Cultivator gasoline prorab GT 750. Properties of the model, video, reviews

Checking out the power tillers Prorab GT-750. Technical characteristics, peculiarities of use and operation

Tractor GT-750 Walk-Hind is a model of the budget series of the middle class. It is most expedient to use it in personal actions, small farms. Combining a wide range of attachments, the tractor efficiently performs a variety of agricultural and farm work.

Technical characteristics

Engine: Prorab
Engine power: 7 PS
Engine type: Four-stroke
Engine displacement: 270 cm3
Working width: 80 cm
Working depth: 30 cm
Number of speeds forward: 4
Number of speeds in reverse: 2
Fuel tank capacity: 3.2 L
Volume of the oil tank: 0.6 l
Lever: Turn
Clutch: Belt
Gear: Chain
Cooling: Air
Starting system: Manual
Fuel: Gasoline
Cycle diameter: 4.50-10 “
Dimensions and weight: Complicated
Innovation (reverse): available
Basic equipment: Protective wing, mills, voucher
Additional information: Chain drive cutter.
Weight: 100 kg
Country of manufacture: China
Warranty: 1 year (or 12 months) from our company!

The design of the tractor Walk-Hind

Tractor Prorab GT-750 Walk-Hind is distinguished by a clever design, easy to use and wait. Three modifications of the unit with identical technical properties have been developed, the differences lie in the model of the engine:

  1. Prorab GT-750-Loncin 7 hp power tiller.
  2. Get from GT-750 BS-Briggs & Stratton 6.5 hp.
  3. Get from GT-750 SU-Robinsubaru 7 hp.

Prorab GT-750 power tiller

  • Prorab GT-750 Walk-Hind tractor is equipped with a 4-speed box, with which you can set the desired pace of work, rationally maneuvering with mounting devices.
  • The clutch on the walk-behind tractor is belt driven, with gearboxes in an aluminum housing.
  • Thanks to high profile pneumatic bicycles, good crossing is guaranteed on every floor. The wheels automatically stop after the release of force on the clutch lever.
  • The 4 chain-driven climbers ensure that you can work the soil with a border width of 80 cm to a depth of 30 cm.
  • The ergonomic handles are vertically and horizontally adjustable and all control levers are accessible.
  • Due to the high weight (100 kg) of the PRORAB-GT-750 power tiller you can use plowing without priming.
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Functions of use

The basic equipment of the motoblock includes pneumovalves, cutters, protective fenders, voucher, hard disc slides. The motoblock engine has a 3-handle pulley, which transmits torque to the gear and the active drive mounts connected to it from the engine.

In addition, the machine is perfectly aggregated with the attached implements and can perform various agricultural works: loosening, plowing, soil cultivation, making furrows for planting crops, grass mowing, snow-making and fencing.

Potato tiller a-Snee g-Pahot a-Otva l-Barsh.

The installed attachment equipment: swivel mowers, rotary mowers, plows, breakers, floor surfaces, potato harvesters, snow guards. For universal hitch manufacturer uses parts from NEVA Walk tractor.


The Prorab GT-750 works on AI-92 petrol. The machine consumes SAE 10W30 mineral Prorab 04 oil, which must be changed in the engine after 100 hours of operation. Transmission oil is changed every 500 hours or once a season. Moving friction units and joints are lubricated with universal water-resistant greases such as solidol, lithol.

Mineral oil, SAE 10W30 Litol

The manufacturer warns about careful handling of the Prorab GT-750 single axle tractor when working on slopes, slopes up to 20° are allowed. Do not transport the machine on its head or on its side during transport.

For more information about the features of operation, maintenance and preventive maintenance plan, possible malfunctions and repairs of the hand tractor Prorab GT-750 can be found in the factory operating instructions at the link:


The new single-axle foreman must be retracted, i.e. perform the prescribed procedure, during which all units and mechanisms of the unit are ground, retracted and the working clearance calibrated. First check the presence of oil and fuel, if necessary refill to the set stand.

The input process is carried out within 20 hours with gradually increasing load: idle, 1/3 power, 2/3 power.

Check the operation at each stroke in accordance with the operating instructions. During this time, the following rules must be observed: Do not work at maximum power, check the condition of nodes and mechanisms visually, monitor engine cooling for 15 minutes every 2 hours.

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After the first 1.5-2 hours of continuous work it is necessary to carry out the first inspection by the foreman of the hand tractor of the technical condition of all units and mechanisms. Thereafter preventive inspection will be carried out every 20 hours or monthly. After this inspection the old oil is drained out and replaced with fresh oil.

Video review

Owners reviews


“I am satisfied with the Foreman 750 power tiller with a Briggs engine. I do all my homework in the garden and vegetable garden – I till the garden, work the seedbeds, mow the grass. For a long time I didn’t dare to dig potatoes with it, very old-fashioned for a horse. But last season I tried it, and now it is the only way I will work. Model is reliable, starts up quickly, picks up petrol sparingly, I almost don’t feel vibration. Reasonable price. “

Cultivator gasoline prorab GT 750. Properties of the model, video, reviews

Cultivator PRORAB GT 750 BS is a representative of the budget series of medium-class benzotrimmer.

Equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine rated at 6.5 hp, Prorab GT 750 can be used in small agricultural enterprises.

Model description

Model GT 750 groomer is equipped with 4 forwarders, with which it is possible to gain up to 9 km/hour.

The engine is air-cooled.

The remarkable weight of 98 kg allows you to give up symptoms.

The equipment consists of pneumatic bix, which provides continuity on each floor, as well as 4 cutting units, thanks to which the working width reaches 80 cm.

The plowing depth can be set up to 30 cm.

The headstock itself is quite easy to use, so you do not have to exert much effort during work.

The handle is equipped with a swivel mechanism, which can be used to set the position horizontally and vertically. All controls are located on the handle for operator comfort while working.

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Wide wings protect the power unit from flying country and stone blocks.

There are some differences in the model, namely in the company of the engine manufacturer:

  • Cultivating GT 750 – Loncin
  • Cultivating GT 750 SU – Subaru
  • Cultivating GT 750 BS – Briggs & Stratton

Technical characteristics

engine Single-cylinder, water-cooled, 4-stroke gasoline engine
performance 7 PS/7350W
Working volume of cylinder, cc. 208 cm³
Fuel tank capacity 3.2 L
Working width 80 cm
Working depth 30 cm
Number of cutters 4
Number of programs 4 forward/2 front
draft Return knob adjustment on the side
Weight 98 kg

Features of use

Before you can continue operating the hike in the forehead, you need to o-o-o-ve.

This has a positive effect on the operation of the engine, as all the parts are exhausted and the lubricant penetrates into all the nodes.

The entire process takes about 8-10 hours and involves the following steps:

  1. Check the fuel and oil level. If the amount is insufficient, top up.
  2. Start the engine and run it at low rpm for 4 hours. However, you cannot run at idle all the time, so make doses. Increase the RPM for 20 seconds to maximum and reset.
  3. For the next 4 hours, you can use the tractor with half of its power on the run without attachments.
  4. After completing the run, drain the used oil and replace it with new oil.

The manufacturer recommends using SAE 10W30 and 92 AI gasoline oil.

The oil should be changed every 25 hours after operating the unit. For transmissions, change after 100 mater.

It is also necessary to lubricate the undercarriage arms once a month.

After the end of the working season, tractor Prorab GT 750 Walk – must be preserved, namely, cleaned of dirt, wiped dry, drain the oil and fuel, lubricate the working parts to prevent corrosion with protective material and leave in a dry, well-ventilated place.

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