ChTZ T-800 bulldozer – description and specifications

Bulldozer chtoz t 800

Produced by the Chelyabinsk tractor plant, the T-800 bulldozer performs the functions of a bulldozer and ripper. The machine is tracked, has a large mass, and its base is a tractor. The second name of the machine is T-75.01. T-800 CHTZ is the largest and most productive European machine, thanks to which it managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records. The engine of the machine also requires special attention. The tractive force of the machine is 75 tons, so it belongs to the 75th traction class.

Glider Caterpillar T 800

Bulldozer T 800

The beginning of production of the T-800 bulldozer falls on 1983. The reason for its appearance was the need to carry out large amounts of work in a short time. The main areas of application at the time were land reclamation, road construction and mining. However, the bulldozer is adapted to work with frozen and rocky soils, to work in particularly difficult conditions.

features and benefits

The first and foremost advantage of the T-800 bulldozer is its power. By the time the machine appeared, the rationed production of construction equipment had increased significantly, so there was a need for more powerful representatives of this class.

Photo of T 800

Technical characteristics and dimensions

As already mentioned, the tractor as a whole is very:

  • length – 7.95 m;
  • width – 4,19 m;
  • height – 4.78 m;
  • Wheelbase length – 6.22 m;
  • Track width – 2.88 m.

Due to such impressive dimensions, the weight is 106 tons (including the workplace – 29.5 tons). In addition, the technical characteristics of the tractor T-800 is a maximum traction – 140 tons (nominally – 75 tons). Crawler, depending on site conditions, can be represented by two types of belts – one weighs 8 tons (for clay), the other – 6 tons (for rock), and the specific pressure on the base is 91.4 kPa.

The engine is set at 820 hp, and the fuel consumption of the T-800 bulldozer is 230 g/kW per moto. The fuel tank capacity is 2050 liters.

length, mm 7945
width, mm 4185
height, mm 4775
track, mm 2880
basis, mm 6220
Overall dimensions of tractor with bulldozer and mounted implements
length, mm 12400
width, mm 6000
height, mm 4775


In Yekaterinburg, at the turbo engine plant, the power plant is made. An interesting point is that a similar engine is installed on the “white”. The 6DM-21T unit is characterized as a four-stroke unit with 603 kW capacity, equipped with liquid cooling. In addition, the temperature of the coolant was found here. Its volume is 43.65 liters. The fuel injection is direct. The power unit has six cylinders with a diameter of 210 mm. The lubrication system of the device is forced with a dry crankcase. Engine speed is 1500 rpm. Maximum forward speed is 10.6 km/h, backward – 14 km/h.



  • parking brake;
  • three-way gearbox, which provides the ability to move forward at four speeds, and backward at two;
  • driveline;
  • bevel gear;
  • Three-wheeled hydraulic transformer with one stage.
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Type of transmission – hydromechanical. Adjustment of disc overrunning and parking brakes is not made, because it is constantly in an oil bath.


There are two turns in the cockpit. You are on the control panel. In order to control the T-800 tractor with the pedals, you must press the stop brake. Thus, the pedals are actuated when the engine is running. If the engine suddenly stops running, the automatic speed reduction system is activated.

bulldozer equipment
Hemispherical, immortal dozer blade with hydraulic transmission.
Blade capacity, cu. m. 26.2
Blade width, mm 6000
Blade height, mm 2600
Blade’s biggest depression, mm 800
Main cutting angle, deg. 55°
Change of cutting angle, deg 50°-60°
Transverse blade angle in each direction, deg,
Damn hydraulic cylinders:
– For lifting 2
– deformed 1
Bulldozer equipment weight, kg 16295
Labeling equipment
Single toothed looper with adjustable angle.
Maximum indentation, ММ 1800
Change of loosening angle, deg (at nominal angle 45°) 37°-62°
Number of hydraulic cylinders:
-Looseness 4
– Release and installation of the spreader pins 1
Mass of loose equipment, kg 11200

Operator’s cabin

The operator’s cabin is well-designed and deserves special praise. It has protection against noise, weather and vibration. In addition, all windows are doubled. There is enough space in the cabin – 3 m3, two people can stay at the same time (two chairs are installed). There are shock absorbers between the chassis and the cab, reducing the level of vibration in the cab. In order to avoid accidents or dangerous situations, there is a protective structure, which is installed on the supporting shelves during operation.

The Chtz B 11 and B 10m bulldozers are also recommended.

hydraulic system

In the neutral position of the lever, the gear pumps that make up the system are relieved of any load. Separate selectors are provided for proper operation of the fasteners, with which the operator controls the devices. The agent type is Super-Side, double-beam.


The suspension of the T-800 bulldozer is prepared resilient. At the same time, the support rollers of the machine are equipped with springs. A closed method of caterpillar lubrication has a positive effect on the duration of their normal operation. To adjust the telescopic mechanism, there is a hydro-pneumatic method of operation.


Four batteries are provided for good functioning of the electrical equipment. The mains voltage is 17 V, and the generator is set at 3.5 kW and is equipped with automatic control of its operation both when the engine is on and when it is disconnected. When buying a used T-800, it is important to ensure that these items are in good working order.

index value
rated power, in 17.0
generator power, kW 3,5
Number of accumulators 4

The price of a new machine is about 4,5-6,5 million rubles. A used bulldozer model costs about 2-3.5 million rubles.

It is possible to rent a bulldozer for about 1,200 rubles for an hour.


It is difficult to find a similar machine for such equipment. Komatsu D575A in some way can be considered an analogue of the T-800, but its technical indicators are significantly different from the T-800. Also worth noting the price of T-800 and Komatsu D575A.

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Bulldozer T-800: technical characteristics

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It’s impossible to capture in a photograph the impressive size and tireless power of the super-heavy T-800 tractor, specially designed to be used as part of a magnificent bulldozer and pickup unit. But if you are near, or, better yet, see with your own eyes, how this miracle equipment pushes earthy masses or rams rocks the size of a large private house, it is impossible not to be imbued with a sincere respect for the T-800. Compared to an ordinary tractor, the T-800 is the same as a BelAZ compared to a medium-sized trough. Yes, the comparison with the BelAZ is the first one.

About the history of the T-800

This model, put into production at the Shchelyabinsk Tractor Plant in 1983, made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1990 as the most productive bulldozer in the world. And even in the late 2010s, the T-800 is still represented in the “top heavyweight list” and ranks fourth in the list of the world’s largest and most productive bulldozers. Retired only by caterpillar and Komatsu, the T-800 in Europe is still unable to surpass anyone in terms of performance.

Meanwhile, the last tractor of this model was produced in 1999. Only nine units were produced in total – all by special order and for certain special tasks.

In particular, the new hero bulldozer (its other factory index was “T-75.01”) received one of the first “baptisms of fire” on the construction site of South-Ural KKZ. The resources of the American superbulldozer operating at that moment were insufficient for clearing one of the most difficult rocky areas. At the direction of the regional government, CHTZ Director Nikolai Lozhchenko sent a T-800.

Eyewitnesses recall a truly epic spectacle: the T-800 sat on the rocks with teeth of tubing and rammed them where no other heavy equipment could do anything. Huge boulders with a noise and light bundles of sparks flew on the sides. The Ural giant no longer needed advertising. All areas of grandiose construction began to call for its help.

No less impressive results T-800 showed during the reconstruction of the famous Magnitogorsk. In just one layer, it reached the two-week output of the Japanese Komatsu.

The next customer of the heavy-duty bulldozer was a diamond field near the town of Mirny (Yakutia). During the explosion in the quarry, micro-inks appeared on the gemstones, which significantly reduces their value. It was possible to do without using the T-800. To deliver the world’s biggest bulldozer to the deposit required the biggest airplane in the world – the AN-225 MRIA.

About the history of the T-800

Shchelyabinsk airfield “Balandino”. “T-800 without attachments before charging to the MRIA.

T-800 had good prospects for use in the national economy: in the construction of large earthmoving complexes, railways and highways. But in the past they remained in the Soviet Union. The already mentioned Yuzhno-Ne KKV was one of the two dozen (plus another eight in the “socialist camp” countries) nuclear power plants, the construction of which was stopped in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

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Huge amounts of money were invested in these superprojects, and all went to waste. The last B-800 bulldozer was produced for foreign customers in 1999. Today, the production of this “super heavyweight” bulldozer is unlikely to be renewed, because the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant does not exist in its previous form.

The Hollywood name of the super bulldozer is the super robot from the movie “Arnold”.

Amusingly enough, the same “factory index” was assigned to the fictional cybernetic organism from the 1984 movie Terminator. The T-800 biorobot, specified by Arnold Schwarzenegger, became the “Sternstunde” in the cinematography of this famous athlete. The film itself became super-popular around the world and spawned many sequels and imitations. And his main character and T-800 robots became one of the most famous characters in the history of cinema.

Scope of the rogue bulldozer “T-800”

“T-800”, aka “T-75.01”, is driven by a nominal pulling power of 75 tons (and therefore belongs to the 75th pulling class!) and a maximum of 140 tons. This capacity refers to especially energy-intensive work with considerable volume. Wherever high performance and the ability to handle serious problems quickly are important.

This includes excavation work in the mining industry, excavation in road and highway construction, rehabilitation canals, oil and gas pipelines, especially large industrial plants. The T-800 is suitable for active use in rock and frozen ground mining (open pit mining) in a variety of extreme, climatic conditions.

The Supe r-Heavy’s functionality is designed in such a way that they extend the two types of tracks that are used: Six-tonne-Specia l-For Rocky Rocks and Eight-tonne-Sail. In this way it is possible to reduce the floor pressure to 0.0914 MPa (0.932 kgf/m²).

Technical properties of the “T-800” / “T-75.01” in numbers

  • The total dimensions of the tractor: length – 7.945 m. Width – 4,185 m.
  • Length of tractor with bulldozer and ripper – 12,4 m.
  • Wheelbase – 6,220 m. Track – 2,880 m.
  • Operating weight of bulldozer bundle with equipment – 106 tons (with 29,5 tons on equipment). Operating tractor weight – 76.5 tons.
  • The maximum tractive effort e-140 tons, the nominal – 75 tons.
  • The speed of the “T-800” is 10.6 km/h and 14 km/h.
  • Crawler shoe width is 700 or 850 cm. The pitch is 290 mm.
  • The number of support roles on each page – 8, the number of track rollers on each page – 2.
  • Number of track shoes – 47.
  • Ground height – 100 mm.
  • Floor pressure at track shoe width 850 mm: tractor – 0,0914 MPa; tractor with bulldozer and mounted implements – 0,158 MPa.

Super Buldozer engine

The Chelyabinsk “T-800” is equipped with a four-stroke six-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine 6DM-21T with an intermediate line boiler (intercooler), direct fuel injection and gas turbine supercharger.

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The manufacturer of these power units from 1976 to 2004 was the Ural Turbine Works in Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) and was called the Turboengine Works. Characteristically, a number of legendary heavy-duty BelAZ trucks were equipped with the same engines.

Super Bulldozer engine

The 6DM-21T engine has a forced lubrication system with a dry crankcase. And this allows acceleration of huge machines up to 14 km/h and 10.6 km/h before overdrive. According to the manufacturer’s data, specific fuel consumption of the engine “6DM-21T” is about 800 g/kWh.

Parameters of the diesel engine “6DM-21T”:

  • displacement – 43.64 l;
  • power – 603 kW (820 h.p.);
  • bore diameter – 210 mm;
  • stroke – 210 mm;
  • rpm – 1500 rpm;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 2050 liters of fuel.

T-800″ bulldozer

In particular, an upgraded frame has been developed for this bulldozer model, and the elastic chassis suspension with torsion provides maximum smooth running and consistently high operating speeds

“T-800” is equipped with a hydromechanical transmission, which includes a driveline, 3-wheel single-stage torque converter and cam module, 3-caterpillar gearbox, bevel gearbox and parking brakes.

The gearbox on the bulldozer has 2 rear and 4 front gears. Due to the fact that disc friction clutches work the fruits of the rotation mechanisms, gearboxes and parking brakes in oil, they do not require adjustment.

The T-800 is rotated by two levers on the control panel. They can be engaged with the engine running by depressing the stop brake pedal. The bulldozer also has automatic braking when the engine comes to a sudden stop.

Showman Sergei Stillavin, who arrived at ChTZ for the filming of the T-34 test-drive, did not deny himself the pleasure of getting on the T-800 bulldozer.

The T-800 is equipped with a torsion-elastic suspension, supplemented by individual compression of each of the track rollers. Due to the installation in the model of greased tracks belonging to the closed type (track shoes (tracks) have a hinge of closed type), the service life of this element is greatly increased.

Application of elastic roller suspensions with damping elements and oscillating caterpillar tracks is designed to reduce shock loads on the tractor frame and during transferring of stroke when operating bulldozer and oxide equipment on rocky and frozen ground. In addition, the elastic suspension of the rollers allows to increase the surface of contact of the caterpillar with the ground when driving on an uneven surface, which in its turn provides an increase of traction characteristics of heavy machines of the t-800 brand.

The bulldozer has a 2-body hydraulic system with gear pumps. When the control lever is in neutral position, they are unloaded by the attachments. The T-800 has separate controls for dozers and attachments. There is a full-flow filter in the drain line of the hydraulic tank.

The volume of process tanks “T-800”: fuel tank – 2050 liters, cooling system – 383 liters, engine lubrication system – 225 liters, gearbox and rear axle – 200 liters.

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Electrical equipment of the T-800 bulldozer consists of four batteries and a 3.5 kW generator. The power rating of the electrical appliances is 17 volts.

Description of the T-800 bulldozer mounted modernization

In front, the “T-800” is “armed” with a hemispherical non-rotating blade with a hydraulic tilting stroke and a variable bottom cutting angle. Its width is 6 meters, and the height of the range is 2.60 meters. The capacity of the landfill (volume of transported soil) is 26.2 cubic meters. The maximum depth of the bucket into the ground – 80 centimeters; the increase of the blade – 8 degrees;

Behind it – a single-tooth ripper with a variable slope with a maximum immersion into the ground to a depth of 80 centimeters.

The cabin of the T-800 bulldozer

The bulldozer cabin deserves special attention. It is designed for two seats and is made of metal with heat and sound insulation and double glazing. The volume of the cabin is 3 cubic meters.

It is separated from the main frame with rubber shock absorbers, which provides increased comfort during operation. The cab also has a protective fence installed on the cab’s support legs.

Reviews about the bulldozer “T-800

It is difficult to find reviews on the Internet of machinists who have actually worked behind the levers of the heavy bulldozer “T-800”. There are only testimonials like “I’ve seen it in a nearby quarry” and “the guys told me”.

These reviews boil down to the fact that the tractor is really gigantic, and the characteristics do not correlate with the performance. The photos do not give a real impression of the size. A man of average height enters the bulldozer’s cab completely freely, without even bending over.

However, there is no evidence of the reliability and durability of the T-800. On the contrary, they say that even a new tractor, which has not worked a year, begins to “bleed” oil, “muddy”, as well as failing in all places. And since repairs must be very difficult and expensive, the T-800 bulldozers gradually turned into frozen “monuments”, not having worked out even half of their working life. This fate, apparently, befell every released T-800.

Because there is no reliable feedback on the remaining T-800 bulldozers. Well, the exhibition model is still proudly on the site of Shchelyabinsk tractor plant. And sometimes it starts to go a short distance for the filming of the next TV show (both Russian and foreign TV journalists come regularly).

The last “pouring” into the media of information about this model refers to the events of more than ten years ago. In 2006, some “foreign customers” (in particular, the Republic of South Africa and India) have expressed interest in the T-800 and have expressed their intention to order several of these ultra-sophisticated machines. However, beyond these publications, sustained in the enthusiastic and laudatory style, it did not go further.

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