Craftsman Lawnmower 37705. Rating, instructions, reviews

Craftsman 37705 Lawnmower

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Manufacturer HANDYMAN
engine Gasoline, four-stroke
performance 6,75 hp.
Number of bikes four-wheeled

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Technical characteristics of the Craftsman 37705 lawn mower

General properties

Complete information about the product, manufacturer, equipment, technical features and functions can be found in the technical documentation.


1 Evaluation via Craftsman 37705 lawnmower

Experience: over a year

Advantages: excellent performance. Doesn’t clog since it’s front wheel drive. B&S engine I was surprised that the blade comes sharpened ex works.

Disadvantages were not tightened in some places – lauded American quality. After winter started on second push (not first) – just kidding. Had to pull the starter a couple of times while hot – I write it off to the quality of gasoline.

The comment, as they say in the ads: “Probably the best lawn mower on the market. I will explain why. 1. Before this was a lawn mower with the engine 625 (3 years). And here’s the 725 engine. At B&S it means torque in its non-metric system. And it’s a marked increase in performance, with which you can “beat” the grass where the 625 (and 675) engine stops. This is the strongest engine on the market. They used to be stronger, but no more. Well and understandably, the engine itself is a restart, meaning it has to start on the first try, which is one of the most important things if the mower gets clogged (not relevant here) and if you “mow in your pocket . “. “Platinum spark plug is from the pros, but I think it’s “marketing”. And you don’t have to change the oil (it says so explicitly on the engines :), only refill it – but that’s usually out of line, I change it anyway. 2. The most important thing is the front wheel drive. The front wheel drive itself is not comfortable for me. I like the rear drive better. But the nice thing about front-wheel drive is that the rear tunnel is reduced for prominent grass – the tunnel itself, if you can call it that, is a few centimeters (instead of 10-15 cm for rear-wheel drive). . And its dimensions are much larger than those of the rear-drive. There is simply nothing for the grass to get caught on to clog the mower. If the mower does get clogged, which happens very rarely with very thick and tall grass, I easily poke these clumps with a stick without stopping the mower, and they fly out (be careful! Don’t use this trick without skill, or better yet, don’t use your hands!). That’s it! Everything is cleared and out. And you can continue mowing. 3. When you mow in the bag, the bag gets completely clogged. But I really don’t mow in the pocket. I mow with repetition, and after 2-3 hours I go over and collect in the pocket when everything is already dry and the grass is dry. 4. The deck is well finished – just tighten the bolts in all cases. One is hand rolled. 5. Everything adjusts easily with one hand. 6. Parts are available – checked for all occasions. I recommend the powerful engine and front wheel drive.

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Craftsman 37705 Lawn Mower: whether to buy, description, photos, features, customer reviews, instructions and accessories, device assembly, review.

Craftsman Lawnmower 37705. Rating, instructions, reviews

This unit is made in the United States. The Craftsman 37705 lawn mower features a quality build, using only the best components. It is equipped with the world’s leading Briggs & Stratton engine, which is on par with the Japanese Honda. Its displacement is 163 cm3 with 6.75 hp.

Craftsman 37705 lawn mower

The Kraftsman 37705 lawnmower can operate in three modes: collecting vegetation in the grass box, side discharge and mulching. In the last one, the grass is grown and released to the side to get another surface fertilizer and improve plant growth later on.

Such a machine can easily handle a plot of land of 20 acres.

Craftsman 37705 self-propelled lawn mowers can be used for professional utility and landscaping purposes.

Advantages of Craftsman 37705 lawn mower
  • Easy start-up;
  • Reliable components;
  • High power capacity;
  • Long service life.
Disadvantages of the Craftsman 37705 lawnmower
  • Demands on the quality of fuel;
  • High noise level.


The Craftsman 37705 gasoline lawnmower is a self-propelled model. Movement is on the front wheels, and the rear wheels have a larger diameter, as this is where the best passability is achieved. There is no need to constantly push the device, it is enough to direct it in the right direction.

An easy to use lawn mower for the do-it-yourselfer

The lawnmower has an easy start system (SS). This gives the smoothest possible start without jolts and jerks.

The height of the grass can be set at the desired level of 3-9,5 cm. Depending on the intensity of the grass growth, the number of revolutions the master 37705 lawnmower gives out automatically changes. The weed collection tank is made of durable and lightweight nylon thread.

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turf collector

The body of the gasoline lawnmower craftsman is made of durable steel, which prevents damage to the device of the apparatus from mechanical impact when hitting bumps or hard stones.


power type petrol
Power, hp. 6.75
Engine displacement, CM3 163
spring height, mm 30-95
Mowing width, mm 540
Grass box capacity, l 84
mulching available
weight (kg 35

User manual

This document is essential for anyone who owns a 37705 lawnmower that has been self-diagnosed by Handwerksmanns. It describes the construction of the machine, how to service it and how to operate it safely.

Craftsman Lawn Paper Collector

The electronic version of the operating instructions is not supported by your browser

When working with the Kraftman 37705 lawnmower, you must wear protective clothing: goggles, rubberized gloves and coveralls.

Protective gloves should be worn with plastic goggles when operating the mower

When operating the 37705 hand-held self-propelled lawnmower, be especially careful when working on mountainous or sloping terrain. In such situations, it is recommended that you work from the bottom to the top. This will allow you to safely control the unit and prevent it from moving downwards arbitrarily.


Before you start working with the hand-held lawnmower, check that all bolt connections are tight, especially the cutting deck. At the end of work the machine must be cleaned of residues of leaves, dirt and grass. For this purpose the machine is equipped with a device to which a hose is connected and the lawnmower is cleaned automatically.

When repairing the cutting deck, the engine must be turned off and the blade must be wrapped in a rag to prevent accidental cutting.

It is recommended to fill the engine only with Ai-92 or Ai-95 high-octane oil. Lubricating oil must be according to SAE classification 30.

Video review

Lawn mower manual overview

Owners reviews


“I have a small yard lawn. I did not want to work with a trimmer as a matter of principle, because khaki eyelashes are constantly formed, and my back is tired of exposing them. Therefore, I took Kraftman 37705. and did not regret it. The American engine works like clockwork, starts up easily, chooses its own momentum and mows any grass under the ruler. It starts easily and smoothly, the fuel consumption is moderate. Can’t say anything bad about the car. “

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