Chitra T-9 – description and properties

T9 bulldozer: technical properties, photo, video

Load-switching planetary transmission, 345 mm in diameter, working in oil and with high torque capacity, provides three front and three rear units. Conversion is Electro-Hydraulic. Structurally combined with the coordinating gear and main gear into a single current unit, which is mounted in the rear axle bore. Three-stage torque converter with an active diameter of 390 mm, the maximum coefficient of transformation CO = 2.539 with pump transmission, is connected to the gearbox by a spline coupling on the front wall of the rear axle. The torque converter is connected to the engine through a driveline and an elastic coupling mounted on the engine.

transmission Front hub clear 9 rear hub clear 9
1 3,8 5,0
2 6,9 9,0
3 11.0 14.3

Traction depends on tractor weight and clutch strength.

Chitra T9 Description

Transmission components (except side gears), engine mountings and cab of the T9 bulldozer are almost completely unified with the T11 T11 tractor. The machine is used quite mobile, especially outside the streets, railroads and major airports. Given the weight of the machine, they can be transported to the place of work by helicopter. The tractor can be easily transported on supporters in urban areas and work in limited urban conditions. The machine can work in swampy terrain and other areas with a weak floor. The T9 T9 is equipped with a straight, hydrated curve blade with push-pull props between the tractor frame and track. Semi-soft three-point suspension with a flattened machine pivot axis provides high crest properties, reducing shock loads on the chassis and improving working conditions. For working in harsh climates. Among the latest innovations is the use of electro-hydraulic gearbox controls and hydraulic joystick controls.

The range is very wide, it will satisfy the needs of both the small construction company and the giant of modern industry with its tractors, bulldozers, machines for the forest industry, pipelayers and other wheeled devices.

Description and purpose

T9 T9 is a crawler bulldozer of the general-purpose 9 traction class. The production of the series is engaged in (Cheboksary). In the segment of bulldozers produced in Russia, the T9 T9 is one of the most mass-produced machines. The model is used with dozers and bulldozers of various types on industrial, street, oil and gas and hydraulic engineering sites to carry out transportation, repair, restoration, irrigation and excavation work. Model T9 T9 can operate with weak accumulation capacity in swampy terrain and areas with soil. The main purpose of the model is to move soil and materials over a distance of up to 400 m. The bulldozer has compact dimensions, which makes it easy to transport.

Chytra T9 Bulldozer Technical Specifications

T9 Chic series includes many modifications, differing by type of equipment, engine and individual characteristics. Among the most common versions are:

  • T9.01K Childra-QSB Diesel 6.7-C165, hemispherical tipper, specific pressure-0.63 kgf/m²;
  • T9.01 km-qsb 6.7-C165 diesel, straight blade, specific pressure-0.37 kgf/;
  • T9.01 YAMZ-236NB-2 diesel, hemispherical blade, specific pressure-0,63 kgf/m²;
  • T9.01AMI YAMZ-236NB-2 diesel, straight blade, specific pressure-0,38 kgf/;
  • T9.01imp diesel YAMZ-236NB-2, swivel blade, specific pressure-0,38 kgf/m²;
  • T9.01 and F4GE0684F*D6 diesel, semi-diesel, specific pressure-0,63 kgf/m².

Technical specifications T9 T9

engine YaMZ-236 NB-2 / Cummins QSB6.7-C165, USA / SiSu Diesel 74
performance 110 /110 /151kW
Weight (with implements) 17500kg
Ground pressure with attachment 0.63 kgf/cm2
blade type SU
additional options 3-tenth ripper

Chetra T9 video

T9 reviews

  • Semi-bent three-point suspension with a sprawling bogie swing axis provides high traction ridge characteristics, which reduces shock loads on the undercarriage and improves working conditions.
  • Use of economical diesel engine;
  • Modular design of all the nodes, systems of the industrial tractor – transmission, chassis, working equipment, cooling system, cab and tractor management Installation of power transmission units in separate modules with their subsequent repair in specially equipped premises with their tests before installation on the machine

Today the Russian brand “Chizhra” is a standard of quality, reliability, in reasonable competition with other, sometimes very famous names in this segment of industrial equipment.

  • Road construction (road, rail), highways, airports
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T9 T9 models with a 4-stroke V-shaped diesel engine YAMZ-236 NB2 (Yaroslavl Power Plant) are most common. The engine is liquid-cooled and has no turbocharger.

Parameters of the engine YMZ-236 NB2:

  • displacement – 11.15 l;
  • rpm – 1800 rpm;
  • Rated power – 110 (150) kW (hp);
  • Maximum torque – 736 nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 130 mm.

Chytra T9 Bulldozer Technical Specifications

T9 T9 is also equipped with a foreign Cummins QSB6.7-C165 liquid-cooled, turbocharged and air-cooled boiler. The engine has an electronic fuel injection system, protection and diagnostic systems.

Parameters of Cummins QSB6.7-C165 diesel engine:

  • displacement – 6.7 liters;
  • Rated power – 110 (150) kW (hp);
  • Speed – 2000 rpm;
  • Maximum torque – 800 nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6 (OK).

Some modifications are equipped with a diesel engine F4GE0684F*D6.

Labyrinth equipment

Depending on work of T9, T-9.01 bulldozer, the breaker can be equipped with one or three teeth, which allows achieving high productivity.

type of slack. non-adjustable, multilinear
number of teeth 3
mass, kg 890
Maximum height of lift, mm 543
Max. indentation, mm 455
Max. echo-power, t 11.6
Max. Impact force, t 5.22

Equipment for work in arctic conditions

For work in arctic conditions T-9.01 bulldozer with: 01 s:

  • Prescription liquid heater in TRSU 30L, Hydronic M-II, Hydronic 35
  • Independent cab Airtronik 2D
  • Habitus heater powered by engine coolant
  • insulating cover
  • Ice cooler flaps

Buy bulldozer T-9.01YABR1 easy look, choose, buy!

1. Brand: Chizhra 2. Model: T-9.01 Modification: YABR1 3. G. IN. According to PSM 2012 4. Price: 4 500 000 rubles, including VAT upon transfer 5. Warranty: 12 months or 1,500 motorcycles 6. Place nakh: N. Cheboksarsk, ul. Industrial, 16. 7. Comp: Major repairs in 2020 8. Cherry: New kit 9. Equipment description: Complete disassembly of bulldozer, new: electrical wiring, hydraulic pumps, high and low pressure hoses . All assemblies were completely disassembled, all gaskets were replaced with new ones, the parts with more than 30% wear were replaced with new ones. After assembly the bulldozer was started inside. Before the overhaul the run was 6,000 motor-hours. 10. 10. The equipment includes: hemispherical dozer blade, engine preheater, ripper. 11. 11. The engine: YAMZ 236 NB-2 (turbocharger 149.9 hp on PSM) after major repairs. New liner group and camshafts with gears.

standard equipment

Standard equipment of the T-9.01 bulldozer includes:

  • adjustable operator’s seat on soft cushion
  • air cleaner
  • cab heating system fan
  • defroster
  • horn signal
  • Front towing hooks
  • engine protection
  • Hydraulic device for track tensioning mechanism
  • lighting system
  • laminated safety guard
  • silencer
  • parking brake
  • transmission guard
  • replacement sprocket wheels
  • ROPS / FOPS protective construction
  • safety belt
  • External power socket 24 V
  • 24V power socket
  • Alternator 75 a
  • Batteries (2), 12 V, 190 a*h (24 V on-board)
  • cigarette lighter
  • Starter
  • Motorcycle electric meter

on dashboard

  • speedometer
  • coolant temperature gauge
  • engine pressure gauge
  • actuator temperature indicator
  • power supply voltage indicator
  • fuel gauge
  • Transmission oil temperature gauge

Indicators on the dashboard

  • Emergency engine oil pressure
  • Engine coolant overheating
  • Not enough battery power
  • Air filter
  • Hydraulic tank filter clogged
  • Hydraulic tank oil overheated
  • Gearbox filter clogged
  • Minimum gearbox oil temperature
  • Transmission oil overheated
  • Engine oil filter plugged
  • Transmission oil emergency pressure

T9M hydraulic system

Separate agricultural hydraulic system:

  • NSH71 gear pump with 120 l/min capacity at 1700 rpm engine
  • Four-sectional dealer, consisting of one valve and three spool sections
  • Maximum duration of safety valve 20 MPa (200 kgf/cm2)
  • Hydraulic tank capacity (welded tank adapted for mechanical cleaning of internal surfaces) . 85L
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bulldozer equipment

The hemispherical dozer blade of dozers T9, T-9.01 with large tonnage ensures the higher productivity. Deck design ensures its effective use both in transportation of goods and for digging of foundations, site levelling and road alignment.

Disposal Su-ugl
Blade length x height, mm 3160×1272
Blade capacity, sq. m 4.28
height of lift, mm 1000
dent, mm 500
Max. slope, g ±7°
Tipper weight, kg 2118

Modifications and equipment

The T-9.01 bulldozer is available in the following modifications and equipment versions:

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modification transmission Engine power, kW / hp mass, kg
T-9.01Y1B-1 YaMZ-236NB-2, hemispherical blade, tractor-drawn carriage 110/150 17150
T-9.01YABR-1-01 YaMZ-236nb-2, hemispherical blade, free 3 teeth 110/150 17920
T-9.01yabr-1 YaMZ-236nB-2, hemispherical bank, windrowers 110/150 18270
T-9.01b-3 YaMZ-236nB-2, direct discharge, pon.hum. On the TGU floor 110/150 19090
T-9.01AMBR-3-01 YAMZ-236nB-2, straight dump, pon.hum. 3 teeth on the floor 110/150 19875
T-9.01BL-3 YAMZ-236nB-2, straight blade, pon.hum. On the floor, winds, 3 teeth loose 110/150 20220
T-9.01KB-1 Cummins QSB6.7-C165, half-blade, TCU 110/150 16560
T-9.01KB-1-01 Cummins QSB6.7-C165, half-ball, loose 3 teeth 110/150 17345
T-9.01kble-1 Cummins QSB6.7-C165, hemispherical blade, windshield 110/150 17700
T-9.01KMB-3 Cummins QSB6.7-C165, straight blade, pon. On floor TCU 110/150 19090
T-9.01KMBR-3-01 Cummins QSB6.7-C165, straight dump, pon. 3 teeth on floor 110/150 19875
T-9.01KBBLE-3 Cummins QSB6.7-C165, straight tipper, pon. 3 teeth on floor, windshield 110/150 20220


The chassis system of the T9 bulldozer is a half-axle, bogie pulse axle. The pivot on which the machine swings is defined on the tractor frame. There are 2 track rollers, a tensioning wheel and a support roller on the caterpillar chassis: 6 on tractors T-9.01, T-9.01 and T-9.01K, 7 on tractors T-9.01AM, T-9.01km and T-9.01amp. Supporting, supporting drums and guide wheels are equipped with single-sided lubrication for the entire service life, with self-lubricating seals of “double cone” type.

Chytra T9: technical specifications

Tractor tracks are prefabricated with 1 primus and a seal to suspend liquid grease in the joint. Caterpillar tension is well adjusted with a syringe of constant grease. Joint pitch – 190,5 mm, bearing area – 2,766 m², floor pressure – 0,607 kgf/cm². Number of shoes – 39, each of them 560 mm. The gaps in the floor have a height of 55 mm.

Chitra T9: technical properties

Chytra T9: technical specifications

Industrial bulldozers Caterpillar T9 T9 belong to the ninth traction class. This is a product of the Cheboksary company “Promtor”. The main work of the T9 T9 is the regular movement of large amounts of soil over limited distances (up to four hundred meters). This bulldozer copes with it perfectly, as it is specially adapted to work for a long time in intensive conditions. It is relatively compact and mobile. With the Mass T9 you can transport the bulldozer not only by trailer, but also by helicopter to the place of work.

T9 bulldozer in industrial, street, oil and gas and hydraulic engineering construction is used completely with bulldozer and ripper of different types or with a traction unit. They perform a wide range of works with the warm floor, transport, irrigation, repair and restoration, etc.

Special equipment of this model is used in landscape renewal during exploitation of landfills, quarries, etc.; construction of industrial and residential buildings and structures; construction of railroads and roads, bridges, airports; irrigation, hydraulic and excavation works; pipe laying; geological prospecting, oil and gas and mining industry needs.

Chitra T9 tractors are produced in climatic version Uhl and T according to GOST-1515O. According to the Pass, this bulldozer can operate with full load at ambient temperatures from t-50 to +35 degrees Celsius. In case of extreme heat or extreme frost below e-50 degrees, the tractor load must be limited. It means not to overheat the diesel engine in severe heat, and in severe frost – to drive forward and backward regularly with the hydraulic system of the attached equipment switched on.

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Design characteristics

Most assemblies and units of the T9, from the engine unit and cab to gearboxes (except for axle drives), are unified with the Chetra T11 bulldozer. However, the lower weight of the T9 expands the possibilities of its use and makes the special machine mobile, especially away from roads, railroads and airports.

Helicopter transport to the construction site helps geologists and raw material industry workers who work in hard-to-reach areas. Its low weight also makes it ideal for use in wetlands and other areas with weak soil. On the other hand, the compact size of the Chetra T9 allows for trouble-free transportation in urban areas and work in cramped conditions of modern cities.

Construction specifications

The Chetra T9 is equipped with a straight shield with hydraulic steering and push rods that are positioned between the tractor frame and tracks. This design ensures high productivity. Semi-rigid three-point suspension with an extended bogie pendulum axle guarantees high traction properties, reduced shock loads on the undercarriage and improved working conditions.

The T9 design includes electro-hydraulic transmission controls and joystick controls for the hydraulic units. The diesel engine is significantly more economical than the units of the previous generation Cheboksary leveling blade. Cheetra T9 is arranged according to the principle of modular structure of all units and systems of industrial tractor – gearbox, running gear, working equipment, cooling system, cab and tractor control system. This provides simplified and convenient service during inspection and filling of all systems, as well as the possibility of removing and installing transmission units as separate modules for subsequent repair at specially equipped positions.

Modifications of Chetra T9 bulldozer

The group of Chetra T9 industrial tractors includes the following six basic modifications of “Bulldozer”:

  • T-9.01Ya- with YAMZ-23nB-2 diesel engine, hemispherical blade and specific pressure not more than 0.63 kgf/cm2;
  • T-9.01YAM – with YaMZ-23nB-2 diesel engine, straight blade and specific pressure of no more than 0.38 kgf/cm2;
  • T-9.01YAMP – with YaMZ-236nB-2 diesel engine, rotating blade and specific pressure of no more than 0.38 kgf/cm2;

T9 Bulldozer models

T9 with a rotary blade

  • T-9.01i- with Iveco F4GE0684F*D6 diesel engine, hemispherical blade and specific pressure of no more than 0,63 kgf/cm2;
  • T-9.01K – with Cummins QSB 6.7-C165 diesel engine, hemispherical waste dumpster and specific pressure of not more than 0,63 kgf/cm2;
  • T-9,01 km – with QSB 6,7-C165 diesel engine, direct dozer blade and specific pressure of not more than 0.37 kgf/cm2.

Within each of these modifications there are a few more varieties, differing by the presence or absence: slacker with different number of teeth, windage and traction losses. For example, the T-9.01Bbl-3 is a modification with a straight blade, reduced ground pressure, a winch and a three-tooth switch. OR: T-9.01KMB-3-This is a variation of the direct dump, reduced ground pressure and TCU modification.

T9 T9 Engines

Bulldozers T9 can be equipped with diesel engines of three models: YAMZ-236NB-2 by Avtodiesel (Yaroslavl Power Plant) or F4GE0684F*D6 by IVECO, and QSB6.7-C165-KAMINS. These are liquid-cooled four-stroke six-cylinder diesel engines equipped with an air-to-air cooling turbocharger.

  • Power: Yamz – 110 kW (150 hp); IVEKO – 103 kW (140 hp); Kammins – 110 kW (150 hp), at 2000 rpm.
  • Cylinder diameter: YAMZ – 130 mm; IVEKO – 104 mm; Kammins – 120 mm.
  • Piston stroke: YaMZ – 140 mm, IVEKO – 132 mm, Kamins – 136.4 mm.
  • The order of the cylinders: YaMZ-1-4-2-5-3-6; IVEKO-1-5-3-4-2-6; Kamins-1-5-3-6-2-4.
  • RPM in idle mode – from 700 to 2200 rpm.
  • Specific fuel consumption at operating power is not more than 238 g/kWh (175 g/hp) (YaMZ); 231 g/kWh (170 g/hp) (Iveco); 225 g/kWh (165 g/hp).
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T9 T9 engines

Cummins QSB6.7-C165 engine.

The air purification system of the T9 diesel engine is 2-stage with 1 unit air filters. The engine exhaust system is a muffler and exhaust pipe.


The T9 T9 bulldozer is equipped with a hydromechanical transmission of Promtrotor plant own manufacture. Planetary gears are reduced under load, have a diameter of 345 mm, which work in oil and have a high ability to transmit torque. It offers 3 forward gears and 3 reverse gears. The shift mechanisms are electro-hydraulic type.

The single gearbox power unit containing planetary gearbox, main and coordinate gears is mounted on the rear axle of the tractor frame. On the side there are 2 blocks – clutch clutches with locking brakes. They are connected with on-board gears and block gears – torsion shafts.


The diesel engine torque is transmitted through the elastic coupling, cardan gear, torque converter with pump gears to the input shaft of the transmission unit. The opposite end of the input shaft is used for power take-off. The transmission is equipped with a single hydraulic and lubrication system with a common oil tank located in the rear axle of the tractor frame. The hydraulic system pumps for traction and attachment control are mounted on the pump gearbox.

The planetary gearbox is structurally combined with the coordinate reducer and the main gear into a single power unit installed in the rear axle bore.

Single-stage 3-element torque converter, the active diameter of which is 390 mm, and the maximum ratio of transformation KO = 2,539 with the pump pump with a spline coupling is connected and connected to the pump and is installed on the gearbox A is installed on the gearbox front wall of the rear axle. The torque converter is connected through a driveline and an elastic coupling which is mounted on the engine.


The chassis system of the T9 bulldozer is a half-axle, bogie pulse axle. The pivot on which the machine swings is defined on the tractor frame. There are 2 track rollers, a tensioning wheel and a support roller on the caterpillar chassis: 6 on tractors T-9.01, T-9.01 and T-9.01K, 7 on tractors T-9.01AM, T-9.01km and T-9.01amp. Supporting, supporting drums and guide wheels are equipped with single-sided lubrication for the entire service life, with self-lubricating seals of “double cone” type.


Tractor tracks are prefabricated with 1 primer and a seal to suspend liquid grease in the joint. Caterpillar tension is well adjusted with a syringe of constant grease. Joint pitch – 190,5 mm, bearing area – 2,766 m², floor pressure – 0,607 kgf/cm². Number of shoes – 39, each of them 560 mm. Floor slots have a height of 55 mm.

Working equipment

Tlurry – bulldozer.

On the Tlurry T9 bulldozer, the dozer blade is attached to the bogie frame by clamping bars, and the blade is controlled by hydraulic cylinders. Marauder equipment or traction device is defined on the rear axle of the tractor frame. In a bulldozer equipped with a traction unit, the rear window of the cab is protected by a special grid.

Parameters of the semi-tractor are: Length – 3,16 m; Height – 1,273 m; Capacity – 4,28 cubic meters; Max. height of the attachment – 1 m; Max. depth of the trench – 0,5 m. Weight – 2118 kg. Max. roll: ± 7°.

Working equipment

Straight blade has the following characteristics: Length – 4,185 m; Height – 1,061 m; Capacity – 3,26 cubic meters; Max. height of lift – 1,1 m; Max. depth of trench – 0,4 m.

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Rotary mechanical row has the following parameters: Length – 3,977 m; Height – 1,11 m; Capacity – 3,7 cubic meters.


Non-adjustable multitooth labs are used. Depending on working conditions, one or three teeth can be installed on the bulldozer to achieve higher productivity. Ripper weight is up to 890 kg (with three teeth). The maximum height of ripping – 0,543 m; the maximum depth – 0,455 m.

Working Equipment-01

Hydraulic system

The T9 T9 hydraulic system is separate. It includes:

  • David Brown S1a5o7o equipment pump with a capacity of 120 liters per minute (at 1700 engine rpm);
  • Bosch Rexroth 4-sectional hydraulic manifold with 1 valve and 3 coil sections; A safety valve with a maximum working pressure of 20 MPa (200 kgf/cm²);
  • Hydraulic tank (welded, for mechanical cleaning of internal surfaces) with capacity of 85 liters.

Standard and optional equipment

Standard equipment of T9 T9 bulldozer includes:

  • Air cleaner;
  • Ventilator of cab heating system;
  • Adjustable machine operator’s seat on air box;
  • Defector;
  • Retractable front hooks;
  • Audible alarm; Engine protection;
  • Hydraulic track tensioning mechanism;
  • Multi-layer protection;
  • Interchangeable equipment segments;
  • ROPS / FOPS design (cab protection in case of tipping over / falling on heavy objects);
  • Lighting System;
  • Power – 24V outlets (external and internal);
  • Electric Motor Knife;
  • Alternator 75a; Two 12V 190 A*H batteries (on-board = 24V);
  • Power transmission protection.

Standard and additional equipment

On the instrument panel there are: tachometer; Indicators of coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, oil temperature; Mains voltage, diesel fuel content, transmission oil temperature.

Signal indicators on the instrument panel: emergency oil pressure in / in gearbox, overheated coolant or oil in gearbox / hydraulic fabric, no load on the battery, air and oil filters, filters in the hydraulic tank and gearbox.

Optional equipment of Tshotra T9 bulldozer is: devices, devices to implement equipment for operation in extreme northern conditions (Skoda 30L preheater, Hydronic M-II, Hydronic 35; Airtroni k-2D autonomous cabin air heater; radiator louvers) .

Technical parameters in numbers.

  • Traction class – 9.
  • Weight is excellent: without devices – from 14,2 to 16,435 tons; with attached devices – from 17,5 to 20,22 tons (depending on modification).
  • Dimensions: Without implements – length 4,26 m, width 2,34 to 3,03 m (depending on modification), height 3,3 m; With implements – length 5,62 to 6,44 m, width 3,16 to 4,185 m (depending on modification), height 3,3 m.
  • Tractor’s base is not more than – 2945 mm.
  • Maximum bulldozer tractive forces calculation for transmissions, not less: 1. – 225 KN (23.0 TF); 2. – 114 KN (11.6 TF); 3. – 63 kn (6.4 ts).
  • Maximum steepness, overcome by the tractor: uphill, downhill – 30 degrees; uphill, downhill – 20 degrees.
  • Fuel tank capacity – 285 liters.

Bulldozer cabin from T9

The cabin is equipped with a modern frame with a safety device that protects the machine operator from injury if the tractor turns or falls on the cabin. Fuel and oil tanks are normally located behind the cab.

There is a container on the left fender of the tractor and a portable box in the cab to store tools. On the hood, there are clips for attaching a crowbar and shovel.

Bulldozer cabin from T9

The bulldozer cab with good thermal insulation is noise- and vibration-proof. Together with the air suspension seat, it contributes to sufficiently comfortable working conditions and protection against rapid fatigue. The machine operator’s workplace ergonomics and IT visibility meet modern standards.

Cost of T9 bulldozer

The new T9 T9 bulldozer is offered at a price of 6.2 million rubles. There are no machines of this model on the secondary market. But new and used parts for it are offered a lot on electronic ads.

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