Closer motoblocks. Lineup review, features, reviews

Closer motoblocks: features and characteristics

Today, private farms use various devices to increase the efficiency of their work. Many owners of such auxiliary parales are actively engaged in motblocks, evaluating the advantages of this multifunctional technique.

The Cross brand is popular among the required manufacturers, whose products are used everywhere in the course of solving agricultural and household problems.

advantages and disadvantages

Motoblocks are very actively used by private farmers and gardeners as a multifunctional and highly effective technique not only in Europe, but also in the post-Sewjet space. Today, such machines help to perform difficult work on earth, and thanks to the wide range of Cros s-Motoblock models, it can be entrusted with a number of complex tasks by a proven Chinese montechnik.

All devices of this brand are produced in China, which makes the motoblocks cheaper. Despite the skepticism that exists about Asian products, the models are distinguished by fairly powerful diesel engines, as well as a large selection of additional components . Another positive feature of the devices is quick work, as well as the high level of their quality – this is evidenced by numerous reviews from the owners.

Based on the technical characteristics of machines, it is worth noting some advantages of the Chinese crosser engine blocks.

  • The existing list of models includes both light and heavy units, the mass of which can be about 250 kilograms. Such mini-applications will turn out to be indispensable assistants during the processing of virgin lands and other types of heavy soils, since they have excellent coupling with the soil, which ensures stability of the machine. In addition, this moment will eliminate the need to apply a lot of effort to the worker and push the unit.
  • The availability of headlights at Motoblocks allows you to work with equipment even at night.
  • Features of fast starting of diesel engines make it possible to start equipment at any temperature (even in severe frosts), for example, to transport the load or clean snow.
  • In the present line of Crosser engine blocks there are devices with large wheels and powerful protectors, which increases the maneuverability and mobility of machines (especially when driving along heavy and wet land).

  • All products are equipped with fuel tanks designed for large volumes. The duration of the work shift therefore does not depend on fuel reserves.
  • For comfortable control of the engine blocks, all handles in the units can be adjusted in height and tilt angle of inclination. Given such features, everyone can work with cars.
  • Thanks to the multifunctionality of Chinese machines, most models can be used as a pump with technical water. This problem in agriculture is very relevant given the presence of a large area of ​​​​land for cultivation.
  • Due to the presence of front and rear tap waves, all crosser nemal tractors with various additional equipment can be used.
  • The models are equipped with a wate r-cooled engine system, which means that the diesel engine does not overheat even during lon g-term operation.
  • The entire model range is characterized by good maintenance, but equipment failures, as practice shows, are extremely rare.
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But despite the impressive list of advantages, the device is not without disadvantages. In order to reduce the costs of Chinese products, many spare parts and parts are made from plastic – due to this property, they become unusable than steel components much earlier.

However, this construction feature does not violate the applicable standards for the assembly of han d-led tractors in European quality.

Technical characteristics

A special feature of the designs of the entire model range of the Crosser-Nachstractors is their production, taking into account the climatic conditions of Russia and neighboring countries. This primarily affects hig h-quality protectors and a patented transmission in devices. The Chinese brand produces easy and heavy devices.

On this basis, some characteristics of the units can be distinguished:

  • Motor type – fou r-stroke gasoline or diesel with a volume of 196 cm3, 198 cm3, 296 cm3, 406 cm3;
  • The performance of the devices can be: 6 liters. s., 6.5 l. s., 8 l. s., 8.9 l. s., 9.5 l. s., 12 l. s., 14 l. With.;
  • Handled tractors usually have two forward and two backward gears, but with some units the number of rear ones can be large;
  • The tank capacity is 3.6 l, 5 l, 5.5 l, 12 l;
  • Weight varies between 80-250 kg.

You can find more detailed information on the technical possibilities and the configuration of the models in the instructions that are included in every device.


The Chinese manufacturer offers consumers a large selection of motoblock models. It is worth stopping at the most popular devices.

Crosser CR-M1

The device belongs to the class of heavy devices that can perform a variety of tasks. A positive feature of the model is the presence of a reduction gear that is responsible for the power and performance of the device. The mass of the han d-led tractor is 82 kilograms. The machine works in 2 forwards and a reverse gear. The engine power is 6.5 liters. With.

Crosser CR-M12E

This technology is characterized by weight and performance, since the mass of the han d-led tractor is 235 kilograms. The water cooling system prevents the engine from overheating, so that the han d-led tractor can be used safely for long and hard work on the floor. In the basic equipment of the device, the manufacturer offers a redotiller, a seat for the worker and a plow. The model is operated with diesel, which reduces the noise and vibration level during operation. The device can move at a speed of 18 km / h. The engine power is 12 liters. With., The size of the fuel tank is 5.5 liters.

Crosser CR-M9

The motoblock belongs to professional agricultural devices, which is why the device is recommended for working with floors, the area of ​​which can be about 4-5 hectares. In order to ensure an interruptio n-free operation and start the machine correctly and quickly, the designers have also equipped the unit with a decompressor. Despite its impressive weight of 140 kilograms, the han d-led tractor does not make too much noise during work.

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The device can be operated to transport goods. It is possible to use attachments in the form of a trailer. If desired, an additional element can be replaced quite quickly and another division of labor can be installed. The power of the engine is 9 liters. With. The volume of the fuel tank is 5, 5 liters.

Crosser CR-M8

The device is recommended to process all types of soil, including virgin countries, and water cooling promotes longer operation. The mass of the machine is in the range of 230 kilograms – due to this characteristic of the motorcycle block, the soil processes the country. For these purposes, however, you have to install a cutter or other components. The tractor of walking has 6 front and 2 rear speed devices. The power of the engine is 8 liters. With. The configuration of the model includes the presence of a rit clutch and a manual starter.

In addition to the models mentioned above, the manufacturer offers such multifunctions types of motlocks: CRE M5, CR-M10, CR-M10E, CR-M11, CR-M6. This technology is successfully operated by domestic farmers, so it is in advance.

operation and maintenance

After purchasing the tractor of the walk behavior, the main task is to encounter it. First you should heat the engine and then start processing the selected ground time. Small breaks should be taken into operation when the equipment is departed for the first time, which means that the device is operated at the first start according to the guide. Subsequent work can already be carried out in normal mode. TAD-17 or MS-20 oil are required for the transmission. The exchange of liquid should only be carried out with a warm engine. Petrol units should recharge a-92 without contamination and additives.

Hold the cruise motor blocks in a dry and ventilated room and avoid longer downtimes of technology. After a long operation in the company, the stator deserves special attention, the presence of weak sparks and gas spring.

Optional equipment

For Chinese breeders, the use of a number of additional devices that increase performance is provided.

  • Adapter. This type of components significantly increases the comfort of the operation of the device and exhibits a full vehicle from the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • Harrow. A tool for processing soil, which enables the soil to be divided into large pieces.
  • Caterpillars. An additional element that facilitates the movement of the equipment in an impassable area that is relevant in the low season.
  • Rechen. Actually for collecting hay. A special device configuration makes it considerably easier to implement the task.
  • Mower. You can use a variety of types of this tool. There are segment or rotating options for motlers.

  • Potato cap. A tool with which you can lift the floor and separate the root plants during the harvest.
  • Snowman. With the help of a shovel, a lobby can be cleaned not only from snow, but also from dirt or fallen leaves.
  • Helper. The tool that is necessary to create embankments on earth on ridges during planting plants.
  • Plow. A more effective tool compared to the floor fire that executes the floor.
  • Different modifications of followers. With a large range you can select devices for a model of a walk behavior.
  • Tears. The necessary element to ensure the stability and coupling of the device with the floor.
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Chips to choose

When choosing agricultural auxiliary equipment, it is first worth considering the list of tasks that they will have to cope with. When buying a multifunctional unit for the transportation of goods, tillage or additional work on cleaning the territory, you should know that these units have not only advantages, but also some disadvantages.

For example, a lot of weight or the need to purchase a number of additional components, which increases the cost of a Chinese walk-behind tractor.


As practice shows, the equipment of the Crosser brand and the models available in the range are cheaper analogues of the Russian Neva or Salyut units, but with a more affordable cost. In general, the feedback on the proposed technique is positive. First of all, it is about the power and performance of devices. However, during operation, the following disadvantages are sometimes observed:

Motoblock crosser. Overview of models, attachments, reviews

Motoblock Crosser is owned by a Chinese brand, all production facilities are also in China. This brand is successfully sold in Ukraine, Russia and European countries. The main qualities that made this technique so popular are powerful engines, an optimal ratio of quality and cost, as well as ease of control that even a novice farmer can master.

Motoblock crosser

Crossers receive commendable reviews from owners, this is primarily due to the availability of models for different needs – for different areas and working volumes, you can choose your crosser motoblock model.

Basic equipment of Motoblocks Crosser

Share rotary plow Active cutting wheels

Please check the configuration of your device at the time of purchase. Some heavy-duty diesel models have an additional jockey wheel and driver’s seat.

Overview of the range

The power spread for different models is quite large: from 6 to 10 hp. Equally positive reviews note the work of both categories of devices. Next, let’s take a closer look at the most popular and best-selling crosser units.

The following parameters are common to all Crosser models:
  • Large equipment (a heavy diesel walk-behind tractor will most likely be equipped with a plow and a cutter, like most similar equipment from other manufacturers);
  • availability of devices with manual start and start from an electric starter;
  • User Guide;
  • Warranty period 24 months;
  • Ability to work with a large number of attachments;
  • technical characteristics at the level of a professional walk-behind tractor.

Single-axle petrol tractors

The line of petrol engine blocks Crosser:

  • CR-M1, weight 82 kg, air-cooled, power 6.5 hp;
  • CR-M5, petrol, air-cooled, 6.5 hp (with cutter), weight 84 kg;

Motoblock Crosser CR-M1 Motoblock Crosser CR-M2 Motoblock Crosser CR-M11

  • CR-M11, petrol, air-cooled, forced type, power 9 hp (including cutter), weight 125 kg. The M11 is sought after for its performance, in fact it is identical in capabilities to the M12e series diesel counterpart;
  • CR-M2, 6.5 hp, air-cooled, weight 82 kg.

Diesel two-wheel tractors

The line of Crosser diesel engine blocks:

  • CR-M12E, 12 hp The m12e representative is the most powerful technology in this crosser line. The cost of the new m12e starts from 92 thousand rubles;
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Crosser CR-M10E Motblock Crosser CR-M12E engine

  • CR-M10E, 9.5 hp, weight 230 kg. The heavy diesel M10 is widespread due to the large number of transmissions (6 front, two back). The average price of the new M10 is 125,000 rubles;
  • CR-M9, 8.9 hp, weight 140 kg;

Crosser CR-M6e Motoblock Crosser CR-M9 Motoblok

  • CR-M8, 8 hp, weight 230 kg.
  • CR-M6E, weight 125 kg., Power 6 hp

Unmounted equipment

The cross block for the Crosser Motor Block can be bought in any online shop and in shops with specialized devices. Next – an overview of any kind of hinge devices.


In the configuration to the heavy motor blocks of the crosser, a whole cutter is supplied, which is directly from Vom. Standard mill parameters – 90 cm, knife diameter 36 cm.

Active grinder

Such a milling cutter is connected to the technology of the NEVA, Zzur, Zirka and other devices. In order to work with such devices, an engine power requires at least 5 horses.

Adapter, trailer

Crosser TRIGGER TROLLEY: TM-500, TM-300 models, walking walking and self-vital. Adapter: Adapter type AD-1, AD-2, AD-3; A radapper, reinforced for devices with a weight of more than 160 kg.

Adapter ad-1 TM-500 Mulde Truck 7cx-0.6

Types of followers: 7cx-0.6 self-vital; Motoblock with dimensions 1215×1650 mm; A trailer with a disc brake system, dimensions 1000×1250.


For diesel engine blocks, a cross is, as in the photo at the beginning of the article, and others similar to design and performance, a paint with the rotary type “Dawn” is an ideal option for working with the grass.

Rotor Dawn Braid Koille Centaur KR-02m Semetal Mood

It can use a span of a centaur or a NEVA. For the connection you need from and a walk-in tractor with a capacity of at least 5-6 hp. In the photo below the cruiser with a mower.

Mas s-rooms

Recommended models of the floor surfaces: metal single or double. They can be sold both with sockets and without them.


The standard dimensions of primrose: 700/180, 560/130, 430/150, 450/150, 340/110, 380/150, the dimensions are specified in mm. Manufacturers of floor surfaces: Crosser, Neva, Agro, TM Yarilo, TM Sun and others.

Types of plowing for the cross-block crosser: revolutionary and common, single hobby, double hater, classic with fastening to bolts, universal, pnm-20. You can also use the rod plow and plow from Zykov.

PNM plow 1-20 plow is a 2nd plow

Snowman, dumplings

Suitable snowball players: a screw snow), a snow. To connect such devices, a motor block should have a capacity of 6 horses and a power selection wave.

Snowman brush shovel

Shovel for an intersection: Motoblock shovel, multi-agro shovel, hydraulic “Scout”, Shovel Scout-142 and 157 (hydraulics and usually). Lopat width standards: 1 m, 80, 90 cm. Height: 45, 50, 60 cm. For working in the warm season, a dump with a rubber loft along the edge is recommended. It is better in winter. A normal dump without a rubberized edge.

Potato cap

Depending on the desired percentage of the trench, you can select the Cross of the potato caps of different types: from ordinary universal excavators, then vibration conveyors, sponsors, Roar excavators.

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Potato captacker Vibro 61 Lux-Agro-potato-meautical potato switch

Manufacturer of potato cuts: luxury agro, TM Yarilo, Scout, Neva, bison and others.


Recommended potato planters for Crosser walking tractors: K1-L, K1-TsU, K1-Ts, APKM-3, KSM-3, P1-TsU, P1-Ts, KSM-2B, APK-3.

APK-CM potato planter KSM-1TsU potato planter KS-1 potato planter

User Guide

The manual for the engine and the walk-behind tractor are the main documents that regulate the operation of the machine, the rules for its assembly and starting after assembly. Keep these documents for the lifetime of the device. In the event of malfunctions during the warranty period, contact the service center for troubleshooting.

First run and run-in

When starting the Crosser two-wheel tractor, the gear knob must be in the neutral position. After the first start, the engine should idle for a few minutes (the speed is 1500-2000 per minute). In the absence of extraneous noise and knocking, continue to work with the device.

Important! Driving in a walk behind tractor takes an average of 15-20 hours.

It is forbidden: to load the equipment to the maximum during retraction; Use heavy attachments, plow new ground. After running in, the device can be operated with any additional devices.

Technical service

Diesel fuel: separated 48 hours. Engine crankcase oil: SAE10W40, 10W60. Lubricating oil: SAE10W30.

Oil 10W-40 SAE 10W60 machine oil SAE 10W30

The selection of high-quality fuels and lubricants extends the service life of the walk-behind tractor by many years. Saving on lubricants leads to rapid wear of piston rings, clogging of oil filters. Oil change intervals: every 50 hours of operation. Under heavy load: every 20 hours.

Main malfunctions and their elimination

The list of the main malfunctions of the Crosser and how to eliminate them:

  • Dark smoke from the exhaust pipe. Perhaps the reason is the ingress of oil on the heated parts of the engine. Remove oil residue from all surfaces, do not add more oil than necessary.
  • Popping noises when the engine is running. The reason is probably a clogged air filter. Clean or replace filter.
  • Engine overheating. Causes: overload, more than 6 hours of uninterrupted work, lack of coolant. Top up coolant supplies. It is FORBIDDEN to cool the engine with water!

Video review

Work overview Crosser with trailer

Overview of the blade assembly on the Crosser CR-M10

Overview of the operation of the Crosser two-wheel tractor with plow

Owner reviews about the Crosser engine blocks

There are many test reports from owners of various Crosser models on the Internet. Basically, they note their performance and functionality, from the minuses – a lot of weight.


“I used Cross m6 for gardening. Despite the seemingly average performance, it weighs up to 125 kg. I don’t know about others, my hands were very tired at first, but it still vibrates and rattles quite a bit. Then I got used to it. In general, I rate the work of this technique positively.

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