CS-350 Echo. Specifications. Preparing the chainsaw for work, first start-up and running-in – in

CS-350 Echo. Specifications. Preparing the chainsaw for work, first start-up and running-in – in

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Echo CS-350.

The Echo CS-350 semi-professional chainsaw is characterized by a number of advantages that set it apart from other competitors. This chainsaw can be used for garden and personal plot maintenance, repair and construction work. Echo CS-350 WES 14 is popular with supply workers and is used for non-professional felling.

Echo CS-350

Excellent ergonomics and low weight contribute to the choice of the saw for intensive work. The Echo CS-350 WES 14 chain saw is well-balanced and has easy controls that allow even beginners to work with it.

  • Easy Start Function;
  • Quick – removable air filter;
  • 3 sections;
  • Inertial chain brake;
  • Metal chain intake;
  • Effective anti-vibration system.

Main equipment

ECHO is a Japanese manufacturer of gardening equipment, which operates on the market for over 70 years. True, then the company was called Kioritz Corporation and got its present name in 1978. The company is part of the large company Yamabiko, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gardening and agricultural devices.

In recent decades, most of the company’s industrial facilities have been relocated to China. However, this has not affected the quality of products, as they are controlled by foreign specialists. In the production of chainsaws echo uses Japanese and American components.

When buying a chainsaw Echo CS 350Wes 14 user receives a basic package:

  • Instruction manual and product description;
  • The body of the device with the engine;
  • Saw bar (14 inches);
  • Protective plastic cover for the bar;
  • Saw chain (53 cm);
  • Key and screwdriver;
  • Warranty card;

The company has now suspended production of the ECHO CS-350 WES 14 chainsaw, but it is still on sale. It can be ordered in online stores and on the manufacturer’s website.

For Russian users, this model will cost 17,600 rubles. In Ukraine, the price of this product starts from 8,000 hryvnia.

Technical specifications and description

Detailed specifications, description and details of the model CS-350 WES 14 you can find on the manufacturer’s website.

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Installation and running-in

  • Before starting the chainsaw, it is necessary to make a thorough visual inspection of the tool and make sure that all parts are reliable. After that, the saw and chain must be installed.

Important: It is not advisable to start the chain saw without the chain. In this case the engine does not get the necessary load and runs at high revolutions, which leads to its premature wear.

  • Prepare a 1/25 fuel mixture and fill it up;
  • Seal the automatic circuit lubrication system;

Important: To prepare the fuel mixture, use JASO FD 1:50 brand oil for two-stroke engines and high-octane gasoline-AI 92, 95. Jaso-FD donor oil should be used to lubricate the saw.

  • Engage the brake, place the chainsaw on the ground and start the engine. Allow the engine to idle for 20-25 minutes. Start the engine for 20-30 seconds at regular intervals.
  • Prepare the fuel mixture in a 1/50 ratio. Run the saw in operation for 4-5 hours.

Important: When retracting the chainsaw, do not fell trees or cut thick tree trunks. Do not overheat the engine, let it cool down every 12 to 15 minutes.

Important: The echo cs-350 wes 14 chainsaw has an adjustable carburetor. If the engine does not run smoothly, adjust it. If the problem cannot be solved at home, contact a service center.

Advantages and disadvantages of echo cs-350 wes 14 chainsaw

  • The perfect combination of strength and weight;
  • Effective vibration damping system;
  • Adapted for work in various climatic zones;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • Side-adjustable chain tensioner
  • Increased oil consumption in chain lubrication system;
  • Requires high quality fuel mixture;
  • Low center of gravity;

Video review

General overview of the model Echo:

Unpacking, assembly, running-in of the Echo model

owner reviews

Maxim Kasyanov:

Decided for a long time on a chainsaw, read hundreds of reviews, consulted with sellers, a neighbor advised Echo CS-350 Wes 14. I took it and have never regretted it: it is light, powerful, and starts up in any weather.

Care in the hot summer.

Echo CS-350WES chainsaw. Review, manuals, features, reviews

Quality Japanese chainsaw Echo CS-350WES will become a reliable assistant for any villager or cottager. The tool has a number of performance characteristics that allow it to solve a large number of complex tasks.

Echo CS-350Wes chainsaw

Chainsaw Echo CS-350WES can be used for repair and construction of houses and various outbuildings, cutting and sawing of firewood, felling of medium-sized trees. Due to its low weight, high output and reliability, this tool has gained popularity among workers of public utilities and railroad workers.

Features of Echo CS-350WES chainsaw:
  • Stylish design, light weight and ergonomic body;
  • The walls of the cylinder and piston are coated with hard chrome, which significantly increases the life of the engine;
  • Easy start option;
  • Adjustable oil pump;
  • Metal chain catchers;


Japanese brand Echo is known on the market of gardening and agricultural equipment for over 80 years. The company traces its history back to 1947, and the first chainsaw of this brand appeared in 1963.

Echo CS-350Wes chainsaw in operation

Production facilities of concern are located in Japan and China. Echo cs 350 chainsaw is assembled in Chinese factories, but most of the components are supplied from Japan.

All products meet domestic quality standards, they are certified in Europe and Asia.

The company adheres to a reasonable pricing policy. According to experts, the model Echo CS-350WES is one of the most successful in the range of products of the company in terms of price and quality. The suggested retail price on the YAMABIKO web site is 19 300 roubles.

Basic configuration of the Echo CS-350WES:

Fuel mixture tank Basic tool kit Protective cover

Advantages of the chainsaw Echo CS-350WES:
  • Reliable high-speed engine;
  • Effective vibration damping system;
  • Excellent combination of performance and weight;
  • Forged crankshaft and connecting rod;
  • Reusable nylon air filter;
Disadvantages of the Echo CS-350WES chainsaw:
  • Requires high quality fuel mixture;
  • Low center of gravity;
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Features CS-350Wes
engine type 2-stroke
Power, hp/weight 2.01/1.48
Engine displacement, cc. 35.8
tire size, cm 35
Chain pitch 3/8
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.37
Oil tank capacity, l 0.23
weight (kg 3,6

Owner’s Manual

The user manual, detailed description, details and specifications of the saw can be found here: Your browser does not support frames Download the Echo CS-350Wes chainsaw instruction manual.

Chainsaw device

Preparing to operate your Echo CS-350Wes chainsaw:
  • When you purchase the tool, make sure it is complete and perform a visual inspection for visible damage and malfunctions.
  • Read the manual carefully and assemble the saw headset;
  • Adjust the chain tension;

When installing the chain on the bar, make sure the cutting edges of the teeth face the direction of the chain. A correctly adjusted chain should not sag and at the same time should move along the bar under light hand pressure, without stopping or making unusual noises.

  • Fill the fuel tank, season the automatic lubrication system of the shifting mechanism;
  • Make sure there are no gasoline and oil leaks.
  • Start the engine, warm it up for 1-2 minutes and start working.

The Echo CS-350Wes chainsaw has an adjustable carburetor. If the engine does not take and hold torque, starts and stops instantly, it is necessary to adjust the carburetor. Repairs can be made in a workshop or at home.


A chainsaw is quite a complex tool that requires from the operator certain knowledge and skills. Therefore, as soon as you buy a chainsaw, study its equipment and safety rules.

“Я эксплуатирую бензопилу Echo CS-350Wes третий сезон. Что могу сказать – легко, высоко, надежно, маневренно, экономично. Есть регулировка подачи масла на шины – можно настроить как вам удобно. Хорошая резина в комплекте, нравится наличие моющегося воздушного фильтра. Недостатков пока не обнаружил. “” width=”216″ height=”250″ />

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For the fuel mixture use high-octane gasoline AI92-95 and engine oil for double-cooled engines. Use special chain oils for the lubrication system.

Safety Precautions:
  • Always use personal protective equipment when working: goggles, gloves, headphones, sturdy shoes;
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing.
  • Do not refuel your chainsaw and do not use it near open flames.
  • Do not attempt to start your chainsaw unless the engine is dry and cool;
  • Before you start your chain saw, make sure the chain cannot come into contact with other objects.
  • Do not operate your saw in an open area or in a well ventilated area;
Adjusting the carburetor:
  • Take the saw, turn the high and low adjustment screw all the way down. Turn it back a turn and a half;
  • Warm up the saw for 5-10 minutes.

Main malfunctions and remedies

The engine won’t start:

  • Fuel mixture is missing or of poor quality
  • Is the spark plug wet or burned out?
  • Damaged ignition system

Engine stalls, power fails:

  • Muffler or piston group malfunction
  • The carburetor settings are out of tune

Strong vibration, strange noises:

  • Vibration and oscillation system malfunctions
  • Loose parts and fasteners

Video review

Review of the Echo CS-350Wes chainsaw first startup

Technical inspection of CS-350Wes Echo chain saw

Checking the carburetor adjustment on the Echo chain saw

owner reviews

Vitaly Kuznetsov, 37, Tomsk

“I use the Echo CS-350Wes chainsaw for the third season. What can I say – easy, high, reliable, maneuverable, economical. There is an adjustable oil flow to the bars – you can adjust as you like. Good tire included, like the presence of a washable air filter. Haven’t found any disadvantages yet. “

Anton Sergeev, 26, Leningrad region:

“I bought an echo sounder after buying a dacha. I use it as a universal tool. That is, I do everything: I harvest the vegetable garden, prepare firewood, and built a bathhouse with my father in the bathhouse. The Babble 350 has great balance – my arms and back don’t get tired. My engine is excellent, I can feel virtually no vibration at high loads. You can tell right away that the Echo CS-350Wes will be assembled in Japan allez. I am very happy with the purchase and I recommend it to you. “

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