Chetra T-11 bulldozer – description and characteristics

CHETRA T 11 bulldozer

The CHETRA T 11 is a heavy crawler bulldozer of the 10th traction class. The model can compete on equal terms with leading imported counterparts. The equipment is manufactured at the Promtractor plant in Cheboksary (Chuvashia). This company is the only company that is in the top 5 of the world market of heavy bulldozers manufacturers.

CHETRA T 11 is considered the basic model, on the basis of which almost all products of the brand are built. The development of the machine was conducted jointly with engineers from Germany, due to which it has received a number of interesting features, which ensured its leading position in its class. The design of the bulldozer was started in 1999. The first sample was presented in 2001, after which the serial production was opened. The premiere of the new product took place at the Tractor Show. The demand for the CHETRA T 11 has remained at a high level since its launch. Currently, this model in Russia continues to be a leader in popularity. Only foreign machines, the cost of which is much higher, can compare with the bulldozer.

The main field of operation of the CHETRA T 11 is loading and unloading of materials, soil, various types of waste and their movement up to 300 m.

In addition, the bulldozer has found its application in the following areas:

  • oil and gas construction;
  • earthwork and road construction;
  • hydraulic engineering
  • mining operations;
  • Household industry;
  • Cleaning and disposal of household waste.

The CHETRA T 11 easily copes with any tasks. The bulldozer has proven its effectiveness in the construction of the Blue Stream gas pipeline and the Sakhalin-2 pipeline.


Modifications and features

The CHETRA T 11 is available in several modifications:

  1. CHETRA T 11 – standard version with bulldozer (SU shield) and ripper equipment. This version is the most common;
  2. CHETRA T 11M – reclamation device with reduced pressure on the ground (SU Dump). It is used to work in areas where the soil has low bearing capacity;
  3. CHETRA T 11T – version with forest protection (SU Blade). The model is especially effective for rescue work and road construction;
  4. CHETRA T 11S – modification with hydrostatic drive and direct blade.

In terms of design, the versions have minor differences. Climatic operating conditions are not important for the bulldozer, as it is adapted to all weather conditions of Russia. The CHETRA T 11 operates effectively at temperatures from t-50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Other features of the model are:

  • modular design;
  • quick delivery and low cost of spare parts;
  • high productivity and mobility;
  • unpretentiousness to fuel quality and weather conditions;
  • low operating costs;
  • ease of operation;
  • Certification in accordance with European standards.

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions (basic model):

  • length – 6588 mm;
  • width – 3854 mm;
  • height – 3412 mm;
  • tracked base – 2616 mm.
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Operating weight of the equipment is 20800 kg. Ground pressure does not exceed 0.78 kg/cm². The bulldozer can move in the following speed mode:

  • Forward travel – 3.7 to 11.0 km/h;
  • Reverse – 5.0 to 14.4 km/h.

Gear Properties:

1. Su Dump:

  • Length – 3320 mm or 3311 mm;
  • height – 1625 or 1462 mm;
  • volume – 5.6 cubic meters;
  • Maximum depth – 550 mm;
  • Maximum height – 1100 mm.

2. Direct unloading:

  • length – 4060 mm;
  • height – 1155 mm;
  • volume – 4,3 cubic meters;
  • Maximum depth – 550 mm;
  • Maximum height – 1100 mm.

3. single-arm hopper:

  • Compartment height – 540 mm;
  • Depth of the compartment – 630 mm.

4. Multi-tooth hoppers:

  • Separation height – 500 mm;
  • Depth of occurrence – 530 mm.

Design and operating functions

The Chetra T 11 has a modular design of systems and components, which is distinguished by both durability and long service life.

The undercarriage is represented by a semi-rigid suspension with a half-axle, which allows the bogie pulse axle to increase the traction comb characteristics and reduce shock loads. The bulldozer uses disposable – lifetime grease and double taper seals. The roller and guide wheels are lubricated once at the factory and require no subsequent intervention. The tracks are of the finished type and consist of several parts with special elements to control lubrication. Tension adjustments are made with a syringe.

Chassis characteristics:

  • Number of track rollers – 6;
  • Number of track rollers – 2;
  • Track width (standard version) – 510 mm;
  • link spacing – 203 mm;
  • Number of shoes – 39;
  • Floor height – 65 mm;
  • Total fender area – 2.668 m².

Transmission hydrostatic type includes several elements: hydraulic models, controls, joysticks, on-board gears, gearboxes and hydraulic pumps. Development of gearboxes is carried out in the German factory “Sauer Danfoss”, which guarantees the highest quality.

Planetary gearbox (3 front and 3 rear speeds) is used for selection of shifting speed under load. The element includes clutches that work in an oil environment and perform the gear ratio. A 3-speed torque converter is involved in powering the bulldozer, interacting with the unit through a driveline and elastic clutch. The torque converter includes a gearbox to drive the pumps.

Extension is by means of on-board clutches, which are made in the form of clutches, working through hydraulics. The principle of engagement in the parking brake is similar.

The TSINRA T 11 uses a separate hydraulic system with a David Brown model S1A6097 gear pump. The capacity of the element reaches 163 l/min. A Bosch-Rexroth 4-section element with 3 operating and 1 valve section is used as a distributor. Hydraulic system pressure limit is 20 MPa. The hydraulic tank has a capacity of 85 liters. Welded construction allows for internal mechanical cleaning.

The bulldozer cab is equipped with soundproof upholstery, and rubber shock absorbers reduce vibration inside the cab. Double glazing increases the viewing angle. The cab has forced ventilation, heating system and optional heating element. Air conditioning is available as an option.

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The shape of the panels, the controls and the interior design are modern in design and made of high-quality materials. Close to the operator, they allow you to perform all necessary actions with maximum comfort. The accelerator pedal is fixed in a certain position and provides the necessary engine speed. The gearshift and drive direction (forward or reverse) can be selected using the lever. To the left of the driver there are 2 small levers that control the side skids. Separate levers are provided to operate the blade and slider. The driver’s seat has a stamped design and can be adjusted to the operator’s height and weight.

The T11 T11 is equipped with 2 types of equipment:

  1. For bulldozer operation: blades of different shapes (straight, spherical, swivel) with hydraulic or mechanical effect.
  2. For loosening the soil: rippers with different number of teeth (1, 3 or 7).


The T11 can be equipped with various types of engines:

1. YAMZ-236NA2-A 4-stroke V-shaped diesel engine (manufactured by Yaroslavl Motor Plant) with liquid cooling. Main engine components:

  • cast-iron cylinder block;
  • fan with automatic switching on and disk clutch drive;
  • fuel pump;
  • Oil cleaning mechanism with speed regulator;
  • Liquid oil heat exchanger with oil cooling function.

Characteristics of the engine YAMZ-236ND2:

  • displacement – 11.15 liters;
  • Rated power – 136 (185) kW (hp);
  • Rated rotational speed – 1900 rpm;
  • Maximum torque – 883 nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 130 mm.

2. Cummins QSB 6.7 C204-A four-stroke diesel engine with turbocharged cylinder order, air-to-air cooling and liquid cooling (made in USA).

  • oil cleaning system;
  • anti-corrosion filter for cooling;
  • belt transmission ventilation system;
  • separate heat exchanger.

Characteristics of the Cummins QSB 6.7-C204 engine:

  • displacement – 6.7 liters;
  • Rated power – 137.5 (187) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 1500 rpm;
  • Max torque – 938 nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 102 mm.

3. four-stroke diesel engine SISU Diesel 74. Modifications of the fancy TE 11 with this engine are extremely rare. The engine is assembled at Vladimir plant by Finnish technology.

T-11 bulldozer

The Blue Stream gas pipeline, the Sakhalin-2 pipeline and other high complexity facilities were built using equipment manufactured by PromTor. The production is located in the city of Cheboksary and is engaged in production of heavy machinery. The main machines are tractors and bulldozers, but the model range includes pipelayers for use in the forest industry, excavators and rollers. The quality and performance of the TsVRA line is very high, so these models are rightfully considered the best.

Tractor Chetra T-11

T-11 tractor

T-11 bulldozer is very popular among Russian consumers. Only foreign machines can compete with them, but their cost is much higher than that of the T-11 cultivator. The advantage is also the low cost of maintaining the machine.

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The scope of the technology is construction work, namely loading and unloading of materials and their transportation over short distances (up to 300 m). This applies to various types of waste – construction production or domestic; loose materials and floors. In addition to the construction system, the machine has found its application in the oil and gas industry, hydraulic engineering, urban development, road and earthworks, and in the mining industry.

Features and Benefits

Climatic conditions for the use of Chetra T-11 are not fundamental, since all weather conditions prevailing in Russia were taken into account when developing the machine. The temperature range varies from t-50 to +50 degrees. The design of the machines is based on a modular system, which saves on repairs. Another advantage is the fast delivery of the necessary spare parts. Almost all parts are manufactured in the Russian Federation. This saves downtime of Chetra T11 bulldozer.

The most important functional features of the machine are cross-country ability in any construction site conditions and productivity under any conditions and operating modes. In addition, the machine easily copes with the task on frozen floors. The machine is certified in accordance with European standards.

Technical characteristics and dimensions

The maximum speed of the heavy duty class machines is quite high: 11 km/h when moving forward and 14.4 km/h when moving backward.

Another feature of the Chetra T-11 bulldozer is fuel consumption, which is 278 g/kW per working stroke, which corresponds to 202 g per one horsepower. At the same time, the fuel tank capacity is 300 liters.

The engine is 185 hp (YAMZ-236nd-2) or 187 (Commins QSB 6.7-C204).

parameter value
Operating weight 20.8t
Transport length 6834 mm
Transport width 3260 mm
Height 3400 mm
Fuel consumption 278 g/kWh
Fuel capacity 300 L
Hydraulic capacity 163 l/min
Blade capacity 5.8m 3
Maximum height of the shield above the ground 1000 mm
Blade depth 550 mm
Height of ripper spacers above ground surface:
– multitooth 500 mm
– single-toothed 540 mm
Ripper depth:
– multitooth 530 mm
– single-toothed 630 mm
Ground pressure 0.78 kg/cm2


It can be installed in three types:

1. YAMZ-236nd-2-six-cylinder four-stroke V-engine. Manufactured in Yaroslavl. It has cooling and right-hand thrust. This model of engine is the most popular and costs less than others.

The engine also has a thermostat and fan for temperature correction. The fuel pump can also be adjusted to set the injection timing. A liquid oil heat exchanger and oil cleaning complex are installed to cool the engine oil. The latter can regulate the speed of rotation. All these devices are configured so that they start automatically when the fluid temperature in the cooling system reaches a certain value. The transmission oil is cooled by another heat exchanger. This is located in the same function block as the cooler unit. Start-up takes place directly via the 24 V-Bord network.

MAZ-6303 - description and specifications

Important parameters of the unit are the volume of 11.15 liters and the torque of 883 Nm. The cylinder diameter is 13 cm.

2. Commins QSB 6.7-C204 also with four stems and six 102 mm diameter cylinders. It is equipped with a turbocharger with charge air cooler and liquid cooling. The name of the unit reflects the name of the American manufacturer.

The main features of this model are:

  • Anti-corrosion cooling filter,
  • oil cleaning system
  • Venting system with belt-driven start and separate heat exchanger.

All engine cylinders are arranged in a row, the engine has a capacity of 6.7 liters. This is almost half the displacement of the previous model. The torque is 938 Nm. The cost of this engine is the highest among the installed ones.

3. Sisu Diesel 74 are extremely rare. These engines are assembled in Vladimir according to the Finnish development.

parameter value
-YAMZ-236nd-2 136 (185) KWT (PS)
-Cummins QSB 6.7-C204 137.5 (187) KWT (PS)
– Sisu diesel 74 137.5 (187) KWT (PS)


By modifications of the CHETRA T-11 the following models can be distinguished: CHETRA T-11t, CHETRA T-11s CHETRA T-11m.

modification T11 T11T T11c T11m
engine YaMZ-236nd-2/Cummins QSB 6.7-C204/SISU Diesel 74 CTA-2V
horsepower 185/187/180 -/187/180 -/187/- 185/187/180
Torque, nm 883/938/938 -/938/938 -/938/- 883/938/938
transmission Hydromechanical/hydrostatic Hydromechanical
hydraulic pump S1A6097 David Braun
Hydraulic pump capacity, lpm 163
Sound type SU simply
Carrying capacity, M3 5,6 4,3
Lifting height, mm 1100
Depth of grave, mm 550
Tilt dimensions (LXH), mm 3320 x 1625 3311 x 1462 4060 x 1155
Base, mm 2616 3022
Number of street bikes 6 7
Floor print, KGF/SM2 0.76 0.43
Weight (KG 20785/19975/20060 19600 18712 23070/22510/22640

the unit

The gearbox is a load-switching planetary gear. The number of gears is six: three reverse and three forward gears. In the hole, which, in turn, is located in the rear axle, there is a functional unit consisting of the gearbox itself, the main gear and the manual transmission.

transmission forward, km/h reverse, km/h
1 3.7 5.0
2 6.8 9.0
3 11.0 14.4

Driver’s cab

T11 planning cab

Cable routed cab T11

The driver’s cab upholstery has a sound-insulating function and rubber dampers also reduce vibration levels. The seat itself also has a vibration-resistant base. The glazing is double-glazed for a wider view angle to the operator. In addition, the cab is equipped with a heating and air conditioning system. There is also an additional heating element.

Chetra T-11. Side view

Chetra T-11. Side view.

The pedal to operate the Chetra T-11 can be fixed for a certain number of revolutions in the desired position. The gears are shifted with a lever. The controls are positioned so that the driver is comfortable to operate it.

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The gearbox contains clutches that are in an oily environment. They perform the function of the transmission.

The torque converter is one-timing and consists of three elements, including a pinion. The latter, in turn, drives the pumps. It is connected to the pinion through a coupling and is located on the rear axle. The motor is connected through a card. A clutch is also involved in this process.

Clutch clutches are used to control braking. They are clutches. They work by means of hydraulics. The parking brake has the same functional principle. It is cooled by oil and does not need to be adjusted or adjusted during the entire duration of operation.

The two levels of end drive are gears and planetary gear. It is easy to replace in case of repair due to its simple mounting.

The installation of a semi-rigid suspension provides high traction forces. The same applies to the grip on the base, which reduces the effects of mechanical and dynamic influences. The rollers are lubricated once at the factory and require no further intervention. The steering wheels do the same. The consoles are made in “double cones.”

The rails are made of individual parts and contain sealing elements to maintain lubrication levels. A syringe is used to set the tension.

Tracks of Chetra T-11

Chitra T-11 tracks.

The performance of the Chitra T-11 tractor is affected by the steering quality and maneuverability of the machine, taking into account its maneuverability. There are a number of elements that affect the steerability of the units.

The transmission of the Chitra T-11 consists of several units: controls, hydraulic pumps, joysticks and hydraulic motors. It is made in Germany and shipped directly to the factory. The transmission also includes the gearbox and axle drives. It also regulates the fuel supply so you can use it efficiently.

  • Operating mode control;
  • Setting the engine’s mode of operation while holding the unit;
  • rational engine operation;
  • Maintains speed differential without regard to machine load;
  • Provides safety in unexpected situations;
  • If you move in a straight line, it will be corrected.


Chetra T-11 heckler

Chetra T-11 Heck ripper.

There are two types:

  • Rippers with the number of tines 1, 3, and 7 are used for loosening the ground;
  • Planing shields, shaped as a hemisphere, are used for bulldozer operation, straight or swivel with mechanical or hydraulic effect.

Hacker on Chetra 11

The ripper on the Chetra 11

Cost of new and used

The price of the Chetra T-11 is currently 4.5 million rubles for a new machine. Used Chetra t-11 costs about 2.5 to 4 million rubles (depending on the year of manufacture).


Among the machinery produced in Russia, it is worth noting the bulldozer B12.6020en and foreign Liebherr PR 734 L and Zoomlion ZD160-3.

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