CMI 950 lawn mower. Review, characteristics, reviews

CMI 950 lawn mower. Review, characteristics, reviews

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Lawn mower CMI 950W (1000W) Test, assembly, test lawn mower CMI from OBI

Detailed test of the Chinese electric lawn mower CMI from OBI with an assembly and demonstration of the work. Carrying a garden tool.

The width of the mowing surface of 32 cm.

The CMI 950 mower has a cutting width of 32 cm.

The CMI 950 lawnmower has a cutting width of 32 cm.

The speed of the blade – 3500 rpm (no load).

The Chinese CMI 950 (Smi 950 from Obi)

Chinese lawn mower CMI 950 (SMI 950 of OBI)

Warranty – 1 year. Service life – 2 years.

The warranty of the lawn mower CMI 950W (1000W)

The warranty on the lawn mower CMI 950W (1000W)

Judging by the reviews and the words of the store consultant, there are a lot of returns. Parts are hard to find. The store does not fix it, but just completely replaces it under warranty. The probability of this Chinese mower breaking down is 70/30. Do not expect great results.

The packaging is a cardboard box.

Packing of Obi electric lawnmower CMI 950

The packaging of the CMI 950 electric lawnmower from OBI

The weight of the lawnmower CMI 950 (1000w) is 10 kg.


  • Instruction manual;
  • 4 wheels;
  • installation kit;
  • 2 handle extensions;
  • lever;
  • frame;
  • Frame with 27-litre fabric grass catcher box. Bottom is rigid, top is soft, synthetic.

Complete set of electric lawn mower CMI 950 (1000W)

CMI 950 (1000W) electric lawnmower included


Safety precautions for working with an electric lawnmower

  1. Long pants
  2. Long sleeved outerwear
  3. Safety goggles or face shield

Unlike gasoline lawn mowers, the CMI electric lawn mower is limited by the length of the cord. In this case, be mindful of cable placement. The lawnmower must not run over the cord. Because of the risk of electric shock, the CMI electric lawnmower should not be used when it is raining or in wet conditions.

Power plug for the CMI

Plug for CMI electric lawnmower

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CMI electric lawnmower 950 (1000w)

To turn on the CMI mower, you have to hold the red button and push the lever, and then the mower will turn on. If you just push the lever without the red button, nothing happens (accidental push protection).

Switching on the CMI lawnmower

Switching on the CMI lawnmower

The mower is quite quiet because of its low power.

Don’t forget to check the grass catcher box. The CMI 950 (1000 W) has a capacity of 27 liters. Requires a fairly frequent replacement of the grass clippings.

Basket for the collection of grass CMI 950 (1000) from Obi

Grass catcher box CMI 950 (1000) from OBI

When working with the CMI 950W (1000W) electric lawnmower, take a break every 10-20 minutes. Otherwise there is a risk that the motor will overheat and the mower will malfunction.

The mower is equally as good at cutting tall grass as it is at cutting fairly dense weeds. The CMI 950 also copes well with uneven surfaces.

Rating of the cmi lawn mower. Good for mowing tall grass and weeds

CMI lawnmower rating. Good for tall grass and weeds

After each use with the CMI lawnmower, it should be cleaned of grass residue. Shake the grass box well. Unplug and clean the blade and base.

Cleaning the lawn mower after every operation

Clean the mower after each use

For the money, it’s a decent device for small areas and short-term use. With proper care, it can last.

Test report about the CMI 950W (1000W) from OB

Test report on the CMI 950W (1000W) lawn mower from Ob

Lawn mower CMI 950W from the company OBI. Review and rating of the OBI CMI 950W lawnmower. Test and inspection.

Lawn mower CMI 950 reviews. Garden tools

Lawn mower CMI 950 reviews. garden tool

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CMI Lawn Mower Mechanical hand-held mower. Item 2654267 – Review

Ah, how wrong I was. Either everything comes with experience. or as a miser pays twice or even three times. All in all, a great alternative to a fitness membership!

CMI mechanical lawn mower.

My husband and I are very novice and inexperienced gardeners (at this point my husband would say, “speak for yourself”). We only got a dacha last fall, and while my husband still had a dacha, I’m flawless in that sense, it’s a new page in the book of life for me, from a clean slate. But this is all poetry, the experience will come, another question – at what cost.

When we bought the plot, the first thing we wanted to do was to get rid of the tops that had grown to the waist. It was decided to do the lawn ourselves (this is already in the spring of this year). Of course, it was not exactly what we wanted, but compared to what it was, the result is still a pleasure. When the question arose about mowing seeds, we were flooded with all-knowing advisers – someone advised an electric mower, someone just a lawnmower, someone insisted on a trimmer and so on. In addition, these tips often contradicted each other. They all agreed that a lawnmower should not be a mechanical lawnmower. But we have moustaches ourselves. We know better. At the time, the mechanical lawnmower option seemed very attractive and inexpensive. The grass began to grow at an impressive rate, and we had no time to think about it, we decided – let’s take it!

We picked up a mechanical hand mower at the OBI hypermarket.

A manual lawn mower.

Mowing width: 30 cm, 20 liters in a soft bag, weight 6.5 kg.

Dimensions and weight (net):

Weight: 6.5 kg.

Height: 120,0 cm

Width: 32.0 cm

Depth: 110.0 cm

Additional Information: Country of Origin: China

Besides being a budget option, one of the deciding factors was that as a woman I wouldn’t have to fiddle with the gas or wires when I suddenly felt like mowing the lawn. And I’m bound to get carried away. Well, what could be easier – packed, rolled up and done – I thought to myself! So when I arrived at the place, while my husband was engaged in no less important things, I took out this simple design and assembled it. I want to pay attention to the assembly (if you are still trying this miracle of technology in my experience), to tighten the bolts, use the appropriate wrenches, and even better to involve a man, because outwardly I screwed them safely, but in operation the bolts were hopelessly lost in the grass.

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Immediately after assembly the mower did not work, twisting, twisting, twisting, and I was already thinking, “To scrap,” but my husband lifted the back reel and it all started. Our lawn is not exactly level, the grass grows unevenly, so the reel was set to its maximum height.

So mow. This lawn mower cuts the grass. Yeah. But it takes a lot of effort. I could not stand it for a long time. In the end, my husband mowed a plot of 6 acres almost all day, and since the grass catcher bag at the mower is not very practical and interferes more than helps, we collected the grass the next day. Yes, yes, it could have been faster, but it was very hot.

So with this mower it is quite possible to cut the grass on the property. It is possible, but rather difficult. You have to sweat to do it. In addition, the blades constantly collide with branches, stones or something else. Which leads the machine into a stupor. Important! Only dry grass can be mowed. Wet is not visible, but only smoothed.

Therefore it is necessary to constantly clean the blades of uninvited guests in order to continue mowing. Honestly, it is even difficult to say what is more difficult – to mow the grass with this lawnmower or a regular sickle. With a sickle, there’s not as much fuss and it’s faster. But I would say that this mower can be used for mowing grass on a small piece of land. For example, if you need to clear a small lawn and cut some grass, but don’t want to have heavy artillery.

In general, the device performs its functions, but with such difficulties that the family council decided to buy something more serious for these purposes. The barrel overflowed with this decision when our neighbor, seeing my husband mowing the lawn, offered his lawnmower on loan.

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Of course, whether to take such a lawn mower is up to you. If you want to experience all their discomfort on a personal experience, then the flag in your hands, but I will not recommend it, because the idea is not a bad one, but what came out of this idea as a result – is a real headache, unfortunately. The video may make it seem like the mowing process is pretty simple, but it’s an appearance.

As an alternative, we bought an electric, quite inexpensive mower at the same OBI and are very happy with this purchase after the mechanics.

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