CS-353es Echo chainsaw. Specifications. Preparing the chainsaw for work, first start-up and running-in – in

CS-353es Echo chainsaw. Specifications. Preparing the chainsaw for work, first start-up and running-in – in

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Domestic chainsaw Echo CS-353es is a powerful tool for a variety of personal care, firewood, repair, utility and construction work. In addition, the saw can be used for felling trees in a non-professional way.

CS-353es Echo chainsaw

Features of the Echo chainsaw:

  • Ergonomic body configuration;
  • Effective antivibration system;
  • Easy start function;
  • Inertial brake;
  • Automatic lubrication system.

Brand, manufacturer and basic equipment

The Japanese company Echo got its modern name in 1978, as this manufacturer of garden equipment was known as Kioritz Corporation. The first chainsaw under this brand (Echo CS-80) was released in 1963. Since then, the model lineup has been updated several times, but the high quality of the Echo products remained unchanged. Today, Echo is part of the world-famous Yamabiko company.

In recent years, most of the industrial capacity of this problem was concentrated in China. Here, under the direct supervision of Japanese experts, many kinds of instruments are produced.

Basic equipment of the model Echo CS-353ES
  • User manual in Russian;
  • Chainsaw body with engine;
  • Saw chain (52 members);
  • Serviceable bars (35 cm);
  • Tool set;
  • Protective case for the bar.

Technical specifications

Engine power, (kWhp) 1.59/2.16
Engine power (kW/ HP) 1.59/2.16 Weight (kg) 4
Engine displacement (cm³) 34
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.25
Oil tank capacity, (L) 0.26
Tire length (customs/cm) 14/35
Saw chain pitch (customs) 3/8
Saw bar pitch width (mm) 1,3
Number of chain members (PCS) 52
Maximum rpm without load (rpm) 13500
Idle RPM (speed) 3000
Front/rear handle vibration level (m/s2) 3.6/3.8

Japanese quality for reasonable money – that’s what you get when you buy a chainsaw Echo CS-353E. In Russia this chainsaw costs 13,800 rubles today, for an Ukrainian buyer it will cost 6,000 – 7,000 hryvnias.

Preparing to use the chainsaw

Echo CS-353es comes in a box. After unpacking the product, it is necessary to read the description, conduct a visual inspection and make sure that all nodes and parts are securely fastened. The chainsaw is delivered assembled, the new owner can only identify the bar and chain.

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Important: The chainsaw is fitted with a service sprocket bar. Don’t forget to oil the camp by hand – this will extend the life of the bar considerably.

After you put the bar on the bolts, put the chain on, tighten the nuts, adjust the chain tension and snap the nuts onto the stop. When properly tensioned, the middle limbs should dangle 5-7 mm.

Important: The CS-353ES model has a side chain tension. This means that the clamping screw is not on the end, but on the side of the cover. All adjustment processes must be performed on a cold engine.

Starting the Echo CS-353ES chain-driven power tiller

  • Prepare the fuel mixture at a ratio of 1/25

IMPORTANT: Use Echo brand oil and AI-92, AI-95 gasoline to prepare the mixture.

  • The Echo chainsaw should run for 3 to 4 hours.

IMPORTANT: Do not run the engine at idle only.

  • Allow engine to idle for 15-25 minutes with occasional boost for 25-35 seconds.
  • Fill a fresh fuel mixture in the ratio of 1/50, pour oil into the system of automatic lubrication of the mechanism of shifting;
  • After that it is allowed to operate in operating mode with economical loads.

Pros and cons of the model Echo CS-353

  • Durable plastic housing;
  • Triple coating of the cylinder walls – increases motor life;
  • High quality air filter;
  • Ergonomic body;
  • Effective vibration system;
  • Perfect strength-to-weight ratio;
  • Unfortunate location of fuel and oil tank ceiling;
  • Unfortunate location of starter handle;
  • Requires large amounts of oil and fuel;

Video review of the Echo CS-353ES chainsaw

Unpacking, assembly and first start of the chainsaw:

Echo CS-353ES features: owner’s review

Repairing the saw blade with your own hands:

Reviews of owners


Bought three years ago. Saw Echo without any complaints. It starts up well both in hot and in cold. I work as a builder, so the chainsaw rarely rests. In all the time I’ve worked, I’ve spent only on a bar and a few chains. The tool is perfectly balanced – arms and back don’t get tired. It is worth its money.

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I’ve had my Echo for over a year now. My first impressions: well balanced, fits well in my hand, absorbs vibration well, not too loud. It’s an excellent tool.

Instruction manual and manual for the Echo CS-353Es in Russian

Chainsaw manual cover russk.

factory saw




Read the manual carefully and follow the safety instructions carefully and strictly. Failure to follow the safety instructions in this manual may result in serious personal injury.

Cover of chain saw instruction manual Russian.

introduction to

This chainsaw is designed for cutting wood or wood products. Do not use your saw to cut metal, sheet metal, plastic or other non-flammable materials.

It is extremely important that you read and understand all warnings concerning the safe use of your chainsaw before using it. Improper use of a chainsaw can cause serious injury. Do not allow children to operate the saw.

This manual contains instructions for safe use, proper use, maintenance, and care of your Echo chain saw. To keep your saw in good condition and ensure long product life, follow the above instructions carefully. Retain these operating instructions for future reference. If this manual has become illegible, as is the case with a lost manual, obtain a new copy from your Echo dealer.

If you transfer the product to another person for use or rental, give this instruction manual to give the chainsaw users the necessary explanations and instructions. When you restore the product, give this manual to the new owner.

The product specifications, product descriptions and visualization materials contained in this manual are correct and reliable at the time of publication, but are subject to change at any time without notice. Images may show optional equipment and accessories installed and may not include some of the items supplied by default with the product. The machine is shipped with the saw and chain removed. Install the saw and chain. If you have any questions about the information in this manual, contact your Echo dealer.

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Description of this model: “Easy Start” “Easy Start” generates enough torque to turn the crankshaft at the rate needed to start the engine and with virtually no hitch. “Easy Start” makes starting the engine much easier than you might expect.


Stickers and symbols.

Stickers and symbols. 4 safety rules. 5

1. general safety precautions. 5 2. Protective measures against kickback. Other safety precautions. 8

Description . 10 assembly. eleven

Install guide bar and chain. eleven

Fuel and lubrication. 12 Chain lubrication. 12 winter operation. Starting a 12 cold engine. Starting 13 warm engine. 14 Engine operation. 14 Packing the engine. 15 Check chain tension. 15 Check chain lubrication. 15 Check before you start cutting. 15

Proper operation of the chain brake. 16

Chain brake. 16 Check the operation of the brake. 17 Release the chain brake. 17 Mechanical (not manual) chain brake. 17

Instructions for using the saw. 18

General recommendations. 18 trees. 19 harvesting branches and limbs. 20 jerks. 20 tension and pressure in wood. 21

Maintenance manual. 22 Troubleshooting. 23 Saw chain care. 24 Maintenance. 26

Air cleaner. Checking 26 Fuel system. 26 Fuel filters. 26 Oil filter. 26 Spark plugs. 26 Cylinder cooling fins (cooling system). 27 guide rail. 27 sprockets. 27 carburetor. 27

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