Daewoo DACS4516 chainsaw: Description, features and rules of use

Daewoo DACS 4516 chainsaw. Properties, preparation for work

Universal chainsaw Daewoo DACS 4516 belongs to the master line series, which means that it is one of the household class tools. The saw is characterized by high performance, ergonomic body, safety and reliability in operation. The chainsaw has a classic layout and the controls are well positioned.

The powerful 3.1 HP engine together with the characteristic 300 mm guide bar and the 3/8″ saw chain with 66 teeth makes the tool suitable for a wide range of applications. You can use this chainsaw to cut and saw firewood for the stove heating or the sauna, do repair and construction work and use it to do carpentry work.

Features of the Daewoo chainsaw:

  • High quality factory-assembled in state-of-the-art facilities;
  • Optimal combination of price and quality;
  • Wide range of application and high productivity;
  • Rich equipment from the manufacturer;
  • Large selection of spare parts and extensive network of service points.

Brand, manufacturer

Daewoo brand does not need a special introduction. The company was founded in South Korea in 1982 and for a long time has been engaged in the production of cars, but then it significantly expanded its scope of interests and switched to the production of gardening and agricultural equipment. The plant, which produces Daewoo electric brushcutters and chain saws, is located in China, but most of the components are made in South Korea. This fact and the high technology of the Chinese company explains the good quality of Daewoo products.

In addition to the high quality of its products, Daewoo is known for its reasonable pricing policy. Today, the average cost of a DACS 4516 chainsaw does not exceed 8,500 rubles.

Basic configuration

  • Packing accompanied by a warranty card and product pass;
  • Branded packaging (cardboard in the colors of Daewoo);
  • The shell of impact-resistant plastic;
  • Two-stroke engine;
  • Guide bar (16″);
  • Saw chain (66 members);
  • Personal protective equipment kit (goggles and gloves);
  • Mounting wrench;
  • Special fuel preparation containers;
  • Protective cover for the bar.

Technical specifications and operating instructions

For a description of the technical and operational features of the chainsaw, click on the following link:

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When purchasing the tool, each user receives a complete package of accompanying documents, as well as a warranty card and a product pass.

Buying and preparing for work

  • A lot of fakes of original Daewoo products have appeared on the market, so we recommend buying the Daewoo DACS 4516 chainsaw only from official dealers of the company or from proven sellers.
  • In order to determine where and by whom this or that tool was manufactured, we recommend studying the markings of individual parts and accompanying documents;
  • Before you buy the tool, check the power of the engine and other chainsaw systems to make sure it is in good condition;
  • Before you start working with the Dawoo DACS 451 6-Saus saw, inspect the unit, read the instruction manual and safety regulations.
  • Assemble the saw headset according to the recommendations in the instruction manual.

Important: Observe the correct chain setting. When properly tensioned, the chain will rotate slightly on the bar without either limb sagging under its own weight.

  • Prepare the fuel, prime the engine and fill the automatic lubrication system.
  • Check the chainsaw housing for gasoline and oil leaks, and if you find any, correct the cause of the leak.
  • Reassemble the engine according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and obey the safety instructions.

Fuel and Lubricants

The DAWOO DACS 4516 chainsaw is equipped with a two-cylinder internal combustion engine. Such engines need fuel, which consists of two ingredients: gasoline and oil. When preparing the fuel mix it is recommended to use high quality, high octane gasoline AI92-95 and engine oil for two-stroke engines in the oil/gas ratio of 1/50.

Important: Daewoo chain saws do not need a special running-in period. However, it is recommended to run 5-7 oil tanks sparingly to increase the moto and power of the engine. In this case, you will not overheat the engine and see thick tree trunks.

Some owners of gasoline-powered saws use diesel or transformer oil, disgusting or even waste fluid as a lubricant. This is unacceptable. Only fill the automatic saw head lubrication system with high-quality chain oils. This improves tool performance and prolongs tool life.

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Strengths and weaknesses


  • Ergonomic body made of high-quality impact-resistant plastic;
  • Easystart function starter (easy start);
  • Fuel primer;
  • Improved electronic ignition system;
  • Robust engine, the main parts of which contain a special coating;
  • Rich equipment.


  • A large number of fakes on the market;
  • There are complaints about the quality of the chain tensioner.

Daewoo DACS 4516 chainsaw: Video review

Chainsaw DAWOO DACS 4516 when making firewood, tool review:



Chainsaw Daewoo DACS 4516 – device and test:



Sawing a big tree – chainsaw Daewoo DACS 4516:



What people write on forums: Reviews of chain saw Daewoo DACS 4516 owners

Semyon Poyarkov, 32, Tver region:

Small, but quite powerful chainsaw at a very reasonable price. I use the model for the fourth year, during this time I have replaced the drive sprocket and several chains, everything else is still at home, including the tire. The power of the engine is enough both for repair work and for cutting firewood. Personal trees with a fuselage diameter of up to 70 centimeters. The tool mastered, the engine did not overheat, although such work should be carried out rarely, is it worth considering – this is not a professional model. I believe that the chainsaw Dawoo DACS 4516 on the price/quality ratio is not inferior to the best brand tools.

Yaroslav Velikanov, 44, Novgorod region:

I bought the chainsaw on the advice of a relative; he immediately outlined the disadvantages and advantages of the tool. In fact, there is only one serious disadvantage: the unfortunate design of the chain tensioner. As for the advantages, there are many more. This is a reliable, economical engine, and high-quality saw headset, and high performance. By the way, the engine consumes 20% less fuel compared to competitors, the chain oil is also efficient. The bar and chain material is the same as its brand – reliable and durable. In three years of operation there were no serious failures (a couple of times I filled the engine, could not start it).

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Advantages: price, economical engine, good performance, reliable automatic lubrication system, reasonable price;

Disadvantages: Unfortunate construction of the chain tensioner, requires high-quality oil and gasoline.

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Chainsaw Daewoo DACS 4516. Technical characteristics. advantages and disadvantages

Despite its domestic status, the chainsaw Daewoo dacs4516 has excellent performance characteristics that provide this tool with a wide range of applications. This chainsaw is excellent for non-professional felling of medium-diameter trees, sawing of firewood and maintenance of the personal plot. You can’t do without such a unit during the construction of residential and outbuildings. However, the chainsaw is used not only in private yards, but also by foresters, utility workers and electricians.

Features of Daewoo brand devices

  • Tool-free access to the nylon air filter;
  • EasyStart engine starting system;
  • Fuel primers for pumping fuel into carburetor;
  • Accidental locking system;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Claimed service life – 1500 hours.

Brand Description

South Korean company Daewoo was founded in the second half of the 20th century, more precisely in 1982. For a long time the concern was known for its cars, but today it is mainly focused on shipbuilding, construction of manufacturing plants and electronics. In recent years, the concern’s management began to pay more attention to the sector of gardening and agricultural machinery, due to which a new factory was built in China, where the Daewoo daks4516 chainsaw will be assembled. It should be noted that most of the components, including the engine, are made in Korea.

Daewoo Power has always positioned itself in the market as a manufacturer of quality, but inexpensive devices. This trend has continued with regard to chainsaws. Model dacs4516 today you can buy in Russia for a price of 8,990 rubles, in Ukraine such a chainsaw is sold for 3,700 hryvnia.

Basic configuration of the Daewoo dacs4516 chainsaw
  • cardboard package;
  • instruction manual and warranty card;
  • The body of the chainsaw with a gasoline engine;
  • carrying bag;
  • Working gloves;
  • Safety glasses;
  • Set of universal combination wrenches and file;
  • 40 cm. guide bar;
  • Protective cover for guide bar;
  • Saw chain with 66 drive links, pitch 0.325″;
  • Measuring tank for fuel preparation.
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Specifications and manual

A detailed description of the chainsaw and its specifications can be found here:

Unpacking and Starting

  • When you purchase the Daewoo dacs4516 chainsaw, make sure it is fully equipped and free from visible defects and damage;
  • Read the manual carefully, read the operating instructions, and read and understand the safety instructions for your chainsaw;
  • Unpack the chainsaw and prepare it for use;
  • Remove the safety guard and inertia brake lever with the Allen wrench.
  • Slide the guide bar onto the wedges in the seat;
  • Slide the saw chain onto the drive wheel and insert it into the guide bar grooves;

Important: Make sure that the cutting edges of the teeth face the direction of rotation of the drive chainwheel.

  • Install the blade guard together with the parking brake lever onto the chainsaw body;
  • Tighten the mounting nuts and fasten the safety guard;
  • Set the chain tension so that neither limb slackens, but the chain moves freely along the bar even with a little effort;
  • Prepare the fuel mixture and fill the chainsaw;
  • Pour oil into the tank of the automatic lubrication system;
  • Turn on the ignition, press the starter button several times, pull the throttle lever up and start the engine;
  • Allow the engine to run at high RPM for 20-25 seconds and push the throttle lever into the chainsaw body.

Power and lubrication

Your chainsaw is equipped with a Master Line air-cooled 2-stroke engine. These engines are lubricated with oil that is added to gasoline when you prepare fuel. For this type of engine, it is best to use gasoline and high-quality engine oil. The fuel mixture is made in a 1/50 ratio by mixing oil and gasoline. It is recommended to use a medical syringe for accurate oil dosage.

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Lubrication of the chainsaw set DAEWOO DACS4516 is done through an automatic system, which is filled with a special adhesive oil. The manufacturer recommends the use of Vitals Mineral or Iron Angel chain oil.

Important: Your chainsaw does not require a special start-up process. However at the initial stage (7-9 tank refills) it is recommended to use the device sparingly. At the same time you should not fell thick trees and overheat the engine.

Strengths and weaknesses

  • Electronic C.d.I. financing system;
  • Compact size and ergonomic, well-balanced body;
  • Effective vibration damping system;
  • Economical engine from Daewoo.

In their evaluations, chainsaw owners mention only one drawback: Some operators complain about the unfortunate design of the chain tensioner.

Video review

Unpacking and preparing for work chainsaw Daewoo DACS4516:

Daewoo DACS4516 chainsaw in operation, making firewood:

DAEWOO DACS4516 – Review, review, tips and tricks:

Owner reviews

Evgeny Presnyakov, 25, Perm:

This is my first chainsaw, I do not have a specialist, so I listened to the consultants and bought the Daewoo DACS4516. After a year of use, I can say that I did not lose a chance. It has a very good vibration damping system, economical engine, the noise is quite bearable, even though I prefer to work with headphones. I was pleased with the extra bonuses in the kit: glasses, gloves, bags – it is clear that the manufacturer cares about its customers.

Andrew Turovsky, 47, Krasnodar:

Yuzhal chainsaw not so long ago, but the first impressions have already formed. First of all, I want to note the quality assembly and reliable engine. I have read about such engines and know that they save up to 20% of fuel. Daewoo DACS4516 model is equipped with pretty good tires – both tire and chain are of acceptable quality. But I had no luck with the tensioner – the chain gets loose every 20 minutes. Whether this is an isolated case or a design flaw – I do not know.

Advantages: The engine is economical and reliable, a good vibration damping system, has a quality saw;

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