Cordless trimmer, electric wheels Greenworks – model reviews, owner reviews

Review of trimmers brand Greenworks. Technical specifications and rules of operation

Starting the review of the trimmer/mower from the brand GreenWorks, we will share information about the manufacturer of this equipment. The manufacturer of garden tools and the creator of the brand GreenWorks is an international company Globe Tools Group, representative offices and plants which are scattered in different parts of the world, in particular::

  • Canada;
  • China;
  • in the U.S.;
  • Russia;
  • Germany.

The main office is located in the USA (Charlotte), from where the representative offices are checked. Firefighting equipment from Greenworks is popular, durable, easy to use and maintain. The Greenworks brand is known for its gardening equipment and other tools, namely:

  • Power tillers;
  • Saws; ;
  • Bishops;
  • Snow blower;
  • Drill;
  • Battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • Screwdriver, etc.

Trademark Greenworks Trimmers from Trimmers

Trimmer (string trimmer) is a compact portable gardening tool, with which the Parka-Lovia is cozy near the house. The Greenworks brand makes two types of trimmers:

  1. Electric.
  2. Cordless.

Electric KOS mower

Electric mowers are represented by the following modifications:

  1. Elehogos Greenworks GSt1246.
  2. Electric scythe Greenworks GSt2830 Elektrimer.
  3. Electric mowers Greenworks GSt5033 Basic 21217.
  4. Electric trimmer Greenworks GSt5033m Deluxe 21277.
  5. Electric trimmer Greenworks 650W 2103707.
  6. Electric scythe Greenworks 450W 2103607.

Let’s talk about the advantages of electric cashiers:

  • Low weight;
  • Compactness;
  • Environmentally friendly; Slow motion;
  • affordable price.
  • Disadvantages include:
  • Are designed for small areas;
  • have a low strength;
  • require connection to the network.
ELEKHOGOS GreenWorks GSt1246

The mass of the trimmer is 4.6 kg. The electric motor has a power of 1200 watts and is located on top of the straight boom. The drive shaft is rigid. The electric motor is connected to 220 V network.

Electric trimmer Greenworks GSt1246

An angled line plate or a hard disc is used to organize the work. The width of the grass reception of the hard disk is 25,5 cm, the fishing bodies – 45 cm. There is a plastic cover to protect the operator. There is a shoulder strap in the kit.

Greenworks GSt2830 Elektrimer brushcutter

This brushcutter is used for mowing and cutting grass on small areas. The weight of the brushcutter is 1.8 kg. The 280-watt electric motor is located in the lower part of the stack (the drive shaft is flexible). The motor is powered by 220 V mains. The device is started with a button.

Electric trimmer Greenworks GSt2830

The cutting element is a fishing line, its feeding is automatic. The cutting area is 30 cm. The handle is made in the form of a rubberized loop. It has a protective body made of impact-resistant plastic.

Electric mower electric Greenworks GSt5033 Basic 21217

Weight of the electric trimmer is only 2.4 kg. The purpose of the tool is to cut and activate grass on small areas in front of the house. The boom is a telescopic line, which adjusts to the height of the operator. The drive shaft is flexible, and the 500-watt electric motor is located in the lower part of the boom.

 Electric trimmer Greenworks GSt5033

Starting the engine with a button. Connecting to 220 V mains. Handle is made in the form of a loop, rubberized. For cutting the grass an automatic head with a fishing line is used. The record of the mowed surface is 33 cm.

Electric lawn mower Sense GreenWorks GSt5033M Deluxe 21277

The weight of this electric lawnmower is 3.2 kg. The electric motor is located at the lower end of the telescopic rod and delivers 500 watts of power. The trimmer motor is powered by 220 V, the electric motor is started by a button. The drive shaft is flexible.

Electric trimmer Greenworks GSt5033m

The handle is D-shaped and covered with rubber. The cutting unit is an automatic mowing head with a line, on which a protective plastic cover is mounted. Handle for grass 33 cm.

Electric trimmer GreenWorks 650W 2103707

The purpose of this electric mower is to mow the grass and trim the edges in small areas. The position of the cutting head is adjustable. The boom can be telescopic, the drive shaft is flexible. The electric motor is located at the bottom and has a power of 650 W.

A sharp cut, or what is a chainsaw good for?

Electric trimmer Greenworks 650W

Tilt handle, push-button control, 220 V motor. The fishing line width of 33 cm, comes with a plastic protective cover.

Electric trimmer Sense GreenWorks 450W 2103607

Trimmer weighs 2.7 kg. The 450W electric motor is located on the underside of the trimmer. Telescopic boom with a flexible drive shaft. The device works at 220 V voltage.

Electric trimmer Greenworks 450W

The electric motor starts at the push of a button, the motor is equipped with an unintentional start-up protection. The working body is a trimmer thread, the automatic head is adjustable in several positions, which is practical when trimming edges. The handle is wrapped. There is a cover for plant protection and personal protection.

Cordless models

Cordless lawnmowers “Greenworks” are represented by the following modifications:

  1. Cordless trimmer GreenWorks GD40BC.
  2. Cordless brush cutter GreenWorks G24LT30 Basic 2100107.
  3. Cordless brush cutter Greenworks G40LT30.
  4. Cordless trimmer Greenworks GD60LT.
  5. Greenworks GD80BC cordless brushless trimmer.
  6. Greenworks GD82BCB trimmer.
  7. Greenworks GD80BCB cordless lawn trimmer.

Let’s talk about the benefits of GreenWorks cordless trimmers:

  • Lightweight;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • No connection to the mains;
  • Mobility;
  • Profitability;
  • quiet operation.
  • high price;
  • Working time is limited by the battery charge.
GreenWorks GD40BC cordless trimmer

The weight of the cordless electric trimmer is 5.46 kg. The brushless digipro electric motor and battery are located on top of the free cutting rod. Battery capacity (Li-Lon) can be 2.0 AH or 4.0 AH, voltage 40 V, continuous operating time (for 2.0 Ah batteries) is 45 minutes.

Electric trimmer GreenWorks GD40BC

The boom can be folded, the drive shaft is flexible. The handle is loop-shaped, the trimmer control is push-button. There is a motor protection from unintentional start and a brake. Working tools – a fishing line and a knife. Handle trimmer thread 35.6 cm, the knife 25.4 cm Battery is not included.

Properties and instructions for use:

Battery sensense GreenWorks G24LT30 Basic 2100107

Weight of the trimmer is 3.4 kg. The boom is straight, the drive shaft is flexible. Powered by a battery (Li-Lon) with a voltage of 24 V, the battery capacity can be 2.0 AH or 4.0 AH. When using a 2.0 AH battery, 40 minutes of continuous operation is possible. The battery is not included.

 Cordless trimmer GreenWorks Basic G24LT30 2100107

The motor is located on the underside of the trimmer. The handle is D-shaped. The working body is an automatic trimmer head with a trimmer thread. The angle of the head is adjustable. Late cover is 30 cm.

Cordless mower GreenWorks G40LT30

Weight of the trimmer is 4.1 kg. The device can both mow the lawn and trim it in hard-to-reach places. Straight boom, flexible drive shaft. The lawnmower is equipped with an electric motor powered by a 2.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah battery. The battery itself is not included.

 Cordless trimmer Greenworks G40LT30 21107

The working time of the mower with a 2.0 Ah battery is 40 minutes. The cutting attachment is an automatic cutting head with a fishing line. The position of the cutting head is adjustable up to 90 degrees. The working width is adjustable from 25 to 30 cm and has a loop-shaped grip.

GreenWorks GD60LT cordless trimmer

Weight of the mower is 4 kg. Designed for mowing grass and young shoots. The DigiPro electric motor is powered by a 60V Li-Ion battery. Batteries with a capacity of 2.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah are suitable for this device, working time without recharging is from 40 minutes.

 Greenworks GD60LT cordless trimmer

The boom is straight, the drive shaft is flexible, the handle is loop-shaped, and there is a plastic protective cover. The cutting element is the automatic head with a trimmer line. Angle of attack of the head is adjustable.

Trimmer Greenworks GD80BC

Purpose of the grass trimmer is grass cutting, edge trimming, fine trimming of grass in hard-to-reach places, small undergrowth removal. Weight of the device is 4,8 kg. Brushless DigiPro electric motor, push-button start. The motor works with 2 or 4 Ah battery with 80 V.

Greenworks GD80BC cordless trimmer

The battery is not included. Operating time without recharging is about 45 minutes (2 A * h). Working device: trimmer line and disc. The cutting head is adjustable. Cutting width with the line is 40.6 cm, with the pulley – 35.5 cm. The bar is straight, the drive shaft is flexible and the handle is loop-shaped. Case and shoulder straps are included.

Greek Go d-Alte ornamental shrubs

Features and manual:

Greenworks GD82BCB Cordless Trimmer

This is a versatile cordless electric mower that can handle both grass and shrubs. The cutting head is adjustable in several positions, mowing is possible. The boom is straight one-piece, the drive shaft is rigid. The DigiPro electric motor is located on top of the cutter bar. The device weighs 6 kg. Includes shoulder strap.

Greenworks GD82BCB cordless trimmer

The electric motor is powered by an 82 V 2 or 4 Ah battery. Operating time without recharging is 45 minutes with a 2 Ah battery. The working elements are the cutting disc and the automatic head with a fishing line. The grips are rubberized bicycle grips. There is a protective cover.

GreenWorks GD80BCB Cordless Brushless Mower

Cordless mower weighs 3.89 kg. The trimmer is used for mowing grass and small undergrowth. With the adjustable trimmer head, you can make fine cuts and trim edges in hard-to-reach areas. DigiPro motor mounted on top of straight shaft, flexible drive shaft.

Cordless trimmer Greenworks GD80BCB.

Requires an 80V battery with a capacity of 2 to 4 Ah. Battery is not included. Working time is 40-45 minutes. Working element – knife and trimmer line. Automatic line feed. Grip width for the knife – 25.4 cm, for the fishing line – 40.6 cm Bike-like anti-vibration handle. Includes shoulder strap and protective pouch.


The GreenWorks Lawn Mower Data Sheet is an instruction manual that should be included with your garden tool. This document consists of the following sections:

  1. The device of the Greenworks trimmer.
  2. Table of characteristics of the purchased mower.
  3. Conditions for safe operation and maintenance.
  4. Preparation of the brushcutter for operation, taking it into operation.
  5. Maintenance of the brushcutter.
  6. Typical working problems.

Getting the Greenworks electric mowers ready for use

Both electric and cordless trimmers have an electric motor. However, its current is different: the electric trimmer works from the mains voltage, the cordless trimmer is powered by a battery, which needs to be recharged periodically. On this basis, the preparation of both types of power tillers is carried out differently.

Preparation for the first start of the battery-powered GreenWorks trimmer is as follows:

  • The mower is assembled;
  • The battery is charged with a battery charger Greenvorvors from the mains.
  • The battery is installed;
  • Tension of fasteners is checked;
  • A thorough inspection of the area to be treated is carried out, all foreign objects (stones, wires, etc.) are removed.
  • The trimmer is started and the work begins.

Elektokos is prepared for the first start-up as follows:

  • The device is turned on;
  • Check the voltage in the network and its value.
  • Tension of fasteners is checked;
  • The mains cable is inspected.
  • The cable is plugged into the network, the trimmer is connected to it.
  • Start the electrics by pressing a button.


Electric and battery-powered mowers are unpretentious. Therefore, maintenance of these mowers does not take much time. For electric models, maintenance is as follows:

  • The mower is cleaned of dirt, plant debris;
  • Clean air intakes;
  • Check the condition of the blade (fishing line), if necessary replace the cutting element.
  • The power cable is carefully checked for damage.

Cordless models are serviced in the same way, but the lithium-ion battery is inspected regularly instead of checking the cable.

GreenWorks trimmer malfunctions

Consider electrical and battery malfunctions. The electric cannot be started for the following reasons:

  1. The extension cord is not plugged in.
  2. Breakage of the mains cable.
  3. There is no voltage in the mains.
  4. Electric motor has overheated due to a clogged air intake.
  5. Motor has burned out.

Battery-powered trimmers won’t start for the following reasons:

  1. The battery is not charging.
  2. The battery is not installed.
  3. Battery has been discharged.
  4. Engine has overheated (air intake is clogged).
  5. Failed electric motor or battery.

Let’s list the problems typical for both types of power tillers.

Grass is not pressed:

  • The cutting element is blunt;
  • The line has run out.
A mole in the garden - how to effectively get rid of it?

Nozzle or blade (disk) doesn’t rotate:

  • The drive shaft is broken;
  • Cutter blocked by grass;
  • The fasteners are loose.

Electric system vibrates strongly:

  • The fastener is loose;
  • Blade unbalanced or bent.

Video review

The video shows GreenWorks trimmers in action:

Reviews of owners of GreenWorks brushcutter brand

Nikolay. 41 years old, Belgorod

“I have a cordless GreenWorks 40V. Very light, handy, assembled in 5 minutes and works quietly. Bought the battery separately, at first the charge was barely enough for 45 minutes, now it’s 1 hour and 5 minutes. Included cutting disk and mowing head with a fishing line, the position of the head is adjustable. Very handy and unpretentious tool in the household. “

Maxim, 28 years old, Ryazan

“Good afternoon. Last season I bought a helper in the garden – an electric trimmer Greenvorks GST2830. When assembling it, I did not like the combination of the domestic boom, there is a slight backlash. Subsequently, I had some discomfort while working. The scythe started immediately, mows smoothly, but after some time of fishing on the bobbin became tangled, I had to rewind.

No shoulder straps, but there is a second handle. The technique is Chinese, but so far it works, despite some undesirable points. I want to increase the width of the bevel, the handle is small. The mower runs much quieter than gasoline engines.

Valentin, 34 years old, Poltava

“Bought a cordless trimmer with a fishing line. Easy to assemble, everything works, even mows one bush. The battery lasts for 40-45 minutes. The vibration is moderate. It is perfect for my country house!

It is easy to mow! Cordless trimmer Greenworks

I had a very long selection of trimmers. At first I did not even consider cordless models, as they were too expensive for me and generally more exotic than a real garden tool. Then, once or twice, publications about cordless technology caught my attention – and I thought about it. I started figuring out what this unknown beast is – a cordless trimmer. The results of my brief theoretical investigation, I described in detail in the article Battery trimmer: a choice and whether it is worth it at all, so this time let’s move directly into practice.

Introducing your new helper - cordless trimmer from GreenWorks

I would like to introduce you my new helper, the cordless trimmer Greenworks.

There he is, my new helper: A cordless trimmer from Greenworks. Unfortunately the weather prevented me from actively testing it – it started raining almost immediately after purchase. But I still manage to use it from time to time for mowing, so some conclusions can be made.

model features

According to the documents, we have in front of us a cordless trimmer model 2101207, we have been instructed on the safe use of the device.

Lower part of trimmer with cutting head

The base of the trimmer with the cutting head

The cutting element is a nylon line with a diameter of 1.65 mm, the head of the automatic line feed. The motor is located on the bottom of the device.

Weight (with battery) indicated in the specification is 1.7 kg. In all the online stores, where this product is represented, the figure of 3.1 kg, but this is clearly the weight of the device together with the packaging. When choosing I was guided by this data, so the weight indicated in the specification, surprised me. Out of interest I checked it: my old Steelyard showed about 2 kg.


The battery in the working position

Lithium-ion battery, 24V. The kit includes the battery and charger.

The trimmer is made in China, the warranty is 2 years. The price depends on the seller. I bought it for about 7 000 rubles (bought in Ozon). In the online store brand Greenworks this model in the same configuration is 8590 rubles, and in Leroy – I just looked at the site and could not believe my eyes – 5000 rubles (when I was determined with a trimmer, the price was different here in any case).

Made in China, 2 year warranty

Made in China, 2-year warranty

In short, extremely simple and safe to use, but not particularly powerful model. Let’s see how it works, what it can do, what advantages and disadvantages it has.

Bosch Rotak-1000 lawn mowers. Review, characteristics, owner reviews

Advantages of this trimmer

First of all, it is really very lightweight. For me, the weight was one of the main advantages of this model. I chose two cordless trimmers from Greenworks, and the second one, with all its obvious advantages, was 2 kg heavier, and these 2 kg were the decisive ones.

I now realize that the decision was absolutely right: this trimmer’s hands begin to shake after half an hour of work from the excitement. The first time it was quite difficult, then I got used to it, got the hang of it and practiced. For those who already have experience with similar tools, such a problem is likely to be irrelevant, but inexperienced comrades like me start with the easiest options – now I am sure.

Handle has fixed position, but very comfortable

The handle has a fixed position, but is very comfortable

The second big plus is convenience. I had some doubts when choosing this model whether it would be comfortable to work with: the handle has a fixed position, the length of the pole does not change either. However, it turned out that there are no problems – in any case, for my height of 169 cm this trimmer fits perfectly.

The absence of cables and the related freedom of movement are not just great, but very great. A few years ago I tried to mow with my neighbor’s electric trimmer – I was very annoyed by the need to constantly control my movements and the location of the wire. Here I can put all restrictions out of my mind, and just mow the grass where I have to.

No wires! Just go and mow where you need to

No wires! Just go where you want to mow.

If you’re used to doing that, this cordless device advantage will allow you to move methodically and evenly in a strictly set direction – I know that many trimmers aren’t at all annoyed by wires. But the I-Entweder, because of little experience or because of personality traits that are apt and purposeful, doesn’t work. I can turn around and go in a different direction. I can encroach on a flower bed and then see that grass has grown under the trees – and go there. All in all, freedom of movement is important to me. Even for yourself, choose battery-powered equipment.

A pleasant surprise was the fact that my small trimmer can also cope with quite complex tasks. Of course, I did not try to mow the grass in growth, but rather subjected them to some tests.

What can this trimmer.

Started with a little grass: clover, knotweed, flowers and something soft muesli das looks “lawn” and leads from the house to the street. The grass here is regularly mowed with a toss, so it’s not tall. A trimmer has done the job:

Problem #1 is low grass. It's overplayed!

Problem #1 – low grass. Done!

Take a harder problem: the grass composition is about the same, but there are warm grasses, and the amount is more than 20 centimeters. The trimmer successfully solves this problem too:

Problem #2 - higher grass, dominated by grasses. Played up!

Task #2 – the grass is taller, with grasses predominating. Let’s play!

Well, let’s see if our brainchild makes a taller, tougher plant. The manufacturer recommends mowing tall grass from top to bottom (in several stages), so that it does not wind up on your head. If you follow this recommendation, you can successfully mow and it’s overgrown:

Problem #3 - Speaker Segge and young Goldener. Played out!

Task #3 – Speaker Segge and Young Goldener. Overgrown!!!

The trimmer was with both young goldenrod and Jerusalem artichoke stalks and nettles. In the latter case, only with young ones – the coarse stems of the older plants wet the line, but you can’t mow them completely. Stiff plantar festoons are also harmful.

The coarse stems of adult nettles Timmer soaks but doesn't mow.

Coarse stems of adult nettles Timmer soak, but do not mow.

Grasses such as spikegrass, wheatgrass, and other muesli are good to mow while they are young and low. The bumps are already hard to handle; tough grasses, such as segezha, are also bad.

This trimmer has a hard time dealing with tough grass

Hard grass is hard to handle with this trimmer.

On the other hand, this trimmer mows young plum and cherry shoots with ease. You can also clear them from tall but not too dense grass:

Bosch Arm 3200 Lawn Mower. Overview, features, owner reviews

Task #4 is tall but not particularly dense grass. Played with!

Task #4 is tall but not particularly dense grass. Listed!

Overall, I am satisfied. This model is quite suitable for my purposes. Yes, over time, you can think about a second trimmer – more powerful. Or maybe better about a lawn mower. But even in this case, my little helper will not remain idle, I am sure.

But, as always, every coin has a downside. This device is not without disadvantages. Most of them are obvious and arise from the technical properties of the chosen model. How critical are these drawbacks?

Disadvantages of the chosen model

The more obvious (by virtue of existing conditions) disadvantage is the impossibility of using the trimmer on wet grass (after rain, in heavy dew, etc.). Its engine sits lower, only dry grass, only good weather. A. It is impossible to bypass this condition – one has only to accept it and somehow adapt. On the other hand, it’s just as bad in the rain every year, so this disadvantage can be dealt with.

The second disadvantage is the limited ability of the device (because of the low power consumption). Well, I was prepared for this initially, I understood that wormwood and any weeds need to be removed by other methods, so this trimmer feature was not a surprise. Minus, yes. But it’s a price to pay for the low weight (mass) and cable freedom. And to me, that fee is totally appropriate and proportionate.

This trimmer can only mow with this trimmer.

This trimmer can only cut the top of the head.

The third drawback is the limited battery life. This is also not news and not a surprise, everything was known in advance. Yes, after 30-40 minutes (depending on what we mow) trimmer stops. But, frankly, I do not need more – not enough power. This is just the time when I personally create to get tired, but have not yet reached a state of “I can not do anything. The battery runs out – I put the trimmer away and do other things.

Yes, here you have to consider that I live in the country, I have a plot right next to the house, so I can mow the lawn at any time (if the weather permits). Even every day for half an hour. Obviously, this mode is not suitable for those who come to the country only for the weekend.

I can mow a little, but at least every day, so the trimmer's limited run time is not an issue

I can mow a little, but at least every day, so the limited working time of the trimmer is not a problem.

On the other hand, the battery charges very quickly, so you can make several offerings during the day. And the reasonable change in the types of work that a cordless trimmer forces you to do is more of a plus than a minus. It’s definitely a plus for your health.

Finally, you can buy a second battery and thereby double the running time. And since the loading time is the same 30-40 minutes as the running time, you can mow as much as you need (and as much as your own skills allow) when you change the battery.

In principle, there's not much more to mow.

In principle, not so little at once.

Another small disadvantage – different mowing efficiency when moving from left to right and right to left. The manufacturer warns in the instructions: “You achieve better results in your work if you move the trimmer from left to right; Mowing becomes less effective if you move it from right to left. It’s a fact of life.”: Yes, there is a difference. You can’t feel it at all on fine, soft grass, but it’s noticeable on tall and tough grass. It is not critical, you just need to get used to it.

So far I have not noticed any other disadvantages, and the listed visibilities are not a serious problem in my eyes, so I am satisfied with my purchase. In any case, the fight with the grass no longer seems to be an impossible task – and this is undoubtedly a plus!

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