Compact petrol lawn mower VIKING MB 545T. Model description, specifications and reviews

Compact petrol lawn mower VIKING MB 545T. Model description, specifications and reviews

Viking MB 545T lawn mower is a device for mowing grass on a plot of land with an area of up to 1.3 hectares. The power of the engine, which the lawnmower is equipped with, is 3.3 hp.

4-stroke engine from the American company B&S 650-series. The model can be useful not only in the garden, but also for mowing grass in the park area.

To achieve the maximum effect of mowing, it is desirable to use the device on a level surface. The feature of the model is the possibility of changing the height of mowing from 25 to 80 mm.

The lawnmower belongs to the class of self-propelled, so it is not difficult to work on it.

The spacious tank volume of 60 litres is made of hard plastic. During refuelling, the indicator lights up to let you know when the tank needs to be emptied.

The practical handle is adjustable to suit the height of the operator. Grip width is 43 cm and the unit weight is 29 kg.

The grass cutting height can be precisely adjusted with a convenient handle on the body. The plastic cover on the body offers extra body protection when mowing along walls and curbs.

standard equipment

  • Rigid frame construction;
  • Built-in full tank indicator;
  • Dual bearing wheels;
  • Flap blades;
  • Spacious grass catcher box;
  • Handles for transportation;
  • Motorized wheel drive.

Technical Data

Lawn area m² up to 1 200
mowing width cm 43
engine type Briggs & Stratton 675 RS Series with ReadyStart
cutting height mm 25-80
grass catcher box capacity l 60
tool weight kg 29


Viking lawn mower is not electric and works on gasoline. Any unleaded AI gasoline with an octane rating of at least 77 will do.

The machine is sold without oil, so it is important not to forget to fill the engine with the necessary amount of lubricant before first use.

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Even after a period of use, it should be changed regularly. VIKING HD 10 W-30 engine oil is used.

It is advisable to use special consumables as the use of SAE 30 oil at temperatures below 4 °C may lead to difficult starting and subsequent damage.

The housings of VIKING lawnmowers and blowers are made of high quality, impact-resistant, temperature-resistant and UV-resistant polymer.


For the winter or when the mower will not be used, it must be properly prepared for downtime:

  • Thoroughly clean dirt and grass from the mower.
  • Lubricate all moving parts with oil or suitable grease.
  • Drain the fuel or allow it to drain completely.

The flail blade creates a powerful air flow in the aerodynamic housing, lifts the grass before cutting and blows the cut grass through the built-in air duct system into the grass catcher box. The dual bearing wheels are extremely reliable and durable.


  1. Petrol engine gives you freedom of movement;
  2. Large tank for tough grass;
  3. Grass cutting height adjustment.

Video review

Sorry, there is currently no video review for the VIKING MB 545 T lawnmower.

owner reviews

Maxim: “The Viking 545 lawnmower is a workhorse with a powerful engine that can handle a large area overgrown with grass. I didn’t even think to write a review, but I liked it so much that I want to recommend it to you and others. The tank is roomy. Thanks to the low fuel consumption, I have enough fuel for 2 mowing tanks. Mows smoothly, even though our area is anything but smooth. Starts up without any problems. “

Viking MV 545t Lawn Mower. Operational characteristics, maintenance. Pros and cons of the model

Petrol lawnmower Viking 545T – a powerful self-priming modification, which belongs to the 5 universal series, designed for mowing grass on plots of up to 12 acres. It is extremely convenient when working on plots with changing geometry – uneven surface, narrow places, curbs, different passages and curves.

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Viking MB 545 T gasoline lawnmower

Technical Data

cutting width (cm) 43
cutting height (mm) 25-80
Lawn area (M2) up to 1200
Height adjustment 7 times
Grass box (l) 60
weight (kg) 33


  • The powerful, reliable B & S Series 650 Exi OHV 3.3 HP engine with easy ReadyStart system provides efficient operation over the long term.
  • The Viking lawnmower has an ergonomic drop design, with a soft-coated leading handle that reduces vibration during operation.
  • Aerodynamic blade with flaps (working width – 43 cm) when moving, creates a stream of air that lifts the grass before mowing. The grass is then blown into the grass catcher box in accordance with the channels of the grass catcher box.
  • The height of the cuttings is centrally adjustable on 7 levels between 25 and 80 mm. An integrated indicator shows when the 60 liter grass catcher box is full.
  • The control handle can be easily adjusted in three positions.
  • The Viking 545T is made of impact-resistant polymer.
  • Large wheels with double bearing profile provide good stability and passability of the device.

Performance, maintenance

When developing the 545T, Viking made many ergonomic improvements that make the operator’s work much easier. The grass catcher box is equipped with a hinged lid and is easily emptied with functional handles.

Starting is fast, whether the engine is cold or warm. With one step on the rear wheels, operating the Wikinger 545T lawnmower is easy and convenient – with one turn of the control lever, the unit starts working.

The Wikinger lawnmower should be fueled immediately before starting. Liquid unhealthy gasoline with an octane rating above 77 is poured about 4 cm below the level of the chute edge. Engine oil is Viking HD brand 10W-30.

There are several modifications of the Viking fifth series of mowers with different additional functions: quick start, electric start with the ignition key (MB 545 VE), Vario Drive for stepless speed regulation with the lever, a more powerful 3.7 hp engine (MB 545 V), equipment with a garden roller for creating a specific lawn pattern (MB 545.0 VR), mulching system as a standard feature (MB 545 VM).

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In the instruction manual for the Viking 545T lawnmower, you can read about the features of the device and its operation:

Advantages and disadvantages of the Viking MB 545T model

The Viking lawnmower has a lightweight body made of high-strength, thermo-UV-resistant polymer and a reinforced sheet-steel frame. There are special removable strips on the sides that provide protection when working near fences, curbs and worn out cladding and can be replaced with new ones.

Optionally, the Viking 545T lawnmower will be equipped with a special mulching kit. When mulching the grass is not collected in a container, but finely chopped and distributed over the area during the movement of the mower. Thus, the operator is freed from the need to clean the grass catcher box from the mowed grass, and the lawn receives a natural, environmentally friendly fertilizer.

Of the disadvantages, owners most often note the rather high cost of the model – about 48,000 rubles. And also the need to choose a place with a minimum amount of grass to preheat the engine. It is also important to carefully clean the lawn from foreign objects (it is necessary to identify stones, branches, tree roots, stumps and other hidden obstacles).

Video review

Viking lawnmower fifth series

owner reviews


“The petrol lawnmower Viking 545t works for me since the third season. Powerful model, a large area of 17 acres, which I process several times during the summer. Wendig, it is convenient to maneuver on the curb, my arms are not tired, the basket for collecting grass can be slightly shaken.

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