Craftsman Lawn Mowers. Instructions for trimmers and lawn mowers craftsman, reviews of owners

Craftsman lawn mowers. Description of the model range. Recommendations for operation and maintenance

Many smart gadgets, tools and productive attachments have been developed to alleviate hard physical work. Taking care of a garden, tidying up a constantly overgrown lawn, is one of the labor-intensive jobs. Modern lawn mowers and trimmers with different drives – electric, gasoline, battery – cope with this task without problems.

For owners of homestead plots, country houses, utility stairs and parks, it remains only to choose the best option in terms of functionality and price. In order not to get lost in the variety of garden tools for mowing and mowing the lawn, let’s talk about the brand craftsman.

Description of the brand

On behalf of the largest American company Sears, which owns several international retail chains, the Swedish concern produces a gasoline lawn mower Husqvarna Craftsman. Sears has been known on the market for over a century – since 1893. Its sales activities, as well as some other well-known brands today, began with the sale of various goods to consumers by mail.

In addition to craftsman lawn mowers, Sears offers many different quality products: automotive and hand tools, home appliances and home electronics, generators and chainsaws, snow blowers and tillers, a variety of power tools and a wide range of cordless devices.

In 2005, Sears merged with another retailer, KMART, in hopes that the union of the two competing companies would revitalize the overall business. Contrary to expectations, the company’s financial situation did not improve. In October 2018, U.S. retailer Searsholings, which has dominated the U.S. market for decades, announced it had opened bankruptcy proceedings.

Today, the company continues to negotiate with interested parties and hopes to go through the restructuring process as efficiently as possible and with minimal losses. Unfortunately, with the announced bankruptcy of retailer Searsholings, many of the company’s businesses are downsizing, downsizing or hiring production workers. Some craftsman lawn mower models have been installed. Time will tell how successful the restructuring of the holding company and in what direction they will be directed in the future.

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The Craftsman range of lawn mowers

The Craftsman family of lawn mowers is represented by machines with power from 4.5 to 6.75 hp, there are self-propelled and non-self-propelled units. Almost all models are known to users and are popular with consumers. Characteristics of the gasoline lawnmower craftsman:

  • Equipment with powerful four-stroke engines: American Briggs & Straton (Platinum, Silver, Gold) and Kohler, Japanese Hondas with automatic speed control.
  • High-quality American assembly.
  • The body of lawnmowers is made of steel.
  • The large 54-56 cm mowing width allows you to quickly cut the grass.
  • The blade in Krraftsman mowers is specially shaped with HI-VAC manufacturing technology. It creates an air flow that completely captures all the grass for mowing.
  • Grass cutting height adjustment from 30 to 90 mm, central or lever in 5-9 positions.
  • Balanced design.
  • The voluminous nylon grass catcher box with a capacity of 67 liters is very easy to install – thanks to the special interlocking system Reardoor, with a simple hand movement.
  • Rational machine functionality – mulching, grass catcher box mowing, side discharge.
  • Cheap folding handle, easy to transport.
  • Possibility of operation of lawn mower Kraftman in a mode of garden vacuum cleaner.
  • Bicycles have a special profile, thanks to which the grass is not prepared.
  • The noise level is significantly reduced due to the LO tone system.

The 37489 AWD, 37275 AWD models are equipped with American Platinum 725 EXI OHV Series. The easy start system has 9 mowing height adjustments. The units will do a great job on large lawns that are suitable for homeowners and professionals alike.

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Craftsman 37275 AWD lawn mower is equipped with an electric steam system.

Craftsman 37744 lawnmower is characterized by an electric system, speed variator.

Make sure of the high performance, extended functionality, optimal technical characteristics of Craftsman lawn mowers you can study the information presented in the table.

Model/properties Power, hp Working width, cm Engine model Self-propelled model
37420 4,5 54 Silver 550e no
37830 5,5 56 Honda GCV160 да
37745 5,5 54 Honda GCV160 да
37700 5.75 54 Gold 625 EXVV да
37804 5.75 56 Gold 625 EXVV да
37438 6,0 54 Kohler 675 OHV no
37820 6.75 56 Platin 725 EXI OHV да
37451 6.75 54 Platin 725exiohv no
37705 6.75 54 Platin 725 EXI OHV да
37441 6.75 54 Platin 725 qptohv да
37744 6.75 54 Platin 725 EXI OHV да
37489 AWD 6.75 56 Platin 725 EXI OHV all-wheel drive
37275 AWD 6.75 56 Platin 725 EXI OHV all-wheel drive
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As you can see from the table, all lawn mowers are powerful production machines with almost the same functionality. The difference lies mainly in the types of engines installed, some design features.

Recommendations for the operation and maintenance of lawn mowers

Craftsman lawn mowers are produced in the United States, which are distinguished by the high quality of components, units and parts, as well as exemplary meetings. According to consumers, it can be assessed that the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer fully correspond to the work in real conditions.

Before operating the lawnmower, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the manufacturers and follow only the manufacturer’s recommendations.

First start-up

A new machine is delivered to consumers without working fluids – no oil or fuel. As a rule, the entire device is made at the factory. It should arrive to the owner only in disassembled form. When filling the crankcase for the first time, about 540 ml of oil should be poured. The first oil change is done after 5 moto-hours, subsequent changes after 25 hours of operation or danger.

Oil change

Kraftmans lawnmower uses unhealthy gasoline AI-92, high quality engine oil SG SL for four-stroke engines with viscosity SAE 30 on temperatures, SAE 10W-30 on temperatures. Use is irregular and excessive for your engine.


  • Keep gasoline in good condition: After each use, remove dirt, grass and other debris, check fasteners for reliability and tightness of moving joints.
  • After 25 moto-hours or thereabouts: lubricate components, check or sharpen blades, check drive belts, clean air filter, change oil, inspect muffler.
  • Replace the air filter after 100 hours of spark plug operation.
  • When mowing grass on sandy soils, the blades should be replaced more often.
  • The blades can be sharpened with a file or pointer, taking into account compensation without failure.
  • Owner’s note: The Maxi Clean air filter extends the life of the craftsman lawnmower. The spark plugs are treated with a special platinum plating for greater reliability.
  • When your Kraftsman lawnmower is operated in dusty, dirty, heavy-duty, high-temperature environments, it should be serviced more frequently than the maintenance plan dictates.
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Troubleshooting, Breakdowns

To extend the life of your Kraftman lawn mower as long as possible, it is important to follow the rules and make adjustments. It’s much easier to prevent outbreaks and malfunctions than it is to correct unfortunate mistakes and omissions. As the experience of many gardeners tells us, failing to follow the basic rules of machine maintenance can cause serious malfunctions.

Pay attention to some particularly important manufacturer’s recommendations when operating the units.

  • All maintenance work on the Kraftman grass mower, including adjusting the cutting height, wheel height, can be completely stopped with the engine completely turned off.
  • The maximum permissible inclination angle of the mower should be 15°.
  • The fuel tank must not be overfilled with petrol and the engine must not be overfilled with engine oil – otherwise the master lawnmower will smoke.
  • It is forbidden to change the settings of the engine speed regulator and exceed the permissible limit.
  • The engine does not start most often for the following reasons: lack of fuel, poor-quality gasoline, dirty filter, spoiled spark plug.
  • Loss of power occurs with increasing driving speed, excessive oil in the engine crank, clippings under the mower, dirty air filter, there was a knife in too thick grass.
  • Increased vibration is due to problems with the blade or crankshaft.

Video review

Kraftsman 37092 lawn mower

We recommend reading the reviews of owners about lawn mowers


“When buying, the manager assured me that Kraftman is a great machine. Indeed, my best impressions of the 37700 mower.

Advantages: It’s very easy to start, no fuel pumps and endless jerking. Doesn’t run too loud, plenty of power. Not complicated, rear wheel drive. Gasoline consumption is average, the Chinese gasoline trimmer I have even take more. Grass of medium height on the lawn and high in the meadow. On an uneven surface goes like a tank.

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I have not noticed any disadvantages. “


“I bought a Craftsman 37092 lawn mower three years ago. I will not paint for a long time – a very good machine. It copes very well with tall grass. Price, quality, functionality – everything is as it should be”.



Cumbersome, had problems with idling – solved them by adjusting the carburetor.


Experience of use – 5 seasons, the area of cultivated surface of 10 acres, frequency – 8-10 times per season. Worked on the suction for two years, until I bought a special screwdriver to adjust the carburetor, without which you can not do without(((after adjustment made a deep breath)))), … Read all reviews



Easy to start, big wheels.

No ability to collect the grass in the grass catcher box, neither dry nor wet, the chute always gets clogged.


Took it to service 3 times still gets clogged on some grass. Read all reviews



Easy to use and maintain. Starts up well, large trap volume. Even if the blade gets damaged on stones, it’s easy to fix.

Sometimes the window in front of the box was clogged with grass, had to be cleaned by hand.


The Two Seasons works flawlessly. Very pleased with the unit. Read all reviews



Love everything, but recently broke the back cover, want to find one! Help please, Platinum 725 series, 190m capacity, 6L capacity!


Has been mowing for 6 seasons with no failures. Read all reviews



Powerful engine. All necessary functions – mowing, mulching, including ejection of grass to the side. Easy start. Really wide range of cutting height settings on each wheel. At rather high weight it folds up very compactly. Soft grass catcher box. Quite maneuverable. No speed control, but this is a significant plus – there will be fewer breakdowns. the thickness of the blade vpe. Read all reviews

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Very powerful motor, compact size, availability of all possible mowing functions, easy operation and maintenance.

Initially the knife is badly sharpened, but when the hands grow from the right place, it’s easy to fix))


I picked this unit for mowing anything and everything, but especially low mixed grass. One of the requirements for the size of the mower – “Cheetob” fits in the trunk of a sedan – can easily handle even alone. Of mo… Read all reviews



low fuel consumption

no side discharge for grass Read all reviews



Reliable, powerful lawn mower.

The coating on the inside of the body. Some plastic parts are embarrassing.


I have been mowing 15 acres of lawn weekly for 6 years – flight is normal, the main thing is to take good care of it, wash and take care of it. I change oil several times in a season and plugs once a year, change/sharpen blade as needed and it works like new. Gets it going with half a starter. No unnecessary vibrations and. Read all reviews



Everything works great.




Good cutting width, low noise level, durability

No fancy gimmicks, except perhaps.


Always starts the first time, the only thing is that you have to release the blade from the grass when it gets clogged. I mowed a 45 hectare garden for 3 hours, with breaks for tea. Even takes the open weeds, here and there stick with stripped leaves. Piles of levels with worms no problem, if the sticks are caught, etc. Read all reviews

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