Daewoo DABC 420 Gas Lawnmower – trimmer test, owner reviews

Daewoo DABS 420 gasoline trimmer. Model review, video, instructions, reviews

Recommendations: 100%



The Daewoo DABC 420 petrol tiller is characterized by easy starting, low noise level and high efficiency. It is equipped with a rigid shaft that is impact resistant.

It can be easily disassembled during transport or storage.

basic package

The trimmer comes with the following equipment:

Gasoline engine, drive shaft, steering linkage, belt set, safety guard, cutting disc, fuel tank, tool kit, owner’s manual and warranty card.

Technical features

performance 2 hp.
engine manufacturer daewoo
engine model 043 series
engine displacement 41.7 cc
fuel capacity 0.9L
fuel type gasoline, not lower than АI-92
oil type Special oil for air-cooled 2-stroke engines
mowing width 420 mm
blade cutting width 255 mm
blade set Saw blade + saw blade
wave +
operator handle U-shaped
Dimensions (L×HW) 1050×260×260 mm
Weight 7,3 kg


All Daewoo 420 trimmer controls are placed on the control handle and allow you to change the speed of the machine directly during operation.

The protective cover is made of high quality, impact-resistant ABS plastic.

All trimmer components are additionally balanced to give the brushcutter optimum balance.

The Daewoo DABC 420 petrol brushcutter is equipped with a special noise and vibration absorption system.

The trimmer is equipped with a bicycle handle, which is considered by many owners to be the most convenient.


Before you start working with the Daewoo DABC 420 chain saw, you should check the fuel mixture and the strength of the bolt connections.

It is recommended that you wear protective clothing: a suit, boots, gloves, goggles and headphones while working.


The Daewoo DABC 420 trimmer runs on a mixture of gasoline and two-stroke oil. When choosing the proportion, you should be guided by the recommendations of the lubricant manufacturer. It is usually 1:40.

Owner’s Manual

New owners of the Daewoo DABC 420 lawnmower should read the owner’s manual before operation to understand the operation of the unit, the starting, stopping and maintenance system.

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advantages and disadvantages

Daewoo DABC 420 gasoline mower belongs to the category of budget machines for lawn care. It starts well, regularly mows the grass, holds the speed, has a collapsible handle.

However, there are also disadvantages: uncomfortable shoulder equipment, not too high quality components, high noise level.

Video review

This video review is presented by the manufacturer:

owners’ reviews

Here’s what the owners of the gasoline lawnmower Daewoo DABC 420 write on thematic forums:

Spartacus: “I have a Daewoo cultivator and when choosing a trimmer I also decided to deal with this company. Since it is a high-quality equipment at a low price. I am fully satisfied with the work of the mower. The included saw blade was a pleasure. I installed the handle correctly when assembling as many did not do it correctly and as a result it didn’t hold up. It’s easy to start. Took about 3 hours to clean 9 acres. Haven’t noticed any negatives yet.”

Daewoo Power Products DABC 420 reviews

Nice 2-stroke scythe. When I made up my mind, I didn’t know that 2-stroke engines have a function… Turns out they can’t run at maximum rpm all the time. This. If you’re mowing, you have to bring up one line and release the button in the other at half throttle. It’s a protection against overheating. I didn’t find out about it right away, but took comfort that it was a feature of all 2-stroke engines. Now I’d probably opt for a 4-stroke mains. And the rest) spit on the floor showed with dignity. There were no questions about the quality of performance.

A successful grab of the grave. First of all, because there is experience with a different handle, when you press on the teog and an hour later the hand is already lowered. The engine has picked up specially two-stroke, that it did not get damp because of oil. Comes with fishing line and sanding sections. This is a definite plus. Hedge trimmer easily cuts all the bushes, nettles and weeds, much easier than the three-meter with three curly knives.

What to do with grass clippings?

Working with it is a pleasure. It easily handles not only young grass in the lawn, but also quite experienced weeds and even small trees. Replacing the mower is great, quietly mowing even wet grass. Comfortable and practical belt, comfortable handle, you can mow for hours without stopping. There’s little vibration, the motor is very powerful.

I didn’t want to use an electric mower, the cable was always in the way. I bought this model because of its low price and the quality of the manufacturer that I know personally, which I haven’t lost. Of course, I tested the network on my property, where I had already applied the grass for mowing. The power of the device pleasantly impressed me. In a few hours, without much effort and stress, it finished 12 acres of land. The engine didn’t overheat, which is very good. Low fuel consumption, hardly any noise. Great network, I recommend it to everyone for personal use.

All in all a good tool for the price. It’s bought with no nagging tasks and will last a long time if you don’t overheat and use a fresh mix. I have used the cutter very well. Combined with such a powerful motor, you could probably cut down trees with it. And the truck bed, nettles and all kinds of shrubs are destroyed in a wave. It’s a cool thing and a pleasure to work with. Sometimes the air swivel lever sinks. When you run into it, remove the air flaps and just put it back in place. To summarize the rating, I would like to say that it is decent and worth its money. There are probably better ones out there, but the price goes to infinity.

Good grip. First of all, because I have an experience with another type of grip, when you pull the trigger and in an hour your hand goes down. The engine was specially picked up by two-stroke, so that it did not get damp after the oil. In the kit fishing line and sanding. This is a definite plus. The brush cutter easily cuts all the bushes, nettles and weeds, much easier than the three-meter long with three curly knives. In general, it is bought for its task. The price is reasonable.

Gravel discount - how to set up?

A good packaging.

2. The engine in the body sits firmly, does not dangle, does not squeak.

Horsepower is modest, but I doubt it’s about 2 HP.

4. The belt is comfortable – the weight is not felt (the only thing – the straps are poorly attached to the plastic carabiners)

1. “Easy start” – no function as such

2. The control handle attachment is a disaster.

3. Air damper switch jams, you have to pull the switch with a slotted screwdriver

4. After two hours of use, I found that the engine loses power when trying to increase speed.

5. Nevertheless, the vibration (purely subjective) is too much.

The operating time was about three hours. This was enough to make the decision to return it. It all started during the assembly: When attracted by the mounting of the control knobs (Chinese-siluminous), tried a neat – nothing worked, which were reinforced on one side. I had to drill “kolhoz” – tighten with M6 screws and thereby solve the problem. Next: the object is assembled, the mixture poured in the ratio of 40: 1 – I tried to start (all according to the instructions), it did not work – neither from the first nor from the second. Started to try and with closed and open flap. in general, somehow started. I begin to mow, everything seems to be all right. Worked about an hour, decided to give the mower a rest, but so that it has not cooled down – about 10-15 minutes, I start the hot one from the start. No! It’s no use, guys. Barely got it started and ran for about an hour, I can see that it has to do with performance when trying to step on the gas. That was enough for me. I started disassembling it, cleaning and packing it up. At the same time drained the gasoline from the tank and decided to start removing the residue in the carburetor – it wouldn’t start, the mixture was left in the carburetor. Filled A-92 (the same as in my “Lacetti” fill), oil “Stihl”. Contacted Daewoo Power service and business damage department because of this problem – basically talked ok, there is an understanding and willingness to solve the problem, let’s see how it will be in practice. Today I returned it to wait for the court decision, but to be honest, I was disappointed on purpose, the model is “raw”, starting with the basic attachment of the handles. The quality is weak. Unfortunately I succumbed to the advertising. I will definitely reject it. The reasons for this problem: 1. The lack of declared quality control in manufacturing 2. Lack of preparation before selling in the store.

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