Checking the Patriot Pro 655 E. Description of the model, advantages, video work, reviews

Characteristics of the Patriot Garden Patriot Pro 655 E. Description, specifications and user ratings

The automatic snow blower Patriot Garden Pro 655 E is a device for the space of snow. It has a high performance and a 6.5 hp petrol engine. Thanks to the 12 V starter, the snow blower starts easily with minus degrees. Owners of owners confirm the simple introduction of this technology.

Snow thrower Patriot Garden Pro 655 E

The Patriot Garden Pro 655 E is equipped with a bronze reduction gear that can significantly extend the life of the machine. Warehouses were used in the development of this technical tool, no sockets. Starter type snow blower – electrically, manually activated. The weight of the machine is 85 kg. The width and height of the snow shovel is 620 mm and 510 mm.

Purpose of the Patriot Garden snow blower Pro 655 E:

  • Cleaning of homes of snow;
  • Snow removal in the garden;
  • Municipal function – the use of a snow plow in the territories of schools, kindergartens, in the courtyards of public supply companies;
  • Suitable for both the occasional and permanent use at home.

Patriot Garden Pro 655 E in action

Video of the Patriot Garden snow blower Pro 655 E

Specifications of the Patriot Garden Patriot Pro 655 E

Technical properties of the Patriot Garden Patriot Patriot Pro 655 E:

  • Petrol engine Loncin G210HK;
  • Displacement of the engine cylinder 212 cm³;
  • Fuel tank volume 3 l;
  • Two types of engine start – battery, manual;
  • Bucket – width 62 cm, height 51 cm;
  • Friction transmission;
  • This model is equipped with a headlight for comfortable working in the evening;
  • The number of speeds forward – 5, backwards – 2;
  • Metal snow outlay;
  • Snow allocation is controlled by a side handle;
  • Aluminum gear;
  • Cycling size 30×10;
  • The manufacturer’s warranty period is 12 months.

Characteristics of the use of the Patriot Garden snow blower Pro 655 E, use and maintenance instructions

Rules for the operation of the Patriot Garden Patriot Pro 655 E:

  • The snow blower is assembled according to the instructions that can be contained in the kit when buying a snow blower or can be downloaded from the official Patriot website.
  • After assembly, replace the preserving oil with a functioning (Patriot Specific or Expert Sae 5W-30, 10W-40), apply Patriot AR-417 fat for the gearbox, then fill the machine with petrol and start with the Work.
  • If you clean the snow blower after the end of the snow, inspect the body, store the snow blower in a space with a positive temperature.
  • Perform the maintenance according to the instructions.
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Operate the snowblower

Video test of the snow blower Patriot Garden Pro 655 E

Owner reviews of the Patriot Garden Patriot Pro 655 E

Pavel, Krasnojarsk:

“Winter in our region is strict, you can’t remove the snow much by hand, it happens that one meter of snow falls overnight. For these purposes I recommend the petrol sling Patriot Pro 665 E. I have been using this machine myself for three years. The throwing distance is approx. 8 meters.

Advantages: In addition to performance and good technical properties, this is a headlight! The position of the headlight is very practical, on average I need a maximum of 20 minutes with this snow blower to clear my garden.

Weaknesses: The Patriot snow reference is difficult, your service requires skill. “

Vladimir, Lipezz:

“This model is one of the best of the patriot. Corresponds to exactly what is important. And although the assembly is Chinese, I had no complaints about the quality of this snow plow in winter. Let’s see how it behaves this season, I have not yet prepared it for work, I usually start from the end of October to slowly prepare all my equipment for the winter. I recommend the snow blower Garden Patriot Pro 655 E to everyone who is looking for the best snow blower in terms of price and functionality. ”

Checking the Patriot Pro 655 E. Description of the model, advantages, video work, reviews

The Patriot 655E petrol snow refrigerator is another productive snow blower of an American company.

It is characterized by its reliability and high work speed in snow removal.

Under similar machines from other manufacturers, it is characterized by its high terrain and careful setting to work surfaces.

The snow blower Patriot Garden Pro 655E is equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine with an output of 4780 W and 6.5 hp. It starts in two ways: electrical starter and manually.

When electricity is nearby, it is worth using an electric starter because the car starts lighter and faster. You don’t have to pull on the starting tape, you just have to press a button.

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During this whole time, the engine is prepared for the start before pressing the button, the starter warms it up so that you can easily start work even with strong frost.

This Patriot snow reference has eight speeds. Six of them are designed in such a way that they move forward and two backwards.

The snow blower is easy to use and the well though t-out design of the wheels increases the grip on the surface.

Among the machines in this category, it is not inferior to simple control. A headlight attached near the handles helps you to comfortably remove snow at night.

The adjustable expectoring is remarkable, with which you can throw snow up to 13 m.

Advantages of the Garden Patriot Pro 655e snow blower:

  • Robust drill with steel teeth cuts snow effortlessly;
  • Adjustable deflector with regulation of the expectoration in the range of 190 degrees and a range of up to 13 m;
  • Specific profile pattern that increases the grip;
  • Adjustable runners protect the housing from damage and increase the lifespan of the machine.

Technical characteristics

Engine power 6.5 hp
Starter Elektro12V
Farah +
Heated handles
speed 6 forward / 2 back
Bike type Cycles with aggressive profile
Reversal function
Bucket width 62cm
Snow 51cm
Direction of the snow throw 185 degrees
Snow throwing angle 70 degrees
Packaging dimensions 90 x 62 x 69 cm
The weight 85 kg


Download manual Patriot Pro 650, 655e

Video review

Owner reviews

There are a large number of reviews about the Patriot snow plow in the forums. It seems that every review copies the previous one. The joy of the owners knows no limits and their evaluation is peppered with praising words in favor of the car.

Here Dmitry from Moscow writes the following: “The machine works perfectly, there are no complaints. Powerful, beautiful, efficient – they all fit the description of this snow blower. It is worth noting that, unfortunately, the car is not suitable for our low-quality fuel, and therefore wears out faster. But that doesn’t spoil the impression of her either.

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Lev wrote the following: “I have been working with the unit for 3 years. This is an inexpensive snow thrower that needs attention. If you take care of it properly, then no particular problems will arise. Can work in both loose, fresh snow and climbed, icy snow. For three years I have never changed parts, so I only invested in consumables, which is equivalent to 40 liters of fuel. The patriot makes his money, you just have to give him the attention he deserves.

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