Compact tractor Chuvashpiller 150. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Compact tractor Chuvashpiller 150. Overview, specifications, attachments, instructions

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Minitractor Chuvashpiller 150 belongs to the range of mini-tractors from the Chuvashpiller plant and is designed for agricultural work in small and medium-sized farms. The tractor is equipped with a single-cylinder R195ND diesel engine with water cooling and radiator. The engine capacity is 15 hp at a crankshaft speed of 2400 rpm.

Chuvashpiller 150 mini-tractor can be used not only for agricultural work, but also for such simple works as cargo transportation, taking the operator to any necessary place, clearing fields or private yards from snow, garbage and leaves. With a trailer or wagon, the mini-tractor can be used for harvesting potatoes, transporting necessary goods, etc.

equipment and accessories

The basic set of Chuvashpiller 150: a complete tractor, double plow, cultivator, a set of warranty documents, operating instructions. Before buying, clarify the need for running-in: in some cases, mini-tractors are sold that have already been tested in production.

Overview of attachments for Chuvashpiller 150, offered by the manufacturer:
  • potato planter KS2MT, KSM1A;
  • snowplow;
  • rotary mower;
  • potato harvester;
  • ТМТ-500 and ТМ-540 trucks;
  • tedder BM-4;
  • safety data sheet.

Potato-planting machine KS-2MT multi-purpose dozer rotary mower 1.3 potato harvester harvester 4U-1 trailer TM-500 hay tedder BM-4

Chuvashpiller 150 can also perform a full range of work with equipment for mini-tractors Zubr, Katman, Farmer, Uralets, Xingtai, Scout, Bulat, Kalibr, Swatt, Dongfeng. When choosing an attachment for a mini-tractor take into account its weight category and drawbar class.

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions of the mini-tractor 2400x1050x1250 mm, rear drive, 2×4 wheel arrangement, weight of the device without the attached equipment – 500 kg. Distance 18 cm.
  • Multistage gearbox, 6 gears forward and 2 reverse.
  • Fuel consumption is 225 g/kWh.
  • Type of clutch: single disc, dry.
  • Track width is adjustable from 100 to 140 cm, the mini-tractor is started by electric starter or manual inertia starter.
  • Size of front wheels: 5,00-12, rear wheels: 6,50-16.
  • Volume of the fuel tank is 5,5 l.
  • Brakes: double-sided, drum.
  • Steering is by worm gearing.
  • Optional: adjustable position of the driver’s seat.
  • The seat is soft, there are handles for support when sitting and for easy boarding in the mini-tractor.
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maintenance and operation

To increase engine life, use high quality lubricants: semi-synthetic or mineral oil for water-cooled diesel engines. For gearboxes, use mini-tractor gear oil. Keep an eye on the engine coolant level and the electrolyte level in the battery.

Perform maintenance regularly: depending on the trunk cable of the mini vector, or daily, and then before putting the unit into storage. In winter, the temperature of the liquid in the tank should be a little higher, so the engine will start faster. Store the mini tractor in a dry room with a positive temperature, and cover it with a tarpaulin or other waterproof cover if stored for a long period of time.

For prolonged storage, the tractor wheels must be suspended. Therefore, place timber or other equipment under the equipment so that the wheels do not touch the ground.

  • Maintenance is carried out every 50-100 mater.
  • After the running-in period, change the first oil immediately, thereafter as necessary, but at least every 50 hours of tractor operation.
  • Pay special attention to the condition of the gearbox, brake system, fuel filter, clutch and drive belts.
  • Replace worn parts in a timely manner and get rid of breakdowns. Set up the mini-tractor according to the owner’s manual.

Video review

Owners reviews

Mikhail, Cheboksary:

“A small tractor for small plots. I came to this conclusion after examining it well. The power is enough for the vegetable garden and the area near the house. I am of the opinion that for some people it is more of a heavy tractor than a tractor. Personally, I bought the 150 based on simple “overkill” in the soil: plowing, sonar, etc. Expect. My rating of this mini tractor is a 4! “

Chuvashpiller 150 mini vector review. Technical features. Features of application.

Minitractor Chuvashpiller 150 (wheel formula 2×4) is a well-known model from the Russian manufacturer. The unit is designed to perform agricultural work on medium-sized areas, mowing grass, cleaning the territory from snow, garbage and fallen leaves, as well as transporting various goods. It is successfully used on private farms and small farms.

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Minitor Chuvashpiller 150

Model description

  • Chuvashpiller mini-tractor is equipped with a liquid-cooled R195nd diesel single-cylinder engine with an output of 15 hp.
  • Transmission with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds allows you to select the optimal speed limit depending on the type of work. Shift speed is smooth.
  • The device is started by means of an electric starter.
  • Presence of the forced change provides necessary traction force at various works – cultivation, ploughing and harvesting.
  • Thanks to the adjustable range of 100-140 cm it is possible to perform various agricultural works, in particular the cultivation of vegetables.
  • The machine is equipped with a comfortable, adjustable driver’s seat with support handles.

Technical characteristics

Engine brand R15nd
Power, hp 15
Number of cylinders, pcs. 1
wheel formula 2×4
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2400/1050/1250
Road clearance, MM 180
Service weight, kg 500
Specific fuel consumption, g/kWh 255
transmission 6 forward, 2 forward 2
starting system electric starter
Wheel sizes (front/rear) 5.00-12/6.50-16
clutch dry single disc
track width, MM 1000-1400
warranty 12 months

The basic configuration of the tractor Chuvashpiller

Mini tractor Chuvashpiller 150 is equipped with a soil tiller (1 m) and a plough.

Features of usage

Due to the monoblock device, the tractor passes rationally with different beaters of domestic and other brands. Used attachments:

  • Ploughshare of various modifications
  • assistant
  • problem
  • cutter
  • Potato harvester transporter and other modifications
  • Potato digger
  • Rotary and segment mower
  • Crawler simple rake
  • Lighted shovel
  • Cart, trailer
  • Safety ball without a visor
  • Special attachments

Harrier double plow Snowplow Mower PTS-1.5 LR-09 half-propelled shovel Mower

operation and maintenance

Like all models of the Chuvashpiller brand, the Mini action mower is characterized by good quality, reliability and efficient production. Due to its simple design, the device requires minimal maintenance and operating costs are low. This model is the predecessor of the more modern modification of the mini vector Rusich T-15.

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15W-40 SAE 10W-40 engine oil Sae 80W-90 oil

Uses tractor diesel, 15W40, 10W40 engine oil. For transmissions use 80W/90, 85W/90 oil.

Maintenance and operation requirements are identical to the recommendations for diesel minitractors: daily control of the amount of technical fluids, tire pressure, condition of the brake system, fuel filter and drive belt. Regulatory work should be carried out after 50/100/250 matings.

When buying a new Chuvashpillet r-Mini vector, you should check with the seller to see if an air-flow installation existed, as samples may be available for sale that have been through the factory process.

Video review

Owners reviews


“Chuvashpiller 150 works for me for 3 seasons. In general, a good unit. It replaces a lot of different machines on the farm without any problems, I do all the work on the floor, mowing the grass, planting potatoes and getting them out okay. Assembly is ok, maintenance is minimal, not picky about fuel. “

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