Compact tractor Rusich T224. Overview, features, equipment

Rusich T-224 small tractor

The Rusich T-224 compact tractor is a four-wheel drive agricultural special equipment, which can be rightly called one of the leaders of the Russian market. The main advantages of this mini-tractor are excellent maneuverability and efficiency, both during operation and maintenance of machinery. The model has proved itself extremely well in many regions of the country. The mini-tractor can operate correctly at relatively high air temperatures, and its operation is allowed even in winter, because the heart of the mini-tractor is a reliable power unit developed according to the technologies of the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi. The engine has three cylinders, which provide it with capacity of 22 hp. According to the environmental standards, the device corresponds to the Euro-4 norms.

The mini-tractor has the traditional four-by-four wheel formula for this segment, which allows the machine to cope well with heavy attachments and easily move over loose soil and off-road. Rusich T-224 is a representative of the 0.6 traction class of additional equipment and is in no way inferior to its European counterparts.


Due to sufficiently good power and traction characteristics, the mini-tractor Rusich T-224 is widely used for agricultural purposes. The technique is also in demand on farms and private estates, including vegetable gardens.

The machine is used to perform a number of different tasks, including: transporting any cargo; plowing small areas; cultivating the fertile soil layer; sowing and planting various crops; cultivating plants, including grains; cultivation; beds; inter-row treatment; mowing hay, dry vegetation and grass; digging up tuber crops; collecting grown produce; applying mineral and other fertilizers; cleaning the area from dry vegetation and other debris; cleaning yards and personal plots.

In addition to the above-mentioned works, the technique is able to cope with many other types of different tasks.



To a large extent, the functionality of technology and versatility were due to the presence of hydraulic and PTO shaft, because such a set allows you to use not only towed units, but also a variety of mounted equipment on both the front and rear implements. A fairly large selection of additional implements is currently provided, but the most popular and used are:

  1. Mechanical planters.
  2. Single-hulled plows.
  3. Two-hoe plows.
  4. Three-share plows.
  5. Processing units.
  6. Units for planting potatoes, beets and other similar crops.
  7. Single-hulled mountain ships.
  8. Two-hulled mountain ships.
  9. Cultivator.
  10. Cultivator combined with a cultivator.
  11. harrow.
  12. disc harrow.
  13. mower.
  14. segment mower.
  15. Front rotary mower.
  16. Rear-mounted rotary mower.
  17. Front mower.
  18. Mower at the back.
  19. Front mowers.
  20. Assembled body.
  21. Snow blowers.
  22. Various mowing machines.
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Technical features


  • Construction length of the mini-tractor is 2650 millimeters.
  • Full width of the body is 1200 millimeters.
  • The full height is 1,750 millimeters.
  • The smallest ground clearance under the rear axle is 400 millimeters.
  • The smallest track width of the front axle – 980 millimeters.
  • The smallest track width of the rear axle – 980 millimeters.
  • The largest track width of the front axle – 1200 millimeters.
  • The maximum track width of the rear axle is 1200 millimeters.

Engine characteristics:

  • Type of engine installed – diesel, in-line.
  • Make of the engine is HS380.
  • Manufacturer of the engine is Mitsubishi.
  • Number of cylinders – 3 cylinders.
  • Nominal power is 22 PS / 16 kW.
  • The maximum speed of the crankshaft – 2200 rpm.
  • Maximum crankshaft speed – 2300 rpm.
  • Total cylinder volume – 1149 cubic meters.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid.
  • Launching system type – electric starter or manual.
  • Type of fuel supply system – electronic.
  • Type of lubrication system – gear oil pump.
  • Cylinder diameter is 95 mm.
  • Piston stroke – 105 millimeters.
  • The weight of the power unit is 240 kilograms.

Transmission features:

  • The type of transmission installed is mechanical.
  • Type of drive – fully detachable.
  • Differential locking – mechanical.
  • Number of transitions forward – 6.
  • Number of backstrokes – 2.
  • Cup type – dry, friction insert brake, in permanently closed position.

On-load tap-changer properties:

  • Type of installed on-load tap-changer – independent.
  • Number of PTO revolutions – 1.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Minimum rotational speed of PTO – 540 rpm.

Operational characteristics:

  • Operational weight – 990 kilograms.
  • Tank capacity – 16 liters.
  • Type of hydraulic system – three-point.
  • Brakes type – drum.
  • Lowest independent forward speed is 2.7 kilometers per hour.
  • The highest independent forward speed is 38.5 kilometers per hour.
  • The slowest independent rearward speed is 2.1 kilometers per hour.
  • The maximum speed of independent movement backward – 9.4 kilometers per hour.
  • The lowest fuel consumption per hour of operation – 2.2 liters.
  • Highest fuel consumption per hour of operation – 4.3 liters.
  • The size of the front wheels is 4.00-14.
  • Rear wheels size – 7.50-20.
  • Type of steering – hydraulic.
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The device functions

Minitractor Rusich T-224 is equipped with an eight-speed manual transmission with two zones (downshift and upshift). The gearbox used has six forward and two reverse gears. The shifting is jerk-free, which is facilitated by the single-disc clutch. The unit is also equipped with a single crane shaft, which operates at 540 rpm. This element, combined with the three-point folding mechanism, allows a large number of different attachments to be used, which means that the unit is effective for almost any type of job.

The designers designed the workplace, especially with a view to long non-stop operation. As a result, the main system was made on convenience and comfort for the driver, which was eventually realized. The installed seat has several settings. The main control levers are very comfortable and do not require much effort to perform actions. The same applies to the steering, since a hydraulic booster has been installed here. The dashboard of the mini-tractor Rusich T-224 contains only everything you need. In addition, the available gauges are located in the most studied area and are highly informative. The tractor has been equipped with a powerful lighting system, which the machine can use along with an excellent viewing angle at any time of day. In addition, the headlights are used for safe driving on public roads, because due to the relatively small size, the devices can be invisible in the dark.

The popularity of mini-disperser and high Simplement is due not only to good performance, but also very affordable. If you compare the mini-rusich-t-24 mini-drive with other similar models, this device is somewhat cheaper and yet has almost similar technical properties.

The advantages of the model were often cited by the owners in numerous reviews. Basically, they pointed out the following:

  • The mini-tractor has a high ability to rank and excellent maneuverability, which is achieved due to the function of locking the center of the wheels of the driving axle.
  • The technique is aggregated with a large number of different tracks and attachments. In addition, some units can be used for other models, which is undoubtedly a big plus.
  • The machine differs from its counterpart by a significantly increased level of service, reliability and economy in operation and in terms of maintenance.
  • The improved power plant has very good traction and relatively low fuel consumption.
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As already described, the T-224 mini-Rusich turned out to be a very reliable special machine. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer, in addition to using quality materials, also pays attention to the manufacturing process of certain elements. In addition, all stages of the production of devices are carried out under strict control, which guarantees the high quality and reliability of the product.

Repair features

Thanks to the simplification of the design of the model, the owner is able to self-service and review the main nodes. All spare parts can be bought in special services and on the Internet, which is very convenient. Compared with other machines, components have a fairly affordable price for this model, which further reduces the cost of servicing devices.

Without mileage mini-Rusich T-224 now you can buy at a price in the neighborhood of 270,000 rubles and up to 315,000 Russian rubles. Currently there are many models available, which differ mainly in the year of manufacture and the working equipment installed. Various optional equipment (safety sheet, sun screen and others) can also affect the final price.

It is also possible to find a used tractor with acceptable technical condition and with some working equipment. The cost of such a machine may vary depending on the development from 180,000 rubles and up to 220,000 Russian rubles.

Minitractor Rusich T224. Overview, characteristics, attachments, instructions

Recommended: 100%



Rusich T224 mini tractor is a popular, popular tractor model, which is equipped with a three-cylinder engine. Engine type: water-cooled diesel, engine model – HS380. The working standard: Euro-4. Type of drive: full. This technique is one of the most high-performance and maneuverable, and is notable for economical consumption of diesel fuel. It is referred to the 0,6. Traction class and is recommended for use on the plots, the area of which does not exceed 15 hectares.

Rusich T224 Mini Driver

Contract engine Mini is assembled under the Mitsubishi license, its power is 22 hp. Engine cooling system: liquid circulation, direct fuel injection. Engine cooling is forced, which significantly increases the life of the engine. In the range of some online stores, the tractor model Rusich T224 is mentioned as 224 hours.

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The advantages of the engine:
  • low noise level;
  • moderate fuel consumption;
  • Emits a minimal amount of harmful substances;
  • Long service life.

For diesel engines, use high quality semi-synthetic or synthetic engine oil. For transmissions, use a high-grade gear oil.

Tractor usage

Rusich T224 mini-tractor is designed so that it performs the following types of work:

  1. local (snow removal, garbage collection, cleaning of territories with brushes and trash copies);
  2. agricultural (plowing, hoeing, shaking, weeding, growing, hoeing potatoes and root crops, planting, watering);
  3. Transportation (transportation of cargo, transportation of the operator to the target, transportation of crops, etc.).

Please note that Min i-Puigh T224 is not equipped with a PSM (self-propelled machine passport), so it cannot be used on urban or rural public roads.

It can be transported within the boundaries of its country by site.

Basic configuration

Minitor Rusich T224 can be supplied already assembled. This point is stipulated with the supplier when purchasing.

  • Four wheels (size of the front wheels is 6×14, the size of the rear wheels is 7,5×20);
  • protective fender on the front and rear wheels (2 pieces for each pair of wheels);
  • Operator;
  • Warranty card;
  • Manual.

Additional equipment must be purchased separately.

Thanks to the universal hitch and availability for 540 rpm, you can use the tractor with a large number of mounted implements.

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Manufacturer’s recommendations for fixing equipment for the tractor Rusich T224:
  • KS-2MT or potato digger KSM-1A;
  • Calculation of the press 850;
  • Rotary mower 1,3, mower 9g-1,4;
  • Pflug 1L-220 twin-arm ogler;
  • Potato harvester 4U-1;
  • Cultivation bush 3Z-3;
  • Soil tiller 1GQN-140;
  • Universal brand TMT540;
  • Protective sheet (installation of sheet without sunshade or with sunshade is possible);
  • Blade for snow removal;
  • Fertilizer;
  • Set of machines (grains, vegetables);
  • Carousel-type tractors;
  • Sprayers (e.g. Demarol Zielonki P329/2);
  • Burens (HD6, HD9);
  • Hay tedders (Biardzki or others).

If necessary, you can use Rusich T224, except chuvashpillers, such as Salut, Neva, Zirka, Bomet, Jarmet, Virax and all heavy professional, semi-professional minibrows with a similar weight, except chuvashpiller. Category. The weight of the Rusich T224 is 990 kg without fasteners.

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Technical features

  • The dimensions of this model mini-tractor are 2650/1200/1750 mm.
  • Fuel consumption is 259 g/kWh.
  • Width of wheel clearance is 98-120 cm.
  • The clutch is dry, single-plate.
  • Mini-tractor Rusich 224 KHT is equipped with headlights and overalls, as well as the option of a sound signal.
  • Types of gauges on the front panel: pressure gauge, cooling temperature, ammeter.

Minitor Rusich operates in 6 front and 2 rear gears. Rear position. There is an option of locking the differential. The engine is started with an electric starter, the volume of the fuel tank – 16 liters.

Functions of application

Rusich Minitor should be operated according to the user’s manual:

  • Fill the tank a little less fuel in summer than in winter – this increases the size when the engine is running.
  • Carry out the term in several stages with no operating time of at least several hours with complete engine cooling down after switching off.
  • Regularly check the oil level in the engine and gearbox reservoir and change the oil every 50 hours of operation.
  • Observe safety rules when working with the device (work with closed clothes, do not carry a charging load if the vehicle or trailer allows).
  • Do not open the gas after switching off the engine until it has cooled down completely.

Routine maintenance from Rusich 224ht should include inspection and tune-up and repair (if necessary) of these key parts:

  • Brakes;
  • Oil filter, fuel filter;
  • Drive belt;
  • Cutting condition.

Video review

Owners reviews

Ilya, Saransk:

“My father bought this mini tractor for himself, I wanted to buy it for a very long time and finally. I do not have my own plot, but if we work with my parents in the countryside, I can say that the tractor is just super! It can’t be compared to shovels and all the manual labor that breaks the whole body. The more equipment and the more powerful, the easier it is. A good, reliable mini-drive. It does not consume much fuel, as it seemed to me. A diesel is a diesel. I recommend it!

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