Combine Akros 580 PKM 142 – description and properties

Acros 580 is a representative of the new family of grain machines


I would like to tell you about another grain harvester, which produces Rostov company Rostselmash. This article is dedicated to “RSM 142” – a productive assistant for Russian and foreign farmers.

This machine belongs to the “Akros” family of vehicles, it received an index 580, which defines its place in the model range. The well-known machine DON-1500 replaced a number of modern harvesters.


Akros 580

As can be seen from the definition, the Akros 580 is used for the collection and primary processing of grain. For this purpose, the self-propelled chassis is equipped with appropriate mechanisms and units.

Rostov machines can not only collect the harvest of spikes. The designers have provided for the attachment of specialized harvesters for harvesting crops with stalks and stems. Thus, “Akros” is used on sunflower, corn, rapeseed, soybeans and some other crops.


As I have repeatedly written, the technique, assembled by Russian machine builders, has an acceptable price. Foreign analogues are three times more expensive.

This makes agricultural producers agree that during the life of an imported device, it is possible to replace the domestic one several times.

In addition to the price, machine operators name other advantages:

  1. A productive cutterbar. Various width mechanisms are installed on the grain cutterbar. They are able to absorb even a heavily jammed bunch with minimal loss of grain.
  2. Comfort and safety. Comfortable cab with good visibility and ergonomic positioning of the controls do not tire the driver too much during long laying operations.
  3. Capability to harvest stalks.
  4. Profitability. Specific indicator of consumption of fuel and lubricants per ton of production in “Akros” is the lowest among domestic representatives of this class of devices.

However, the machine has its disadvantages. There is a breakage of drive belts, chains, destruction of lags and other smaller “problems”.

I would call them typical, which can be found in devices just launched into production. Perhaps the manufacturer will take you into consideration and fix them.

Design, operating parameters

The layout of the family has the same style. The harvester is located in front, the cab was placed strictly on the axis of the machine. The engine was moved closer to the rear of the chassis.

Akros 580

Such design provides uniform distribution of weight load on axles and insignificant change of position of the focus when filling the grain silo.

In preparing material for this article, I could not find an official source that specified operating parameters. I did not trust unconfirmed websites that state that the unit has a V-engine (as long as it is inline).

I will give the parameters for the “585” series unit, which is virtually identical.

Table #1. Technical specifications

Name value
Type of engine Cummins 6l Taa8.9
Engine power, hp (kW) 300 (225)
Working Speed, km/h 0-12
Productivity, ha/h 4,8
Ground clearance, mm 350
Maximum venderadius (on the outer lane of directional bikes), M 8,9
Grain productivity per working hour, t/ha 16,8 (not less)
Volume of fuel tank, l 540
Average fuel consumption, l/h 7,2
Noise level at workplace, dB not more than 80

feeding point

The engine compartment is equipped with an American Cummins diesel engine. It is a four-stroke, six-cylinder inline engine. It consists of a turbine and an intercooler.

The components increase torque production at lower crankshaft speed. The engine is liquid-cooled.

Power supply characteristics:

  1. Crankshaft speed is 2200 rpm.
  2. Volume of cylinders – 8,9 L.
  3. Maximum torque – 1230 N∙m (at 1400 rpm).
  4. Cylinder diameter x stroke – 114 x 145 mm.
  5. Fuel consumption at rated speed – 213 g/kWh.
  6. Compliance with environmental standards – Euro-2.


The combine harvester is equipped with a Power Stream cutterbar of its own production. Its design is almost identical to imported models, but slightly modified for more efficient use.

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The cutting width is 5, 6, 7, 9 meters, which allows you to choose the right tool for the specific working conditions.

The cutterbar is equipped with the Level Glide ground contour following mechanism. It enables more precise positioning of the cutting blades above the ground, increasing productivity and reducing grain loss during harvesting.

In addition, the cutterbar itself weighs less than comparable cutterbars, which reduces the load on the attachment points. The developers achieved this by introducing box section beams and pipes of larger diameter into the design.

Grain harvester Akros 580

The peculiarity of the cutterbar is the drive of the cutting part. This is a high-speed planetary reducer with the famous name “Schumacher”, installed on serial mechanisms.

The drive has a long service life and provides a high blade frequency of 1,080 strokes per minute. The double cutting edge ensures a fast and clean cut with minimal waste.

Optional equipment includes headers for stalk collection and auxiliary units for threshing machine conversions.


All Akros machines in the family have identical dimensions. This is because they are mounted on the same wheeled chassis. Thus, without the header dimensions of the machine are:

  1. Length – 8,85m.
  2. Width in the transport position – 3,88 m, in the working position with a retracted unloading auger – 8,8 m.
  3. Height above sea level – 3 950 m.
  4. Wheelbase – 4028 mm.
  5. Track width of driving/non-driving wheels – 3100/2900 mm.
  6. Tire size – 30.5LR32 (18.4R24) in front (rear).

Versions, their functions

The line of grain harvesters “Rostselmash” is represented by several modifications, which replace each other. At the heart of the series is the combine “Akros 530”. Exactly it first came off the company’s assembly line in 2004. Three years later the device was put into batch production.

Rostov machine builders ambitiously declared that every 2 years a new modification will be assembled. Thus, in 2009 and then in 2011, the production of the five hundred and fiftyth “Akros” was launched. The whole family of devices refers to single-drum threshing and separating devices.

However, production of some combine harvesters has been discontinued. Today Rostselmash produces three modifications of Akros: 550, 585 and 595 Plus.

The first model is equipped with the Russian-made YAMZ power pack, while the others are equipped with Cummins engines rated at 300 and 325 hp respectively. Otherwise, I did not see significant differences in the design of machines.

Features of the actuators

Grain harvester Akros 580

The functionality of the grain picker is provided by a series of mechanisms that cut, wrap, thresh, and clean the rest of the crop. The harvesting process begins with the combine harvester, which I have briefly described.

After the shearers are cut along the inclined van (chamber), they go into the threshing apparatus. It is represented by a large rotating drum with a diameter of 800 and a length of 1480 mm.

The design of the device in fact is not inferior to universal threshing machines of other manufacturers.

After threshing, the plant mixture enters for further separation, and the free grain is thrown through a ball of 130°.

The spike falls on the triple popular device, which finally cleans the product. The separation of the grains and the rest of the plant matter takes place in a heel-and-claw spike with a momentum of 6.15 m 2.

Purification of the product from the thin shell takes place in the chamber in the air flow. The area of the grid is 4.95 m 2. The air is blown by 2 axial fans.

The cleaned grain enters the storage hopper of 9 m 3 volume, from where it is reloaded by auger vans into onboard trucks.

The remaining straw is subjected to chopping or remains as is. In the first case, it is evenly scattered across the field as a fertilizer, in the second – goes to feed animals.

The feed rate of the grain is 90 l/min, which allows you to empty the memory in less than 2 minutes.

Price, similar machines

The new 580 Aksros will not fit – it will be discontinued. A similar 585 costs about 6.5 million rubles. The amount is not exact, it depends on the chosen configuration, promotions and discounts from the company. Stock units can be found for 4 million rubles.

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Of devices with similar parameters, I can say the Belarusian “GS 12 Polesie”, the German Claas Lexion 570 American MF 9790 and New Holland Cr 9080.

Farmers often have to work in extreme conditions, so as not to suffer losses due to erratic weather, which means they need a reliable high-performance technique.


The experience of operating Akros shows that Rostov equipment manufacturers can also assemble modern devices that meet the growing demands of agrarians.

Combine harvester Akros 580: Technical characteristics

Grain harvester Akros 580: Technical data

Combine harvesters “Akros” produced by Rostselmash in earnest since 2007. They replaced on the factory conveyor Don-1500 and its modifications. The “first swallow” of the large-scale project – combination Akros 530 – was followed by other, even more powerful, economical and productive combines. Including ACROS-580, which in the 2010s became the best in its class in the entire Post-Soviet region. Innovative solutions used in the development and production of the Acros-530 were developed and continued in the 580. Acros.

Combine about the history of creation of Acros-580

Rostselmash is a remarkable enterprise with a long tradition. It is one of few, which not only survived after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but also continued its systematic development.

All Rostselm dealers, without exception, show the best results on “Odnoklassniki” and demonstrate the best economic effect of their use. Rostselmash dealers work in all regions of Russia and most republics from the former USSR, so there are usually no problems and delays with repairs and spare parts.

In today’s market conditions, the economic efficiency of agricultural equipment has become a paramount management factor. All agricultural producers have learned to consider their costs (fuel and lubricants, maintenance, etc.) and income very well. And we are talking not only about financial, but also about the time labor costs. After all, during the harvesting campaign every day and even an hour is of particular importance.

It was the economic efficiency of the combine harvester that came to the forefront during the development of Aeros combine harvesters, for which Rostselmash spent three years or more than 800 million rubles. The combine harvester Akros-530 was evaluated by the owners of the farms as a highly productive, reliable and cost-effective technique! Neither by these indicators, nor by the comfort of the workplace the modern European analogues are inferior. (In fact, “Akros” was created with it in mind).

About the history of the combine Akros 580

Exactly AKROS-580 became the 10-thousandth harvester of the “Akros” family. August 2013, “Rostselmash” plant.

Confirmation of ambitious plans of Rostselmash management: every two years – a new harvester model – over 530th, followed by AKROS-550 and AKROS-580. AKROS-580, like the 530th, is a combine harvester with a single drum thresher.

However, the 580th model is equipped with a brand new engine from another manufacturer. The improved, even more comfortable Comfor t-Taxi II. Some devices that were only available as options on the ACROS-530 are now part of the standard equipment on the ACROS-580. Further details are in the article.

Technical characteristics of the grain harvester “Akros-580”

Scope of application and some parameters in numbers

Combine harvester “ACROS-580” is intended for use in large farms on large areas. The possibilities of this combine harvester allow it to harvest more than 1000 hectares for one crop, starting from early (winter) cereals and ending with corn and sunflowers.

AKROS-580 practically does not depend on the weather chariot, preserving the ability to harvest effectively both in 50-degree heat and in wet and cold weather. And if necessary, even in the dark with powerful LED lights.

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The 800 mm diameter drum is heavy with high inertia and can work steadily even with twisted, clogged or dampened ears. In all conditions, it provides almost complete (95%) separation, preventing damage to crops.

  • Dimensions (length x width x height) in mm: 8850 x 3880 x 3950.
  • Weight (in standard position without reaper and fuel) – 13400 kg. With full equipment – 15000 kg.
  • Speed of threshing drum – 1045 rpm.
  • RPM, min/max – 1800/3400 rpm.
  • Number of knives – 76 pieces.
  • Cleaning system is two-millimeter.
  • The area of grain cleaning system: 4,74 sq.m.

How does the AKROS-580 work? Features of the grain harvester operation.

In the “Akros-580” combine harvester – double cutter knives with a planetary drive with a cutting frequency of 1140 movements per minute. The working mass of crops is fed by a hydraulic motor, which regulates its rotation speed for uniform feed. On difficult plots, the edging of light crops is created by long rabbet fingers, which makes it easy to move the auger on the ground.

Enlarged drum and increased to 130 degrees. The gesture angle of the g o-ahad creates almost perfect threshing geometry and the most complete separation of the grain. The threshing drum reap is served by the sponsor of the inclined chamber to release the grains. Together with the fine fractions, they go to the transport board and separator. They pass through the blow deck and are transported through the auger to the grain hopper. The consumed ears on stalks are displayed after the straw walker, and free grains and ears particles are fed to the hopper after delivery to the loss control sensor and rotator.

A feature of the Acrosa-580 is the new (elongated) chamber with a flat slope, which gives the best view of the cutting process and makes it easier to reorganize the reimbursement for cleaning of the roller units. A The load capacity of the node has increased the agricultural sector to work new opportunities to work with widespread adapters (eg.

By the way, the Acros-580 is equipped with a single hydraulic system with which you can sometimes reduce the cost of connection time. The entire hydraulic network of the combine is reliably protected from the outside from dirt and dust.

High throughput capacity, decent straw handling, minimum percentage of grain damage are successfully combined with low power consumption of the threshing device. This is achieved by using a qualitatively new house – a d o s t r i c t i o n o f t h e m e n t h e m o d e r i c a t i o n o f a new qualitatively new house.

How the Akros 580 works. Functions of the combine harvester.

Akros-580 hopper unloading.

Unlike farmers, in which raw ears are returned to the drum, in the “Akros-580” they go to a self-contained refractor. They are three rotors. The result is softer and higher drecking with a small degree of grain crushing. The drum is never overloaded! The grain from the re-house is evenly distributed across the entire width of the bare table, and the full cleaning cycle takes place without the risk of overloading the mainsail.

In addition, the clean grain goes into a spacious hopper with a capacity of 9,000 liters. In the old days, at least five percent of the layer went to the machine operator unloading grain from the hopper into the back of the machine. In the Akros-580, this large hopper is completely destroyed in just two minutes! Consequently, it is possible to work directly on the harvest. The new engine of this harvester serves the same purpose: 14 hours of continuous work without refueling!

The Akros-580 Chume engine

In contrast to its predecessor Akros-530 engine “heart” of which was YAMZ, the Akros-580 is equipped with the Cummins engine.

The brand is “Cummins-6ltaa”. This is a V-shaped six-cylinder four-stroke turbocharged liquid-cooled engine with a capacity of 8.9 liters and output of 221 kW (300 hp).

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Compared to the Yamz/236BK engine (on the Acros-530), the Kammins engine is fifteen percent more fuel efficient.

Torque between 1,000 and 1,600 rpm is also a distinctive feature. The Cummins-6ltaA engine has a power reserve of at least 20 percent. Efficient turbine operation simultaneously increases engine power and reduces the amount of fuel used. This is a state-of-the-art engine from the company, the world’s leading supplier of diesel engines. Cummins is headquartered in the U.S., the main production is in China. Cummins licensed engines are also produced in our country.

The engine compartment is back. This was done not only to protect the machine operator’s workplace from noise and vibration. This layout provides easy access to the main systems and components for more comfortable maintenance. Powerful air compressors with auto-cleaning filters are protected against overheating.

Transmission and chassis

Transmission on the Akros-580 is of hydrostatic type. There are three gears. The combine moves in the field at 10-15 km / h in harvesting, in transportation – up to 30 km / h.

The steering is complemented by symmetrical automatic steering and creates the necessary balance between the wheels. Thus, you can control the parameters of the system. In case of deviation of each of them, the language warning system is triggered. The handlebar can be set at any height by adjusting the machine operator. Drive wheels: 30.5L /r32; steer wheels: 18.4/ R24.

Hydraulic system.

The hydraulic system on the Akros-580 is combined, made in Germany; it consists of several interconnected highly specialized modules: the main control, the chassis drive. Operation of all modules is provided by a single tank and a powerful, productive hydraulic pump.

“English Translator.”

Farmers (and rather) make the developers of “Aerros” at will to come up with foreign names for components and individual units of agricultural machinery. After all, the combinations are sold in Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union, not in Britain and the United States. So why the need for stupid English names, resembling the cheap “spells” of annoying advertising?

Anyway, we give you a brief “English-Russian phrasebook” for learning the Aerros 580 device.

  • The Power Stream is a versatile granola masher. Features: extended table, hydraulic motorcycle drive, reversible parts (controlled from the cab).
  • “Level Glide” – the name of the special hydromechanical system for copying the relief of the field.
  • “Jam Control” – system for elimination of threshing of bread mass (by means of deep unloading of the deck).
  • “Comfort Cab II” – improved, even in comparison with the Akros-530, comfortable cab.
  • “Adviser” – language announcement system in the cab, supplemented with an LCD monitor and situation.
  • “Smart Launch” – separate sequential activation of unloaded and horizontal propellers. To provide high level relief and its divided performance.
  • “Pr o-Drive” – blade drive in planetary gear efficiency.

Akros-580 cabinet

Buyers of agricultural machinery and members of the public led by President V.V. Putin (who together with the Minister of Agriculture Alexei Gordeev and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, personally inspected the combined battalion) was not surprised that the cab “Akros-530” was able to stop as conveniently the combined generation, published – “Comfort Cab II”.

The “Akros-580” cab has an excellent rating.

It has improved airtightness characteristics. And accordingly rustling, vibration, heat and dust protection. The pressed two-seat cabin is equipped with air conditioning, heating system, beverage cooling chamber, audio system and language notification. According to farmers, one wants to enter such a cabin only in clean clothes. And there is no desire to leave it during work. It is quite understandable.

AKROS-580 combine harvester

Like other modifications of “Akros”, the 580th model is equipped with a unified “power flow” with a working width of 6.7 or 9 meters. This crop is deservedly considered the most progressive and technologically advanced in the entire post-Soviet space, not inferior to modern European models.

Bulb line, buds and flowers

In many respects – by the level at which the floor relief is realized on the copy. In practical terms, this means – effective use of the entire length of the cutterbar on uneven fields.

Clean grain at the headland.

This cutterbar features a lightweight but robust design; Increased diameter of the tubes of the cutterbar motivated; Combined discs and beams motivated, its hydraulic drive; Double toe, Reaper, Vastolid. The rabbit hole is elongated, with an additional contrapuntal surface in the process of cutting. The clearance between the conveyor trains and the bottom of the inclined chamber with the beetle-normalizer is increased by 40 mm.

Important feature of ACROS-580 is that progressive planetary knife drive “Schumacher” (“Schumacher”) which was available only as an option in the 530th ACROS is installed as standard. “Schumacher operates smoothly, precisely and without wear, with a high cutting frequency (1,080 movements per minute). The double cutting edge promotes fast and clean cuts with minimal losses.

Separately, the combine is equipped with special headers for corn and sunflower harvesting.

Experience of operating AKROS-580.

It is very difficult, almost impossible, to find negative reviews on the Internet about the work of combines Aeros-580. The owners of farms and peasant farms (and most of them have passed the harsh school of harvesting on the old SK-5 NIVA and similar harvesters) speak of the New Rostov only in an excellent way.

In 2013, Aprotek agricultural holding arranged a “fair duel” of eight modern grain harvesters, including Aeros-580, in SPK Sergeyevskoye, Podgoreny district, Voronezh region. The tests were held for 1 hour on the fields sown with winter wheat at yields from 39 to 41 cwt/ha.

All combinations were placed in exactly the same conditions. According to the protocol, according to the results of this test drive AKROS-580 surpassed its competitors (among which were, in particular, the notorious Klaas and John Deere) in all key parameters.

In particular, AKROS-580 showed the best results, threshing 16.85 tons of wheat in one hour. This is more than the others from 1 to 9%. At the same time, it was the most economical in fuel consumption – 7,22 liters per hectare.

The high engine power of imported harvesters in this case served as a bad service: with less power you have to burn one and a half times more fuel per hectare.

Third, the smallest loss of grain experts recorded at 580th Acros – 0.35% (while other harvesters lost 0.4-3%). All this was recorded in the final log of the participation of the farm.

Aeros 580 operator’s workplace.

At first, farmers looked at the new combines with fear (“will fall apart like “Zhiguli”), but in recent years of operation (the 530th went into production in 2007, the 580th – in 2011) were convinced of it. The responses to the Akros-580 are similar: they are productive, enduring harvesters, do not “choke” and do not overheat, unlike similar imported machines. Spare parts are easy to obtain, dealers work quickly. In contrast to foreign machines, where you often have to buy parts to order and wait a long time.

Prices for Akros-580

The new Akros-580-Harvester is not in the Rostselmash price list. They have already been replaced by the Akros-585 model. Which, however, differs from the 580. only by a new hopper with improved moisture protection. The new “Akros-585” costs 6,200,000 rubles and more at dealers.

They demand 4 million rubles for a used harvester “Akros-580” from 2011-2014. But there are very few ads for the sale of this agricultural equipment.

Summary: “Akros-580” has established itself as a reliable, economical and productive harvester, a worthy competitor to the best models of “Claas”, “John Deere” and other leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

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