It’s hard for me as a man to carry, but for my wife and mother, how does it sound? They say direct drive is better, but I decided on the weight. I did not look at the gasoline one, because I do not want to breathe gasoline and exhaust fumes out of town, I breathe in the city.

The quality and power is satisfying. Runs smoothly. Thank you very much.

Paired with an electric trimmer in the work. Trimmer can mow along the fence and between the beds. Lawnmower – everything else. It mows the grass very well, the cut is perfect, it picks up everything clean, like a vacuum cleaner. It is quiet so that even a child can sleep without it. It is a great machine for the price.

It is a great mower for beginners and small plots from 6 to 8 acres. Objectively it wins with absence of noise, smells and necessity to fill up the petrol and oil. The work is very simple, both men and women can work, as well as elderly parents. The cutting height is adjusted by the central handle. Operates smoothly. It is very light. I can’t compare with anything, but after my trimmer I just enjoy my work. I am satisfied with everything.

It mows well, everything is fine, but when I miss a week and the grass is growing, the grass catcher box fills up very quickly. And the motor works even if the body is completely full of grass. It mows evenly and even picks up small pine needles. The mower is easy to handle. It’s okay.

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We took it instead of the trimmer. Costs almost the same, but mows even more and you don’t have to pull on the shoulder. It’s a good mower, only 34 cm. It’s okay for 3 tomorrow though. I usually do it for an hour. The handle should be 20-30 centimeters longer. It is not very comfortable to use very high. On the plus side, it’s quiet and you can mow when someone is asleep. If you mow in the morning, you have to make sure there is no rope, it is insulated. It’s better to wait until the grass is dry, it’s easier to collect.

Compared to the previous mower in general is a fluffy thing. Plastic body and electric motor are 3-4 times brighter than the gasoline mower. I didn’t pay attention in the store, but if you mow, you realize that the handle is a little short. Over time, you have to keep the flap in 5-7 cm. The plus is that the power tillers themselves do not rotate, you can ride them so comfortably, do not run afterwards and, if necessary, to bite better if necessary. For example, around and under bushes. A good lawn mower. Worth its money. For a homestead plot, 2-3 morning mowings no longer makes sense.

I was instructed to work as a grass in front of the store, the area of the lawn is very small, only 90 m2. We were guided by the reviews – it turned out that all empty =) capacity of 1600 watts and does not smell! When I connected the mower to the generator, it consumed only 1200 watts. That’s a shame. The volume of grass catcher 40 liters – a lie, imagine office water bottle – 19 liters, ie, X. The grass catcher should be more than two of these bottles, and this is anything but that. When mowing even three days’ worth of grass, the lawnmower would regularly get clogged, taking much longer to mow than it used to with the trimmer. We were prepared for the fact that behind the quite beautiful appearance in the blunt content hides a performance that electricians are far below average. For such a lawn mower, I received a reprimand from the boss and deprivation of the traditional morning coffee =). Now we again use a trimmer (not Daewoo). Not to be unsubstantiated, at home I use a lawn mower another brand, also electric, only a thousand more expensive – compared with the German, heaven and earth, not in favor of Daewoo.

After cutting the grass, at first with scissors, then with a trimmer, the lawn mower works like a fairy tale. The grass is cut perfectly because the blade picks it up off the ground and it all collects in the grass box. It runs from a simple outlet with an extension cord. I liked the model. No remarks on the quality. I recommend it.

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