Compact tractor Belarus MTZ 132N. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Reviews about Belarus 132N (MTZ)

This page contains a list of the latest (new) reviews of the owners of Belarus 132Н (MTZ), as well as opinions and comments of visitors who are not indifferent to this technique.

132H in service since 2004. I work on a 15 acre property. I only picked it up because I was tired of carrying a walk behind tractor. Along with the tractor I bought a plough, a tiller and a blade. The engine is Japanese – “Honda” (13 hp).

I till the plot with a plow in late April or early May, when the soil has already dried out. I do this in first gear (the drive is full, of course). I rarely use blocking. True, from time to time the plow is buried very deeply – you need to back up and raise it slightly.

After plowing, I work and level the surface with a tiller, also at full speed. This makes the soil soft – ideal for planting potatoes.

The tractor also has disadvantages:

– With the onset of summer, the oil in the hydraulics begins to overheat. Because of this, the tiller and plow are lifted with great difficulty. Changing the oil from M8V to VMGZ helps, but only partially and not for long.

– The wheels, in my opinion, are too narrow, especially considering the traction and the weight of 132 N. In principle, you can put them in pairs, but I haven’t done that yet.

– Steering is weak (quickly loosened).

– You have to be very careful with the cutter. The ground must be prepared beforehand, otherwise you can ruin the gearbox or the axle.

Three years ago I bought a mini tractor MTZ-132N. The terrain is low (near the lake), and therefore heavy vehicles like the MTZ-80 slide on it.

Although I am satisfied with the tractor, I did not notice any serious defects. He does his job. The main thing is to do everything consistently and accurately.

What I really like about this “Belarusian”: • All-wheel drive, which can be switched off if necessary to save fuel. • Japanese engine. Its power is enough to process a small garden. • Thanks to the articulated frame, the tractor is very manoeuvrable. • You can use different devices (both mounted and towed).

The only thing I didn’t like were the wheels that came out of the factory. For a long time I did not think about increasing the size. Now the landing is higher and the appearance is more “solid”.

Spare parts are expensive. Yes, and you can find them far from everywhere – I personally go to a neighboring town, since we don’t have a single store that would have something like that.

Nevertheless, I have never regretted that I once chose this particular tractor and not a “Chinese”. To be honest, I’ve never understood people who buy Chinese gear because it only lasts two or three seasons at most.

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This mini tractor is not made for work, it’s for sale!

I don’t have any raving reviews about the MTZ-132N yet.

I’ve had it since March 2017, during that time I’ve changed the gear block with the shaft. After the replacement, he began to remove the remnants of the oil from the rear gearbox and saw a lot of all sorts of iron in waste oil (their size says they couldn’t have come from a faulty gear – like that dirt was when assembled , you didn’t remove it).

Moreover, the brake pedal suddenly fell through … moreover, the rear axle stopped connecting (and without plowing it and digging potatoes).

Dear gentlemen, maybe you will advise something about the brakes and connect the rear axle?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Sincerely, Victor.

Hello everyone! They also brought me today, new 132.

There is little joy given the lack of rear blocking in the configuration. Only one hose was distributed on the march. It does not fall by itself very quickly. And about the conclusions on the shovel and or cylinder of the trailer is not an increase.

Regarding an online shop. It’s beautifully painted. But in real life everything is different. And not for the better (although it was stipulated that Belshin’s wheels would stand).

And regarding the hydraulic wrap, no one said anything. In a word, they divorce divorce :( … Am I completely stupid?

MTZ-132N: owner reviews

MTZ-132N: Owner reviews

“MTZ-132N” is a multifunctional universal mini actuator capable of performing various agricultural and municipal works on very small plots of land. With their help, you can plow light soil, cultivate gladed and prepared areas of the earth, carry out interchangeable processing of beets and potatoes, make mineral fertilizers, mow grass and operate territories. The mini drive can be used to transport goods and perform various works on stationary installations with a drive through a power shaft (VOM) “MTZ-132N”. This means that you can connect, for example, a woodworking machine or the same pump.

This model of the mini-drive still has the name “Belarus-132n”. The tractor is compact and light (425 kg), but despite the low weight it can generate a capacity of 13 hp. Due to the productive Japanese gasoline engine Honda.

history of creation

The MTZ-132N will be produced at the OJSC Smorgon Aggregate Plant, which is part of the Minsk Tractor Plant at the Minsk Tractor Plant. The history of the creation of this Belarusian mini-mini sender has more than 20 years. In 1992, the base model “Belarus-082” was released, which became the predecessor of 112 models, and then “MTZ-132N”. In 2016, the Smorgon Aggregate plant celebrated its 30th anniversary. The company occupies an area of ​​100 acres and has more than 1,200 employees, including engineering personnel.

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The plant exports its own production products to at least 20 countries both far away and neighbors abroad. The main importers of ministers and attachments made by the plant include Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Balt Sea and European countries. The company constantly improves the technical characteristics of manufactured machines, components and assemblies, their consumer properties are improved. There is constant work in reducing the cost of manufactured products, which in turn leads to an overall price decrease.

Minitor MTZ-132N

The plant is one of the largest manufacturers of mini drives. A distinctive feature of all devices manufactured by the company is versatility, mobility and reliability. The most important goal is the quality of the products.

Technical characteristics

The “MTZ-132N” mini tractor refers to specialized universal models that are able to edit agricultural and household plots, gardens and greenhouses, to transport different goods, to clean and plan the territory.

Most important technical indicators:

  • Four-stroke in-cylinder petrol engine GX390 Honda or Lifan LF188FD with a nominal output of 13 HP. With. (9.56 kW).
  • Traction class according to GOST 27021 – 0.2.
  • Train force during loa d-2 kn.
  • The maximum developed torque (km) is 24 n · m2.
  • KM security factor – 5%.
  • The specific indicator of fuel consumption is 313 gr/kWh.
  • The nominal speed of the engine crankshaft is 3600 rpm.
  • Speed ​​ads-2.83-17.72 km / h when driving forward and 4.03-12.94 km / h when driving backwards.
  • The highest transport speed is 18.46 km/h forward and 13.47 km/h.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 6.1 liters.
  • Gross operating weight – 532 kg.
  • The wheel formula is 4K4 with the same size of the front and rear lo w-pressure tires – 5.9-13.
  • The rear axle is forced.
  • Seven-speed manual transmission.
  • Electric starter and manual start of the engine.
  • Disc brakes with an independent mechanical drive of the rear wheels.
  • Air cooling system cleaned with a tw o-stage dry air filter.
  • Oil system with spray and oil level protection.
  • Dimensions, length✕ widths height – 2500✕1000✕2000 mm.
  • Snail gear steering with a tie rod.
  • Separates aggregate hydraulic system with two pairs of independent outputs.

“MTZ-132N” is a compact and light machine that can work at least 2 hours without interruption and can transport loads up to 700 kg over a distance of 20 km.

Measurement and measure of measure

Small dimensions ensure good maneuverability of the MTZ-132N minitractor on small areas, for example in greenhouses and storage.

Parameter name meaning
Length, mm 2500
Width (mm 1000
Height, mm 2000
Weight (KG 532
Adjustable track, mm 600, 700, 840
Base, mm 1030
Minimum user radius, m 2,5
Agrotechnical approval, mm 300


The Motor GX390 Honda or Lifan LF188FD is used as the drive unit of the MTZ-132N mini tractor. The limited series was equipped with B&S a four-stroke-two-cylinder ottomotor with an output of 16 hp. S (11.77 kW).

  • The GX390 Honda is one of the most popular engines for small machines, including mini tractors. The powerful, economical and durable engine with high reliability is produced by a Japanese company in compliance with strict environmental conditions and requirements. This is a single-cylinder four-stroke OHV carburetor engine that is operated with A-92 petrol. The nominal output is 13 liters. With. (9.56 kW) With a crankshaft speed of 3600 rpm, ready for operation – 12.51 hp (9.2 kW). The volume of the cylinder is 389 cm3 with the possibility of producing a maximum compression of 8: 1. Maximum torque- 26.5 Nm / 2.7 kg / m / 2,500 rpm. It is recommended to fill 1.1 liter 10W30 or 10W40 oil into the crankcase.
  • Lifan LF188FD – Chinese petrol four Stroke engine with a cylinder. Has air cooling. The wave of power is horizontal. A low compression degree enables you to use A-92 petrol effectively while no detonation loads occur. This engine can be operated not only on gasoline, but also on gas and not only on a liquefied cylinder, but also on the natural main display. Due to the use of the cylinder fuss iron sleeve, the entire motorcycle resource increases considerably. Lifan LF188FD does not lead to severe noise, has compact dimensions and consumes economically fuel. Very easy to maintain and use. Power indicators are similar to the GX390 Honda.
  • B&S engines of different manufacturers are usually used in the production of electrical generators, and are not installed in serial for the MTZ-132N mini drive. The engine power is 16 liters. With.
Basic instruments for maintaining a garden

Chassis and transmission

The MTZ-132N mini-submarine has a non-fair design. In the leading chassis, the front and rear wheels with pneumatic seeds with low pressure and the same size of 5.9-13 d. In this case, the front wheels are checked. The rear bridge is crowded. MTZ-132N is only equipped with a mechanical gear.

The seve n-speed gear (KP) consists constructively of Gea r-T o-Honey equipment, changing with gear clutches. A mult i-disc coupling is used. The drive of the clutch is mechanical and the type is constantly closed. It works in oil. The rear axle includes the main wheel, which is set in motion from conical, mechanically blocked, differential, closed type and final gears with the secondary shaft of the communist party.

The disc brakes work in oil, braking goes through the rear wheels. The parking brake drives with an independent mechanical drive brakes. A synchronou s-dependent dependent individual spee d-performance selection shaft (from) is used. The steering mechanism of the worm type with longitudinal handlebar. The front bridge leads like the rear and consists of individual Rotary gears with a trip from the Communist Party.

It is forbidden to contain the locking of the rear to the rear, if the tractor moves at a speed of more than 8 km/h, as well as the movement with a constantly switched on street with a solid coating.

Hydraulic systemaa

The hydraulic-separated system consists of a gear pump NSH6-3-L with a drive from the engine, an application coil valve fork) device.


The start of operation

Only faces over 17 years can work on the MT Z-132N Mini tritor. Make sure you examine the operating manual contained in the product.

The new Min i-Actractor must be complete, in good technical condition and meet the requirements for safe work. The reliability of all connections and fasteners of the units and nodes, the lack of oil and gasoline should be checked. All agricultural trailers used should be equipped with a rigid hitch, which will not allow the tractor to rock during movement. Be sure to check the fixation of all control levers in each working position. If continuous work is planned for two or more hours, you should use personal products that protect against noise. The tractor must be equipped with a first kit.

Autumn planting of the lawn

When everything is checked, then sit in the MTZ-132N mini-Atractor on the left side and turn on the parking brake. After that, turn on the starter by transferring the key to the setting, opening the fuel valve and capping the gas (if necessary, work in the cold season). VOM, KP and hydraulic system control levers should be in a neutral position. Turn the starter button to position “I”, depress the clutch pedal and then transfer the key to the next position “II” to start the engine. The tractor starts. After warming up the engine 3-5 minutes. You can start, why turn off the parking brake, reduce engine speed, squeeze the clutch, turn on the required speed and gently release the clutch while increasing the fuel supply.

Equipment not assembled

The barbell and trailer equipment crafted at the Smorgon Aggregate Plant OJSC consists of 12 items.

Navesno e-oborudovanie minitraktora-132n

With the MTZ-132N Minister, similar equipment from other manufacturers, suitable in technical characteristics, can also be aggregated.


In addition to MTZ-132N, a series of mini-drivers of this type is presented in three more models:

  • Belarus-082 is the very first base model, the release of which began in 1978 at the Minsk Tractor Plant. Four-stroke petrol carburetor engines SK-12 with two cylinders with a capacity of 12 liters were installed on these tractors. With. (8.83kW).
  • Belarus-112 is a universal multifunctional mini contract catcher capable of performing various agricultural and municipal works. It was produced at the Smorgon Aggregat plant from 1986 to 1992. The GX340 Honda petrol engine with a capacity of 11 liters was used. With. (8.09kW).
  • Belarus-152 is the direct development of the Smorgon aggregate installation, which does not differ much from the MTZ-132N. The same GX390 Honda engine is used. The total weight of the tractor is slightly larger – 615 kg, smaller dimensions – 2300✕980✕1970 mm, the base is increased to 1125 mm.
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Operating experience, advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages and advantages of the MTZ-132N mini actuator should include:

  • The presence of the entire wheel arch is 4 °4.
  • There is a locking differential of the rear axle.
  • A professional Japanese or Chinese engine with a high motor resource and efficiency is installed, which allows for high-quality soil treatment.
  • Good maneuverability of the tractor is ensured by a non-ramic design.
  • A hydraulic system with two paired independent conclusions allows you to use various connected and trailed devices.
  • Current selection shaft in two-speed mode.
  • Small dimensions provide good maneuverability of the Min i-Actractor and allow it when work is carried out in small areas.
  • It can also be easily transported in a regular car trailer.

Reviews of the owners

Boris: “I’ve had this tractor since 2000. I am probably used to it, although many now rush to Japanese equipment, which can work with pleasure because the volume of the engine is larger and it is not done with a hammer, as is customary . The twelv e-inch wheels are small when the potatoes are crushed with the floor, the coat of arms is ironed. The steering is weak, spun away. You have to work very carefully with the cutter, you can maintain the box or bridge on unprepared soil. Spare parts are expensive and there is not everywhere, I had to go to Smorgon, good that it is not far. “A rural resident:“ It seems that many of those who push Chinese devices with raw iron have never been sitting on the MTZ-132N. An excellent unpretentious tractor with a frame washed with hinge can also be planted without a stopover. The separation of all framework applications saves fuel. The power of the engine is sufficient, even if a small plush mesh can use a double Chinese plow. I use five years, I only put the bikes a little more on size. Now the landing is higher and looks different. It was even about extinguishing the wheels to drive through the swamp. The tractor is good, this is not Chinese for you for 2-3 seasons. “

The costs proposed by organizations that specialize in the sale and maintenance of Min i-Actractors reaches 250,000 rubles. However, such costs are quickly paid out due to the multifunctionality and efficiency of the model.


The MTZ-132N mini drive due to its universality and low costs will be useful in every agricultural or municipal company. If the goal is to use the equipment for more than 2-3 seasons, you can undoubtedly be on this model.

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