Competition – win garden tools!

ROCKWOOL Promotion: “Generous Autumn from ROCKWOOL”

Buy Soundwool soundproofing, register your check and win cash prizes.


  • Weekly price: Provse e-certificate face value of 4,000 rubles – 120 pcs.
  • Special price: Cash price of 15 000 rubles – 1 PC.
  • Grand Prize: cash prize of 150,000 rubles – 2 PCs.

Stihl PhD: “Buy Stihl – win a car”

Buy Stihl – win a car!

Territory of the action – Sverdlovsk region, Chelyabinsk region, Kurgan region, Tyumen region, OMSC, KMAD, YNAO, YNAO, Orenburg region, Republic, Republic, Republic of Bashkortostan.


  • Volkswagen PoloAuto grand prize;
  • HSA 26 engine;
  • Hooker GTA 26;
  • Mower FSA 45.

Promotions I npo guarantee: “Golden Rupee”.

Become the hero of an exciting journey!


  • 5,000 rubles – 100 PC.

Leroy Merlin contest: “#Rollingrepair”

They have collected useful tips, with the help of which the repair is not delayed for a long time. And budget renovation thanks to low prices in Leroy Merlin. Watch instructional videos, read articles and enter a drawing for a certificate for 10,000 or 50,000 rubles.


  • The grand prize is a Leroy Merlin business gift card of 50,000 rubles – 1 STK;
  • Interpainting price – Leroy Merlin gift card with a nominal value of 10 000 rubles – 12 STK.

The “Chancellor” offer: “Chancellery boom

Action “Kanzleri boom” in the chain stores “Kanzler”! Even more gifts for your purchases on the eve of the new school year! “Kanzler” is launching a “Kanzleri Boom” promotion!


  • Electric scooter, 1 price;
  • Asus laptop, 1 price;
  • Huawei tablet, 2 prices;
  • HP laser printer, 3 prices;
  • Smart speaker yandex.mances mini, 10 prices;
  • Painting by Number on Canvas “Three Owls” 30*40, 6 prices;
  • Gift boxes of brands (Multi-pulti, Berlingo, Gamma, Meshu), 60 prizes;
  • A gift certificate “Chancellor” face value of 1000 rubles, 60 prices;
  • Several stickers, a bag of hops, promo code for the school “Artgamma”.

Knauf – Promotion: “With “Tepokauf” everything finds work!

Win a family trip to the seaside or other great deals from Tepokauf!

Ways to get rid of moles from the garden


  • The grand prize is a certificate for trips worth 200,000 rubles.
  • Additional price – a family trip to Moscow;
  • Weekly price № 1 – a column yandex. Destation mini – 63 PC;
  • Weekly price № 2 – Barbecue – 9 PC.

Moskitoll Contest: “#tukomtrybysusos”.

Quiet in nature is not limited to the Cottage! It is enough to go beyond its limits and you will discover many interesting things. Helped by the experts: an insect protection and travel temperature specialist,, and Mikhail Kozhukhov.

We play on Real Pro layers!


  • Trevel set, 30 prices.

Corona promotion: “Win a dream bedroom.

Buy a mattress and enter a drawing for valuable prices! Win a dream bedroom!

Prices monthly:

  • 1st place – a crown with a crown with a face value of 100,000 rubles, 1 price;
  • 2nd place – a crown with a crown face value of 40 000 rubles, 1 price;
  • 3-7 place – Memory Max Pillow, 5 prices.

Action Yandex. Service: “Cleanliness at a price.

Your apartment is your lucky ticket. Just wipe off the protective layer of dust from it.

Territory – Moscow.


  • The grand prize is a Dyson air purifier;
  • Toaster for 2 discs SMEG – 3 pcs;
  • Recycle Obllect key frightening ranges – 30 PC.

Ascona Campaign: Ascona Millions

We announce a competition and every week we give the winner 1 million rubles!


  • Cash price of 1,000,000 rubles, 4 prizes.

Hikoki action: “Hikoki – created in Japan!

Buy a hikoki tool and win prices!


  • Hikoki tool set, 1 price;
  • Hikoki tools;
  • Guaranteed price: a universal gift card worth 800 rubles.

Action Glade: “Glade. Find yourself in the seventh heaven”.

Win a tour to the TV tower “Ostankino” with a visit to the cafe “Seventh Heaven” or SPA-program.


  • An e-certificate in the form of a tour of the Ostankino Tower in Moscow for two people, and a certificate for a visit to the Seventh Sky Cafe or an e-certificate for a visit to a SPA program (24 prizes in total).
Bosch ARM-37 lawn mowers. Overview, specifications, owner reviews.

Aktion Home & Style and Okay: “Win a trip to the fabulous Altai”.

Altai is a place of amazing beauty! In Altai there is no warm sea, but there are rocks, rivers and lakes from which you can draw and drink water in a jug. The air here is clean and the colors are bright. Do you want to see it with your own eyes?


  • The grand prize is a trip to Altai, 3 prices.

Action “Metabo”: “Hot presents in winter with metabo”.

Take part in a prize draw when you buy a metabo tool.


  • Metabo power tools, 9 prices;
  • Guaranteed benefit – a sizzling thermic mug.

BOSTIK-Promotion: “Glue “Mamut” feel the power of mammoth”.

Buy “Mamut” glue from Dec. 18 through Feb. 13 and take part in a drawing for prizes.


  • Monthly price – Tefal X – Plorer robotic vacuum cleaner – 2 pieces;
  • Weekly price – branded sweatshirt – 8 pieces.

X-One promotion: “X-One: gifts for reviews”.

Have you already purchased X-one insulated windows or are you planning a purchase? You have a chance to win an Alice Max smart speaker, Apple Watch or Airpods Pro.


  • Apple Watch series 5;
  • Apple Airpods Pro headphones;
  • Alice Max smart speaker.

Redverg campaign: “Vacation for All 100

Participate in the campaign and win prizes! Vacation for All 100 as a gift!


  • Gasoline generator RedverG R D-G6500E – 1 STK ..;
  • Motoobloc Goliath-2-7b – 1 pc;
  • Gasoline mower RedverG RD-GL51SB-1 piece;
  • Muravy-4 reduced speed motorcycle mower (without wheels) – 1 pc.
  • RedverG RD-GL40 gasoline lawnmower-4 pcs;
  • Redverg RD-SD20BL/2Y cordless jug – 4 pcs;
  • Kvalitet 77-part tool set-4 pcs;
  • Redverg RD-GC45-16-16 chainsaw-4pc;
  • Electric circular saw REDVERG RD-CS150-66L-4pc;
  • RedverG R D-RH850 rotary hammer – 4pcs;
  • Electric trimmer RedverG R D-EB1250B – 4 pcs;
  • Cordless screwdriver RedverG R D-SD14L/2Y – 4 pcs;
  • RedverG RD-JS710-80 Dismantler – 4 pcs;
  • RedverG R D-ID850 Schlag boring machine – 4 pcs;
  • RedverG RD-AG91-125E angle grinder – 4 pcs;
  • Electric screwdriver RedverG R D-SD320/1 – 4 pcs;
  • Master kit Qualit 30 subjects in a box – 8 pcs ..;
  • Telescopic quality magnet 62 cm (MT62) – 8 pcs;
  • Screwdriver set with bits Qualitet 8 pieces NOB-8-14-8-pc;
  • Sponge pad Qualitet Mini 130 mm P L-15 – 8 pcs;
  • Roulettelette Qualitet with 3 terminals 3 m x 16 mm RDK-3-16-8 pcs;
  • Qualitet tape measure with clamp 5 m x 19 mm R-5-19-8pcs.
The garden is in good condition. How to give ornamental shrubs an attractive shape?

Hikoki Dr.: “Tool of the Land of the Rising Sun”

Buy a hikoki tool and win prices!


  • Sony 4K 65″ TV, 1 price;
  • Tool hikoki, 12 prices;
  • Guaranteed price – hikoki tool set, 3,000 prices.

Knauf Contest: “Heat for Your Home.”

Design and insulate your home together with Teploknauf and get a chance at the grand prize – insulation with delivery for the whole house! Or one of 50 multitools.


  • Grand prize – Teploknauf whole house insulation;
  • 50 multi-tools – 1 for each of the 50 remaining winners.

Promotion neg: “#negavdom 2022”.

Take part in the #negavdom 2022 promotion and win appliances for your home!


  • Künzmaschen;
  • Juicer;
  • Multicooker;
  • Mixer;
  • Waffle maker;
  • Mixer;
  • Electric grill;
  • Iron;
  • Kettle;
  • Hair dryer.

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In the All-Russian competition of journalists “Sportregion” can take part legal entities – mass media, registered on the territory of the Russian Federation and individuals – journalists, authors …

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