Cubota mini tractors. Series overview, properties

Thanks to Cubota minitractors, it will be easier and faster to carry out land and municipal work

Cubota minibrators

Cubota minitractors are produced by a well-known Japanese company that many people have been associated with for a long time with reliability and quality. In addition, products from the country of the rising sun are not only popular in the domestic area, but also in other countries, since around 50,000 units run off the band every year that are successfully operated by European users.

The country of manufacturers tried to do everything so that the devices could be adapted compactly, unpretentious in the company and quickly to the working conditions. Thanks to these properties, Kubota minitractors were able to conquer the already demanding farmers and farmers.

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Despite the fact that the specified company started its work in the 1930s, the first mini tractor with al l-wheel drive was produced in 1972. Of course, the owners of Kubota have significantly improved their equipment over time and do not stop offering different model series to users with which one should familiarize themselves more precisely.

Series M

The creators have equipped the products of this series with a 4-stroke diesel engine with a volume of 3.3 liters. With regard to performance, the indicators can vary between 60 and 75 hp in this regard. With.

The characteristics also include the presence of a si x-speed transmission, several operating modes and economical fuel consumption. Thanks to this moment, the Kubota minitractor can perform its tasks for a long time without refueling.

Kubota M6040

The device is clear proof of the level of mechanical engineering in Japan. Oil disc brakes contribute to a gentle speed loss without sharp jerks and dangerous moments.

Technical characteristics:

Kubota M6040 Mini actionor

  • Motor-Kubota V2403-DI-TE2;
  • Engine power – 60 liters. With.;
  • Cup – dry;
  • Gearbox – 8 front, 4 behind;
  • Displacement – 2434 cubic meters. cm.;
  • Weight – 1800 kg.

Thanks to its compact dimensions of 3420 * 1865 * 2340 mm, the device can edit the earth up to a depth of 30 cm. The tractor is stable and agile.

Series B

Al l-wheel drive devices are actively used by commercial organizations and individuals. Cubota minitractors of this series often have diesel engines, the power of which can achieve 32 hp.

The device has recently been used in limited areas, we speak of gardens, vineyards, construction sites and greenhouses. The compactness, economy and maneuverability of the Japanese mini tractors of the B series help to ensure that landscape designers often refine the territory with their help.

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Kubota B2420

All components and technological units are of Japanese origin, so that there is no doubt about the reliability of the “assistant”.

Technical characteristics:

Mini tractor Kubota B2420

  • Motor-Kubota D1105-E2-D22T;
  • Performance – 24 liters. With.;
  • Sable of rear assembly – 615 kg;
  • Gearbox – 9 front, 3 behind;
  • Steering – integrated amplifier;
  • Speed ​​- 18.8 km / h;
  • Weight – 695 kg.

Many owners of this model are satisfied with their choice, as they do its tasks perfectly, does not fail, start quickly and can serve for a long time if you care properly.

Series L

Representatives of this series can be found particularly frequently at supply companies. Thanks to them, people dig up, embarrassed communication, clean roads, etc.

Powerful 30-hp engine. With. And the possibility of installing additional equipment improves the performance, so Bulldozer signs and excavator spoons are particularly in demand under a wide range of attachments.

Kubota L3108

12 gears (8 forwards and 4 backwards) contribute to the high use value. Powerful rear wheels guarantee passability even under the most difficult conditions.

Technical characteristics:

Mini tractor Kubota L3108

  • Motor-Kubota D1703-M-DI;
  • Number of cylinders – 3;
  • The minimum turning radius is 2.5 m;
  • Speed ​​- 22.2 km / h;
  • 3-point attachment-1 category;
  • Weight – 1050 kg.

It is a pleasure to use such a device, and even a failure does not frighten the owners because it is quite easy to get and replace the required element in domestic specialist shops.

BX series

When developing products in this series, experts have concentrated on maneuverability and simple control as well as security. The devices are ideal for towing work because they have an output of 18 to 25 hp. With.

Technical properties of 4 models:

Technical features of 4 models

Absolutely all mini tractors are al l-wheel drive and have light halogen headlights at the front. They are characterized by the presence of a thre e-sided radiator grille, which extends over the front fenders.

Series X

Products in the series work with the help of reliable engines with an output of up to 24 hp. With. They often have a plug-in 4WD drive.

Kubota X20dt

The mini tractor not only looks very handsome, but is also considered one of the best developments of the company.

Technical characteristics:

Kubota X20dt Mini actionor

  • Motor – Diesel V1305;
  • Performance – 20 liters. With.;
  • Volume – 1335 cm 3;
  • Cycling formula – 4×4;
  • Number of cylinders – 4;
  • Weight – 805 kg.

A redotiller is often included in the specified unit.

Representatives of each series are unique in their own way, so that all mini tractors can demonstrate the highest class and like their owner. By preferring cubota products, you do not lose and save unnecessary problems, because Japanese experts surprise and repeatedly convince the whole world that products from the land of the rising sun have always been of incredibly high quality.

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Cubota min i-tractor: lineup of tractors

Minitor Kubota

The competition on the market for special minute devices has shown clear leaders, the cubota tractor is one of the favorites. Born in Japanese, the most competitive models, which were manufactured abroad and in our country, left the Japanese far behind.

The owner of the Kubota brand produces 50,000 copies of devices annually. The popularity is explained by the properties of the products: maneuverability and performance against the background of the dimensions. As well as efficiency and adaptation to climatic conditions, which is important in the face of the special features of our region. The positive factors of tractor operations contribute to the effect of the user in a short time.

Tractor Kubota on the field:

Cubot in the field

The beginning of the tractor brand Kubota

The company was founded in 1890, then in the city of Osaka (Japan) the publication of CAS T-IE pipes for the water supply. In 1920 a complete change in the occupation by the company was carried out. At that time, Kubota began to develop and produce power plants that worked on kerosene.

The thirties of the last century were shaped by the popularization of diesel engines. Accordingly, the company changes to the publication of similar devices. The influence on the formation of the Kubot company was influenced until 1947. During this time, the company produces a cultivating person who can process the soil. Agricultural workers estimated the product, the further fate of the company was a detailed conclusion, and the first classic tractor was already developed and brought into production of 60.

The date on which the Kubota Mini-Contractor was born the 72nd year. A feature of the model, a 4-wheel drive. For this time, this technology is only available for the United States of America, and then only complete machines were produced.

Today the company’s branches are distributed worldwide. Small tractors are popular among farmers and among employees. Light, compact, productive machines run through the streets of hundreds of cities, and this is thanks to the founder, Cubot brand.

Classification of Cubot tractors

Mark Kubota produces 160 modifications of tractors. In order not to be confused in the list of devices, and products in the series have been combined for customers. The classification consists of several series that can be recognized by special names.

Pond in fall and winter

Cubot Tractor “M” – series

The series was developed to carry out rural tasks with a differentiated level of complexity. Cars are equipped with diesel power plants with four cylinders, a volume of 3.3 liters. Developed capacity of 10 – 140 hp. Six steps contribute to maintaining the correct speed limit. Some modifications are equipped with a tw o-speed coupling that doubles the number of steps. The ability to keep the speed in the range of 0.45 – 38 km/h helps to carry out a task of different orientations on the tractor. The fuel saving mode reduces the costs for the purchase of fuel. Class units are used on farms and agro industrial complexes.

Tractor Kubota M-135GX:

Cubot M-135GX

The tractor series Cubot “M” contains the following modifications: 110GX, 135GX, 8540N, 9960.

Cubot Tractor “L” series

Serious technology is rarely used for rural needs, although it can also perform work on plowing and harvesting on mediu m-sized farms. The purpose of the class, the execution of the tasks of municipal orientation. Diesel power plants develop a capacity of 30 hp, and this is sufficient to dig ditches, pitches, pipe laying and street cleaning. The machine is equipped with all types of hinge devices that extend the tasks carried out. Including excavator buckets and bulldozer jar copies are used.

Cubot Tractor L-3800:

Cubot L-3800

The Cubot series “L” contains the following modifications: 5040, 2602, 3901, 2501.

Cubot Tractor “B” series

The peculiarity of the technology of this series, the use of private farms and cattle complexes as well as in commercial companies. The class cars are equipped with all the whee l-modified drive drive that are stable and reliable. Therefore, they carry out tasks that require increased performance and cyclicality. The used diesel power plants develop a force of 18 to 32 hp.

Cubot Tractor B-6000:

Cubot B-6000

Production cars, as a result, lend themselves to maneuver with small dimensions in conditions of lack of space. Tractors are in demand for work in construction facilities, greenhouses, gardens and parks.

The Cubot series “B” includes the following changes: 5000, 1520, 4200, 6000, 7001.

Cubot Tractor “BX” series

Series tractors are characterized by maneuverability and ease of control. Among the brand’s products, the series won the title of “Safe”. Machines are suitable for equipping with light equipment and to cope with towing trailers. Scope, small agricultural sections of up to five hectares. Tractors are equipped with diesel power units with a capacity of 18-25 hp.

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Kubota Tractor BX-1870:


Cubot tractor “Aste”

The tractors of this modification are not included in the classic understanding of the series, cars with small dimensions and a number of functions. The technique is equipped with a diesel power plant with three cylinders, a capacity of 15 hp and water cooling. Fastening equipment is attached to the device with a three-point fastening connector problem. Technique with a 4×4 drive and a brake for each wheel. The transmission with eight steps (6 front speeds and 2 reverse modes).

Cubot Aste A-17:

AST A-17

Aste Cubot includes the following changes: 14, 15, 17.

Features of Kubot tractors

The characteristics of Cubot tractors are maneuverability and ease of management. Such indicators are achieved through the use of reversing devices that work at the expense of hydraulics. The mechanism quickly changes trajectory without the involvement of a foot clutch lever.

Another feature, the use of all Radewagen drive on tractor models. With modifications, these cars with a capacity of 60 horses and above can turn off the rear axle. Such a function saves fuel in the case when the power of one bridge is sufficient to perform tasks.

Cubot tractor on the farm:

Cubot on the farm

Due to the fact that the layout is constructively calculated and fulfilled in accordance with the standards, the transport movement on an uneven surface does not provoke noise and vibration. If necessary, mini tractors are equipped with a cabin, so such technology can be provided air conditioning and heating.

The power plants use three or four cylinders, are made in the workshops of the same company. Engines observe the norms of ecology, the type of fuel consumed – diesel. The engines are economical, consuming an average of 1.4 l. Diesel fuel for an hour’s work.

Units are able to adjust wheel track width. The tractor is operated in the fields where crops are cultivated, which differ in need. The motor impulse runs through the power shaft from the power plant to the device. Raises and lowers the auxiliary hydraulic equipment that serves these objectives. You can also read about the TDT 55 Tractor: Specifications.

Tractor body kit

The hideous assortment of additional devices helps expand Cubot’s functionality. The hinge technique is represented by a large number of devices that make it easier to work on cultivated areas. The requested and popular types of additional devices include:

  • Harrow, implement for grinding pieces of land;
  • A device that grinds and turns the top layer of soil;
  • Cultivators, marking combs that help to make the seed crops even;
  • trailer with cargo weighing up to 500 kilograms;
  • A plough, a device that cuts and turns the ground;
  • Dump shovel, removes snow, leaves, grass from the surface;
  • Device for planting and cleaning potatoes;
  • Lawn mower, forms the size of the herbal cover;
  • Bod average devices are designed for the processing of heavy soil species.
  • The device for collecting grass is better combined with mowing lawns.
  • Device for sowing and scating seeds, reagent, sand on the sidewalk, etc.;
  • Snow cleaning device;
  • Grader, used to evaluate the surface and break the lumps;
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Tractor Cubot of the BX series with a body kit:

BX with a body kit

  • Milling, helps to align the upper layer of the soil;
  • The front loader is used on construction sites to dig foundation, pit, etc., etc.

The advantages and disadvantages of tractors

Cubot Mini actionor, reliable technology with an enlarged resource. The main requirement for machines will not be checked in time and change technical liquids. The muesli posture enables the device to be operated, as the manufacturer is indicated. The machine develops a calculated resource without serious clashes and problems.

The advantage of the brand is that the tractors are not sensitive to the fuel used. Such an indicator is rare for a foreign manufacturer. In addition, the products can carry out a maneuver and easily overcome complex areas regardless of the type of soil. The tractors weigh little compared to competitors, which gives the technology the advantage in a careful setting for the treatment of the surface, the Chernozema layer does not worsen.

Cubot, three points mount:

Three point s-Berg

Every product released by one person and advantages have disadvantages. The main mines that immediately stands out is the product costs. Compared to competitors, the transport of the Cubot brand costs a size larger, and this is an important argument for small farms and animal companies.

Another feature is a strong difference when driving and attaching devices compared to the usual devices of other brands. Not that management would be difficult, just another. This function is tightened by the lack of instructions in the user language and the lack of personnel that explains and shows how to act. Therefore, most breakdowns are associated with improper operation.

Another aspect is not for the brand, spare parts. You can only buy a part from a representative, and only the original increases the price. The replacement of the analog does not work because spare parts are very different.

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