Contest – Win a lawn mower and take care of your garden in spring!

Contest-game program for preschool staff “All about everything”.

1st presenter: Good evening, dear friends, colleagues! We are waiting for you at our informative program – game program: “Everything about everything”!

Today you will have fun and jokes! Here you will not be bored for a minute!

1. Presenter: So! Let’s start with a warm-up!

The presenter says the phrase after which the audience must say: “We’re not arguing!”. If you agree with the statement or “We argue, argue!”

It rains in the fall. Spring awaits us. It’s been snowing flat all day. Birds have flown in from the south. The ahorn leaf is falling. White lily of the valley blossoms. Apples are ripe in the orchard. Nightingales sang in the grove. Cabbages were salted. And the skating rink was flooded. There’s fog in the fields. In the garden there are only weeds. And the holidays are waiting for everyone. Victory Day is just around the corner. Let’s go after sunbathing Waiting for the exam with you. The days are getting longer. Soon it will be colder. The puddles have begun to freeze. The birds have started. It’s very hard for us without sweets. Autumn is by the way. I’m going to be wrong now. You are often wrong.

2. Presenter: Let’s start the first contest! The following numbers are invited to the stage

… (the presenter names the numbers).

How many fairy tales have you heard?

Once upon a time there were a grandfather and a grandmother. They lived in it for thirty years and three years. They lived and everything was OK, but there was no God. So the old woman said: “Come, old man, to the goldfish. The little fish listened, but she asked for eggs, and not just any eggs, but golden eggs. And the old man went to the blue sea. And the old woman was sitting alone at the window. She waits – she will show herself tomorrow night. She looks at the sea, even her eyes hurt.

And the old man wasn’t joking: he twisted her arms and legs with ropes. His sharp teeth are sinking into his heart, his testicles are falling out. And the old woman smirks into the hut, and Ivan – he waits for the fool. A fairy tale is soon told, but soon the deed is done.

So the winter passed, and spring came. The sun begins to shine and the old woman wants to drink spring water. She went to the fountain, scooped water with a shovel, but oh, trouble – she stumbled. The bucket fell at the bottom of the fountain. The old woman cried and washed her face with bitterness. She looked – a puddle. Let, the old woman thinks, we’ll get out of this puddle. But the mouse runs and says in one voice: “Don’t drink, old woman, you’ll become a child.” The old woman disobeyed and drank from the puddle. Suddenly there was a thunderstorm, a flash and the old woman turned into a frog. Sit there and get carried away. At that time Ivan the Frog returned from hunting. He looked – a frog was sitting there. He drew his arrow, took aim… and the frog begged: “Don’t kill me, Ivanushka, I’ll be useful to you.” And so it happened, the frog.

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Ivanushka brought the frog to the palace of King Fater. And the latter immediately ordered the king to prepare three cauldrons: with water, with boiling water and with fresh milk. The frog was bathed in the three cauldrons and became a beauty to be described in a fairy tale or in writing!

Then there was a wedding. And the details were not long in coming. They had many children: on such a scale as the heat, thirty to three bogatyrs.

And the old man in the blue sea still: go to the right – the song begins on the left – the fairy tale says I told you. So it turns out that the tale is a lie, but in it a postscript for good colleagues and old men.

  1. “The Fox and the Hare” or “The Little Hut.”
  2. “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish.”
  3. “The Snow Girl.”
  4. “The Little Hen Riaba.”
  5. “The Tale of the Dead Tzarevna and the Seven Heroes.”
  6. “The Fly-Tsokotukha”;
  7. “Baba Yaga.”
  8. “The Tale of Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka.”
  9. “Moros Ivanovich.”
  10. “The Frog Princess.”
  11. “The Little Humpbacked Horse”;
  12. “The Tale of Tsar Saltan.”
  13. “Ruslan and Lyudmila.

Presenter 1: While the jury sums up the results, let’s play a little game.

So that it was not boring, let’s answer in rhyme. Do you understand, children? The game begins! And imagine well. We are a big aquarium. It can hold a scuba diver… A scuba diver! And there’s a big blue whale snoring… Whale! In response to the snoring sideways runs away… a crab! Down there on the sand, with his tentacles spread… octopus. Next to him with pleasure digs his electric brother … the stingray. Not caught on a hook, There lives a sea … Bullfinch. In search of better places Five-winged … star. A flat-bodied … A flounder. And behind her, like a burden. “The stinging … Jellyfish. A turtle in its shell swims without fear among the fish… The turtle. Somewhere a Black Sea shark flashes its jaws. Down below, well, like a toy, lies a wonderful … shell. Nearby is a stone, looking like a stump, And behind it is a seahorse. Cunning, affectionate… Here the dolphins frolic! The long-tailed mermaids play with him, as in the day… Mermaids. Someone’s shaking his head… What? There are no mermaids here? But I, friends, have dreamed… And in the game came… …the finale.

The jury announces the results of the contest.

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Second presenter: Let’s begin the second contest! The numbers are invited to the stage…

Many swear words in ancient times had a completely different meaning. Here is a question with possible answers and a card with numbers 1-3. The one who chooses the right answer gets a chip. The one who has the most chips at the end of the quiz becomes the winner of the “Battlefield” competition.

1. “Hackneyed” used to mean.

1) Completion of a priest’s work – burial of the deceased at home rather than in church. 2) Reward in the form of a medal of cheap copper. 3) Document control at the entrance to the city.

2. “Girls of easy virtue” were originally called those young ladies who.

1) received a high school diploma with poor grades; 2)learned the French language3) had not married before the age of 20.

3. “Bastard” is.

1) Tax collectors in Kievan Rus’ ; 2)The profession of a tugboat, “towing” ships over water barriers; 3) A settlement on the border of two volosts.

4. “Monsters” were once called.

1) Too talkative people; 2)Old Russian peasants, that is, those who left the community to run a private household. 3) Children who were subjected to public flogging.

5. “Idiot” translated from the Greek.

1) An ordinary citizen; 2) A person who can read: 3) A man who refused to continue his father’s trade.

6. The word “bastard” came to us from Latin. Its true meaning is.

1) frontiersmen (the letter “P” has disappeared from the word over time; 2) a person who is ignorant of mushrooms, picking only grebes; 3) aA farmer, a villager.

7. “Tramp” in Polish meant.

1) A simple, humble person; 2) a hardened bachelor with a large fortune. (3) A man hiding from military service.

8. “Dummy” in the Old Russian language meant.

1) disinterested, 2) a widower, 3)A massive boulder, a rock.

9. The word “scoundrel” was not included among swear words because it meant…

1) a suspicious person; 2)A recruiter of invalids; 3) A person incapable of hard physical labor.

10. The word “contagion” used to mean…

1) Charm; 2) A girl who laughs very infectiously; 3) An ugly girl.

11. “Dumbass” used to be called…

1) A shepherd; 2) The bridegroom; 3) The head of the village.

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12. “Kopec” used to be …

1) a male rite before a Wedding, i.e., “boyish”; 2) an imposing throwing weapon in old Russia; 3)an elevation out of the ground (a hill) to demonstrate the boundaries of landed property.

1. Host: We begin the third contest – a dance contest!

The numbers are invited to the stage … (the presenter names the numbers).

The contestants dance freely to the proposed music, with scarves in their hands. When the noise ends, participants toss up a scarf, whose scarf will fall first and drop out of the competition.

2. Presenter: Beginning of the fourth contest!

The numbers are invited to the stage … (the presenter names the numbers).

  1. An elevator for evil spirits (a pipe).
  2. A character that bursts with laughter (bladder).
  3. The embodiment of Pinocchio’s family was his nose (stove).
  4. Winnie’s friend Pooh, who stayed with his rooster (IA).
  5. The commandant of the 33rd bogatyr (Black Sea).
  6. The line of the master of the cave is magical (Sim – Sim, open up!).
  7. Detail of a woman’s dress, in which lakes and swans are placed (sleeves).
  8. The king’s servant – Lezeloboks, tired of military affairs (cockerel).
  9. A greenhouse maze for the little ones – Khavroshechki (cow).
  10. Reward for the feat, which the kings give in addition (half a kingdom).
  11. A reliable reference point in fairy tale conversations (the ball).
  12. The friendliest apartment (Teremok).
  13. The seven wishes on one leg (seven-colored).
  14. The ungrateful listener of songs (the fox).
  15. The name of the great English glutton (Robin – Bobin Barabek).
  16. The highest performance of a fairy tale treat (tablecloth).
  17. Traditional Yenick’s judgment is forbidden (dumplings).
  18. Approximately extensive fairy tale hero (Kolobok).
  19. Fluffy master of the boot (cat).
  20. Residence of Baba Yaga (hut on chicken legs).

1. Host: And we’re going to play a little more.

Theatrical riddle:

Although they ask someone about it, but know – there were merry men in Russia – daredevils, actors – cheerful people. Scenes, jokes and pranksters composed ….. Buffoons!

He goes on stage, jumps, then laughs, then cries! He could portray anyone – everyone would fall in love! And the emergence of the profession was a long time coming… an actor!

He directs, he thinks, he runs, he shouts! He inspires the actors, he directs the whole performance, like an orchestra conductor, which means… the director!

Then the king, and then the king, the fools, the guns or the king, the lady, the witch or the fly, Robinson or the old woman, such as the theater … costumers.

Narrow-eyed and long-nosed is not an issue in theater. If you want to be different, call for help… the makeup artists!

The performance was a success, and the audience was pleased with everything! A special round of applause for the colorful actor. scenery.

2. Host: And now our fifth contest – the exam.

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The numbers are invited to the stage … (the presenter names the numbers).

  1. Mermaid;
  2. Walrus;
  3. River crayfish;
  4. Dolphin.
  1. Pike;
  2. Salmon;
  3. Carp;
  4. Sprat.
  1. Boat;
  2. Boat;
  3. Sailboat;
  4. Boat.
  1. Transverse wagons;
  2. Sandwiches;
  3. Pike;
  4. Bream.
  1. Tonya;
  2. Sonja;
  3. Clava;
  4. Mania.
  1. “Out of Magic”;
  2. “The Snow Queen.”
  3. “The Little Stuff.”
  4. “The Story of the Fisherman and the Fish.”
  1. Cross Wagons;
  2. Sudak;
  3. Gudgeon;
  4. Sturgeon.
  1. Belorussian;
  2. Red Perlovka;
  3. Bluespinka;
  4. Bluefish.
  1. Dragon;
  2. Gorych;
  3. Fire-bird;
  4. Kikimora.
  1. Crowbar and perch;
  2. Kreuzvagen and perch;
  3. A bream and a sterlet;
  4. Carp and sterlet.
  1. 2;
  2. Three;
  3. Four;
  4. 5.
  1. Kyahta;
  2. Kaluga;
  3. Anga;
  4. Tynda.
  1. Carp;
  2. Marinka;
  3. Stepka;
  4. Sima.
  1. Pilot;
  2. Ship’s Boy;
  3. Sailor;
  4. Ensign.

Presenter 1: While the jury sums up the results, let’s play a little game.

Everything is on the move:

Everything lives in motion! Everyone who flies and who walks, you have to show a gesture! I’ll help you. Who’s flying, wave your hand! ¶ who’s floating, wave your hand ¶ ♪ Who’s working, clap ♪ Who’s crawling – stomp on it!

Severe Potato Beetle … MD … fast, fast seahorses … Summer swarm … beautiful white moth … fluffy little ferret … long earthworm … fat-bellied little hamster … airy white jelly … poet or composer’s muse … spotted nimble snake … he, you and I … я … …winged ostrich bird … Santa Claus or Santa Claus …

Photo report “Competition for children with parents “Spring Verse”.

Hello, I want to share a photo report about the spring contest.

Usually in our kindergarten we have 3-4 contests a year and our children and their parents are happy to take part, we always give the winners price tags and certificates. This year, as always in the spring, our kindergarten held a contest for children with their parents “Opening Day of Spring”. Criteria for the contest: Flat work in A4, A3 format, which can be hung on the wall.

In our kindergarten, collective and individual works of children in A3, A4, A2 formats along the stairs are hung in frames which we change every month. Each group has its own wall where 6 to 7 frames hang, which need to be renewed. So we had the idea to have a space art contest to hang them up for everyone.

Here are some interesting works that were submitted for the contest and that our parents and children received:

As always, choosing the winners is very difficult, we usually choose the winners of

1st, 2nd and 3rd place together, for many interesting entries and very different likes we award 2 second places,two third places and we divide the rest of the works into categories.: For thoroughness, for elegance, for effort, for originality, etc.Depending on the number of works and their originality.: Material, volume, homemade or purchased materials, etc., etc. D

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Dear teachers, they can learn a lot from our parents and use them in their work for the future. Keep doing contests, parents and children love it and will thank you!

Photo Report. In December we took part in the city competition “The Best Bird House”. Participants of the contest were children, parents.

Photo-report “Competition of joint activity of parents and children “Easter has come to visit” On the eve of Easter in the second group of early childhood “Teremok” passed competition of joint activity of parents and children “Easter has come to visit.

A photo report from work with parents. Creative contest “My Mum is the Best of All”. For us, teachers, it becomes important to find active forms and methods of interaction between the preschool educational institution and the family in order to master the new communication of the teacher.

Intellectual and creative competition “Spring Leaf Fall” VideoMarsh crossed the bridge from winter to spring, frosty bugle and thawed patches. On a clear and moonless night, the sky is dotted with thousands, maybe millions.

A photo essay of adults and children working together. Small competition on the fairy tale “Pinocchio” in preparatory school group” from November 20 to December 5 in the “Gorka” preschool. In the village of Chegem II organized a drawing contest in the category “Co-creation of adults and children” in the preparatory group.

Family crafts competition “The best Christmas toys from children’s surprise capsules” Happy New Year in kindergarten is an interesting scenario of a New Year’s celebration, unusual children’s costumes, gifts from Santa Claus.

The outline of the lesson for children from 2-3 years “Spring stream for the boat” The outline of the lesson for children from 2-3 years “Frühlingsbach for the boat” Direction: cognitive and artistic. Basic education.

Festival scenario for the preparatory group “Spring Beauty Contest” Festival scenario for International Women’s Day March 8 “Spring Beauty Contest” for children preparatory to school group. Prepared by:

Scenario “Spring Beauty Contest” Presenter: Hello, dear adults and children! Today is an unusual day, we are gathered in this hall for the annual reading contest. In this one.

Contest of reciters “The opening day of winter” Contest of reciters “The opening day of winter” Participants in the older group: 1. 4 p. Yesenin “Sing, winter, calls” 2. Kiseleva.

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