Compact tractor Chuvashpiller 184. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Overview of the mini tractor Chuvashpiller 184 (4×4). Technical characteristics. application features

The mini tractor Chuvashpiller 184 (4×4 wheel formula) is a well-known agricultural machine from a well-known Russian manufacturer. The multifunctional device is designed to carry out agrotechnical work on large areas of 5 hectares. Complete with attachments, it is used effectively in the municipal sector, in road construction and for transporting goods.

Chuvashpiller 184 (4x4)

model description

This machine is characterized by simple operation, low maintenance and a long service life in intensive conditions.

  • The mini tractor is equipped with a powerful 18 hp diesel engine. with water cooling.
  • With the 6 forward/2 reverse gears, you can set the desired working speed.
  • The device is fuel efficient.
  • Starting is done with an electric starter.
  • The tractor is equipped with power steering.
  • The mini tractor is equipped with headlights for comfortable work in the dark, there is a sound signal.
  • Thanks to the track width adjustment within 98-120 cm, the tractor can be used for cultivating various crops.
  • Oil pressure, fuel level, water temperature, ammeter, hour meter are conveniently placed on the dashboard.

ZH1105N diesel engine LL380BT diesel engine

Differences from the mini tractor Rusich 184

In fact, minitractors Rusich and Chuvashpiller with similar markings have many design and technological differences. In fact, they are various agricultural machines with a power of 18 hp:

  • A single-cylinder ZH1105N engine is installed on the Rusich mini-tractor, and a three-cylinder LL380BT engine on the Chuvashpiller.
  • The mass of Rusich is less – 720 kg, Chuvashpiller – 920 kg, and traction capabilities are higher.
  • The front and rear wheels of the Chuvashpiller mini tractor are larger.
  • By default, the Rusich mini-tractor comes with a tiller and a two-furrow plow, while the Chuvashpiller goes on sale without additional tools.
  • Ground clearance for Rusich is 210 mm, for Chuvashpiller – 275 mm.
  • The Chuvashpiller minitractor, unlike Rusich, is equipped with a differential locking mechanism.
Overview of the trailer and adapter for the motif of the eye

Technical characteristics

brand of engine DLH1105
Horsepower 18
Number of cylinders, pcs 1
wheel formula 4×2
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2285/1200/1665
Ground clearance, mm 275
Operating weight, kg 820
Specific fuel consumption, g/kW*h 255.6
transmission 6 forward, 2 back
launch system electric starter
wheel size (front/rear) 4.00-14.00/7.50-20.00
coupling dry single disc
PTO speed, rpm 540
warranty 12 months

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basic equipment

Small tractor Chuvashpiller 184 goes on sale without additional equipment, some models can be tested at the factory. Therefore, when buying a mini tractor, it is necessary to clarify this nuance. If break-in was not performed, perform the procedure yourself and then operate the unit at full capacity.

application features

In the aggregation with numerous patients, the Mini trector is transformed into a multifunctional unit and replace many types of specialized technology of agricultural and economic fate on the farm.

In addition to original devices, additional devices from other manufacturers are rationally installed on a mini drive, which are connected using a standar d-clutch clutch device.

Pflow double-hobby Harrow discoat rotor rabro from Tor squirrel self-Semiwall PTS-1.5 Soilofrez 1GQN-140

Hanging devices for the mini vector of the Chuvashpiller:

  • Plowing different modifications
  • Floor mills
  • Press calculation
  • Murderer
  • Potato drummer are common and roaring
  • Potato
  • Tomb usually and troops
  • Segment and rotary mower
  • Spray
  • Seeder
  • Fertilizer
  • Pendant and sem i-bearer, carts
  • dispose
  • Motoburg.

operation and maintenance

Model 184 consumes diesel fuel, 15W40 engine oil in the warm season and 10W40 in winter. 80W/90, 85W/90 oil uses for the gearbox. The duration of the continuous operation of the tractor is 10-12 hours.

The daily maintenance of the agricultural sector is to test the work of all systems, to monitor the number of technical liquids, the cleaning of all types of pollution.

The regulations for the maintenance of a mini drive are carried out after 50/250/500/1000 motorized hours.

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Video check of the mini driv e-Chuvashpillers 184 (4×4)

Reviews of the owners


“Despite the fact that almost all Chinese components can be viewed a mini drive. The Chuvashpiller has been working for me for 3 years, I didn’t let myself be seriously in-the rubber was and was and was on the rear wheels, I had to change it. The cover of the wings worsened, which did not affect the quality of the work. And so powerful, starts moving. I bought a problem: a mower, a potato ballloon and an excavator, a seer. On the trailer I translate myself to 800 kg, I don’t overload. Normal technology.

Chuvashpiller Min i-Actionor 184. Overview, characteristics, attachments, instructions

Recommend: 100%



Minitor Chuvashpiller 184 is a popular model of the Russian manufacturer for agricultural machines. The engine power of this technical device is 18 hp. A universal mini drive that can work with high performance for a long time is easy to manage and wait, has a moderate diesel fuel consumption. Drive type – full, wheel formula 4×4.

Minitor Chuvashpiller 184

The scope of the Mini vector is very extensive:
  • Community purpose (garbage collection, cleaning of snow and agricultural areas);
  • Agricultural use (the entire action complex with soil, in combination with or without folding devices, for example planting and collecting root plants, agriculture, hilling, cultivation);
  • Transport work;
  • Construction work (when using a drill).

In addition to other properties, the machine is equipped with a hydraulic steering wheel. As in most other models of a similar production of a chuvash piller, this Min i-Actractor is suitable for the presence of an engine class as well as fuel and pressure sensors on the front panel.

Difference in Chuvashpiller 184 and Rusich 184

It is necessary to distinguish between a min i-t -chchuvashpiller 184 and Rusich 18 4-these are two different models with a different engine model.

  1. The 184 Chuvashpiller is equipped with a thre e-cylinder engine, while Rusich is a cylinder.
  2. The brand of the motor for Chuvashpiller 184 – LL380BT, diesel, liquid cooling.
  3. The next difference is the weight (920 kg – chuvashpiller, 720 kg – rusich) and the dimension of the wheels, rusich both front and rear wheels.
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basic equipment

In the basic configuration from the system, the tractor is offered for sale in the already collected form. The equipment takes place in the company and can be used immediately after the purchase. When buying from the seller, ask whether the device is ready for work or you have to run alone.

In the basic configuration, the 184 chuvash piller is delivered without a steered details (while Rusich 184 is equipped with plow and cutter).

The most popular hinge weapons for the Mini actionor Chuvashpiller 184 are presented in a score of binding equipment. At the request of the owner, not only domestic but also foreign attachments can be installed on this mini drive:

  • Potato resident (single series, two-row, production bomet, virax, 2cm-1);
  • Potato coating is common, roof;
  • Double Hobb y-Plow;
  • Scharnierer Bodenofre z-Virax;
  • reinforced cut cake;
  • Cultivating cloth;
  • Roller Press Collector;
  • Heuworm;
  • Rake;
  • Spray devices;
  • Sot h-machines;
  • Follower;
  • Shovel;
  • Bur (HD6 or 9).

Potato-resident Eintrain 2cm-1 potato-rumple km-1 double body plow made of floor pelching cigarette clinker clinker session cultivator 3Z-3 room vehicle bourgeoiser hinged shovel-meter Seno-rodski grocery grave sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle

When choosing a hinge device, consider the weight category of a min i-actractor and the position of the. In this technical facility is the location of the rear. The speed is 540 rpm. The weight of the mini drive without Hitch is 920 kg.

Technical characteristics

  • The mini contract is equipped with headlights, can generate a sound signal, is also convenient if you travel in short distances.
  • Rad dimension: front – 6×14, rear – 9.5×20.
  • The road release is 27.5 cm, the brake system of the drum type, the adhesion is dry.
  • Adjustable track: from 98 cm to 120 cm.
  • Eight work programs – 6 front, 2 behind.
  • The device fitting board is equipped with coolant temperature sensors, oil pressure and amperemeter.
  • The dimensions of the Chuvashpiller 184 are 2750 x 1250 x 1350 mm.
  • There is a differential blocking function, the engine is launched by an electric starter.

The volume of the fuel tank is 18 liters.

Service and operation

Basic rules for the application and maintenance of a mini actionor:

  • Keep the equipment in a dry room under a waterproof fabric.
  • With longer inactivity, put the Mini Actractor so that the wheels are in the balance.
  • Pour water into the cooling system after a break or at the beginning of the operation and start the engine so that it works for about 20 minutes.
  • Clean it from any pollution during the daily maintenance after switching off the mini drive and check the fuel and oil level (for the motor diesel fuel according to the GB/T 252-1994 standard, select 80W/90 or 85W /90). Oil for the gear;
  • The sequence of the planned complex is then – after 50, 250, 500 and 1000 mothers;
  • The continuous operation of the engine is permitted for 12 hours as possible, whereupon the mini drive has to be switched off so that the engine cools down.

Video review

Reviews of the owners

Evgeny, I brave:

“A very worthy representative of a family of Min i-Actractors. I trust the Russian manufacturer, but you can say immediately – spare parts and engine are 100% china. As a consumer of all domestic, it is a shame that such a technology is not fully produced in Russia. However, production is partly Chinese. However, this does not affect work, at least I didn’t notice obvious posts. After the purchase, he independently pulled all screwed formations to sleep calmly and work for every sound without twitching! You write the truth that diesel eats a little. I would say moderately. It goes with our slightly dry floor. I didn’t have to work in the cold, but it works well in summer, but he has an hour and a half to two hours. “

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