Chuvashpiller 224 small tractor. Overview, properties, equipment

Small tractor Chuvashpiller 224. Overview, characteristics, attachments, instructions

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The Chuvashpiller 224 small tractor is one of the most popular models in the Chuvashpiller series. It has all-wheel drive, the power of the unit is 22 hp. The features of this model are: high maneuverability and low fuel consumption. This allows the tractor to be used on small plots of land, for example, B. from 10 acres. The 224 universal mini-tractor can be used at low temperatures and in hot weather.

Small tractor Chuvashpiller 224

The machine is powered by a four-stroke two-cylinder engine. The engine brand TY 295 IT. The engine resource allows the Chuvashpiller mini-tractor to operate in all areas: municipal, agricultural, construction, transport.

This model belongs to the class 0.6, it is mainly used for agricultural purposes to perform such works:

Features of the Chuvashpiller 224 mini-tractor:
  • Reduced vibration (due to the vertical positioning of the engine), E
  • low fuel consumption;
  • low noise level;
  • Compliance with environmental standards for the removal of pollutants in the exhaust;
  • Fast start-up in all ambient temperatures;
  • Plunger fuel pump;
  • Sufficient capacity for operation with any attachment;
  • Outer rubber wheels;
  • PTO, power steering, powerful headlights, and fuel and gauge;
  • Absence of cab is compensated by the possibility of installing a roll bar, a variation of roll bar with or without a hood is possible.

Basic configuration

The complete set of the small tractor Chuvashpiller 224: a complete tractor assembly, manual, warranty document. Additional details are not included in this model. Installation of protective light sheet is possible.

Price Chuvashpiller 224 in US dollars – from 5 000 in Russian rubles – from 309 000 in UAH – from 31 000 UAH.

Due to the universal attachment assembly, the mini-tractor in combination with attachments can work not only from Chuvashpiller, but also from other manufacturers, such as B. Zirka, Neva, Salyut, and most Chinese attachments used for tractors of low and medium weight, as well as from the Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Poland and other manufacturing countries.

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Overview of attachments for Chuvashpiller 224:

  • Bale press;
  • Mower;
  • Two-armed plow;
  • Active redotiller (1.2 m);
  • Car (500 kg load capacity);
  • Suspension universal;
  • Potato harvester (4U-1);
  • Potato planter (model KS-2MT);
  • Fertilizer;
  • Sprinkler;
  • Rake assembly;
  • Okochnik;
  • Sergeant;
  • Garlic planter;
  • Sprayer;
  • Shovel blade (municipal, for snow removal).

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  • CHUWASHPILLER 4×4 wheel configuration, all-wheel drive.
  • Dimensions of the tractor 2650/1200/1750 mm.
  • Weight of the equipment without attachments 990 kg.
  • Multiple gears: 6 forward gears, 2 reverse gears.
  • The unit is started with an electric starter.
  • Size of front wheels 6.00-14, rear wheels 7.50-20.

RPM is 540 rpm and the unit has a warranty period of 12 months.

Fuel consumption per hour is 259 g/kW. This is combined with a lot of articulation. The reach is 40 cm. There are powerful headlights. On the front panel there are gauges for the status of technical devices, fuel level. The device has a differential lock.

Maintenance and operation

Field of application of the tractor Chuvashpiller 224:

  • Land of all kinds, virgin land;
  • Work on planting, harvesting, gathering crops;
  • Transportation of goods in carts, trailers.

Use of outboards to expand Mini Tractor skills. Use mineral or semi-synthetic diesel engine oil in accordance with GB/T 252-1994 to fill crankshaft. Fill the transmission for 4-stroke engines with gear oil, e.g. 80W/90 or 85W/90.

Instructions for operating the Chuvashpiller 224 Mini Tractor:
  • Always turn off the engine when the tractor is idle.
  • Change oil once a season without failure; during summer agricultural operations add or change oil every 50 hours.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of the tires and inflate them as necessary.
  • Use premium diesel fuel to extend the moto tour.
  • When purchasing, specify if it is on the unit, if not, make it yourself and use the mini excavator at full power.
  • Do not use the mini excavator to carry passengers, only one operator is allowed!
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At the end of fieldwork the mini tractor is subject to preservation, namely: dirt is removed from it, dried, fuel is dried and cleaned, parts are lubricated so that corrosion does not form, covered and used in a dry place.

Basic maintenance elements of the mini-tractor a-Chuvashpiller 224:
  • Brakes (make timely adjustments);
  • Transmission (analyze the transmission every 6 months);
  • Engine (exclude premature wear, make sure coolant and oil are available at all times);
  • Drive belt (replace for wear, check voltage).

Video review

Owners reviews

Nikolay, Rostov region:

“I have the tractor a year and a half, I bought it because I was tired of working with the undercarriage, which was old, constantly broke down. The tractor is really a mini in its functions, the power of course not bad, but on the superz he does not pull. My opinion and evaluation: satisfactory. The vegetable garden of 15 acres is more than processed, for hectares in area it is not suitable. It departs from the programs quickly and replaces them by itself. The price to quality ratio, in my opinion, is also average. Maybe I will sell it and buy something for it, but for now I will use it. For the fact that the technology is Russian, I choose the house if I have to choose between Chinese and ours. “

Chuvashpiller 224 mini vector review. Technical features. Application functions.

Minitractor Chuvashpiller 224 with a full motoblock (4×4) was designed to carry out various agricultural works on medium and large dacha plots with an area of up to 15 hectares. Due to its high maneuverability and efficiency, it is successfully used in personal and agricultural, supply companies and road construction services, as well as in transportation of various cargoes.

It can be hitched to various fasteners, which makes the mini-tractor a powerful multifunctional machine.

Model description

  • The Minitor 22 HP is equipped with a 295 IT liquid-cooled twin-cylinder direct injection diesel engine.
  • The unit is characterized by low emissions, low noise level, economical diesel fuel consumption and reduced vibration levels.
  • Engine starting is easy with an electric starter, regardless of temperature conditions.
  • The Forward/2-Zada’s extended 6-gear transmission provides the necessary rhythm of travel from 2 to 23.5 km/h.
  • Thanks to large bikes with high agricultural propeller, the tractor has good continuity and stability on difficult viscous soils.
  • The agricultural machine is sufficiently ergonomic – equipped with power steering, differential lock, powerful headlights, convenient dashboard with manufactured control of technical parameters.
  • Thanks to the adjustable width of the front and rear wheels 125-145 cm and a high ground clearance of 40 cm, the mini-drive can be used when working with difficult terrain, if some vegetable crops are grown.
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Also on the market is a modification of Chuvashpiller 224 KT, which differs from the basic version by the brand of engine and reduced rod from 120 to 140 cm.


Characteristics of the mini vector
Maximum power, hp. 22
Number of cylinders 2
Number of programs (3+1) X2
Overall dimensions, mm 2650/1200/1750
Cylinder diameter, mm 95
Freedom of movement, cm 40
Engine start Electric starter
Number of revolutions, rpm. 2200
Engine weight, kg 240
Engine volume, cc 1149
Fuel tank volume, l 16
Cooling system Water cooling
Engine lubrication Oil pump
Power shaft type On the clutch housing
Engine type diesel
Piston, mm 105
Country of Origin China

Differences between the ministor Rusich T-224 and Chuvashpiller 224

    This is a more advanced model, the basis for its development was Chuvashpiller.
  • Rusich is equipped with a three-cylinder HS380 diesel engine (Mitsubishi technology) with forced liquid cooling to Euro 4 standard.
  • Tractors Rusich T-24 are produced in 2 modifications with power steering and without power steering.
  • Chuvashpiller mini tractors are produced in standard version – the KM385BT model with two- and three-cylinder engines.

Basic configuration

The tractor is assembled completely, without any attachments. Additional devices are purchased separately. The Chuvashpiller 224 does not have a cab as a design feature; only a protective arch is available as an option. With a comfortable ergonomic cabin there is a senior modification of the brand in Rusich T-244. The price of minidrive with a cabin is increased.

Application functions

The agricultural sector refers to the traction class 0,6, with which you can use the mini – tractor with a large number of stored tools. The tractor is excellent for all agricultural work, carrying 500 kg of weight and clearing snow and debris from the site.

In aggregation with special auxiliary devices, it also performs construction work in intensive mode. Thanks to the universal coupling device, it is possible to aggregate with tools of native assembly and other manufacturers in accordance with the pulling class of the Mini drive gate:

  • Floor tillers of different modifications
  • 1,2, 3, 4 body plough
  • cultivator Forman
  • harrow
  • Mower rotor and skimmer
  • Rake
  • Mechanical seeders
  • Press Calculator
  • Light shovel
  • Sprinkler
  • Snow blower
  • Roller without hood, with hood
  • Potato diggers
  • Potatoes
  • Fertilizer
  • Sprayer
  • Suspension, trailer, carts
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operation and maintenance

Mineral or semi-synthetic oil is used for the engine. Recommended oil for the gearbox is 80W/90, 85W/90. If you buy a small tractor, don’t forget to check if it is retracted, it may have to be done according to the instruction manual.

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Sae 80W-90 oil 85W-90 GL-5 gear oil

To ensure a reliable long-term operation it is necessary to check the operation of all major systems of the mini-tractor – engine, gearbox, brake system, belt transmission in each layer and check the level of technical fluids. Technical routine work is carried out after 50/100/250 hours.

Mini-tractor Chuvashpiller 224 is very easy to maintain, it has many nodes in its design, allowing the owner to make their own repairs. The mini universal tractor is effective, according to its technical properties it can compete with foreign analogs and wins at least 3-2.5 times at an affordable price.

The necessary spare parts can be bought in any specialized store, their cost is quite affordable.

Video review

Detailed review of the mini-tractor Chuvashpiller 224

Owners reviews

Alexander Alexandrovich:

“On the whole, the small tractor Chuvashpiller 224 is a good machine. I liked working with the three-legged plow, sickle mower. Productivity is sufficient, easily copes with large areas. My disadvantages are its poor traction on heavy soil, weighting device is a must, it was not equipped with one from the start. Well, the belts wear out somehow quickly.

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